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How to buy

Instructions to buy courses on my website

Step 1: Select the course you want to buy.


Step 2: Click the ADD TO CARD button.


Step 3: Click the View cart button.


Step 4: Then click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.


  • If you buy 3 or more courses, your cart will be automatically 20% off


Step 5: Please enter your first and last name, the email you used to receive the link of the course and your country. Please view my website’s policy by viewing Terms and Conditions in the menu of my website. At this step you have two options, pay with an existing PayPal account or pay with Debit or Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB,v.v)

  • Option 1: If you have a PayPal account, then you click on the PayPal button, it will immediately open a new window displaying your PayPal account login page, after you successfully log in and pay for the course, the system will automatically come back to my website, and say you have successfully paid for the course.


  • Option 2: If you do not have a PayPal account, then you click on the Debit or Credit Card button, you wait a 15 seconds and then it will display blank boxes asking you to fill in the necessary information. Then you tick the box I confirm that … and you click the Pay Now button, and say you have successfully paid for the course.
  • Warning: Current country can’t pay by debit or credit card : INDIA, when more countries are discovered, will update later, reason for not being able to pay: I don’t know either.


Step 6: After you have successfully paid, you will receive a message as shown below.


Step 7: Now you just need to wait usually from 5 minutes to a maximum of 12 hours then you will receive mail to your email (the email you filled in step 5), please check the tab main or spam or advertisement or social network in your email to avoid being ignored, the message body has a link and access instructions like the image below.
– The link that my website provides will exist almost forever, if the link is broken, you just need to contact me again to get a new link free.


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