American Transplant Congress Annual Meeting 2019

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‘+ Include: 1001 videos, size: 45.5 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, transplant physician

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+ Include: 1001 videos, size: 45.5 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, transplant physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

LS01_1 – Joint Award Session.mp4
LS01_2 – ASTS Research Grants.mp4
LS01_3 – AST Pioneer Award.mp4
LS01_4 – AST Awards.mp4
LS01_5 – AST Lifetime Achievement.mp4
LS02_01 – Borderline Rejection After Kidney Transplantation – Is it Borderline.mp4
LS02_02 – Impact of HLA Epitope Matching on T-Cell Mediated Rejection.mp4
LS02_03 – Cross Talk Between B and T Cells and its Influence on TCMR.mp4
LS03 – ASTS Presidential Address.mp4
LS04 – State-of-the-Art Address Synthetic Organs.mp4
LS05_01 – Clinical Assessment of the Deceased Kidney Donor Beyond KDPI.mp4
LS05_02 – Histologic Assessment of Donor Kidney Biopsies Are They Helpful or do They Merely Increase.mp4
LS05_03 – Molecular Assessment of Preimplantation Biopsies.mp4
LS06 – State-of-the-Art Lecture Using Human Pluripoint Stem Cells to Make Tissue for Transplantation.mp4
LS07_1 – Transplant Metrics Drive Quality Patient Care.mp4
LS07_2 – Contemporary Use of Transplant Metrics have Perverse Effects on Innovation Organ Utilization.mp4
LS07_3 – Panel Discussion.mp4
LS08_1 – History and Evolution of Banff Criteria for AMR.mp4
LS08_2 – What is Data to Support the Changes Made in the Banff 2017 Criteria.mp4
LS08_3 – Who Should be Treated for AMR.mp4
MD01_1 – Pre and Post Transplant Risk for Estimation of Recurrnece (Including Utility of Biomarkers).mp4
MD01_2 – Surveillance and Prevention of HCC Recurrence Post Transplant in the High Risk Patients.mp4
MD01_3 – Management of Post Transplant Patients with Recurrence (mTOR and Adjuvant Therapy and Resection).mp4
MD02_1 – Making Friends With Your OPO Initiatives to Increase Deceased Donor Transplant Through.mp4
MD02_2 – Celebrate Your Program s Success and Learn From Others Tools to Track Performance and Improve.mp4
MD02_3 – Navigating the Regulatory Waters Between the CMS and OPTN Icebergs.mp4
MD03_1 – The Patient With Extensive Porto-Mesenteric Thrombosis – Is This Always an Indication for.mp4
MD03_2 – Should Patients with Chronic Rejection Be Re-Transplanted and if Not, Can We Treat Them Medically.mp4
MD03_3 – The Patient with Recurrent Desmoid Turns and Unresectable Tumors To Transplant or Not to Transplant.mp4
MD04_1 – The Liver after a Fontan Procedure.mp4
MD04_2 – Debate – Pro Combined Heart and Liver.mp4
MD04_3 – Debate – Con Heart Alone.mp4
MD04_4 – Rebuttal Pro.mp4
MD04_5 – Rebuttal Con.mp4
MD05_1 – CRISPR CAS9 How I Do It.mp4
MD05_2 – Gene Editing in Xenotransplantation.mp4
MD06_1 – The Elimination of Disincentives (and excuses) to Kidney Paired Donation (KPD).mp4
MD06_2 – How to Safely Transplant the Most Difficult Cases Through KPD.mp4
MD06_3 – The Value and Benefit of and to Compatible Pairs in KPD.mp4
MD07_1 – ATP in Transplantation.mp4
MD07_2 – T Cell Metabolism.mp4
MD07_3 – T Cell Mitochondrial Effects.mp4
MD08_1 – Long and Short Acting Therapies Aspects of drug development other than graft survival that.mp4
MD08_2 – The Transplant Therapeutics Consortium The Public Private Partnership Approach to Developing.mp4
MD08_3 – Regulatory Approach to Developing Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints in Transplantation.mp4
MD09_1 – Cystinosis No Longer Just a Pediatric Disease.mp4
MD09_2 – Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome – High Risks with Higher Rewards.mp4
MD09_3 – CAKUT (Congenital Anomalies of the Kidney and the Urinary Tract) Beyond the Transplant.mp4
MD10_1 – Ischemic Heart Disease in the Kidney Allograft Recipient State of the Art and Current Trials in 2019.mp4
MD10_2 – Heart failure and Pulmonary Hypertension in the Kidney Allograft Recipient.mp4
MD10_3 – Evaluation and management of perioperative risks in kidney transplant candidates.mp4
MD11_1 – Top 10 Bacterial Papers.mp4
MD11_2 – Top 10 Fungal Papers.mp4
MD11_3 – Top 10 Viral Papers.mp4
MD12_1 – How to Define Fair Distribution Schemes for US Lung Allocation.mp4
MD12_2 – Impact of 2017 Elimination of DSA as the First Unit of Allocation.mp4
MD12_3 – Debate – Pro Broader Geographic Sharing Increases Access to Transplant Without Adversely.mp4
MD12_4 – Debate – Con Broader Geographic Sharing Threatens Lung Post-Transplant Outcomes.mp4
MD12_5 – Debate – Con Rebuttal.mp4
MD12_6 – Debate – Pro Rebuttal.mp4
MD13_1 – Novel Anti-Diabetic Agents and Their Role in Therapy After Transplantation.mp4
MD13_2 – Key Steak Holders – Bones and All it Takes to Keep Them Healthy After Transplant.mp4
MD13_3 – Lipid Management Challenges and Strategies in Transplant Recipients.mp4
MD13_4 – Updates in Hypertension Management.mp4
MD14_1 – Non-Directed Donation in LDLT.mp4
MD14_2 – Time to Change Pardigm for Liver Transplant.mp4
MD14_3 – LDLT Lessons from Overseas Where it Works and Where it Does not.mp4
MD14_4 – Will UNOS Policy Changes Bring Back LDLT.mp4
MD15_1 – Diagnostics – Where Do We Go Next Is a Universal Threshold Attainable or Should We Move to.mp4
MD15_2 – CMV, Guidelines & Personalized Medicine Immunodiagnostics, Immunosuppression, and Best Prevention.mp4
MD15_3 – Novel Therapies Medications, Vaccines, and Management of Resistant Virus.mp4
MD16_1 – Bench Coinhibitory Pathways in Transplantation.mp4
MD16_2 – Translational Preclinical Models of Coinhibitory Blockade.mp4
MD16_3 – Clinical Bringing CoInhibitory Modulation to the Clinic.mp4
MD17_1 – What is The New Treatment For Endocrinologist.mp4
MD17_2 – Is Pancreatic Transplant Surgery a Cure for All Diabetics.mp4
MD17_3 – Nephrologists Central Role in Decision Making and Care.mp4
MD18_1 – Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use in Lung Transplant Candidates A National Survey of Policies and Practices.mp4
MD18_2 – The Percs of Transplant Prescription Drug Use Among Transplant Recipients.mp4
MD18_3 – Marijuana Post Transplant.mp4
MD19_1 – Importance of Intestinal and Liver Histopathology in the Patient with Short Gut Syndrome.mp4
MD19_2 – How Do We Prevent Rejection and Does AMR in the Intestinal Transplant Patient Exist.mp4
MD19_3 – Complications of Immunosuppression PTLD, GVHD, Cancer and Infections.mp4
MD20_1 – Recipient with MELD 40.mp4
MD20_2 – How Old is Too Old for a Combined Liver Kidney Transplantation.mp4
MD20_3 – Lessons Learned From the Liver Eaters.mp4
MD21_1 – Lymphatics in Chronic Rejection.mp4
MD21_2 – Lymphatics and Immunometabolism.mp4
MD21_3 – Lymph Node Scarring in Transplantation.mp4
MD22_1 – Perfusion Emerges from the Niche as a Standard of Practice.mp4
MD22_2 – Barriers and Challenges to Implementation of Liver NMP Program at Your Transplant Center.mp4
MD22_3 – Perfusion and Beyond Optimizing Marginal Livers for Transplantation Future Approaches.mp4
MD23_1 – Identifying Patients with a Problem Pretransplant Screening and Management for Opioid Addiction.mp4
MD23_2 – Opioid-minimizing Medication Regimens for Transplant Donors and Recipients.mp4
MD23_3 – Designing and Implementing a Large Surgical Opioid Stewardship Program.mp4
MD24_1 – Care of the Transgender Transplant Recipient.mp4
MD24_2 – Hormonal Management Across the Lifespan Contraception, Conception and Menopause.mp4
MD24_3 – Long Term Health in Women After Transplant Bone Health and Reproductive Malignancies.mp4
MD25_1 – Frailty in Liver Transplantation.mp4
MD25_2 – Frailty in Heart Transplantation.mp4
MD25_3 – Frailty in Kidney Transplantation.mp4
MD25_4 – Frailty in Lung Transplantation.mp4
MD26_1 – Proceeding Without a Physical XM for High Risk Patients.mp4
MD26_2 – How we do Virtual Crossmatching for Heart Transplantation.mp4
MD26_3 – Optimizing Unacceptable Antigen Listing for Highly Sensitized Renal Transplant Candidates.mp4
MD26_4 – How to Avoid Breaking the Chains.mp4
MD27_1 – Options for Management of Insufficient Portal Flow in Pediatric Liver Transplant.mp4
MD27_2 – How I Do the Hepatic Artery Anastamosis Microscope Versus Loops.mp4
MD27_3 – Choosing the Type and Graft Size for Small Liver Recipeints.mp4
MD34_01 – Optimizing Vaccinations Pre-Transplant.mp4
MD34_02 – Waitlist Management The Role of the Advanced Practice Provider.mp4
MD34_03 – Beyond the Basics Expanding the APP Role on Inpatient Services.mp4
MD34_04 – The Evolution of the APP in Transplant.mp4
MD34_05 – 7 on, 7 off Creative Transplant Pharmacist Coverage Solutions.mp4
MD34_06 – Banker s Hours No More Weekend and Holiday Transplant Pharmacist Solutions.mp4
MD34_07 – It Takes a Village Multidisciplinary Transitions of Care Strategies.mp4
OR-Lba – Concentric Circles, One Year in Concentrated Organ Discard and Waitlist Deaths in High Traffic Areas.mp4
OR-LBb – Ultra-Short Duration Direct Acting Anti-Viral Prophylaxis to Prevent Virus Transmission from.mp4
OR-LBc – Treg Suppressor Function within Allografts is Required for Tolerance.mp4
OR-LBd – Treatment Modality Affects Outcomes of Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma Following Liver.mp4
OR-Lbe – After 10 Years The Results of HLA Mismatched Combined Kidney and Bone Marrow Transplantation.mp4
OR-LBf – Donate HCV Trial Transplanting Thoracic Organs from Hepatitis C Donors to Uninfected Patients.mp4
OR-LBg – CNI-Free Therapy with Iscalimab (anti-CD40 mAb) Preserves Allograft Histology Compared to Standard.mp4
OR01-01a – Urinary Cell mRNA Sequencing Profiles of Kidney Allograft Recipients Mirror Intragraft Events.mp4
OR01-01b – Extracellular Vesicles (EV) Mediate Antibody-Independent Tubular Senescence via Cyclin-Dependent.mp4
OR01-01c – Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell-Mediated Graft Prolongation Requires microRNA-181 and Semaphorin 4a.mp4
OR01-01d – Platelets Augment Granzyme K Production By Macrophages In Antibody-mediated Rejection.mp4
OR01-01e – Tissue Resident Memory T Cells in Murine Renal Transplantation.mp4
OR01-01f – p40 Homodimer Indirectly Induce Proliferation of Endogenous Donor-Reactive Memory CD8 T Cells.mp4
OR01-01g – Rejection Of Optic And Sciatic Transplants.mp4
OR02-01a – A CMV Vaccine Based on Non-Replicating Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus Vectors Expressing.mp4
OR02-01b – Donor Graft CMV Serostatus Influences the Development of Arterial and Venous Vascular Events.mp4
OR02-01d – Letermovir For The Treatment And Secondary Prophylaxis Of Drug Resistant CMV In Solid Organ.mp4
OR02-01e – Risk Stratification of Cytomegalovirus Seropositive Kidney Transplant Recipients for CMV Infection.mp4
OR02-01f – Using a Commercially Available Assay That Measures Cytomegalovirus-Specific CD4 and CD8.mp4
OR02-01g – Preemptive Therapy is Cost Effective When Compared to Prophylaxis in Cytomegalovirus Donor.mp4
OR02-02a – Bezlotoxumab for Prevention of Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection in Solid Organ.mp4
OR02-02b – Routine Molecular Clostridioides difficile Screening and Overtreatment in Solid Organ.mp4
OR02-02c – Contemporary US Prevalence and Outcomes of Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia and Toxoplasmosis.mp4
OR02-02d – Infectious Complications of Eculizumab Use in Abdominal Organ Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR02-02e – Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis Prophylaxis Increases the Risk of Multi-Drug Resistant.mp4
OR02-02f – Predictors of Multidrug-Resistant Organisms among Solid Organ Transplant Donors.mp4
