Scripps The San Diego Day of Trauma 2023

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+ Include: 20 videos + 1 pdf, size: 2.09 GB

+ Target Audience: trauma specialist, critical care specialists, emergency medicine specialist


+ Include: 20 videos + 1 pdf, size: 2.09 GB

+ Target Audience: trauma specialist, critical care specialists, emergency medicine specialist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Conference Overview
Despite the high degree of organization, practice guidelines and well-developed protocols followed by trauma and acute care surgery professionals, care of critically ill and injured patients remains prone to error. Analyzing major errors and learning how to prevent them from occurring again in the future is an  essential component of improving the safety of trauma and acute care surgery. Thus, the goal of developing early error recognition and rescue measures to prevent bad outcomes continues to be a top priority for trauma centers. The 2023 San Diego Day of Trauma will focus on errors and lessons learned by our colleagues in the field. Nationally renowned speakers will present crucial errors they encountered, as well as interventions including operative techniques, institutional practices and approaches not always discussed in textbooks or literature, that were essential to accomplish rescue and prevention of bad outcomes. Speakers will include specialists in the fields of pre-hospital care, trauma surgery and critical care. Lectures, real-life case presentations and interactive sessions will engage attendees to promote improved patient outcomes.

Educational Objectives
After attending this live activity, participants should be able to:
• Review crucial errors and their root causes in the care of critically ill and injured patients.
• Describe the importance of risk assessment to identify errors most likely to occur.
• Recognize errors in progress to prevent their full impact.
• Outline effective interventions to rescue patients following life and limb threatening errors.
• Identify the elements of effective root cause analysis of the error to learn how to prevent similar occurrences.
• Implement practice changes to increase patient safety and mitigate threats to effective care.

Target Audience
• Trauma Specialists
• Critical Care Specialists
• Emergency Medicine Specialists
• Pre-hospital Personnel
• First Responders


+ Topics:

Session 1 Necrotizing Fasciitis.mp4
Session 1 Panel Discussion Q&A.mp4
Session 1 Pediatric Mangled Extremity.mp4
Session 1 Severe Pancreatic and Duodenal Injury.mp4
Session 1 Unstable Penetrating Chest Trauma.mp4
Session 2 DEBATE Princess Diana Would Have Survived If Injured in the United States.mp4
Session 3 Airway Emergency Cannot Intubate The Patient.mp4
Session 3 Gunshot Wound with Retroperitoneal Hematoma.mp4
Session 3 Hypotensive Patient with a Smashed Liver.mp4
Session 3 Hypotensive Patient with an Open-book Pelvic Fracture.mp4
Session 3 Panel Discussion Q&A.mp4
Session 4 DEBATE Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Should Always Be Used For Head Injury.mp4
Session 4 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Lessons From International Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.mp4
Session 5 Case Management.mp4
Session 6 Lower Extremity Fracture with Vascular Injury.mp4
Session 6 Management of TBI in the Anticoagulated Patient.mp4
Session 6 Panel Discussion Q&A.mp4
Session 6 Saving A Severely Injured Eye Making the Right Decisions.mp4
Session 6 The Cirrhotic Patient with Liver Injury.mp4
Session 7 DEBATE We Should Have Whole Blood Available Pre-hospital.mp4


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