The Aesthetic Society The Aesthetic Meeting 2020

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‘+ Include: 20 videos + 1 pdf, size: 9.11 GB

+ Target Audience: aesthetic physician

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+ Include: 20 videos + 1 pdf, size: 9.11 GB

+ Target Audience: aesthetic physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

1. Colombian MOB Advanced Exisional Body Contouring Surgery – HD Tummy Tuck, EVA, Tulua, FIT Mommy.mp4
2. Dynamic Definition Lipoplasty Abs and Beyond.mp4
3. Keeping Your Body Contouring Patients Safe Ten Tips to Better Contouring Strategies and Safer Surgeries.mp4
4. Innovations in Open Rhinoplasty Finesse and Consistency.mp4
5. Preservation Rhinoplasty Understanding the Rhinoplasty Revolution.mp4
6. The Lift and Fill Facelift – Transforming Facial Rejuvenation.mp4
7. Optimizing Outcomes in Breast Augmentation and Augmentation Mastopexy.mp4
8. Primary Breast Augmentation and Breast Augmentation-Mastopexy Choosing the Right Operation.mp4
9. Approach to Secondary Augmentation-Mastopexy.mp4
10. Breast BII Science and Clinical Management.mp4
11. Breast What Do I Need to Know About BIA-ALCL.mp4
12. Integrating High Resolution Ultrasound into Your Practice.mp4
13. Advanced Techniques of Soft Tissue Support in Breast Surgery.mp4
14. Essentials and Refinements of Cosmetic Female Genital Surgery.mp4
15. Hot Topics Innovations and Technology.mp4
16. 3-D Topographic Anatomy for the Injector Targets and Danger Zones.mp4
17. S1 Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction.mp4
18. S2 Buttock Augmentation A New Standard.mp4
19. S3 Facial Rejuvenation Creating Beautiful Shape and Definition of the Cheek, Jawline and Neck.mp4
20. S4 Finesse, Safety, and Outcomes Following Massive Weight Loss What Have We Learned in Two Decades.mp4
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