OR02-02g – The Outcomes after an Infection in Older Liver Transplant Recipients is Comparable to.mp4
OR02-03a – Evaluation of Influenza Virus Antibody Response in Naturally Infected and Vaccinated.mp4
OR02-03b – A Comparison of Cell-Mediated Immune Responses among Organ Transplant Recipients Receiving.mp4
OR02-03c – Vaccination Rates and Relation to Health Beliefs in Inner-City Kidney Transplant Recipients (KTRs).mp4
OR02-03d – Burden of Respiratory Syncytial Disease among Hospitalized Immunocompromised Adults.mp4
OR02-03e – A Single-Center Experience with a 6-Month Regimen of Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia.mp4
OR02-03f – The Spread of HIV Donation throughout a DSA.mp4
OR02-03g – Liver Transplant Candidate Attitudes towards Organs from Increased Risk Donors A Single Center Survey.mp4
OR03-01a – mTORC2 Restricts mTORC1 Metabolic Function in Dendritic Cells to Limit Their Allostimulatory Activity.mp4
OR03-01b – Myeloid AXL Promotes Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy.mp4
OR03-01c – FTY720 Regulates Mitochondria Biogenesis in Dendritic Cells to Prevent Kidney Ischemic.mp4
OR03-01d – Dendritic Cells Transduced with Autoimmune Regulator Exhibit Immature Properties and.mp4
OR03-01e – Tertiary Lymphoid Organs in Renal Chronic Allograft Rejection.mp4
OR03-01f – Prolongation of Allograft Survival via Donor MHC Chimerism Induced by Exosomes.mp4
OR04-01a – The Effects of Anti-BAFF Monoclonal Antibody in the HLA-A2 Sensitized Mouse Model.mp4
OR04-01c – Decay Accelerating Factor (DAF) Regulates Germinal Center B-cell and Alloantibody Formation.mp4
OR04-01d – Autoantibody Production Significantly Decreased with APRIL BLyS Blockade in Murine Chronic.mp4
OR04-01e – B Cell-Specific IRE1a Deficiency Protects Renal Allografts from Rejection via Inhibition.mp4
OR04-01f – Antibody-Suppressor CD8+ T Cells Require CXCR5.mp4
OR04-01g – Anti-Donor M H C Class I I Alloantibody Induce Glomerular Injury in Mouse Renal Allografts.mp4
OR05-01a – An 8-Gene Expression Assay in Peripheral Blood for Diagnosis of Antibody-Mediated Rejection.mp4
OR05-01b – NK Cells Are Associated with Alloimmune Failure in Transplanted Children.mp4
OR05-01c – Circulating T Follicular Helper Proliferation And Memory B Cell Activation Correlate.mp4
OR05-01d – Impact of Cytomegalovirus on the Immune System of Healthy Humans.mp4
OR05-01e – A Molecular Analysis of Graft Survival in the INTERHEART Study.mp4
OR05-01f – One Study A Consortium Model of Clinical Trials Optimized for Comparing New Immune.mp4
OR05-01g – Viability Testing and Transplantation of Marginal Donor Livers (VITTAL) Trial.mp4
OR05-02a – Microscopic Hepatic Steatosis Prior to Liver Transplantation Influences Clinical Outcomes.mp4
OR05-02b – Super-resolution Evaluation Of The Glomerular Basement Membrane Changes In The Course Of.mp4
OR05-02c – The Frequency of Tissue-Resident Donor T and NK Cells in Peripheral Blood after Lung.mp4
OR05-02d – Assessment of Serum Tim3 and Gal9 Levels in Predicting the Risk of Infection after Kidney.mp4
OR05-02e – Targeted Proteomic Analysis Detects Acute T Cell-Mediated Kidney Allograft Rejection in.mp4
OR05-02f – Elevated Podocyte-specific Urinary Extracellular Vesicles In Patients With Fsgs Recurrence.mp4
OR05-02g – CyTOF and RNAseq Analyses Unravel Early Phenotypic and Transcriptional Changes in.mp4
OR05-03a – High Numbers of Differentiated T Cells Are Associated with a Substantially Lowered Risk for.mp4
OR05-03b – Biomarker Candidate Discovery for Kidney Allograft Monitoring via Urinary Exosome Proteome Analysis.mp4
OR05-03c – microRNA-375 Provides an Objective Measure of Pancreas Quality in Organ Donors.mp4
OR05-03d – A Metagene Signature of Lymphocytic Bronchitis Following Lung Transplantation.mp4
OR05-03e – Advanced Immunological T-cell Ageing Defined by a Very Low Thymic Function Identifies Patients.mp4
OR05-03f – Characterizing the Dominant Phenotype in Kidney Transplant Biopsies Improving the Prediction.mp4
OR05-03g – Gut Dysbiosis Predominates Post-Transplant Diarrhea in Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR05-04 – Proteomics Reveals Compartment-Specific Alterations in the Extracellular Matrix of Kidney.mp4
OR05-05a – Pre-Transplant Transcriptomic Signature in Peripheral Blood Predicts Early Acute Rejection.mp4
OR05-05b – Promotion of Chimerism by Lymphohematopoietic Graft-versus-Host Responses in Patients Receiving.mp4
OR05-05c – Monitoring Circulating T Follicular Helper Cells Polarization, Activation and Function Distinguishes.mp4
OR05-05d – Significantly High FOXP3 mRNA in the Renal Allograft as a Mechanism of Tolerance Induced by.mp4
OR05-05e – A Single Measurement of Torque Teno Virus Helps to Predict Mortality in Renal Transplant Patients.mp4
OR05-05g – Outcomes and Clinical Utility of the kSORT Assay in the Prism Prospective Clinical Trial of.mp4
OR06-01a – Incidence of Autoresuscitation in Donation after Circulatory Death Donors.mp4
OR06-01b – Occult Liver Graft Fibrosis Prior to Transplantation Influences Clinical Outcomes.mp4
OR06-01c – Risk Factors to Define an Extended Criteria Donor Heart Do Not Appear to Have Cumulative.mp4
OR06-01e – Intra-abdominal Hypertension And Abdominal Compartment Syndrome An Organ Procurement.mp4
OR06-01f – Organ Donation is an Indication for Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT).mp4
OR07-01a – Shroom3 Regulates Glomerular Hypertrophy after Uninephrectomy via mTOR.mp4
OR07-01b – ZFYVE21 is a Novel Complement-Induced Rab5 Effector Protein Mediating Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy.mp4
OR07-01c – Novel Activation Responses by Endothelial Cells within the Pro-Tolerogenic Intragraft Microenvironment.mp4
OR07-01d – Apoptotic Exosome-Like Vesicles Induce Endothelial Cell Plasticity and Accelerate Allograft.mp4
OR07-01e – Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection Induces an Angiogenic Response through Hepatic Stellate Cells.mp4
OR07-01f – Ligation Of Hla Class Il Molecules Disrupts Endothelial Barrier Through Src-dependent.mp4
OR07-01g – Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptor 2 Regulates Migration through Endothelial Cell VCAM.mp4
OR08-01a – Incidence and Risk of Allograft Rejection after Cardiac Transplantation.mp4
OR08-01b – Low Frequency Of Canonical Human Leukocyte Antigen Alloimmunization In Heart Transplantation.mp4
OR08-01c – Does the Type of Pre-Heart Transplant Desensitization Therapy Affect 5-Year Post-Transplant Outcomes.mp4
OR08-01d – Upregulation of Endothelial HLA Class II as a Marker of Antibody Mediated Rejection.mp4
OR08-01e – Identification and Determinants of Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy Trajectories after Heart.mp4
OR08-01f – More Than Meets the Eye The Use of Serial Intravascular Ultrasound for Assessment of.mp4
OR08-02a – A Comprehensive and Updated Analysis of Combined Heart-Kidney Transplants Utilizing.mp4
OR08-02b – What Are You Smoking The Impact of Donor Drug Use on Long Term Survival Post-Transplant.mp4
OR08-02c – Donors and Drugs How Often Do They Mix Utilization of Donors Based on Toxicology Findings.mp4
OR08-02d – Preliminary Results from a Multicenter National Trial of Antiviral-Facilitated Transplantation.mp4
OR08-02e – How Do We Choose Predicting Utilization Of Cardiac Donors And The Effect Of Era.mp4
OR08-02f – Geographic Disparities in Heart Transplant Rates.mp4
OR08-02g – The National Landscape of Heart Transplant Candidates with HIV.mp4
OR09-01a – Mismatched Epitope and De Novo DSA Development An Analysis of the Benefit and Benefit.mp4
OR09-01b – Successful Kidney Transplantation of Highly Sensitized Candidates across Positive Cross.mp4
OR09-01c – Solving Target Recognition and Activation Mediated by Non-HLA Agonistic Antibodies Targeting ETAR.mp4
OR09-01d – Inhibition of mTORC2 Causes Hyper Phosphorylation of ERK Induced by Co-Ligation of HLA-I.mp4
OR09-01e – Computational Assessment of T-cell and B-cell Allorecognition to Predict Donor HLA Immunogenicity.mp4
OR09-01f – Physiochemical Hla Properties Identify Low Immunogenic Donor recipient Pairs Predicting.mp4
OR09-01g – Can Imputation of HLA Allele Level Typing Be Used Clinically in a Multiethnic Population.mp4
OR10-01a – Granulocyte – Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) and Granulocyte – Macrophage Colony.mp4
OR10-01b – Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Metabolic Reprogramming Critical Features of Cyclosporine.mp4
OR10-01c – Impact Of Selective Cd28 Blockade On Protective Immunity To A Murine Epstein-Barr Virus Homolog.mp4
OR10-01d – Interruption of Notch Signaling via Blockade of Delta-Like Ligands 1 and 4 Prevents Co-Stimulation.mp4
OR10-01e – Dual Targeting Desensitization with Carfilzomib Plus Lulizumab Significantly Prolongs Kidney.mp4
OR10-01f – Graft Perfusion with Alvespimycin, an HSP90 Inhibitor, Suppresses IL-2 and IL-12p40 Production.mp4
OR11-01a – Laminin à5 Deficiency in Lymph Node Stromal Cells Promotes Treg Migration and Allograft Survival.mp4
OR11-01b – Regulating T Cell Responses by Forced Transgenic Expression of Decay-Accelerating Factor (DAF).mp4
OR11-01c – Absence of Protective Innate Lymphoid Cell Type 3 (ILC3) and Persistence of Proinflammatory.mp4
OR11-01d – Local IL-33 Regulates Heart Transplant Infiltrating Myeloid Cells Metabolism.mp4
OR11-01e – Complement Blockade in Kidney Recipients Prevents Delayed Graft Function and Antibody-Mediated.mp4
OR11-01f – A Potential Role for IgE-Mediated Immune Response in the Pathogenesis of Chronic.mp4
OR11-01g – SIRPà Typing as a Potential Tool for Risk Stratification in Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR12-01a – Prevention of Graft Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Ischemia-Free Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR12-01b – CD4 T Cell-Derived NGAL Mediates Experimental Acute Kidney Injury.mp4
OR12-01c – Sirna Uptake During Ex Vivo Hypothermic And Normothermic Liver Machine Perfusion.mp4
OR12-01d – Senescent Cell Clearance with Senolytic Drugs Improves Cardiac Allograft Survival.mp4
OR12-01e – Minimizing Kidney Ischemia Reperfusion Injury by Transferring Exogenous Mitochondria.mp4
OR12-01f – Anti CD45RB Antibody Therapy Attenuates Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury by Inducing.mp4
OR12-01g – PD-1CD3CD4-CD8- (Double Negative T-cells) Are Early Responders during Kidney Ischemia.mp4
OR12-02a – CEACAM1 – p38 Signaling Axis Alleviates Peri-Transplant Liver Injury From Mouse-to-Human.mp4
OR12-02b – Histone Deacetylase-2 Knockout in Renal Tubular Cells is Protective in Renal.mp4
OR12-02c – Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3alpha Serine 21 Phosphorylation Inhibits Hepatocyte Autophagy to.mp4
OR12-02d – An Immediate and Persistent Post-Reperfusion Metabolic Collapse Precedes Delayed Graft Function (DGF).mp4
OR12-02e – Defatting Steatotic Rat Livers during Ex Situ Normothermic Perfusion Improves Lactate.mp4
OR12-02f – Apoptosis during Cold Ischemia and Rewarming Involves a Caspase Independent Pathway.mp4
OR12-02g – Recipient Antibiotics Pretreatment Protects Liver Transplants from Ischemia-Reperfusion.mp4
OR12-03a – Total Parenteral Nutrition in Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion Addressing Metabolism Improves Both.mp4
OR12-03c – Donation After Circulatory Death Kidneys With Prolonged Delayed Graft Function Present.mp4
OR12-03d – Ex Vivo Normothermic Perfusion Of Discarded Human Kidneys Reveals Cold-storage-induced Renal.mp4
