EMINS 7th EMINS Congress 2020

25 $

‘+ Include: 22 videos + 2 pdfs, size: 3.47 GB

+ Target Audience: neurology physician


+ Include: 22 videos + 2 pdfs, size: 3.47 GB

+ Target Audience: neurology physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Day1-Session1-01-Update in Prognostic Biomarker in MS.mp4
Day1-Session1-02-NMO-NMOSD Updates.mp4
DAY1-Session1-03-Therapeutic Inertia in MS.mp4
Day1-Session2-01-Red Flag in MS.mp4
Day1-Session2-02-Are We Still Using Interferon.mp4
Day1-Session2-03-Updates in Pregnancy and MS.mp4
Day1-Session3-01-Headache in the ER.mp4
Day1-Session3-02-Intracranial Hypotension Atypical case.pdf
Day1-Session3-03-Treatment Dilemma in Cluster Headache.mp4
Day1-Session4-01-Long Term Confidence with Anti-CGRP Prophylaxis.mp4
Day1-Session4-02-Atypical Headache (Cases).mp4
Day2-Session5-01-Medication Failure Where to go from there for PD.mp4
Day2-Session5-02-Clinical Pearls in Diagnosing Parkinson Plus.mp4
Day2-Session5-03-Approach to New Onset Chorea.mp4
Day2-Session5-04-Management of Tremor.mp4
Day2-Session6-01-Autoimmune Movement Disorder.mp4
Day2-Session6-03-Vertigo HIT or Not.mp4
Day2-Session6-04-Neurology Through the Eye of Camera-4.mp4
Day2-Session7-01-Approach to Vertigo Dizziness + Nystagmus.mp4
Day2-Session7-02-Neurocritical (Super-Refractory Epilepsy).mp4
Day2-Session7-03-When to Expect Neuromuscular Disorder.mp4


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