MENA Conference 9th Abu Dhabi International Conference in Dermatology & Aesthetics 2023

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+ Include: 29 videos + 1 pdf, size: 31.4 GB

+ Target Audience: clinical dermatology physician, pediatric dermatology physician, cosmetic dermatology physician, aesthetic medicine physician, plastic surgery physician


+ Include: 29 videos + 1 pdf, size: 31.4 GB

+ Target Audience: clinical dermatology physician, pediatric dermatology physician, cosmetic dermatology physician, aesthetic medicine physician, plastic surgery physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

It is a moment of pride and pleasure for us to welcome you to the “9th Abu Dhabi International Conference in Dermatology and Aesthetics” taking place on 26-28 May, 2023 at Conrad at Etihad Towers Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our past events have proven to be major success and have been instrumental in further developing and solidifying our field as an important part of healthcare. Dermatology and Aesthetics are truly a multi-faceted and dynamic field, highly susceptible to research & development. This duly warrants regular reviews and updates. AIDA Conference is gaining a reputation as one of the region’s largest skin care meetings and an inspirational and empowering event tackling all dermatology and aesthetic medicine challenges and offering new ideas and latest innovation in dermatology within healthcare in the UAE, the Middle East and the Region.

A comprehensive three-day program has been prepared through combined collective effort by members of the scientific committee, who furthermore has secured participation of renowned national and international speakers and leading experts for their unique insights, featuring high quality program and covering diverse disciplines of Dermatology and Aesthetics in order to ensure the conference surpasses all expectations. The program aims to offer reliable scientific updates and to focus on the latest developments in current and controversial
issues in dermatologic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, anti-aging and laser technology in order to meet the challenges and opportunities that arise and to improve patients’ outcomes.

A whole range of scientific and educational activities will be presented by leading experts to provide the practical needs to the skin care professionals. Additionally, more attention is paid on featuring multiple best practice workshops, meet the expert’s session, IMCAS Alert session, Key note presentations, case studies and demonstrations, poster display competitions and abstract submissions dedicated to skin care specialists who are involved in the treatment of various types of skin diseases. During the conference, awards will be attributed to the best-case awards, the most interactive candidates and the best poster presentation. The event will be a great opportunity to share views, exchange knowledge and establish collaborations and networking with colleagues in the field from across the globe. We are confident that AIDA 2023 Congress will serve as a place of learning where we can all share the latest models, approaches, and research representing for all participants a treasured personal and professional experience.

Learning Objectives:
• Review current state-of-the-art advances in Dermatology, Aesthetics, Anti-aging Medicine, Laser and Cosmetics.
• Apply gained knowledge to the care and treatment of patients.
• Recognize new and evolving therapies for various conditions involving the skin.
• Apply clinical practice recommendations and evidence-based guidelines to advance patient care in daily practice.
• Implement evidence-based best practice strategies.
• Apply the various treatment options available.

Highlighted Topics Include:
• Allergy
• Psoriasis
• Advanced in Acne
• Hair Care
• Hair Therapies and Transplantation
• Bolus disease and Alopecia Areata
• Clinical Dermatology
• Dermatology: Therapies & Advances
• Diagnostic Techniques in Dermatology
• PIGMENTARY DISODERS (vitilgo, melasma, melanoma, hyper-pigmentations)
• Nail disorders
• Photodynamic therapy in medical and Aesthetic
• Psychodermatology
• Dermatological Oncology
• Burns
• Paediatric Dermatology
• Acute dermatological Diseases
• Skin-Toxico Pharmacology
• Skin Cancer
• Clinical Immunology
• Viral Skin Infection
• Bacterial Skin Infection
• Rosacea – Update on Latest Treatments

• (acne treatment, vascular, resurfacing treatment of melasma and pigmentary disorders, hair growth and diode), + work shop
• Advanced laser treatment for skin diseases

• Botox update+ work shop
• Fillers updates+ work shop
• The world of Chemical peels
• PRP and Mesotherapy hot topics
• Aging Dermatology
• Forever young concept
• Medical skin care and rejuvenation
• Peri-orbital and dark circles treatment
• Comprehensive acne scar treatment
• Perioral rejuvenation
• Treatment Options for Women’s Hair
• Loss
• Pearls to Rejuvenate Aging Knees
• Things You Did Not Know You Could do with a Filler
• Fillers complications
• Non surgical lipodisolve

• Non-invasive Lifting and tightening of the skin + work shop
• Stem cells and fat grafting
• Body contouring
• Hand and face rejuvenation
• Threads face and body lifting
• Female genital aesthetic
• Male genital aesthetic
• Facial lipoesculpture
• Liposuction and fate grafting
• Nose correction

Target Audience: 
• Clinical Dermatology
• Pediatric Dermatology
• Cosmetic Dermatology
• Psychodermatology
• Dermatological Oncology
• Aesthetic Medicine
• Anti-aging Medicine
• Plastic Surgery
• General Surgery
• Obstetrics & Gynecology
• Dental Medicine
• Family Medicine
• General Practitioners
• Nurses

Key Features:
• Presentation by renowned speakers from over the world
• Poster presentations and world class exhibits
• Interactive Sessions
• Platform for global networking
• Connecting scientific community




+ Topics:

*Note: these are continuous video recordings during the conference, they include individual lectures mentioned in the Detail section below

Parallel Session 10 TRACK 1 Injectable.mp4
Parallel Session 10 TRACK 2 STI and Infectious Dermatology Workshop.mp4
Parallel Session 11 TRACK 1 IMCAS session Lips..lips.. lips.mp4
Parallel Session 11 TRACK 2 AIDA Invest Workshop.mp4
Parallel Session 2 TRACK 1 Anti-Aging.mp4
Parallel Session 2 TRACK 2 Diagnostic Dermatology Workshop.mp4
Parallel Session 3 TRACK 1 What’s new in Dermatology.mp4
Parallel Session 3 TRACK 2 Case presentation.mp4
Parallel Session 5 TRACK 1 General dermatology.mp4
Parallel Session 5 TRACK 2 Peeling Workshop.mp4
Parallel Session 6 TRACK 1 Autoimmune.mp4
Parallel Session 6 TRACK 2 Laser Workshop.mp4
Parallel Session 7 TRACK 1 Miscellaneous Aesthetic Updates.mp4
Parallel Session 7 TRACK 2.mp4
Parallel Session 8 TRACK 1 Allergy Symposium.mp4
Parallel Session 8 Track 2 Genital Enhancement of Male and Female Workshop.mp4
Plenary Session 1 Societies Meeting.mp4
Plenary Session 12 LASER SESSION.mp4
Plenary Session 13 Aesthetic Gynecology.mp4
Plenary Session 14 Body Contouring and Plastic Surgery.mp4
Plenary Session 4 Hair Session.mp4
Plenary Session 9 – TRACK 1 “Let the games begin” – The AIDA version 1 (Menti quiz session ).mp4
Track 1 Symposium JamJoom.mp4
Track 1 Symposium Janssen.mp4
Track 1 Symposium Novartis.mp4
Track 1 Symposium Sanofi.mp4
Track 1 Their Perspectives Atopic dermatitis from a dermatologist and allergology stance.mp4
Track 1 Their Perspectives Hidradenitis Suppurativa from a dermatologist & plastic surgeon stance.mp4
Track 1 Their Perspectives- Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis from a Dermatologist and Rheumatologist Stance.mp4



* Detail:


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