OR12-03e – Organ Resilience Contributes to Different Impact of Delayed Graft Function (DGF) on Graft.mp4
OR12-03f – Effects of Static Subnormothermic Preservation of Extended Warm Ischemic Porcine Kidneys Assessed.mp4
OR12-03g – miR-20a Inhibits Autophagy by Targeting AKT and BIM in Renal Reperfusion Injury.mp4
OR13-01a – The Protective Effects of Theranostic Magnetic Nanoparticles as Carriers For SIRNA (MN-SIRNA).mp4
OR13-01b – Islet Xenotransplantation A Quest for Clinically Available Immunosuppression Regimens.mp4
OR13-01c – Preservation of Pancreatic Islets with Stem Cell Derived CD34 Vascular Endothelial Progenitor Cells.mp4
OR13-01d – Resolution of Hyperglycemia Following Islet Allograft Transplantation in Non-Immunosuppressed Mice.mp4
OR13-01e – Toll Like Receptor 2 Mobilizes Regulatory T Cell Lymphatic Migration by Stimulating.mp4
OR13-01f – Omentum An Alternative Home for Pancreatic Islet Transplant.mp4
OR13-01g – Role of NF-kB in Release of Isletokines via Exosomes in Response to Islet Stress.mp4
OR14-01a – Eculizumab Deposition in Renal Transplants.mp4
OR14-01b – Prevention of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury (IRI) & ABMR in HLA Sensitized Patients Treated.mp4
OR14-01c – The Role of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Kidney Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection.mp4
OR14-01d – De Novo Donor Specific Antibody and Panel Reactivity Antibody Are Critical Risk Factors.mp4
OR14-01e – Prognostic Value of C3d Fixing Preformed Donor-Specific Antibody in Crossmatch-Positive.mp4
OR14-01f – CD19 Cell Behavior in the 12 Months Following a Single Dose of Rituximab in Patients.mp4
OR14-01g – Kinetics of Pretransplant DSA, Post-Transplant Histology, and Graft Failure after Kidney.mp4
OR15-01a – Clazakizumab as an Agent to Reduce Donor Specific HLA Antibodies and Improve Outcomes in.mp4
OR15-01b – Clazakizumab (CLZ, Anti-IL-6 Antibody) and Tocilizumab (TCZ, Anti-IL-6 Receptor [r] Antibody).mp4
OR15-01c – Using Ensembles of Machine Learning Classifiers to Maximize the Accuracy and Stability of.mp4
OR15-01d – Impact of Belatacept Conversion on Renal Function, Histology and Gene Expression in Kidney.mp4
OR15-01e – Comparing Antibody-Mediated Rejection with or without Detectable DSA Similar Pathology and.mp4
OR15-01f – Long Term Outcomes Using Tocilizumab For The Treatment Of Chronic Antibody Mediated Rejection.mp4
OR16-01a – Impact of Glomerulitis at 4-Month Biopsy on Long Term Kidney Allograft Outcomes.mp4
OR16-01b – Population-Based Modeling of Prototypes and Determinants of Allograft Function Trajectories.mp4
OR16-01c – Mortality and Morbidity in Kidney Transplant Recipients with a Failing Graft.mp4
OR16-01d – Room for Optimism; Improvement in Long-Term Patient and Graft Survival of Kidney Transplants.mp4
OR16-01e – The Graft and Patient Survival of Kidney Transplantation According to Ethnicity in US.mp4
OR16-01f – CMV Risk Status Remains a Relevant Risk Factor for Long-Term Outcomes.mp4
OR16-01g – Bisphosphonates Effectively Improve the Long Term Renal Transplant Outcomes.mp4
OR16-02a – Epitop Matching Predicts Immunization in Kidney Transplant Recipients with Allograft.mp4
OR16-02b – C4d Positivity in Renal Biopsies Following A to B Kidney Transplantation Not All A B O.mp4
OR16-02c – Donor Derived Cell Free DNA Initiates De-Novo Donor Specific Antibody (DSA) Responses.mp4
OR16-02d – Humoral Immune Responses to Kidney Associated Non-HLA Antigens is Not Associated with.mp4
OR16-02e – Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Antibodies Improve Risk Stratification for Kidney Allograft.mp4
OR16-02f – Circulating Mirnas Regulate Gene Expression In Kidney Tissue During Transplant Glomerulopathy.mp4
OR16-02g – The Use of dd-cfDNA as a Predictive Tool for Outcome Decreased Kidney Function.mp4
OR16-03a – Galectin-3 and Long-Term Graft Failure in Renal Transplant Recipients A Prospective Cohort Study.mp4
OR16-03b – Impact of Functional Delayed Graft Function in the Modern Era of Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR16-03c – The Economic Burden of Graft Failure in the United States.mp4
OR16-03d – Association Of Kdpi And Dgf With Dcd Kidney Transplants Outcomes.mp4
OR16-03e – Prophylactic Use of Eculizumab in Patients at High Risk of Post-Transplant aHUS Recurrence.mp4
OR16-03f – Keeping Patients Lifetime Perspective in Focus Modest Rates and Wide Variation in Preemptive.mp4
OR16-03g – Outcomes Of Single And En-bloc Pediatric Kidneys According To Kdpi.mp4
OR17-01a – National Landscape of Hope Act Transplant Candidates and Recipients in the United States.mp4
OR17-01b – Regional Disparities In The Transplant Rates Across Unos Regions Pre- And Post-kidney.mp4
OR17-01c – Changes in Kidney Offer Acceptance for Pediatric Candidates Post-KAS.mp4
OR17-01d – Impact of Donor Hepatitis C Virus Infection on Kidney Transplant Outcomes in the Direct.mp4
OR17-01e – Exploring the Drivers of the Early Decline in One-Year Patient Survival after KAS.mp4
OR17-01f – Longer-Term Outcomes for Hepatitis C Virus Negative Recipients of Kidneys from Hepatitis C.mp4
OR17-01g – Accelerating Kidney Allocation Simultaneously Expiring Offers.mp4
OR17-02a – Regional Differences in Transplantation for Expected Post-Transplant Survival Top 20% Candidates.mp4
OR17-02b – Measuring and Monitoring Disparities in Access to Kidney Transplantation Associated with.mp4
OR17-02c – The Immigrant Bonus Non US Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant Recipients Have Superior.mp4
OR17-02d – Dialysis Facility Profit Status and Referral for Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR17-02e – Factors Related to International Travel for Transplantation among US-Listed Kidney Transplant.mp4
OR17-02f – Racial Ethnic and Socio-Economic Disparities Single versus Multi-Organ Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR17-02g – Hard-to-Place Kidney Offers Through the Lens of the United Network for Organ Sharing Organ Center.mp4
OR17-03a – A Safe Anti-A2 Titer for a Succesful A2 Incompatible Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR17-03b – Kidney Transplants Outcomes from Deceased Donors with Acute Kidney Injury.mp4
OR17-03c – The Effect Of Exclusive Virtual Crossmatch To Allocate Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant On.mp4
OR17-03d – Non-Immunologic Donor-Recipient Pairing, HLA Matching, and Graft Loss in Deceased Donor.mp4
OR17-03e – Multi-Organ Transplant Results in Lower Patient and Graft Survival Than Kidney Alone Transplant.mp4
OR17-03f – Quantifying Donor Effects on Transplant Outcomes Using Kidney Pairs from Deceased Donors.mp4
OR17-03g – Unos Analysis Of Deceased Donor Renal Transplant (ddrtx) Outcomes In Sensitized Patients.mp4
OR18-01a – Transplantation of Kidneys from Hepatitis C Infected Donors to Hepatitis C Negative Recipients.mp4
OR18-01b – Hope in Action A Multicenter Prospective Study of HIV to HIV Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR18-01c – Hope Act Donors With Organs Recovered For Transplant The First Two Years.mp4
OR18-01d – Outcomes in Non-A1 and Non A1 B to B Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation Are Comparable.mp4
OR18-01e – Did COIIN Cohort A Maintain Graft Survival Performance While Increasing Moderate to High.mp4
OR18-01f – Significant Increase in Moderate to High KDPI Kidney Transplants Using a Multi-Operational.mp4
OR18-01g – Long-Term Outcomes Following Uncontrolled Donation after Cardiac Death Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR18-02a – The Degree of Glomerulosclerosis in Procurement Renal Biopsy and its Implications in.mp4
OR18-02b – Kidney Transplant Outcomes and Organ Acceptance Practice Patterns Nationwide Analyses of.mp4
OR18-02c – Impact Of Cold And Warm Ischemia Time On Outcomes For Kidneys Donated After Cardiac Death.mp4
OR18-02d – Increase in Deceased Donor Acceptance Rate After Implementing Uniform Acceptance Criteria.mp4
OR18-02e – Machine Perfusion Allows Use of High KDPI and Prolonged Cold Ischemia Time in Deceased Donors.mp4
OR18-02f – Kidney Donor Outcomes 50 Years Post Donation.mp4
OR18-02g – An International Comparison of Kidney Utilization in the United States and United Kingdom.mp4
OR19-01a – Costimulation Blockade Modulates Humoral Responses in Highly Sensitized Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR19-01b – Evaluation of the Safety and Tolerability of Clazakizumabr (Anti-IL-6 Monoclonal).mp4
OR19-01c – Long-Term Outcomes of Eculizumab-Treated Positive Crossmatch Recipients.mp4
OR19-01d – Safety and Efficacy of Imlifidase in Highly-Sensitized Kidney Transplant Patients.mp4
OR19-01e – Anti-HLA IgM Antibodies Are Reduced in Highly-HLA Sensitized Patients Transplanted.mp4
OR19-01f – Eight-Year Outcomes Following ABO-Incompatible Kidney Transplantation Performed after.mp4
OR19-01g – Bortezomib Based Induction Therapy Decreases Delayed Graft Function in High Risk Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR20-01a – Effect of Induction Therapy on Outcomes of De Novo Renal Transplant Recipients Receiving.mp4
OR20-01c – To Each Their Own Center-Level Variation in Tailoring Induction Immunosuppression to Kidney.mp4
OR20-01d – Association Of Lymphocyte-depleting Antibody And Steroids Induction With The Risk And Outcomes.mp4
OR20-01e – Basiliximab versus T-cell Depleting Induction Therapy in Elderly Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR20-01f – Age-Related Effects on Thymic Output and Homeostatic T Cell Expansion Following Depletional Induction.mp4
OR20-01g – Is Alemtuzumab Induction Safe In Septuagenarians Undergoing Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR21-01a – Antirejection Efficacy in De Novo Renal Transplant Recipients Receiving Everolimus.mp4
OR21-01b – Efficacy and Safety Outcomes with De Novo Use of Everolimus-Based Regimen in Renal.mp4
OR21-01c – The Use of mTOR Inhibitors Prevents Acute Cellular Rejection in Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR21-01d – Early Steroid Withdrawal in African American Deceased Donor Renal Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR21-01e – Early Outcomes Comparing Two Steroid-Avoidance Protocols in Pediatric Renal Transplantation.mp4
OR21-01f – Impact of Steroid-Free Protocol on Incidence of Posttransplantation Diabetes Mellitus.mp4
OR21-01g – What is in a High Dose An Analysis of Tacrolimus Pharmacokinetic Parameters in Rapid Metabolizers.mp4
OR21-02a – A Prospective Randomized Multicenter Trial (B E S T Trial) of Belatacept-Based C N I and.mp4
OR21-02b – Conversion from Calcineurin Inhibitors to Belatacept in Kidney Recipients with Donor-Specific.mp4
OR21-02c – Predictors of Graft Function Improvement after Conversion from Calcineurin Inhibitors to.mp4
OR21-02d – Belatacept Monotherapy in Kidney Transplant Recipients with Failed Allografts Reduces Humoral.mp4
OR21-02e – Four-Year Follow Up of Kidney Transplantation Using Alemtuzumab Induction and Belatacept.mp4
OR21-02f – Comparative Analysis of Belatacept and Mycophenolate Monotherapy-Based Regimens for HLA.mp4
OR21-02g – Impact of Belatacept Conversion on Renal Function, Histology and Gene Expression in Kidney.mp4
OR21-03a – Increasing Time-in-Therapeutic Range of Tacrolimus is Associated with Superior Outcomes in.mp4
OR21-03b – Ten Year Follow-Up of a Phase 2 Clinical Trial to Induce Tolerance in Living Donor Renal.mp4
OR21-03c – Improving Medication Adherence and Outcomes in Adult Kidney Transplant Patients Using SystemCHANGET.mp4
