Titan Radiology Boards Buster 2021

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‘+ Include: 107 videos, size: 4.6 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

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+ Include: 107 videos, size: 4.6 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Abdominal Barium Part 1 _ Esophagus and Stomach.mp4
Abdominal Barium Part 2 _ Small Bowel.mp4
Abdominal Barium Part 3 _ Crohns, UC and a Review of Buzzwords.mp4
Breast Imaging Part 1_ Introduction.mp4
Breast Imaging Part 2_ Cancer and Ultrasound.mp4
Breast Imaging Part 3_ Benign Disease.mp4
Breast Imaging Part 4_ Male Breast Disease.mp4
Breast Imaging Part 5_ MRI 1.mp4
Breast Imaging Part 6_ MRI 2.mp4
Breast Imaging Special Topic_ Mammo Procedures _ Part 1.mp4
Breast Imaging Special Topic_ Mammo Procedures _ Part 2.mp4
Cardiac Cardiac_ Special Topic _ Coronary.mp4
Cardiac Part 1 _ CXR Analysis, Valves.mp4
Cardiac Part 2 _ Congenital Heart Surgeries.mp4
Cardiac Part 3 _ Cardiac MRI.mp4
Cardiac Part 4 _ Cardiac Nukes.mp4
Chest Part 1 _ Localization_Signs, UIP_NSIP, Infections.mp4
Chest Part 2 _ TB, Infections Misc, Trachea.mp4
Interventional and Vascular Radiology CV_ Special Topic _ Venous Ultrasound.mp4
Interventional and Vascular Radiology IR_ Special topic _ HD Grafts _ Fistulas.mp4
Interventional and Vascular Radiology IR_ Special Topic _ Urinary Access _ Diversion.mp4
Interventional and Vascular Radiology Part 1.mp4
Interventional and Vascular Radiology Part 2 _ Carotid US, Aortic Dissection, Misc Vascular.mp4
Interventional and Vascular Radiology Special Topic_ CV_ Doppler Flow Dynamics.mp4
Liver Part 1 _ Diffuse Disease_ Fat, Iron, and Associated Physics.mp4
Liver Part 2 _ Focal Lesions, Infection, Biliary, Transplant.mp4
Musculoskeletal MSK_ Special Topic _ Denervation_ MRI Shoulder Pat.mp4
Musculoskeletal Part 1 _ Trauma, Osteochondrosis, Coalition.mp4
Musculoskeletal Part 2 _ Athritis.mp4
Musculoskeletal Part 3 _ Benign (Cystic) and Malignant Bone Tumors.mp4
Musculoskeletal Part 4 _ MR Joints.mp4
Musculoskeletal Special Topic_ MSK Ultrasound.mp4
Neuro Neuro_ Special Topic _ Head and Neck_ Sinus Tumors.mp4
Neuro Part 1 _ Skull Base and Vascular Anatomy.mp4
Neuro Part 2 _ Temporal Bone.mp4
Neuro Part 3 _ Demyelinating _ Toxic.mp4
Neuro Part 4 _ Tumors.mp4
Neuro Part 5 _ SAH, Aneurysms, Stroke, Vascular Malformations.mp4
Neuro Part 6_ Blood Age, Trauma _ Face Smash, LeForts, NAT.mp4
Neuro Part 7 _ Infections.mp4
Neuro Part 8 _ Spine.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Part 1 _ QA, QC, QI, Latent vs Active, Hawthorne, Weber.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Part 2 _ Safety Champion, PDSA, LEAN, Value Equati.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Part 3 _ Charts.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Part 4 _ Communication Guidelines.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Part 5 _ Fundamental Errors, Miss vs Slip, Culture.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Part 6 _ Just Culture.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Part 7 _ Patient Safety Goals, Consent, Pre_proced.mp4
Non_Interpretive Skills Special Topic_ Contrast Reactions.mp4
Nuclear Part 1_ Mystery Whole Body Scans.mp4
Nuclear Part 2_ Bone Scan.mp4
Nuclear Part 3_ Pulmonary (VQ).mp4
Nuclear Part 4_ GI (HIDA, Bleeding Scan, Sulfur Colloid).mp4
Nuclear Special Topic _ CNS (Seizure Scans, Dementia, CSF.mp4
Nuclear Special Topic _ Mechanisms of Radiopharmaceutical.mp4
Nuclear Special Topic _ Non_PET Cancer Part 1 (MIBG).mp4
Nuclear Special Topic _ Non_PET Cancer Part 2 (Octreotide).mp4
Nuclear Special Topic _ PET and SPECT.mp4
Pancreas Part 1 _ Congenital Malformations, Cystic Lesions,.mp4
Pancreas Part 2 _ Solid Lesions, Trauma.mp4
Pediatric Part 1 _ Airway, Chest.mp4
Pediatric Part 2 _ GI.mp4
Pediatric Part 3 _ MSK.mp4
Pediatric Part 4 _ Heterotaxia, Solid Tumors _ Liver _ Kidne.mp4
Pediatric Part 5 _ Neuro _ Cogenital Malformations.mp4
Pediatric Skull.mp4
Physics Breast Imaging.mp4
Physics CT_ Artifacts.mp4
Physics CT_ Basics.mp4
Physics Fluoro _ IR.mp4
Physics MCQ Review _ Part 1.mp4
Physics MCQ Review _ Part 2.mp4
Physics MCQ Review _ Part 3.mp4
Physics MRI_ Artifacts.mp4
Physics MRI_ Basics.mp4
Physics MRI_ Encoding.mp4
Physics MRI_ Sequences.mp4
Physics MRI_ Special Topic _ Blood age.mp4
Physics MRI_ Special Topic _ MRI Safety.mp4
Physics MRI_ Special Topic _ Slice Thickness vs Table Time.mp4
Physics Nukes_ Basic Concepts.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Characteristic and Breaking Radiation.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Filtration.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Heel Effect.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Interactions with Matter.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Intro to Basic Science.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ K_edge and Contrast.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Machine.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Mass and Linear Attenuation.mp4
Physics Remastered X_ray_ Quality and Quantity.mp4
Physics Ultrasound Part 1 _ Reflection, Refraction, Attenuation,.mp4
Physics Ultrasound Part 2 _ Doppler, Compound Imaging, Har.mp4
Physics Ultrasound Part 3 _ Artifacts.mp4
Physics X_Ray _ Generation and Production.mp4
Physics X_Ray_ Concepts.mp4
Physics X_Ray_ Interaction with Matter.mp4
Renal Part 1 _ Solid Lesions, Cystic Disease.mp4
Renal Part 2 _ Renal Artery Stenosis, Captopril Nukes, Transplant.mp4
Renal Part 3 _ Congenital Malformations, Urethral Cancer.mp4
Renal Special Topic_ Miscellaneous Renal Diseases.mp4
Reproductive Female Reproductive_ Endometrial and Cervical Cancer.mp4
Reproductive Male Reproductive _ Prostate and Testicular Cancer.mp4
Reproductive Special Topic_ Reproductive _ OB Ultrasound.mp4
Thyroid Cancer and Nukes Correlates.mp4
Thyroid Hyperthryoidism, and Nukes Correlates.mp4
Thyroid Parathyroid, Adenoma, Cancer, and Nukes Correlates.mp4

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