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Oakstone Topics in Mammography – 8th Edition 2022

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+ Include: 28 videos + 6 pdfs, size: 14.5 GB

+ Target Audience: breast imaging and interventional procedures, surgeons


+ Include: 28 videos + 6 pdfs, size: 14.5 GB

+ Target Audience: breast imaging and interventional procedures, surgeons

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

1. Histopathology of Breast Disease – A Radiologist’s Guide.mp4
2. Sentinel Node Evaluation.mp4
3. Lesions Initially Seen in One (or Two) View Only Evaluation.mp4
4. Evaluation of Mammographic Masses.mp4
5. Breast Calcifications The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.mp4
6. Physics of FFDM and DBT.mp4
7. Screening for Breast Cancer.mp4
8. Imaging Evaluation of the Young Patient with Breast Cancer.mp4
9. Breast Imaging in Young, Pregnant, and Lactating Women.mp4
10. Evaluation of the Male Breast.mp4
11. Breast Density – Risk Assessment.mp4
12. Issues of Masking Dense Breasts Supplementary Screening Imaging.mp4
13. Imaging Surveillance vs Biopsy.mp4
14. Evaluation of Spontaneous Nipple Discharge.mp4
15. Stereotactic Biopsy of Breast Lesions.mp4
16. Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Using Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.mp4
17. Ultrasound Guided Intervention.mp4
18. New Approaches to Preoperative Localization.mp4
19. Controversies in Percutaneous Breast Biopsy.mp4
20. Breast Cancer Staging.mp4
21. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Breast Silicone Evaluation.mp4
22. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Breast Tumor Studies.mp4
23. Contrast Enhanced Mammography.mp4
24. MRI Interventional Techniques.mp4
25. AI in Breast Imaging.mp4
26. Legal Concepts as Applied to Screening and Diagnostic Breast Imaging, Issues with DBT Implemenation, Incorporation Challenges of AI.mp4
27. Preventable Causes of False Negative Mammograms with Medical Legal Considerations.mp4
28. Medical Legal Aspects of Breast Imaging – Communication.mp4
Questions 1.pdf
Questions 2.pdf
Questions 3.pdf
Questions 4.pdf
Questions 5.pdf


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