Caribbean College of Surgeons 20th Annual Clinical Conference 2022

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‘+ Include: 2 videos + 1 pdf, size: 6.23 GB

+ Target Audience: surgeon

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+ Include: 2 videos + 1 pdf, size: 6.23 GB

+ Target Audience: surgeon

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Saturday June 11, 2022 

1:00 pm Welcome Remarks: CCOS President Prof. Shamir Cawich 

1:05 pm Moderator’s Instructions: CCOS Vice President Dr. Charles Greenidge, St. Lucia 

Scientific Session 1: Colorectal 

1:10 pm Nationwide Standardization of Rectal Cancer Management in The Bahamas Bodie D, Francis W The Bahamas 

1:20 pm The Clinicopathological Features of Colorectal Cancer in Trinidad and Tobago Muddeen A, Augustus M, Barrow M, Cawich SO Trinidad & Tobago 

1:30 pm The Clinicopathological Profile and Quality Indicators for Opportunistic Screening Colonoscopies in Barbados. A Single-Center Pilot Study Reid A, Chase C, Doyle A, Griffith A Barbados 

1:40 pm Expert Panel Discussion on Colorectal Cancer Joseph M. Plummer, Jamaica Bawantha Gamage, Sri Lanka 

Scientific Session 2: Vascular 

1:50 pm Management of Abdominal Aortic Ulcers: A Case Series Harnanan D, Pran L, Maharajh S, Hassranah S, Naraynsingh V Trinidad & Tobago 

2:00 pm Pattern of Peripheral Vascular Injury in Military Wounds- Further Evidence for Resuscitation Planning and the Need to Improve Design of Protective Gear Deen R, Ratnayake AS Sri Lanka 

2:10 pm Variability in Management Guidelines for Diabetic Foot Disease in the Caribbean Sumpio BE, McConnie S, Maharaj D U.S.A. 

2:20 pm Achilles Tenotomy in Non-Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer Hassranah S, Harnanan D, Maharajh S, Naraynsingh V  Trinidad & Tobago 

2:30 pm

The Experience of a Vascular Service in the Anglophone Caribbean with COVID -19 Thrombosis: A Prospective Study Harnanan D, Bobb KA, Pran L, Rampersad A, Calderon C, Naraynsingh V  Trinidad & Tobago 

2:40 pm Early Fasciotomy in Vascular Injured Limbs May Confer Limb Protection Deen RYI, Ratnayake AS  Sri Lanka 

2:50 pm Expert Panel Discussion Mark E Newnham, Jamaica Bauer Sumpio, USA 

Scientific Session 3: Thoracic / Thyroid 

3:00 pm Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum and Pneumothorax Associated with Covid -19 Pneumonia: A Multicenter Prospective Case Series West M, Bobb K A, Ramnarine I, Sagubadi S, Calderon C, Rampersad A Trinidad & Tobago 

3:10 pm Bronchopulmonary Carcinoids and Neuroendocrine Tumors: Is Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SART) Effective Treatment? Ahamad A, Salenius S, Koontz B U.S.A. 

3:20 pm The Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Does Not Lie in the Tracheoesophageal Groove Naraynsingh V, Ramnarine A, Hassranah S, Maharajh S, Cawich S  Trinidad & Tobago 

3:30 pm Expert Panel Discussion Adrian Coye, Belize Alan Smith, Barbados 

Scientific Session 4: General 

3:40 pm Umbilical Hernia Repair: A New Approach Greenidge C, Burt R, Francis T  St. Lucia 

3:50 pm Epidemiology of Femoral Herniae in an Eastern Caribbean Nation Islam S, Jarvis J, Richardson R, Harnarayan P, Hassranah D, Dan D, Maharaj R, Ramdass MJ, Cawich SO, Naraynsingh V 

4:00 pm Outcomes of Inguinal Hernia Repair Using Re-Sterilized Mesh at a Resource Poor Hospital in The Caribbean 

Rampersaud M, Algu T Guyana 

4:10 pm Same Day Discharge Protocol for RARP: experience of a High-Volume Referral Center Reddy SS, Noël JJ, Moschovas MC, Bhat S, Perera R, Rogers T, Stirt D, Doss J, Jenson C, Andrich J, Patel VR U.S.A. 

4:20 pm Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Urological Surgeries at a Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago 

Deodath R, Kawal T, Leach J, Hosein Trinidad & Tobago 

4:30 pm Motorcycle Injuries at the Saint Ann’s Bay Hospital: A Comprehensive Review Fletcher C, Thompson C, James K, LambertFletcher Jamaica 

Scientific Session 5: Minimally Invasive Surgery 

4:40 pm Laparoscopic Management of Perforated Duodenal Ulcer in a Resource-Poor Hospital T Algu Guyana 

4:50 pm Emergency Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in a Tertiary Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago: A 7-Year Prospective Study Islam S, Maughn A, Bheem V Trinidad & Tobago 

5:00 pm Laparoscopic Resection of Gastric Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumours Street J, Griffith L, Manjunath G Trinidad & Tobago 

5:10 pm Closing Remarks: CCOS Secretary Dr. Wesley Francis The Bahamas 


Sunday June 12, 2022 

1:00 pm Welcome Remarks: CCOS Vice President Dr. Charles Greenidge 

Scientific Session 6: Hepatopancreaticobiliary 

1:10 pm Benign Pneumobilia and Pneumatosis Intestinalis in COVID-19 Infection Johnson B, Mancheno D, Garcia-Castro D, Ramachandra P U.S.A. 

