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Terms and Conditions

Who we are

Suggested text: Our website address is:

Our website is a website that sells online medical courses including specialties for doctors and USMLE exam preparation courses for medical students.
Our website only provides course content via Google Drive or Onedrive links, we do not provide course content in the form of hard devices such as USB or DVD discs or hard drives.

Refund Policy

In case you buy a product from my website that is a course, then all content (including video, audio, pdf) you receive will match the information that my website publishes, if there is a mistake, we I will refund that course. In addition, we do not offer refunds under any other circumstances.

In case you buy products from my website as an account, if your account has an error, we will process it (this may take 2 to 3 days), if your account we If you can’t handle it, you will be exchanged for another equivalent account. If the new account still has an error, we’ll refund the account you purchased.

Purchase policy

Link to buy the course from my website:

Because sending a link to OneDrive or Google drive is still manual, not automatic, it may be fast or slow for you to receive an email response from us (we will respond to you within 24 hours at the latest). , so we ask for your understanding and we thank you for your patience.

Instructions for accessing the course content and common mistakes, we will write in your response letter.

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