NYU Langone Critical Care Cardiology Symposium 2021

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‘+ Include: 1 video + 1 pdf, size: 19.6 GB

+ Target Audience: cardiologist, critical care physician


+ Include: 1 video + 1 pdf, size: 19.6 GB

+ Target Audience: cardiologist, critical care physician

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7:45 AM EDT Virtual Room Opens
SESSION 1: Critical Care Cardiology as a Speciality
8:00 Welcome and Introduction – Carlos L. Alviar, MD, JamesHorowitz, MD, Jason N. Katz, MD, MHS
8:10 Why Do We Need This Conference? A Journey Through the Evolution of Critical Care Cardiology – JasonN. Katz, MD, MHS
8:20 We have Plumbers and Electricians…So What Does a Critical Care Cardiologist Do? – Christopher Barnett, MD
8:30 How to Become a Critical Care Cardiologist? – Connor G. O’Brien, MD
8:40 Question & Answer Discussion
Moderators: Samuel Bernard, MD, Frederick G. Kushner, MDandEugene Yuriditsky, MD
Panelists: Christopher Barnett, MD, JasonN. Katz, MD, MHS, Connor G. O’Brien, MD

SESSION 2: Cardiogenic Shock in the CICU
8:50 Keynote Speaker: The 10 Year Scope for Cardiogenic Shock: What Questions Should We be Asking? – JudithS. Hochman, MD
9:05 The People’s Ventricle: Managing Right Ventricular Shock – Michael A. Solomon, MD, MBA
9:20 Cardiogenic Shock Management: The Critical Care Cardiologist Perspective – SeanVanDiepen, MD
9:35 Thinking on the Go: Matching Patient, Hemodynamics and MCS Devices – ErinBohula, MD, DPhil
9:50 Nursing Perspective in Cardiogenic Shock: The True Heroes at the Bedside – Cynthia Arslanian-Engoren, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC,
10:05 Question and Answer Discussion
Moderators: Andrew R. Higgins, MD, Susanna Price, MDPhDandShashank Sinha, MD, MSc
Panelists: Cynthia Arslanian-Engoren, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAHA, FNAP, FAAN, ErinBohula, MD, DPhil, JudithS. Hochman, MD, Michael A. Solomon, MD, MBA, SeanVanDiepen, MD
10:15 Break

SESSION 3: Critical Care Cardiology Gems
10:45 Pearls of the Pulmonary Artery Catheter in the CICU – Penelope Rampersad, MD, MSc
10:55 The Rhythm is Gonna Get You: EP Challenges in the CICU – Janice Chyou, MD
11:05 Optimizing Resuscitation during Cardiac Arrest – Felipe TeranMerino, MDMSCE
11:15 The Beans and the Heart: Renal Replacement in the CICU – JacobC. Jentzer, MD
11:25 Troubleshooting the Blower: Positive Pressure Ventilation in the CICU – Carlos L. Alviar, MD
11:35 Pulmonary Embolism: The Next Frontier in Cardiology? – JamesHorowitz, MD
11:45 Question and Answer Discussion
Moderators: DavidM. Dudzinski, MD, Jessica Fleitman, MDandVenuMenon, MD
Panelists: Carlos L. Alviar, MD, Janice Chyou, MD, JamesHorowitz, MD, JacobC. Jentzer, MD, Penelope Rampersad, MD, MSc, Felipe Teran Merino, MDMSCE
11:55 Lunch Break

SESSION 4: Debates in Critical Care Cardiology: Clash of the CICU Titans
12:55 PM EDT Saving the White Matter: Is There a Role for TTM or Should we Abandon Cooling and Focus on Hemodynamic Goals in Patients Post-Cardiac Arrest? – Cherylee W. Chang, MD, Paul A. Nyquist, MD, MPH
1:15 Is There Still a Role for IABP use in Cardiogenic Shock? Round 2 Cage Battle – AnnGage, MD, Holger Thiele, MD

SESSION 5: Practical Knowledge for the CICU
1:35 Top 5 Trials from General Critical Care That We Should Know About in the CICU – KonstantinKrychtiuk, MD, PhD
1:45 POCUS Pearls: Beyond the Heart – Eugene Yuriditsky, MD
1:55 Valvular Emergencies in the CICU – Samuel Bernard, MD
2:05 Hemorrhage and Anticoagulation Reversal – Tania Ahuja, PharmD
2:15 Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring in the CICU – JanBakker, MD
2:25 Question and Answer Discussion
Moderators: Sylvie Hall, PharmD, ElliottMiller, MD, MHSandRaymondA. Pashun, MD
Panelists: Tania Ahuja, PharmD, JanBakker, MD, CourtneyBennett, DO, DavidD. Berg, MD, MPH, Samuel Bernard, MD, Samuel Brusca, MD, Alejandra Gutierrez, MD, Nicholas J. Kiefer, MD, KonstantinKrychtiuk, MD, PhD, Eugene Yuriditsky, MD
2:35 Bring Your Craziest Cases: Rapid Fire CICU Conundrum
2:35 Fellows in Training Case 1 – Samuel Brusca, MD
2:35 Fellows in Training Case 2 – Nicholas J. Kiefer, MD
2:35 Fellows in Training Case 3 – Alejandra Gutierrez, MD
2:40 Rapid Fire Case Discussion
Moderators: CourtneyBennett, DOandDavidD. Berg, MD, MPH
2:55 Break

SESSION 6: Putting it all Together: The True Multidisciplinary Approach in the CICU
3:25 The Past, Present and Future of Research in Critical Care Cardiology – DavidA. Morrow, MD, MPH
3:37 End of Life in the CICU: The Positive Impact of Palliative Care in the CICU – Hunter Groninger, MD
3:49 Building an APP practice in the CICU – Matthew Gordon, MS, MBA, PA-C
4:01 Equity in Critical Care Cardiology – RobertRoswell, MD
4:13 The Ringmaster of the Cirucs: Orchestrating Care and Logistics in the CICU – StevenM. Hollenberg, MD
4:25 Round Table: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Care in the CICU
Moderator: Christopher Fordyce, MD, MHS, MSc BenjaminA. Bier, MD
Panelists: Sripal Bangalore, MD, MHA, Wendy Chan, PT, DPT, KarstenW. Drus, BSN-RN, Tanjit Kaur, PA-C, Eric Kriner, RT, MaureenG. LohanMullens, MSN, RN, NM, Jona Ludmir, MD, AlessandroSionis, MD, JeffreyWasham, PharmD
4:45 Critical Care Cardiology: The Path Forward – Michael A. Solomon, MD, MBA
5:00 Closing Remarks
Moderators: Carlos L. Alviar, MD, Christopher Barnett, MD, Samuel Bernard, MD, James Horowitz, MD, JasonN. Katz, MD, MHSandEugene Yuriditsky, MD
5:10 PM EDT Adjourn


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