1:20 pm Endoscopic Ultrasound in the Management of Solid & Cystic Pancreatic Neoplasms Rambally R, Johncilla M, Maharaj D, Ragbirsingh I, Griffith L, Maharaj R, Dan D, Sandy S Trinidad & Tobago 

1:30 pm Equity in Access to Healthcare in Public and Private Sectors of Trinidad & Tobago from a Hepatico-Pancreatico-Biliary Perspective Guelmo-Daisley E, Cawich S Trinidad & Tobago 

1:40 pm Surgical Management of Giant Hepatic Cysts in the Caribbean Cabral R, Cawich SO, Naraynsingh V  Trinidad & Tobago 

1:50 pm Expert Panel Discussion Rahul Deshpande, United Kingdom Welsey Francis, The Bahamas 

Scientific Session 7: Breast 

2:00 pm Distribution of Triple Negative Breast Cancers (TNBCs) in The Bahamas Bodie D, Turner B, Major D The Bahamas 

2:10 pm The Pushing Sign for Early Skin Tethering in Breast Cancer Jarvis J, Milne D, Harnanan D, Islam S, Singh Y, Maharajh S, Hassranah S, Naraynsingh V Trinidad & Tobago 

2:20 pm Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma: A Caribbean Perspective Mitchell K, Mohammed F, Romany S Trinidad & Tobago 

2:30 pm Accuracy of Intra-Operative Palpation of Lymph nodes in Early Breast Cancer in a Resource Poor Setting: A Prospective Study Islam S, Maughn A, Shah A, Aziz I, Mohammed S, Ramnarine M, Dial S, Naraynsingh V Trinidad & Tobago 

2:40 pm Expert Panel Discussion Lyronne Olivier, Trinidad & Tobago Shilindra Rajkumar, Guyana 

Scientific Session 8: Paediatric Surgery 

2:50 pm A Complete Pentalogy of Cantrell Seecharan A, Landreth-Smith B Trinidad & Tobago 

3:00 pm An Audit of Surgical Pathologies in Adolescent Children age 12-16 Years Rampersad B, Baijoo S, Ramdass A Trinidad & Tobago 

3:10 pm Case Series of Delayed Diagnosis of Anorectal Anomalies Baijoo S, Rampersad B, Khan R Trinidad & Tobago 

3:20 pm Expert Panel Discussion Ashani Knowles, The Bahamas Marissa Seepersaud, Guyana 

Scientific Session 9: Transplantation Chapter 

3:30 pm Pathway to Tissue Transplant Legislation in Guyana Persaud K Guyana 

3:40 pm The National Organ Transplant Unit of Trinidad & Tobago: Fifteen Years Samuel MC, Harnanan D, Valeron A, Lynch S Trinidad & Tobago 

3:50 pm Paediatric Liver Transplantation in Jamaica Abel C Jamaica 

4:00 pm Expert Panel Discussion Margaret O’Shea, Barbados Natacha Paquette, Barbados 

Scientific Session 10: Clinical Cases 

4:10 pm A Closed-Loop Audit Assessing the Usage of Thyroid Shields Among Operating Room Personnel in a Major Trauma Centre Kalaventhan P, Dishanth S, Mendis DCD, Marasinghe MMGSN, Marage PNC, Parathan S, Fernando PNSK Sri Lanka 

4:20 pm Assessment of Burnout in Junior Surgical Doctors in a Tertiary Hospital Trinidad & Tobago Seecharan A, Rampersad B 

4:30 pm Controlled Rupture of Sebaceous Cysts Naraynsingh V, Hassranah S, Maharajh S, Jarvis J, Milne D Trinidad & Tobago 

4:40 pm Lymphadenopathy due to Tattoos Maharajh S, Hassranah S, Naraynsingh V  Trinidad & Tobago 

4:45 pm A childhood thoracocervical lymphatic malformation Seecharan A, Dubay C, Landreth-Smith B, Ramnarine I Trinidad & Tobago 

4:50 pm Micropore Tape Closure of Infected Surgical Wounds Hassranah S, Maharajh S, Naraynsingh V Trinidad & Tobago 

4:55 pm Massive Rectal Haemorrhage Maharajh S, Hassranah S, Naraynsingh V 

5:00 pm Closing Remarks: Organizing Committee Lead Dr. Vonetta George Antigua 


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