OR21-03d – Tacrolimus Concentrations Can Be Reliably Measured in Capillary Microsamples.mp4
OR21-03e – Patient Centered AUC-Monitoring of Tacrolimus Using Capillary Microsampling.mp4
OR21-03f – LCP-Tacrolimus (LCPT; Envarsus XR) Dosing Considerations in De Novo Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR21-03g – Impact of Once-Daily Tacrolimus on Trough Concentration Variability in Stable Adolescent and.mp4
OR22-01a – Quantifying Differential Infection Risks in HLA- and or ABO- Incompatible Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR22-01b – Evolution of HHV6- and CMV-Specific T Cell Functional Responses and Immune Cell Populations.mp4
OR22-01c – Nationwide Survey of Human T Cell Leukemia Virus Type 1-Infected Kidney Transplant Recipients in Japan.mp4
OR22-01d – Vaccine Response as a Predictor of Kidney Transplant Rejection and Serious Infection.mp4
OR22-01e – Risk Factors for 1-5 Year Major Infection Events (MIE) after Kidney Transplant (KTx) Including.mp4
OR22-01f – The Impact of Antibiotic Therapy on Clinical Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients with.mp4
OR22-01g – Infectious Complications in Tocilizumab-Treated Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR23-01a – Maternal and Pregnancy Outcomes after Living Donor Nephrectomy in a Multistate Cohort.mp4
OR23-01b – Center-Level Variation in HLA-Incompatible Living Donor Kidney Transplantation Outcomes.mp4
OR23-01c – Living Kidney Donors Who Lose Weight in Order to Be Able to Donate, Gain More Weight after Donation.mp4
OR23-01d – Racial Variation in ESRD Diagnosis Patterns among Prior Living Kidney Donors on the OPTN.mp4
OR23-01e – Sub-Optimal Renal Recovery and Progressive Chronic Kidney Disease after Living Kidney Donation.mp4
OR23-01f – Changes in Kidney Function Following Live Donor Nephrectomy.mp4
OR23-01g – Chronic Changes on Time Zero Living Donor Allograft Biopsy Do Not Portend Future Kidney Function.mp4
OR24-01a – Preemptive Kidney Transplantation Is There a Role for ABO Incompatible Transplantation.mp4
OR24-01b – Recipient Outcomes Following Transplantation Of Allografts From Older Live Kidney Donors.mp4
OR24-01c – External Validation of the Living Kidney Donor Profile Index (LKDPI) in the Canadian Kidney.mp4
OR24-01d – Risk Factors for Recurrence and Predictors of Response in Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR24-01e – Potential Living Kidney Donors Interest in Kidney Paired and Non-Directed Donation.mp4
OR24-01f – Apolipoprotein L1 Genotyping in Potential African American Living Kidney Donors.mp4
OR24-01g – Living Donor Conversion Rates as a Quality Measure for Kidney Program Efficiency for Both.mp4
OR25-01a – Opening the Doors of Hope HIV-Positive Living Kidney Donation.mp4
OR25-01b – Care of International Living Kidney Donor Candidates in the US A Survey of Contemporary.mp4
OR25-01c – Assessing Pressure to Donate among Potential Living Kidney Donors.mp4
OR25-01d – Kidney Evaluation in Living Kidney Donors Survey of US Transplant Centers 2018.mp4
OR25-01e – Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate at Donor Screening to Predict Measured Glomerular Filtration.mp4
OR25-01f – The Model For Predicting eGFR At A Year After Donation In Living Related Kidney Transplant Donors.mp4
OR25-01g – Metabolic and Cardiovascular Evaluation in Living Kidney Donors Survey of US Transplant Centers 2018.mp4
OR26-01a – The End of Non-Directed Living Kidney Donation The National Kidney Registry s Family Voucher Program.mp4
OR26-01b – Global Kidney Exchange.mp4
OR26-01c – Compatible Pairs in Paired Kidney Exchange – Are There Winners and Loosers.mp4
OR26-01d – Are We Underestimating The Number Of Paired Kidney Exchange Transplants In The United States.mp4
OR26-01e – Transplant Nephrologist.mp4
OR26-01f – Kidney Paired Donation Transplant Outcomes Experiences from the First Ten Years of the.mp4
OR26-01g – Social Loafing Distribution of Kidneys with Multiple Renal Arteries in a National Paired.mp4
OR27-01a – Patient-Reported Outcomes in a Prospective Multicenter Trial of Belatacept-Based CNI.mp4
OR27-01b – Cognitive Function & Risk Of Adverse Outcomes In Kidney Transplant Candidates.mp4
OR27-01c – Evaluation of Medication Burden in Kidney Transplant Recipients at Time of Index Hospitalization.mp4
OR27-01d – Your Path to Transplant Education Increases Patients Transplant Knowledge, Attitudes, Informed.mp4
OR27-01e – “Getting Life Back” – Kidney Transplantation in the Elderly Patient.mp4
OR27-01f – The Effect of Kidney Transplantation on Neurocognitive Function A Prospective Study.mp4
OR27-01g – Non-adherence With Diet And Dialysis Prescription Predictors Of Non-adherence Post-transplant.mp4
OR27-02a – Impact of Race and Substance Use on Listing Decisions for Kidney Transplant.mp4
OR27-02b – The Implementation and Impact of an Opioid Minimization Protocol in an Urban Renal Transplant Population.mp4
OR27-02c – Kidney Transplantation in the Lower-Income Bracket of South Korea; Widening Gap in Accessibility.mp4
OR27-02d – Higher Level of Social Support is Associated with Higher Likelihood of Pursuit of Living.mp4
OR27-02e – The Risk of Systematic Error in Kidney Transplant Opioid Research.mp4
OR27-02f – Access To The Kidney Transplant Waitlist For Patients With Hiv And End-stage Renal Disease.mp4
OR27-02g – Earlier Transplant Education as CKD Progresses CKD 3-5 Patients and Providers Weigh In.mp4
OR28-01a – Robotic-Assisted versus Open Techniques for Living Donor Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR28-01b – Single Cell Sequencing of Human Kidney Allograft.mp4
OR28-01c – Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocols in Kidney Transplantation Time to Change Practice.mp4
OR28-01d – Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplant Outcomes in Obese Candidates.mp4
OR28-01e – Simultaneous Robotic Kidney Transplantation and Bariatric Surgery for Morbidly Obese Patients.mp4
OR28-01f – Robotic-Assisted versus Open- Kidney Transplantation in Non-Obese Recipients.mp4
OR28-01g – The Safety of Surveillance and Indication Biopsies in Kidney Transplantation A Series of 2000 Biopsies.mp4
OR30-01a – Efficacy and Safety with Empagliflozin in Renal Transplant Recipients with Post-Transplant.mp4
OR30-01b – Belatacept Based Simultaneous Calcineurin Inhibitor Avoidance Early Corticosteroid Withdrawal.mp4
OR30-01c – Lifestyle Intervention in Renal Transplant Recipients A Multicenter, Randomized Clinical Trial.mp4
OR30-01d – Long-Term Outcomes in Patients with Obesity and Renal Disease after Sleeve Gastrectomy.mp4
OR30-01e – Recurrent Diabetic Nephropathy Despite Intensive Glycemic Control An Observational Cohort Study.mp4
OR30-01f – The Evolution of Body Mass Index after Kidney Transplantation in Recipients with a Previous.mp4
OR30-01g – Comparison of Two Glucagon-Like-Peptide-1 Analogs (GLP -1) Dulaglutide vs Liraglutide for.mp4
OR30-02a – 6-Minute Walk Testing in Patients on the Kidney Transplant Waitlist.mp4
OR30-02b – The More You Wait, the More You Lose Prostatectomy and Kidney Transplant Waiting Time in.mp4
OR30-02c – Comparison of Pregnancy Outcomes by Conception Age in Female Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR30-02d – Cardiovascular Mortality in Transplant Patients; A Population-Based Cohort Study 1988-2013.mp4
OR30-02e – Extremes of Body Mass Index is Associated with Inferior Renal Allograft Outcomes in Type 2.mp4
OR30-02f – Lower Extremity Impairment and Frailty among Adults with Diabetes Awaiting Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR30-02g – AKI and Long-Term Risk for Cardiovascular Events in Patients after Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR30-03a – Vo2peak Superior to Current Established Measure of Post Kidney Transplant Survival Score (EPTS Score).mp4
OR30-03b – Can Cardiac Risk Predictor Models Be Trusted in Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR30-03c – Positron Emission Tomography (PET-CT) Global Coronary Flow Reserve (CFR) Stratifies.mp4
OR30-03d – Aorto-Iliac Calcification is a Risk Factor for Inferior Patient and Graft Survival in Kidney.mp4
OR30-03e – The Benefit of Kidney Transplantation over the Waitlist Depends on the Patient s Comorbidities.mp4
OR30-03f – Pre-Transplant Cardiac Work Up Does Not Predict Post-Transplant Cardiac Events at One Year.mp4
OR30-03g – Protocol Cardiac Cathaterization in Renal Transplant Candidates.mp4
OR31-01a – Utilization of Donor Kidneys with Acute Kidney Injury in Pediatric Transplantation.mp4
OR31-01b – Have Graft Outcomes Improved for Pediatric Transplant Recipients Since the Implementation.mp4
OR31-01c – Undernutrition is Associated with Impaired T Cell Protective Immunity in Pediatric Kidney.mp4
OR31-01d – Differences in Wait Time, Graft Quality and Outcome for Pediatric Kidney Recipients.mp4
OR31-01e – United Kingdom National Outcomes of Transplants from Paediatric Donors 10 Years Experience.mp4
OR31-01f – Effect of Everolimus with Reduced-Exposure Tacrolimus and Early Steroid Elimination in.mp4
OR31-01g – Emergence of Anti-HLA Antibodies after Catch-Up Vaccinations in Pediatric Kidney Transplant.mp4
OR31-02a – Increase in 48 Month Cumulative Acute Rejection Rates in the Most Recent Cohort.mp4
OR31-02b – Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)-Specific T Cells as a Diagnostic Marker for the Individual EBV-Specific.mp4
OR31-02c – Standardizing Blood Pressure Measurement across 17 Pediatric Transplant Centers.mp4
OR31-02d – Elevated Donor Derived Cell Free DNA (dd-cfDNA) Levels in the Presence of Donor Specific.mp4
OR31-02e – Tocilizumab for Refractory Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Pediatric Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR31-02f – Antithymocyte Globulin is Associated with Mature T Cell Phenotypes and Decreased Risk of.mp4
OR31-02g – Successful Use of Hizentra to Address BK Viremia in Pediatric Transplant Population.mp4
OR32-01a – Epidemiology and Outcomes of BKV Nephropathy Management by Screening Policy in a Real-Life Setting.mp4
OR32-01b – Impact Of Subclinical Bk Virus-associated Nephropathy In High-risk Recipients.mp4
OR32-01c – Deceased-Donor Acute Kidney Injury Associates with Less BK Viremia in Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR32-01d – Donor-Derived Cell-Free DNA in Urine Identifies BKVN with Graft Injury in BK Viruria Kidney.mp4
OR32-01e – The Complexity of T Cell-Mediated Rejection Scenarios Identifying BK in Biopsies with TCMR.mp4
OR32-01f – Predictors of Response to Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Treatment of Polyoma Nephropathy.mp4
OR32-01g – Concurrent Session Kidney Polyoma.mp4
OR33-01a – A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Thymoglobulinr and Extended Delay of Calcineurin.mp4
OR33-01b – Recipients with Model for End-Stage Liver Disease Sodium Score Driven by Renal Dysfunction.mp4
OR33-01c – Early Impact of the New UNOS SLK Allocation Policy Improved Standardization but Similar Utilization.mp4
OR33-01d – Hephaistos Study Outcome on Renal Function after 12 Month Everolimus Plus Reduced Tacrolimus.mp4
OR33-01e – Chronic Kidney Disease among Liver Transplant Candidates A Rising Burden and Its Impact on.mp4
OR33-01f – The Use of Native Kidney Biopsy to Predict Renal Dysfunction Following Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR33-01g – Donation after Cardiac Death Simultaneous Liver-Kidney An Updated Perspective.mp4
OR34-01a – Predictors and Outcomes of Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease after Liver Transplant.mp4
