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American Society of Cytopathology Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 Virtual

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USCAP Annual Meeting Long Course – Major Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Breast Diseases 2020

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The Osler Anatomic Pathology 2020 Online Review

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+ Include: 38 videos + 4 pdfs, size: 16.4 GB

+ Target Audience: pathologist

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+ Include: 38 videos + 4 pdfs, size: 16.4 GB

+ Target Audience: pathologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Anatomic Pathology Review 2.mp4
Anatomical Pathology Review 1.mp4
Bone Pathology.mp4
Breast Pathology.mp4
Cardiac Pathology.mp4
Cytopathology 1.mp4
Cytopathology 2.mp4
Cytopathology 3.mp4
Cytopathology 4.mp4
Dermatopathology 1.mp4
Dermatopathology 2.mp4
Endocrine Pathology 1.mp4
Endocrine Pathology 2.mp4
Female Reproductive 1.mp4
Female Reproductive 2.mp4
Forensic Pathology.mp4
Gastrointestinal Pathology.mp4
Head and Neck Pathology.mp4
Inflammation and Repair.mp4
Lab Management.mp4
Liver Pathology.mp4.mp4
Lymph Node 1.mp4
Lymph Node 2.mp4
Male Reproductive.mp4
Molecular Pathology.mp4
Neuropathology 1.mp4
Neuropathology 2.mp4
Pancreas Pathology.mp4
Pediatric Pathology 1.mp4
Pediatric Pathology 2.mp4
Platelets and Coagulation 1.mp4
Platelets and Coagulation 2.mp4
Pulmonary Pathology.mp4
Red Blood Cells.mp4
Renal Cell Carcinoma.mp4
Soft Tissue Pathology.mp4
White Blood Cells.mp4


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