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Oakstone Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-A Comprehensive Review 2016

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Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies Annual Meeting On-Demand 2021

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Oakstone The New York General Surgery Board Review Course 2014

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+ Include: 54 videos + 2 pdfs, size: 13.3 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist

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+ Include: 54 videos + 2 pdfs, size: 13.3 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

00-Course Information.mp4
01-Physiology and Metabolism in Vascular Diseases.mp4
02-Hormone Physiology Making Sense of the Endocrine System.mp4
03-Principles of Fluids and Electrolytes.mp4
04-Cardiac Physiology – The Heart is Not a Simple Pump.mp4
05-Respiratory Physiology Breathing is Not Enough.mp4
07-GI Physiology_ The Gut is Not a Passive Organ.mp4
08-Anatomy that Matters Even if you Never Operate in Those Areas.mp4
10-The Other Vessels Lymphatic Veins and Pulmonary Embolism.mp4
11-Critical Issues in the SICU.mp4
12-Basics of Head and Neck Surgery for the Surgeons Who Operate on the Belly .mp4
13-Medical Ethics and the Government and the Surgeon .mp4
14-Thyroid and Parathyroid.mp4
15-Adrenal, Endocrine Pancreas, Pituitary.mp4
17-Inflammatory and Malignant Diseases of the Colon.mp4
18-Operating Room Safety.mp4
19-Geriatric Surgery Making Surgical Interventions in the Golden Years Safer.mp4
20-How to Improve Scores on ABS Multiple Choice Examinations.mp4
21-Question Bank Review Pt1.mp4
22-What the General Surgeon Needs to Know About the Lungs, Mediastinum, and Thoracoscopy.mp4
23-What You Need to Know About Melanoma and Sarcoma.mp4
24-The Pathophysiology of Laparoscopic Surgery and How to Avoid Problems.mp4
25-Surgical Infections.mp4
26-Burns and Basics of Plastic Surgery.mp4
27-Overview of Trauma.mp4
28-Organ Trauma.mp4
30-Inflammatory and Malignant Diseases of the Pancreas.mp4
31-Everything but the Aorta.mp4
32-How to Pass the Certifying Exam Oral Exam.mp4
33-Demonstration_ Mock Oral Examination.mp4
34-Breast Imaging.mp4
35-Aortic Surgery.mp4
36-Surgical Problems in Pregnancy and Gynecologic Diseases.mp4
37-Diseases of the Breast.mp4
38-The Big Decisions in Bariatric Surgery.mp4
39-Small Bowel.mp4
40-Pediatric Surgery Part 1 and 2.mp4
41-Question Bank Review Pt2.mp4
42-Orthopedic Surgery for the General Surgeon.mp4
43-Question Bank Review Pt2.mp4
44-Orthopedic Surgery for the General Surgeon.mp4
45-Benign and Malignant Diseases of the Colon and Rectum.mp4
46-Surgical Endoscopy Top to Bottom.mp4
47-Surgical Aspects of Hepato-Biliary Disease.mp4
48-The Spleen and the Surgeon and Surgical Nutrition.mp4
49-Gastric Benign and Malignant.mp4
51 – Blood Clotting_ Not Enough or Too Much.mp4
52-Motility and Other Esophageal Problems.mp4
53-Urology for the General Surgeon.mp4
New York General Surgery Board Review Course.pdf
105- Front Matter.pdf


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