University of California Irvine 4th Annual Skin Symposium 2021

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+ Include: 1 video + 1 pdf, size: 3.26 GB

+ Target Audience: dermatologist

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+ Include: 1 video + 1 pdf, size: 3.26 GB

+ Target Audience: dermatologist

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4th Annual Skin Symposium
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Skin Biology and Disease
April 16, 2021
8:30am – 4:35pm
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Virtual Seminar
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Leonard Zon, MD
Harvard Medical School
Sabine Werner, PhD
ETH Zurich
Diana Bautista, PhD
UC Berkeley
Martin Steinhoff, MD, PhD
Hamad Medical Corporation
Weill Cornell University
Alex Shalek, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of
Fiona Watt, DPhil
King’s College London
Daniel Kaplan, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Ethan Lerner, MD, PhD
Massachusetts General



+ Topics:

*Note: these are continuous video recordings during the conference, they include individual lectures mentioned in the Detail section below

April 16.mp4 (6 hours 32 minutes)

* Detail:

8:30AM – 9:05AM   Introduction by UCI Skin Biology Leadership
9:05AM – 9:50AM  Molecular mechanisms of itch and neuroinflammation in atopic dermatitis – Martin Steinhoff, MD, PhD
9:50AM – 10:35AM   Exploring skin cell heterogeneity – Fiona Watt, DPhil
10:35AM – 10:50AM  Break
10:50AM – 11:35AM  Parallels between tissue repair and cancer: The fibroblast perspective – Sabine Werner, PhD
11:35AM – 12:20PM  Identifying And Rationally Modulating Cellular Drivers Of Enhanced and Diminished Immunity – Alex Shalek, PhD
12:20PM – 1:20PM  Break
1:20PM – 2:05PM  Changing melanoma cell fate through transcriptional control – Leonard Zon, MD
2:05PM – 2:50PM  Neuroimmune interactions in Atopic Itch – Diana Bautista, PHD
3:05PM – 3:50PM  Break
3:50PM – 4:35PM  Neuronal control of cutaneous inflammation – Daniel Kaplan, MD, PhD
2:50PM – 3:05PM  Is it the itch that rashes or the rash that itches? – Ethan Lerner, MD, PhD


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