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SCCT 2019 Board Review On Demand

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AOCA 48th Annual AOCA Mid-Year Seminar (Virtual) 2021

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SCAI Adult Fellows 2019

30 $

+ Include: 66 videos, size: 29.8 GB

+ Target Audience: interventional cardiology fellow


+ Include: 66 videos, size: 29.8 GB

+ Target Audience: interventional cardiology fellow

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

A Tearful Experience.mp4
A Twist of Fate- Catheter Entrapment in the Brachial Artery.mp4
Abrupt Closure- Why Is There No Flow.mp4
ALI- Managing the Threatened Limb.mp4
Alternate Access.mp4
An Unexpected Cause of Recurrent STEMI & Cardiac Arrest.mp4
Aortoiliac Disease- Bifurcating Decisions.mp4
Approach to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA).mp4
Balloons and Stents.mp4
Below the Knee- How Low Can You Go for CLI.mp4
Bifurcation at Distal Cap With Uncrossable-Undilatable CTO.mp4
Bioprosthetic Aortic Valve (Trifecta) Failure With Central and Paravalvular Regurgitation.mp4
Broken Arrow.mp4
Calcium- How to Grind It, Break It, Smash It, and Shift It.mp4
Carotid Stenosis.mp4
Case Discussion- The STEMI Patient-Acute and Long-term Treatment to Minimize Cardiovascular Risk.mp4
Case-Based Examples of Rarely Appropriate Use.mp4
Contrast Management to Reduce AKI.mp4
Coronary Subclavian Steal in a Hemodialysis Patient.mp4
Correction of a Malpositioned Portico Transcatheter Aortic Valve using Snare Manoeuvre.mp4
CTO Techniques- Learning, M.A.S.tering, and Knowing When to Say When.mp4
Device Entrapment- How to Get Unstuck.mp4
Diffuse and Multivessel Disease- When Surgery Might Be Better.mp4
Emerging Indications for Percutaneous Valve Therapy.mp4
Fall Fellows Keynote.mp4
Fellow’s Case- Coronary Complication.mp4
Femoropopliteal Disease- The Gift That Keeps Giving.mp4
Getting Started With Mitra- What You Need to Know.mp4
Guides and Wires.mp4
Hemodynamics of Shock & MCS.mp4
How I Do It- Ultrasound Access Wrist, Groin, and Neck.mp4
In-Stent Restenosis- How to Manage Stent Failure.mp4
Interventional Management of STEMI.mp4
Intravascular Imaging 101.mp4
Introductions of the Faculty and Available Antithrombotic and Lipid Treatments.mp4
Invasive and Noninvasive Coronary Physiology for Complex Decision-Making.mp4
LAAO- Closing the Door for Stroke.mp4
Making the Connection- A Surprising STEMI.mp4
Massive Thrombus Management.mp4
Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory Basics.mp4
Oops, I Didn’t Quite See That- Strategies for Flawless Angiography.mp4
Operator Risks- Cancer, Cataract, Reproductive, Orthopedic, and Cardiovascular.mp4
Patient Safety- Leading Your Team Away From Disaster.mp4
Percutaneous Mitral Valve- The Next Frontier.mp4
Perforations- Control, Seal, or Coil.mp4
Peripheral Skills to Bail Yourself out of Trouble.mp4
Plugging the Hole- Occluders and Plugs 101.mp4
Pulmonary Embolism-DVT.mp4
Real-World Malpractice Cases and What You Can Learn From Them.mp4
SHD Complications- How to Rescue Your Patient.mp4
Support From the Tools of the Trade Guide Extensions, Microcatheters, Specialty Wires, Buddy Wires, Anchors.mp4
TAVR Access- Caval, Carotid, CFA, Axillary.mp4
TAVR- Something for Everyone.mp4
The Long and Winding Road.mp4
The Renal Artery- Stenting and Denervation.mp4
Tips and Tricks for Femoral and Large Bore.mp4
Tips and Tricks for Radial Access.mp4
Transitioning From Fellow to Practice- Navigating to the Right Opportunity Q & A.mp4
Transitioning From Fellow to Practice- Navigating to the Right Opportunity – Introduction.mp4
Transitioning from Fellow to Practice- Navigating to the Right Opportunity.mp4
Transseptal 101- Getting Where You Need to Safely.mp4
Vein Graft Intervention- Love It, Hate It, What to Do When You’ve Got No Flow.mp4
Venous Compression Syndromes.mp4
Walking Step-by-Step Through Bifurcations and Left Main.mp4
Welcoming Remarks.mp4
What to Do With the Cardiac Arrest Patient.mp4


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