MENA Conference 5th International Conference on Prevention and Control of Infection 2021

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+ Include: 13 videos + 1 pdf, size: 14.8 GB

+ Target Audience: infection preventionists, internal medicine physican


+ Include: 13 videos + 1 pdf, size: 14.8 GB

+ Target Audience: infection preventionists, internal medicine physican

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to attend the “5th International Conference on Prevention and Control of Infection” scheduled to be held virtually on 15-17 November, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The conference deliberation will be on the theme “Prevention and Control of Infection During the Era of COVID-19” bringing together the best minds in the world to confront health challenges with innovative and impactful ideas. The 5th ICPCI 2021 features state-of-the-art advances in prevention and control of infection delivered through an expert panel of local and international faculty with decades of experience at leading infection prevention institutes.

With COVID-19 Pandemic many challenges exist, but by drawing on the successes from the past and moving forward with new knowledge together, we are shifting all our efforts to ensuring that our ICPCI conference delivers the best content and experience possible and we can help shape a better future for professionals and patients alike. The program provides an international platform, gathering healthcare professionals and leaders across prevention and control of infection arena to transform safety, quality and patient experience. The ICPCI 2021 is
a great opportunity for participants to share views, exchange knowledge and establish collaborations and networking; leading us to better face future challenges. The ICPCI Annual Conference is one of the most comprehensive infection prevention conferences in the Middle
East region, with educational sessions and programs led by experts from across the globe presenting strategies that can be implemented immediately to improve prevention programs and make healthcare safer. The Conference attendees will be able to hear keynote speakers, attend educational sessions, panel discussions, case studies, debates, workshops and explore a virtual exhibit hall, and network with one another in real time.

We feel confident that the ICPCI 2021 will serve as a place of learning where we can all share the latest models, approaches, and research representing for all participants a treasured personal and professional experience

Learning Objectives: 
• Discuss IPC & COVID 19 scientific update
• Discuss Regional Surveillance update
• Discuss IPC research update
• Review innovative and latest evidence measures based prevention of HAI (CLABSI, CAUTI, VAP, VAE and SSI)
• List essential components of an effective infection prevention and control program management
• Explain the Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management plan for Infectious Diseases
• Describe current patterns and trends of antimicrobial resistance in the UAE
• Identify the guidelines of environmental infection control in healthcare settings
• Recognize the fundamentals of Infection Prevention and Control during construction
• Review the best practices related to reprocessing of flexible endoscopes
• Discuss best practices that could enhance safety in the Reprocessing of flexible endoscopes
• Review best Practices for Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization in All Health Care Settings
• Sustain compliance with regulatory bodies related to prevention and control of infection.

Program Highlights: 
• COVID-19 Updates
• Prevention and control of Infection program management
• Innovative and evidence based Prevention of HAI ( CLABSI, CAUTI, VAP, VAE and SSI)
• Antimicrobial Stewardship and MDRO prevention
• Emergency preparedness for infectious disease disaster management
• Waste management from cradle to grave
• Environmental infection control in healthcare settings
• Infection prevention and control during construction & renovation
• Reprocessing of flexible endoscopes best practices
• Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization best practices
• Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
• Food safety
• JAWDA indicators
• Animal infection control

Target Audience: 
• Healthcare providers
• Physicians
• Nurses
• Infection Preventionists
• Quality officers
• Microbiology
• Infectious disease consultants
• Public health officers
• Internal medicine
• Hospital Administrators
• Operating Theatre Personnel
• Pharmaceutical Personnel
• Emergency Response Personnel
• Critical Care Personnel who are involved in Infection Control
• Respiratory Therapists
• Lab Technicians
• Occupational Health
• Environmental Health & Safety
• Quality Director
• Chief Quality Officers
• Risk Management Professionals




+ Topics:

*Note: these are continuous video recordings during the conference, they include individual lectures mentioned in the Detail section below

3M Symposium.mp4
Day 1 Opening Ceremony.mp4
Day 2 Welcome Remarks.mp4
Day 3 Welcome Remarks.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Day 3 Closing Remarks.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Poster Day 2.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Session 1.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Session 2.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Session 3.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Session 4 Track 1.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Session 5 Track 3.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Session 5 Track 4.mp4
ICPCI 2021 Session 5 Track 5.mp4


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