OR34-01b – Renoportal Anastomosis in Liver Transplantation Results from a Propensity Score-Based.mp4
OR34-01c – The Impact of Portal Flow after Reperfusion on Graft Outcomes after Deceased Donor Liver.mp4
OR34-01d – The Impact of Sleeve Gastrectomy Following Liver Transplant in Patients with Non-Alcoholic.mp4
OR34-01e – Proximal Splenic Artery Embolization For Refractory Ascites And Hydrothorax After Liver.mp4
OR34-01f – The Impact of Extra-Anatomical Hepatic Artery Reconstruction during Living Donor.mp4
OR34-01g – The Comparative Safety and Efficacy of Direct Acting Oral Anticoagulants Relative to Warfarin.mp4
OR34-02a – Factors Associated with Cardiovascular Subclinical Target Organ Damage in Liver Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR34-02b – Global and Domain Specific Cognition in Liver Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR34-02c – Management of Anastomotic Biliary Strictures after Liver Transplant Role of Covered Metal Stents.mp4
OR34-02d – Post-Liver Transplant Atrial Fibrillation is Associated with Markedly Reduced Short- and.mp4
OR34-02e – Presence of DSA Class 2 is Associated with Fibrosis Progression after OLT.mp4
OR34-02f – MELD Score and Anti-Angiotensin Receptor Antibody Predict Long-Term Survival of Liver Re-Transplant.mp4
OR34-02g – Impact of Coronary Artery Disease on Long-Term Mortality after Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR35-01a – Adjuvant Immunotherapeutic Approach For Liver Transplant Recipients With Hepatocellular.mp4
OR35-01b – Prospective Multi-Regional Study of Down-Staging of Hepatocellular Carcinoma to within Milan.mp4
OR35-01c – Sustained Biologic Response To Neoadjuvant Therapy Predicts Excellent Liver Transplant Outcomes.mp4
OR35-01d – Outcomes of Liver Transplantation for Mixed Hepatocellular-Cholangiocarcioma.mp4
OR35-01e – Predicting HCC Recurrence Following Liver Transplant – A Machine Learning Approach.mp4
OR35-01f – Decreased Cancer Susceptibility in Tolerant Liver Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR35-01g – Spindle and Kinetochore Associated Complex Subunit 3 Promotes Tumor Growth by Regulating.mp4
OR36-01a – Early Use of Everolimus Plus Reduced Tacrolimus vs Standard Tacrolimus.mp4
OR36-01b – IgG4 Subclass Class 2 Donor Specific Antibody (DSA) is Associated with Subclinical Rejection.mp4
OR36-01c – Frailty Associated with Increased Rates of Acute Cellular Rejection within 3 Months.mp4
OR36-01d – Late Acute Rejection Increases Risk Of Graft Failure In Ldlt Recipients.mp4
OR36-01e – Impact Of Delayed Kidney Transplantation On Positive Crossmatch Liver Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR36-01g – Molecular Analysis of Rejection and Injury in Human Liver Transplant Biopsies First Results.mp4
OR37-01c – Difficult Outflow Reconstruction Using Eptfe Vascular Grafts In Ldlt Technical Innovations And Outcomes.mp4
OR37-01d – Donor Safety for Minimal Invasive Hepatectoy in Liver Transplantation The Korean Organ.mp4
OR37-01e – A Novel Program of Directed Domino and Split Liver Donations Increases Liver Transplants.mp4
OR37-01f – Primary Indications and Waitlist Status for Pediatric Living Donor Liver Transplants (LDLTs).mp4
OR37-01g – Adult Living Donor vs Deceased Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT vs DDLT) at a Single US Center.mp4
OR38-01a – Transplant Center Practices Are the Primary Drivers of United States Donation after.mp4
OR38-01b – Variations in DCD Procurement Procedures across Opos and Their Effects on Liver Transplant.mp4
OR38-01c – Utilization of DCD Donors 50 Years Old for Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR38-01d – Ready for Prime Time Intentional Allocation of Hepatitis C Positive Livers into Hepatitis.mp4
OR38-01e – A Priori Identification of Hard-to-Place Livers.mp4
OR38-01f – Continuous Distribution LSAM Simulation Study.mp4
OR38-01g – DOME A New Strategy for Prioritizing Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients on the Liver.mp4
OR38-02a – Not for the Faint of Heart The Impact of Post-Reperfusion Syndrome during Liver.mp4
OR38-02b – Reduction in Waitlist Time Using HCV Positive Liver Grafts in HCV Negative Recipients.mp4
OR38-02c – Digital Imaging Software vs the “Eyeball” Method in Quantifying Steatosis in a Liver Biopsy.mp4
OR38-02e – Nothing Lasts Forever, So Of The Donor Risk Index For Liver Transplant.mp4
OR38-02f – Expanding the Donor Pool with Extended Criteria DCD Livers.mp4
OR38-02g – HOPE in Action A Multicenter Prospective Study of HIV to HIV Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR40-01a – Patterns and Predictors of Alcohol Use after Early Liver Transplant for Alcoholic Hepatitis.mp4
OR40-01b – Frailty and BMI in Liver Transplant Candidates 9-Center Functional Assessment in Liver.mp4
OR40-01c – Impact of Recipient Age in Combined Liver-Kidney Transplantation (CLKT) Caution is Needed.mp4
OR40-01d – Elevated Visceral Adiposity is Associated with Post-Liver Transplant Mortality and Poorly.mp4
OR40-01e – Halt-hcc At The Time Of Listing Is Superior To Other Allocation Metrics At Predicting Waitlist.mp4
OR40-01f – Favorable Waitlist Outcomes in Patients with Alcoholic Liver Disease in the MELD-Na Era.mp4
OR40-01g – TIPS Effectively Treats Refractory Hepatic Hydrothorax A Multi-Center US Retrospective Study.mp4
OR41-01a – Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use in Lung Transplant Candidates A National Survey of Policies.mp4
OR41-01b – The Burden of Recipient Driving Distance and Post Lung Transplant Outcomes.mp4
OR41-01c – Lung Transplant Outcomes after CABG.mp4
OR41-01d – Outcomes of Adult Lung Transplant Recipients of Donation after Circulatory Death Allografts.mp4
OR41-01e – Center Variability in Organ Offer Acceptance and Waitlist Mortality in Lung Transplantation.mp4
OR41-01f – Assessment of Physical Frailty is Positively Correlated with LAS Score in Lung Transplant Candidates.mp4
OR41-01g – The Impact of Removing DSA as a First Unit of Lung Allocation Preliminary Results.mp4
OR41-02a – Transplanting Thoracic Organs From Hcv Donors To Uninfected Patients Evaluation Of Lung Allografts.mp4
OR41-02b – Success in Lung Transplantation Outcomes after Receiving a Standardized Desensitization Therapy.mp4
OR41-02c – Circulating Exosomes Isolated from Human Lung Transplant Recipients with Respiratory Viral.mp4
OR41-02d – Bronchoalveolar Lavage Biomarkers Predict Lung Transplant Survival.mp4
OR41-02e – Not All Donor-Specific Antibodies Are Equal Predictors of Risk of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction.mp4
OR41-02f – Decline in Club Cell Secretory Protein Results in Immune Responses to Lung Self-Antigens.mp4
OR41-02g – Association between Respiratory Virus Infections and the Development of De Novo HLA Donor.mp4
OR42-01b – Selective CD28 Blockade-Mediated Inhibition of T Follicular Helper Cell and DSA Responses.mp4
OR42-01c – Type-1 Interferons Impair the Key Immunoregulatory Activity of IL-10 in the Promotion of.mp4
OR42-01d – Fc?RIIB is a Novel Effector T Cell Intrinsic Regulatory Pathway That Correlates with Freedom.mp4
OR42-01e – Lymphotoxin Signaling Regulates T Cell Lymphatic Trafficking.mp4
OR42-01f – Memory T Follicular Helper Cell Alloresponse is Memory B Cell Independent and Inhibited by.mp4
OR42-01g – Circulating Donor T and NK Cells in Lung Transplantation Recipients Are Derived from the Donor.mp4
OR42-02a – Targeting Cell Metabolism for Efficient Large-Scale Expansion of Functional Regulatory T Cells.mp4
OR42-02b – How and Why Dyrk1a is Required for Optimal Foxp3 Treg Functions.mp4
OR42-02c – Role of MHC Class II in B Cell and Regulatory T Cell Development.mp4
OR42-02d – TORC1 Inhibition In Vitro and in a Humanized Mouse Model Protects Activated Human Regulatory.mp4
OR42-02e – Undernutrition and Leptin Deficiency Modulates T Cell Immunity in Transplantation.mp4
OR42-02f – Erythropoietin Ameliorates Parent to F1 Murine Graft versus Host Disease by Inhibiting.mp4
OR42-02g – The mIR17-92 Cluster Promotes Costimulation Resistant Effector Memory T Cell-Mediated Alloresponses.mp4
OR43-01a – Using Transplant Referral Regions to Measure Access to Kidney Transplant.mp4
OR43-01b – Center-Level Probability of Kidney Transplant Varies Considerably for Waitlisted Patients.mp4
OR43-01c – A Randomized, Controlled, Trial of Interventions to Promote Walking after Abdominal Organ.mp4
OR43-01d – Trends and Geographic Variation in the Recovery of Organs from Drug-Overdose Deaths with.mp4
OR43-01e – Reduction In Early Readmission In Kidney Recipients – Outcomes At One Year With Standardized.mp4
OR43-01f – Variation in Racial Disparities in Liver Transplant Outcomes by Hospital Quality.mp4
OR43-01g – Multicenter Cohort Study of Frailty and Access to Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR43-02a – Concurrent Session Non-Organ Specific Disparities and Access to Healthcare II.mp4
OR43-02b – Concurrent Session Non-Organ Specific Disparities and Access to Healthcare II.mp4
OR43-02c – Concurrent Session Non-Organ Specific Disparities and Access to Healthcare II.mp4
OR43-02d – Concurrent Session Non-Organ Specific Disparities and Access to Healthcare II.mp4
OR43-02e – Concurrent Session Non-Organ Specific Disparities and Access to Healthcare II.mp4
OR43-02f – Concurrent Session Non-Organ Specific Disparities and Access to Healthcare II.mp4
OR43-02g – Concurrent Session Non-Organ Specific Disparities and Access to Healthcare II.mp4
OR44-01a – Economic Impact of Donor Hepatitis C Kidney Transplantation A Medicare Cost Analysis.mp4
OR44-01b – Improving Access to Lung Transplant through Donor Strategy A Decision Analysis.mp4
OR44-01c – Incorporating Tangible Benefits into the Risk-Benefit Analysis of Living Organ Donation Decisions.mp4
OR44-01d – The Increasing Financial Challenge of Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR44-01e – The Clinical & Economic Impact Of Allosensitization In Liver Alone And Simultaneous Liver.mp4
OR44-01f – The Impact of Transplant Hospital Organ Procurement on Medicare Cost Report Reimbursement.mp4
OR44-01g – Patient Perspectives of Informed Consent for Deceased Donor Organ Intervention Research.mp4
OR45-01a – Not All Poor Metabolizers Are Clinically Equal Evaluating Weight-Based Tacrolimus Outcomes.mp4
OR45-01b – Impact of Liver Recipient Genotype on Tacrolimus.mp4
OR45-01c – Tacrolimus Pharmacokinetics in Young, Middle Age and Older Renal Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR45-01e – Polymorphisms in Mycophenolate Mofetil Glucuronidation Gene Are Associated with Leukopenia.mp4
OR45-01f – Association of Tacrolimus-Level Variance with De Novo DSA within the First 2 Years after.mp4
OR45-01g – Intravenous Immunoglobulin Significantly Reduces Bioavailability of Concomitantly Administered.mp4
OR46-01a – Capitalizing On Donor Density To Increase Organ Pool – An Analysis Of Urban And Rural Organ Donors.mp4
OR46-01b – Association between Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act and Preemptive Kidney.mp4
OR46-01c – Creating Geographic Catchment Areas for Solid Organ Transplant Centers.mp4
OR46-01d – Changes in the Fate of KDPI 35% Kidneys before and after Implementation of the New Kidney.mp4
OR46-01e – Wide Geographic Variability in the Proportion of Donors with Cardiac Death – Lost Opportunities.mp4
OR46-01f – A 15-year Experience With Kidney Transplant In Undocumented Immigrants Outcomes And An Argument.mp4
OR46-01g – Geographic Trends in Drug Intoxicated Deceased Donor Recovery and Utilization.mp4
