Meetings Events & Conference Coordinators 18th Annual California Cancer Consortium Conference 2022

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+ Include: 26 videos, size: 2.17 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist


+ Include: 26 videos, size: 2.17 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

  • Start: 19 August 2022
  • End: 21 August 2022

This educational meeting was developed in cooperation with the academic faculty and scientists belonging to the California Cancer Consortium to provide an annual in-depth exposure and review of new advances in cancer drug development, biology, biomarkers, diagnosis, and therapy. The agenda and format are specifically designed to address knowledge gaps identified from prior course participant evaluations and unsolicited comments from practicing oncologists (from private practice, academia) as well as scientists involved in cancer clinical trials. This area of knowledge will be best addressed by an in-depth conference on systemic therapy of malignancies (both solid and hematologic), with ample time provided for interaction by attendees with expert faculty. It is expected that this educational activity will enhance the clinical competence of clinicians and the healthcare team in managing the care of the cancer patient, and subsequently, improve patient outcomes.

This conference aims to provide up-to-date information to the clinician regarding new advances in cancer biology, diagnosis, and treatment. It will bring together the interprofessional team that includes, respected opinion leaders, practicing clinicians and scientists engaged in clinical cancer research to discuss the latest cancer diagnostic and therapeutic advances. Topics focus on the major cancers and drug development areas, including signal transduction/CDK inhibition, angiogenesis inhibition, PI3K/mTOR inhibition, antibody-drug conjugates, and immunotherapy, among others. This annual conference also includes interactive roundtable discussion forums with participation of cancer care experts from the California Cancer Consortium, and features renowned professionals from academia, patient advocacy, government, payer, industry, and business realms of cancer care.


+ Topics:

Adjuvant Therapy in Breast Cancer State of the Art.mp4
Advance in Treatment of Acute Lymphocyctic Leukemia.mp4
Advanced Breast Cancer State of the Art.mp4
Advances in Car-T Cells and Other Cellular Based Therapies.mp4
Advances in Small Cell Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma.mp4
Advances in the Treatment of CNS Malignancies.mp4
AML and MDS Current Status and Future Directions.mp4
Bayesian Designs in Clinical Trials.mp4
Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer What is the Optimal Treatment.mp4
Colorectal Cancer State of the Art.mp4
Esophageal and Gastric Cancer New Developments.mp4
Genomics and Cancer Disparities.mp4
Hepatocellular and Biliary Cancers Recent Advances.mp4
How I Treat Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer.mp4
How I Treat Multiple Myeloma.mp4
Lymphoma State of the Art.mp4
Management of Immune Related Adverse Events.mp4
Pancreatic Cancer Emerging Strategies.mp4
PK and PD Considerations in Early Phase Clinical Trials.mp4
Renal Cell Cancer Recent Advances.mp4
State of the Art Hormone-sensitive Prostate Cancer.mp4
The Future of Biomarkers of Immunotherapy in Cancer.mp4
The Future of Combined Modality Therapy.mp4
Updates in Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer.mp4
Updates in Targeted Therapy for NSCLC.mp4
Updates in Treatment of Early Stage and Locally Advanced NSCLC.mp4


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