OR47-01a – Consideration for Offering Hepatitis C Antibody Positive Donor Grafts to All Patients Listed.mp4
OR47-01b – Optimal Timing of Hepatitis C Treatment among HIV HCV Co-Infected End-Stage Renal Disease Patients.mp4
OR47-01c – Hepatitis C Treatment and Transplant Outcomes in Liver Transplant Recipients with Hepatitis.mp4
OR47-01d – Hepatitis C Positive Donor to Negative Recipient Kidney Transplantation A Single Center.mp4
OR47-01e – Rapid Growth of HCV-Infected Donors for HCV-Uninfected Kidney and Liver Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR47-01f – Renal Outcomes from Expander-1 Pilot Study of HCV Donor Kidneys for HCV- Kidney Recipients.mp4
OR47-01g – Results from the LIVE-C Free Trial.mp4
OR48-01a – Multi-Omics Approach to Accurately Assess Early Graft Injury in Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR48-01b – Improved Transplant Outcomes in Ischemia-Free Liver Transplantation A Report of the First 30 Cases.mp4
OR48-01c – Histologic Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Liver Transplantation A Large Single Center Experience.mp4
OR48-01d – Normothermic Regional Perfusion of Kidneys A Single Non-Retrieval Centre Experience.mp4
OR48-01e – Hepatocyte SIRT1 Modulates ATF4 CHOP and Mitigates Liver Transplant Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.mp4
OR48-01f – Brief Normothermic Machine Perfusion is Superior to Cold Storage Alone – A Paired Discarded.mp4
OR48-01g – Impact of Preoperative Rifaximin Use on Reducing Graft Injury in Liver Transplantation.mp4
OR49-01a – Outcomes for Robotic Pancreas Transplants in Obese Candidates.mp4
OR49-01b – Long-Term Survival after Kidney-Pancreas Transplantation Lessons from World Largest Series.mp4
OR49-01c – Circulating Donor Specific Antibody and Biopsy C4d Positivity in Pancreas Rejection Increase.mp4
OR49-01d – Donor Insulin Therapy Predicts Better Graft Survival in Pancreas Transplantation.mp4
OR49-01e – Impact of Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation on Cardiovascular Risk in Type 1 Diabetic.mp4
OR49-01f – Repeat-Pancreas Transplant after Pancreas Graft Failure in Simultaneous Pancreas.mp4
OR49-01g – Belatacept Based CNI Free Immunosuppression in Pancreas Transplantation Results at 4 Years.mp4
OR49-02b – Policy Changes in Facilitated Pancreas Allocation Support Pancreas Utilization.mp4
OR49-02c – Pancreas Transplant Alone Using Donation After Cardiac Death Donors Has Similar Outcomes As.mp4
OR49-02d – Pancreata From Donors With Renal Insufficiency Viable For Transplant.mp4
OR49-02e – Outcomes after Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas versus Pancreas after Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR49-02f – Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Outcomes after Induction Therapy with Thymoglobulin.mp4
OR49-02g – Portal-endocrine And Gastric-exocrine Drainage Technique In Pancreatic Transplantation.mp4
OR50-01a – The Risk of Systematic Error in Liver Transplant Opioid Research.mp4
OR50-01b – African American Living Kidney Donors Perceptions of APOL1 Genetic Testing and Its Impact.mp4
OR50-01c – Use of Latent Class Analysis to Identify Patient Symptom Burden Subgroups after Living Donor.mp4
OR50-01d – Patient-Reported Transplant-Related Symptoms in Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR50-01e – Belatacept Treated Patients Experience Improved Health-Related Quality of Life and Lower.mp4
OR50-01f – Technology Triggered Adherence Intervention – Preliminary Findings.mp4
OR50-01g – Alcohol Recidivism In Liver Transplant Recipients With Alcoholic Liver Disease.mp4
OR51-01a – Risk Factors for 1-5 Year De Novo Cancers after Kidney Transplant (KTx) with First-Year.mp4
OR51-01b – Lower Incidence of Posttransplant Malignancies under Vitamin D (Calcidiol) Treatment.mp4
OR51-01c – Lower Rates of Epstein-Barr Virus Viremia and Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease.mp4
OR51-01d – Regulation of Host microRNA Expression by Natural Variants of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV).mp4
OR51-01e – Mass Cytometry-Based Characterization of Adaptive Immunity in Transplant Recipients.mp4
OR51-01f – Immune Cell Types and Host Gene Signatures Associated with Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).mp4
OR51-01g – Ex-Vivo Perfusion Mediated Delivery of Rituximab to Clear Latent Epstein-Barr Virus.mp4
OR52-01a – Is Kidney Transplantation Actually a Cost-Effective Alternative Also for Older Patients.mp4
OR52-01b – Diminishing Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Risk-Adjusted Mortality.mp4
OR52-01c – The Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (COIIN) Impact on Deceased Donor.mp4
OR52-01d – OPO Aggressiveness Index A Novel OPO Performance Metric That Incentivizes Pursuit of Marginal.mp4
OR52-01e – Association of Pretransplant and Posttransplant 5-Tier Ratings with Candidate Mortality after Listing.mp4
OR52-01f – Increased Access to Transplantation for Medicaid Patients Following Medicaid Expansion.mp4
OR52-01g – Simulated Tier Variability.mp4
OR52-02a – Opioid Minimization in Kidney Transplant Achievable Quicker Than You Think.mp4
OR52-02b – Role of Procurement and Reperfusion Biopsy in Kidney Transplant in Evaluating and Predicting.mp4
OR52-02c – Improving Living Donor Follow Up.mp4
OR52-02d – Using Liver Transplant (LT) Data And Analytics to Improve Program Clinical and Financial.mp4
OR52-02e – Using an Electronic Medical Record Tool to Document Transplant Option Discussions among Patients.mp4
OR52-02f – Development of a Pharmacy Collaborative Practice Agreement to Improve Efficiency and Management.mp4
OR52-02g – Improving the Organ Donation Process Updated.mp4
OR53-01a – Successful Weaning Of Parenteral Nutrition After Serial Transverse Enteroplasty The Largest.mp4
OR53-01b – The Role of the T Regulatory Cell Compartment in Intestinal Transplant Patients Helpful or Unhinged.mp4
OR53-01c – An International Multicentre Validation Study of the Toronto Listing Criteria for Pediatric.mp4
OR53-01d – Surgical Management Of Five Hundred Patients With Chronic Gut Failure At A Single Center.mp4
OR53-01e – A National Survey of Immunosuppression Strategies in Intestinal Transplantation.mp4
OR53-01f – First Report and Mechanistic Analysis of Operational Tolerance after Intestinal Transplant.mp4
OR53-01g – Visceral Arterial Embolization – An Important Tool For Managing Blood Loss In Multivisceral.mp4
OR54-01a – Human Urine-Derived Stem Cells Protect against Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury via Releasing.mp4
OR54-01b – Lineage Tracing Identifies C–Kit Cells as a Population of Kidney-Specific Stem Cells during.mp4
OR54-01c – Differences of Gut Microbiota Composition between Donor and Recipient May Predict 1-Year.mp4
OR54-01d – Engineering Regulatory T Cells With TCR-Signaling-Responsive Interleukin 2 Nanoparticles.mp4
OR54-01e – Differentiation and Characterization of Human Endodermal Precursors for Liver Cell Therapies.mp4
OR54-01f – Immunosuppression Increases Regenerative Potential of Adult Rat Cardiac Progenitor Cells in.mp4
OR54-01g – MDSCs Prolong Allogeneic Cardiac Graft Survival by Regulating Interferon Type 1 Signaling.mp4
OR55-01a – External Validation of the DCD-N Score and a Linear Prediction Model to Identify Potential.mp4
OR55-01b – Comparison of Minimal Incision Kidney Transplantation with Conventional Incision Kidney.mp4
OR55-01c – Surgeon Readiness For Entry Into Practice A Survey Of Abdominal Transplant Surgeons In The US.mp4
OR55-01d – National Trends in Bariatric Surgical Practice for Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease.mp4
OR55-01e – TDCA Valine Reverse Obesity and Ameliorate Alloimmune Responses through a Decreased.mp4
OR55-01f – Post-operative Opioid Requirements In Living Kidney And Liver Donors.mp4
OR55-01g – Efficacy and Safety of Percutaneous Embolization Compared with Nephrectomy.mp4
OR56-01a – Endothelial Cell Replacement – A Closer Step to Personalized, Tissue-Engineered Transplants.mp4
OR56-01b – MHC Molecule-Ablated Human Endothelial Cells Form Alloimmune-Evasive Microvessels.mp4
OR56-01d – Hepatic Stellate Cells and Liver Derived Endothelial Cells Improve Scaffold-Free.mp4
OR56-01f – Development and Characterization of Human-Derived Xenograft Model for Hepatocellular Carcinoma.mp4
OR56-01g – Kidney Regeneration with Biomimetic Vascular Scaffolds Based on Vascular Corrosion Casts.mp4
OR57-01a – B Cell IL-4 Signaling Induces the IL-10 Secreting TIM-1 Bregs and Suppresses T Cell Inflammatory.mp4
OR57-01b – High Fibre Diet Prevents Transplant-Associated Dysbiosis and Prevents Kidney Allograft Rejection.mp4
OR57-01c – Treg And Bone Marrow Infusion Promotes Survival Of Donor Kidney Grafted Months After.mp4
OR57-01d – Murine Cmv Infection Impairs Transplantation Tolerance A Critical Role Of Intragraft Anergic.mp4
OR57-01e – Tolerance Induction by Myeloid Progenitor Cells Modulates T and B Cell Responses.mp4
OR57-01f – Implication of Melanocortin Receptors in Alloimmunity.mp4
OR57-01g – A Kidney Transplant Recipient with Severe Acute GvHD Promptly Rescued by Donor HLA-Targeted.mp4
OR58-01a – Impact of Immunosuppressive Drug Withdrawal on Persistent Mixed Chimerism in Recipients.mp4
OR58-01b – Persistent Mixed Chimerism, Immune Reconstitution, and Tolerance in Recipients of HLA Matched Kidney.mp4
OR58-01c – Use of Low Dose Interleukin-2 to Expand Regulatory T-cells and Facilitate the Complete.mp4
OR58-01d – Tolerance Induction with Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Kidney Transplantations.mp4
OR58-01e – Results of Litmus (nct 02541916) The Liver Immune Tolerance Bio Marker Utilization Study.mp4
OR58-01f – Preliminary Mechanistic Studies of Regulatory Dendritic Cell (DCreg) Cell Infusion in Living.mp4
OR58-01g – An Open-Label Proof-of-Principle Phase 2A Study to Evaluate Autologous Hematopoietic Stem.mp4
OR60-01a – CD46 Transgene Modification and Thrombosis in Neonatal Porcine Islet Xenotransplantation.mp4
OR60-01b – Progress Using Genetically Engineered Pigs for Lung Xenotransplantation.mp4
OR60-01c – Anti- CD154 CD40 Costimulation Blockade is Superior to Tacrolimus in Prolonging Survival.mp4
OR60-01d – The Role of CD47 SIRPà and CD47 TSP-1 Pathways in Pig-to-Baboon Kidney Transplantation.mp4
OR60-01e – Newly-Revealed Antibody Targets Lead to the Early Loss of Triple Knockout Pig Kidneys in.mp4
OR60-01f – Kidney Xenotransplantation from Genetically Engineered Pigs to Baboons with FDA-Approved.mp4
OR60-01g – Utilizing Ides To Eliminate Residual Antibodies Targeting Xenografts.mp4
P1a – Role of Innate Allorecognition Pathways in Mouse Renal Allograft Rejection.mp4
P1b – Oxygenated Hypothermic Machine Perfusion of Kidneys Donated after Circulatory Death An International.mp4
P1c – Discovery and Validation of an Early Post-Transplant Biomarker Model Predictive of Chronic Kidney.mp4
P1d – Bcl-2 Inhibition with Venetoclax Promotes Induction of Mixed Chimerism and Renal Allograft.mp4
P2a – Exogenous Erythropoietin Administration Promotes Murine Cardiac Allograft Survival via a Myeloid.mp4
P2b – Fifteen Year Outcomes in the Astellas Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) Comparing.mp4
P2c – Butyrate-Producing Gut Bacteria and Future Development of Viral Infections in Kidney Transplant.mp4
P3a – Pediatric Liver Retransplantation Prognostic Scoring Tool.mp4
P3b – Lymphotoxin Beta Receptor in Lymphatic Endothelial Cells Regulates Treg Migration and Allograft Protection.mp4
P3c – Actions Speak Louder Than Labs – The Impact of Dialysis Compliance on Posttransplant Outcomes.mp4
P4a – Three-Year Outcomes of Highly-Sensitized Kidney Transplant Recipients Desensitized with Imlifidase (IdeS).mp4
P4b – Central Role of Graft Resident Memory T Cells in Pathogenesis of GVHD after Bowel Transplantation.mp4
P4c – ABO Incompatibility in Kidney Transplantation Can Increase a Safety Margin of Epitope Mismatch Levels.mp4
P4d – Alloreactive B Cells in Transplant Tolerant Recipients Cannot Differentiate into Antibody-Secreting Cells.mp4
P4e – Long Term Renal Function Following Islet Transplantation in the Clinical Islet Transplantation Consortium.mp4
P4f – Intact Lymphatics Are Essential for Costimulation Blockade-Induced Lung Allograft Survival.mp4
SA01-2 – Diagnosis of AMR What the Clinician Needs to Know.mp4
SA01_1 – Costimulation for Clinicians.mp4
SA01_3 – Basic Science of B Cell Mediated Rejection from a Clinican s View.mp4
SA01_4 – T Cell Subsets What a Clinician Needs to Know.mp4
SA01_5 – Innate Immune System for Clinicians.mp4
SA01_7 – T Regs in Transplantation.mp4
SA01_8 – Endothelial Biology.mp4
SA02_1 – Antibody Mediated Injury Through the Pathologist s Lens What Does Suspicious Mean.mp4
SA02_10 – Comprehensive Tour of Non HLA Antibodies.mp4
SA02_11 – Clinical Relevance of Non HLA Antibodies.mp4
SA02_2 – Antibody Mediated Injury from the Nephrologist s Perspective Current Dilemmas and Future Directions.mp4
SA02_3 – Accommodation to Antibodies.mp4
SA02_4 – Debate PRO Monitoring for Donor Specific Antibody on a Routine Basis IS Necessary.mp4
SA02_5 – Debate CON Monitoring for Donor Specific Antibody on a Routine Basis is NOT Necessary.mp4
SA02_6 – Debate PRO Rebuttal.mp4
SA02_7 – Debate CON Rebuttal.mp4
SA02_8 – Algorithims for Epitope Matching.mp4
SA02_9 – Reviewing Available Data on Outcomes.mp4
SA03_1 – Playing Small Ball Administrative and Clinical Challenges.mp4
SA03_2 – Innovations in Growth and Marketing.mp4
SA03_3 – Pros and Cons of Transplant Models Institutes and Service Lines.mp4
SA03_4 – Common Errors in Medicare Cost Report Preparation.mp4
SA03_5 – Implications for staffing of the long term care of transplant patients.mp4
SA04_1 – Managing CKD V in Recipients with Failing Kidney Allografts Are Transplant Nephrologists.mp4
SA04_2 – Increased Mortality in Recipients with a Failed Kidney Allograft Why so High.mp4
SA04_3 – Outcomes of Renal Re transplantation.mp4
SA04_4 – The Changing Face of Sensitization in Recipients with Failing Kidney Allograft.mp4
SA04_5 – Collaborative Relationship Is it Possible to Improve Care of Recipients with Failing Kidney Allografts.mp4
SA05_1 – Molecular Approaches to Chronic Allograft Injury.mp4
SA05_2 – Biomarkers in Graft Rejection.mp4
SA05_3 – Single Cell Approaches to Rejection.mp4
SA05_4 – Epigenetic and Transplantation.mp4
SA05_5 – DNA Biomarkers of Graft Rejection.mp4
SA05_6 – Linking Molecular Signatures of Rejection to Histology.mp4
SA05_7 – Learning from Large Genonic Studies in Transplantation.mp4
SA05_8 – B Cell Biomarkers for Transplantation.mp4
SA06_1 – Primary Graft Failure in Heart Transplanation.mp4
SA06_10 – Management of Common Post Transplant Complications.mp4
SA06_2 – Management of Common Post Transplant Complications.mp4
SA06_3 – Mechanical Circulatory Support as a Bridge to Heart Transplantation.mp4
SA06_4 – Evaluation for Heart Transplant Candidacy Key Concepts.mp4
SA06_5 – Monitoring Diagnosis and Treatment of Rejection in Heart Transplantation.mp4
SA06_6 – Evaluation for Lung Transplant Candidacy Key Concepts.mp4
SA06_7 – The Use of Mechanical Assist Devices in Bridging to Lung Transplantation.mp4
SA06_8 – Primary Graft Failure in Lung Transplantation.mp4
SA06_9 – Monitoring Diagnosis and Treatment of Rejection in Lung Transplantation.mp4
SA07_1 – Challenges of NASH and Obesity.mp4
SA07_2 – Challenges of Retransplantation.mp4
SA07_3 – The Increasing Burden of Renal Disease.mp4
SA07_4 – How to Transplant Low MELD Patients.mp4
SA07_5 – New and Extended Indications for LT in the Future.mp4
SA07_6 – The Future of the Liver Transplant Workforce Surgeon Perspective.mp4
SA07_7 – The Future of the Liver Transplant Workforce Mid level Provider Perspective.mp4
SA07_8 – The Future of the Liver Transplant Workforce Hepatologist Perspective.mp4
SA08_1 – Undocumented Immigrants Transplant Center Responsibilities Strategies to Handle Difficult.mp4
SA08_2 – Media and Judicial Influence on OPTN Organ Allocation Policy.mp4
SA08_3 – Transplanting HepC(plus) to HepC(minus) What are the financial implications.mp4
SA08_4 – Chronic Sorrow A Link to Adherence.mp4
SA08_5 – Development of APP Staffing Models Supporting Inpt and Outpt Tx Service lines.mp4
SA08_6 – APN as Gatekeeper in Diagnosis of Cardiac Primary Dysfunction.mp4
SA08_7 – Avoiding the ER APP Run Post Transplant Urgent Care Clinics.mp4
SA08_8 – No Urine No Problem APP Run DGF Clinics.mp4
SA08_9 – Development of Clinic Transplant Pharmacist Services Who What When and Where.mp4
SA09_10 – TID is a Team Sport The Cutting Edge Surgeons Perspective of Managing Post Transplant Infections.mp4
SA09_11 – TID is a Team Sport A Day in the Life The Pharmacist s Role in Management of SOT Infections.mp4
SA09_12 – TID is a Team Sport Tell me Why The Path to Diagnosis of SOT Infections.mp4
SA09_13 – Cases in Transplant Infections Stump The Expert.mp4
SA09_2 – Managing Infections in Transplant Candidates Overview of Pre Transplant Evaluation.mp4
SA09_3 – Managing Infections in Transplant Candidates MDROs Treatment and Does it Affect Candidacy.mp4
SA09_4 – Managing Infections in Transplant Candidates LVAD Infections.mp4
SA09_5 – Managing Complicated Infections in Transplant Recipients Managing Post Transplant TB.mp4
SA09_7 – Managing Complicated Infections in Transplant Recipients Managing BK Updates in Therapeutic Options.mp4
SA09_8 – Managing Complicated Infections in Transplant Recipients Non Aspergillus Moulds.mp4
SU01_1 – Getting Over the Hump Barriers of HIV Pre kidney Transplant Evaluation.mp4
SU01_2 – Pumping Up the Pool Soliciting HIV+ Kidney Donors.mp4
SU01_3 – In the Home Stretch Successful HIV Post-Kidney Transplant Care.mp4
SU02_1 – 20 years of Contributions to ALF Management an Update from the ALFSG.mp4
SU02_2 – Does My ALF Patient Need a Liver Transplant.mp4
SU02_3 – Successful Management of the Patient with Acute Liver Failure and When is it Futile.mp4
SU03_1 – Antibody Accommodation in Tissues.mp4
SU03_2 – Antibody Functionality Through Glycosylation.mp4
SU03_3 – Antibody Functions in Grafts.mp4
SU04_1 – Understanding Regulation of Antibody Production.mp4
SU04_2 – Emerging Therapies for Desensitization.mp4
SU04_3 – Managing De Novo DSA After Heart Transplantation.mp4
SU05_1 – Who Can Tolerate a Marginal Kidney Predicting Survival After Transplantation.mp4
SU05_2 – PHS Risk Status Time for a Change.mp4
SU05_3 – Can we Predict Organ Discard.mp4
SU06_1 – Using Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion for Functionally Impaired and Standard Donor Lungs.mp4
SU06_2 – High Risk Donors and Post-Transplant Recipient Outcomes.mp4
SU06_3 – Pushing the Envelope When to Consider the Extended Criteria Donor.mp4
SU06_4 – HIV and Hepatitis C Donors – Nuts and Bolts of How to Use Them In Lung Transplantation.mp4
SU07_1 – Donor Recipient Gender Mismatch in Liver Transplantation.mp4
SU07_2 – Gender Differences in Post Transplant Outcomes.mp4
SU07_3 – Access to Care and Social Determinats in Kidney Transplantation.mp4
SU08_1 – Conversion to Improve Adherence Change in Formulation or Agent.mp4
SU08_2 – Conversion to improve Adherence Psychosocial Factors and Therapy.mp4
SU08_3 – Conversion to Improve Renal Function in Patients with Persistent Renal Dysfunction Change to mTOR Inhibitor.mp4
SU08_4 – Conversion to Improve Renal Function in Patients with Persistent Renal Dysfunction Change to Belatacept.mp4
SU09_1 – Improve Access For Patients Away From the Primary Transplant Center Telemedicine and Mobile Clinics.mp4
SU09_2 – Educating and Communicating with Community Specialists Primary Care Providers Care Partners.mp4
SU09_3 – Insurance Organizations and Ensurance of Transplant Health Care, Role of Lobbying and Legislation.mp4
SU09_4 – Taking Transplant Medicine to the Community Outreach models, Communication and Educational Endeavors.mp4
SU10_1 – Epidemiology and Management of Non Tuberculous Mycobacteria in Lung Transplant Recipients.mp4
SU10_2 – Debate – Pro Mycobacterium Abscessus and Lung Transplant To Transplant or Not to Transplant.mp4
SU10_3 – Debate – Con Mycobacterium Abscessus and Lung Transplant To Transplant or Not to Transplant.mp4
SU10_4 – Debate – Pro Rebuttal.mp4
SU10_5 – Debate – Con Rebuttal.mp4
SU11 2 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Optimization After Liver Transplantation (Pharmacist Perspective).mp4
SU11_1 – Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Optimization After Liver Transplantation (Clinician Perspective).mp4
SU11_3 – Prevention and Management of Obesity After Liver Transplantation (Clinician Perspective).mp4
SU11_4 – Prevention and Management of Obesity after Liver Transplantation (Pharmacist Perspective).mp4
SU11_5 – Practical Strategies for Glucose Control and Diabetes Prevention after Liver Transplant (Clinician Perspective).mp4
SU11_6 – Practical Strategies for Glucose Control and Diabetes Prevention after Liver Transplant (Pharmacist Perspective).mp4
SU12_1 – Pediatric Nonadherence.mp4
SU12_2 – Transplanting Children with FSGS – Diagnosis, Prevention and Management of Recurrence.mp4
SU12_3 – Cardiovascular Risk in Pediatric Kidney Recipients Burden and Impact.mp4
SU13_1 – Nano Intervention of Organs to Improve Outcome of Organ Transplant.mp4
SU13_2 – Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute Technologies to Make the Tissues of Tomorrow.mp4
SU13_3 – Manufacturing a New Population of Cell Types for Organ Engineering and Transplantation.mp4
SU14_1 – Can I Use Diet and Medications Multidisciplinary Medical Management of the Patient with Intestinal Failure.mp4
SU14_2 – Surgical Management – Can I Do Surgery to Prevent Future Transplant.mp4
SU14_3 – While Trying to Avoid a Transplant, How Do We Treat the Complications From Intestinal Failure and TPN.mp4
SU15_1 – A Historical Look at the Use of Donors After Cardiac Death in Pediatric Liver and Kidney Transplant.mp4
SU15_2 – Debate – Pro Using Donors after Cardiac Death in Pediatric Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
SU15_3 – Debate – Con Using Donors after Cardiac Death in Pediatric Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients.mp4
SU15_4 – Rebuttal Pro.mp4
SU15_5 – Rebuttal Con.mp4
SU16_1 – Basic B Cells in Antigen Presentation.mp4
SU16_2 – Translational – Blunting Damage from Pre-Transplant DSA.mp4
SU16_3 – Clinical Breg Therapy Is Now the Time.mp4
SU17_1 – Debate – Pro Family Vouchers Expanding Kidney Transplantation and the Next Great Thing.mp4
SU17_2 – Debate – Con Family Vouchers Coercion and the End of Non-Directed Donation.mp4
SU17_3 – Pro Rebuttal.mp4
SU17_4 – Con Rebuttal.mp4
SU18_1 – New Understandings of Pathogenesis and Immune Response to Epstein Barr Virus Infection.mp4
SU18_2 – Persistent EBV Viremia Lend Me a Hand.mp4
SU18_3 – The International Pediatric Transplant Association s EBV PTLD Consensus Guidelines.mp4
SU19_1 – Basic Mechanisms of Lung Transplant Rejection New Insights from Pre-Clinical Models.mp4
SU19_2 – Acute and Humoral Rejection After Lung Transplantation Risk Factors and Mechanisms.mp4
SU19_3 – CLAD Emerging Phenotypes and New Insights Into Mechanisms and Treatments.mp4
SU19_4 – Lung Transplantation and the Microbiome.mp4
SU19_5 – The Unique Problem of CMV in Lung Transplant Challenges and Solutions.mp4
SU20_1 – Underlying Infectious Risk Genetics.mp4
SU20_2 – Is There a Role for More Personalized Organ Allocation Donor and Recipient Matching.mp4
SU20_5 – Could More Personalized Immunosuppression Work.mp4
SU20_6 – Acquired Infectious Risk Impact of Standard & Novel Immunosuppression (Proteosomes, Checkpoint Inhibitors, CAR-T).mp4
SU20_7 – What is the iBox and How Can it Help.mp4
SU20_8 – Measuring Net State and Pathogen-Specific Immunity.mp4
SU20_9 – Can Omics Assist Us in Moving Personalized Medicine in Transplantation.mp4
SU21_1 – Immune Regulatory Role of Platelets.mp4
SU21_2 – Platelets as Inflammatory Mediators.mp4
SU21_3 – Platelets in Alloimmune Rejection.mp4
SU22_1 – Assessing the Need for Heart Versus Combined Cardiac and Kidney Transplantation.mp4
SU22_2 – Assessing the Need for Heart Versus Combined Cardiac and Kidney Transplantation in Systolic.mp4
SU22_3 – Timing of Renal Transplantation After Cardiac Transplantation in Listed Heart and Kidney Recipients.mp4
SU22_4 – Renal Protective Strategies After Cardiac Transplantation.mp4
SU23_1 – Optimizing DOAC therapy in Pre-and Post-Transplant Patients.mp4
SU23_2 – Measuring and Reversal of DOACs.mp4
SU23_3 – Challenging Pre-Transplant Cases and DOAC Management.mp4
SU24_1 – Antibody-Mediated Rejection Can We Confidently Diagnose and Treat It Yet.mp4
SU24_2 – Inflammation and Fibrosis in Clinically Ideal Liver Transplant Recipients The Tip of the Iceberg.mp4
SU24_3 – Mechanistic Insight into Chronic Graft Injury What are Rational Therapies.mp4
SU25_01 – How much Steatosis is There The Donor Frozen Section Biopsy.mp4
SU25_02 – Macrosteatosis How Far Can You Go.mp4
SU25_03 – ASTS Scientific Studies Committee Multicenter Trial in the Standardization of Steatosis.mp4
SU26_1 – Tregs Optimization.mp4
SU26_2 – Treg Survival and Death.mp4
SU26_3 – Tregs on Trial.mp4
SU27_1 – The Role of the Journal in Keeping the Public Informed.mp4
SU27_2 – Decision Making in Drug Development.mp4
SU27_3 – How the FDA assesses risk and benefits.mp4
SU32_1 – TNF alpha.mp4
SU32_2 – CAR T Cells.mp4
SU32_3 – Epigenetic Drugs and Immune Regulatiuon.mp4
SU32_4 – Trained Immunity in Macrophages – Relevance to Transplant.mp4
SU32_5 – Nanobodies in Immune Regulation.mp4
SU33_1 – Transplantation The Big Picture.mp4
SU33_2 – Life on the Death Panels Transplant Making its Own Policy.mp4
SU33_3 – Perspectives of a Transplant Surgeon and Award-Winning Author.mp4
SU33_4 – Liver Transplantation Big Operation, Big Impact.mp4
SU33_5 – Kidney Transplantation Minimally Invasive, Maximally Effective.mp4
SU33_6 – Outcomes Research in Transplantation Data All Around Us.mp4
SU33_7 – Basic Science Research in Transplantation The Quest to Understand the Immune System.mp4
SU33_8 – Transplant ID Now With Treatable Viruses.mp4
SU33_9 – Pharmacy Better Living Through Chemistry.mp4
TU01_1 – The NIH APOLLO Study Assessing APOL1 in Transplant Outcomes.mp4
TU01_2 – The Time Has Come – Test Everyone.mp4
TU01_3 – We Need More Data – Do Not Test.mp4
TU02_1 – Personality Disorders and Transplantation.mp4
TU02_2 – Adaptation to Illness for Transplant Candidates and Recipients.mp4
TU02_3 – Psychiatric Medications and Transplantation.mp4
TU04_1 – It is in the Heights Eliminating Gender-Based Disparity in Liver Transplantation.mp4
TU04_2 – Pediatric Prioritization Is it a Moral imperative Impact on Public Opinion and Organ Donation.mp4
TU05_1 – Psycosocial Evaluation and Management of Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis Needing Transplantation.mp4
TU05_2 – Early and Late Outcome of Transplantation for Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis.mp4
TU05_3 – Ramification of Transplanting Alcoholic Hepatitis on Allocation and Organ Donation.mp4
TU06 – Joint AST-IPTA Symposium It is Friday Night of a Long Weekend and the Pediatric Transplant ID.mp4
TU07_1 – Who, What, When, Where & Why Antifungals in Practice.mp4
TU07_2 – Antifungal Drugs in Transplant Recipients Drug-Drug Interactions, Dosing, and Inhaled, IV, and.mp4
TU07_3 – New Diagnostics Which are Worth Your Time and Money.mp4
TU07_4 – Does This Patient Need Antifungal Prophylaxis.mp4
TU08_1 – Ethical Issues Surrounding Pregnancy Following SOT and VCA.mp4
TU08_2 – Is Any Drug Safe During Pregnancy.mp4
TU08_3 – Monitoring the Transplant During Pregnancy.mp4
TU09_1 – 14 Years of DTAC US perspective.mp4
TU09_2 – Organ Vigilance The European Experience.mp4
TU09_3 – Project NOTIFY What is it all about.mp4
TU10_1 – SPK Versus LD then PAK Versus Alternative Therapies.mp4
TU10_2 – Maintaining Adequacy in a Low Volume Program.mp4
TU10_3 – Regulation and Stewardship for Pancreas Transplant Programs.mp4
TU11_1 – Alloreative Cell Tracking.mp4
TU11_2 – T Cell CMV Responses.mp4
TU11_3 – B Cell Antibodyomics in Transplantation.mp4
TU12_1 – Until Death Do Us Part The Art and Science of Matchmaking Marginal Donor and Recipient Pairs.mp4
TU12_2 – I will take it How a Large Center Decides to Accept the Hearts That the Smaller Center Declined.mp4
TU12_3 – Going to the Ends of the Earth for a Heart The UK Experience with Heart Transplantation from DCD Donors.mp4
TU13_1 – Provider-Perceived Common Immunosuppression Side Effects and Management in Kidney Transplant.mp4
TU13_2 – Treatment of Recurrent FSGS.mp4
TU13_3 – Management Challenges in BK Virus Associated Nephropathy.mp4
TU15_1 – Pediatric Vaccination Are We Ready to Give Live Viral Vaccines Post-Transplant.mp4
TU15_2 – Vaccines for Adult Transplant Recipients New Data.mp4
TU15_3 – B-Sides Serology Novel Measures of Vaccine Protection.mp4
TU16_1 – Long Term Graft Survival in Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients.mp4
TU16_2 – Debate – Pro Protocol Liver Biopsy Should be Done in All Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients.mp4
TU16_3 – Debate – Con Protocol Liver Biopsy Should be Done in All Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients.mp4
TU16_4 – Rebuttal Pro.mp4
TU16_5 – Rebuttal Con.mp4
TU17 – C4 Article Challenges and Solutions for Appropriate and Timely Medication Access in Transplantation.mp4
TU18_1 – Complications of Immunosuppression in VCA.mp4
TU18_2 – Surgical Complications in VCA.mp4
TU18_3 – Risks of Mortality and End Stage Organ Damage in VCA.mp4
TU20_1 – Implementing The Vision The Organ Repair Center, Where Regenerative And Transplant Medicine Meet.mp4
TU20_2 – Enhancing Mitochondrial Quality Control Programs to Improve Organ Preservation by Normothermic.mp4
TU20_3 – Regenerative Liver Replacement Resetting Terminal Liver Failure from Inside Out.mp4
TU21_1 – Islet Transplantation Defining Outcomes and How to Optimize Immunosuppression.mp4
TU21_2 – Cutting Edge Innovations in Islet Transplantation What is New and What is Coming.mp4
TU21_3 – How to Overcome Financial Regulatory Hurdles for Islet Transplantation in the United States.mp4
TU22_1 – Macrophages in Organ Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.mp4
TU22_2 – Macrophages in Transplantation Tolerance.mp4
TU22_3 – Macrophage Heterogenicity in Tissue Inflammation and Homeostasis.mp4
TU24_1 – Regulatory Issues in Donor and Organ Interventional Studies.mp4
TU24_2 – Whole Body Approaches to Intervention.mp4
TU24_3 – Molecular Approaches to Organ Intervention.mp4
TU25_1 – Leveraging Research and Technology for Improved Decision-Making-Catching Up to the 21st Century.mp4
TU25_2 – Enhanced Performance Monitoring- A Better Look Inside and Out.mp4
TU25_3 – Future Collaborative Improvement Projects and Engaging External Stakeholders.mp4
TU26_1 – Indications and Patient Selection for SLKT vs Kidney after LT Transplant Hepatologist Perspective.mp4
TU26_2 – Two Years after Policy Change Outcomes Decision Making of SLKT vs Kidney After LT.mp4
TU26_3 – Surgical Perspectives on Liver Kidney Simultaneous vs Short (Pump) vs Long Delay.mp4
TU27_1 – Various Approaches to Portal Vein Thrombosis and Significant Venous Shunts.mp4
TU27_2 – The Role of Veno-Venous Bypass and How to Manage Outflow Issues.mp4
TU27_3 – What are the Risks and Benefits of Arterial Conduits – Results of the Conduit Study.mp4
TU28_1 – Dendritic Cell Intervention.mp4
TU28_2 – Medullary Stem Cell Intervention.mp4
TU28_3 – CAR Treg Development.mp4
TU29_1 – The Importance of Work-Life Balance in Today s Society The Novice s Perspective.mp4
TU29_2 – Provider Burnout Why is it Happening and What Effects Does It Have.mp4
TU29_3 – Provider Burnout What Can We Do About It Are The Solutions and How Can They Be Implemented.mp4
TU29_4 – Provider Burnout How to Promote Provider Wellness Through Lessons Learned From Our Patients.mp4
TU30_1 – Every Breath You Take – ECMO for Nephrologists.mp4
TU30_2 – Be Still My Heart-Fundamentals of VAD Management for Nephrologists.mp4
TU30_3 – Renal Replacement Therapy in Patients with Mechanical Support and Thoracic Transplants.mp4
TU31_1 – Advances in Genetic Engineering for Xenotransplantion.mp4
TU31_2 – Process in Xeno Kidney Primate Work.mp4
TU31_3 – Process in Xeno Islet Primate Work and Clinical Trials.mp4
TU31_4 – We Can Handle the Infectious Concerns.mp4
TU31_5 – Debate Clinical Trial for Xenotransplant Pro We Are Ready.mp4
TU31_6 – Debate Clinical Trial for Xenotransplant Con I Am Not Sure I Will Refer My Patient to You.mp4
WE01_1 – Outcomes of Living Kidney Donation Among African American Donors and How One Could Use Transplant.mp4
WE01_2 – Elevated Blood Pressure Is It Ever Acceptable to Approve the Donor.mp4
WE01_3 – Discrepancies in Kidney Size Volume How Do You Decide.mp4
WE02_1 – HCV-Viremic Donors in Liver Recipients When and How to Treat.mp4
WE02_2 – HCV-Viremic Donors in Kidney Recipients Impact on Wait Times and Post-Transplant Kidney Function.mp4
WE02_3 – HCV-Viremic Donors in Heart and Lung Recipients Novel Strategies and Post-Transplant Outcomes.mp4
WE03_1 – Should I Transplant this Liver (Surgeon Perspective).mp4
WE03_2 – Should My Patient Consider this Offer (Hepatologist Perspective).mp4
WE03_3 – What Does the Patient Under About this Liver.mp4
WE04_1 – Thinking Strategically How to Approach Cost Savings.mp4
WE04_2 – Delaying Valganciclovir A Smart Move or Playing with Fire.mp4
WE04_3 – Cost Saving Strategies for Transplant Programs.mp4
WE04_4 – Getting the Underfunded Patient Out The Door.mp4
WE05_1 – Debate – Pro Presumed Consent Is Opt-in a Cop-Out.mp4
WE05_2 – Debate – Con Presumed Consent Is Opt-in a Cop-Out.mp4
WE05_3 – Pro Rebuttal.mp4
WE05_4 – Con Rebuttal.mp4
WE06_1 – T Follicular Cells in Alloimmunity.mp4
WE06_2 – Follicular Regulatory T Cells.mp4
WE06_3 – Human Circulating T Follicular Helper Cells.mp4
WE07_1 – Intragraft Genomics and Allograft Rejection (INTERHEART and INTERLUNG).mp4
WE07_2 – Epigenetics, microRNA, Transcriptome.mp4
WE07_3 – Exosomes and Proteomics.mp4
WE08_1 – Liver Transplantation for Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma- Have we Mastered This.mp4
WE08_2 – Liver Transplantation for Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma – Can It Work.mp4
WE08_3 – The Promise of New Systemic Therapy for Cholangiocarcinoma and its Implications on Liver Transplantation.mp4
WE09_1 – VCA vs SOT Innate – Adaptive Immune Interface.mp4
WE09_2 – Nerve Regeneration and Autoimmunity.mp4
WE09_3 – How Qualitative Research Informs Clinical Decision Making in VCA.mp4
WE10 – ATC People s Choice Award.mp4

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