Medical University of South Carolina Pediatric Residency 2021

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+ Include: 18 videos, size: 3.18 GB

+ Target Audience: pediatric physician

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+ Include: 18 videos, size: 3.18 GB

+ Target Audience: pediatric physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

As an integral part of the Medical University of South Carolina, the Pediatric Residency Programs are devoted to training the next generation of young physicians by delivering academically and medically equipped leaders to the field of pediatrics.

MUSC is South Carolina’s largest and most comprehensive pediatric health care center. Our newly built Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital houses the only Level IV neonatal intensive care unit in the region and houses a nationally ranked Top 10 pediatric cardiology program as well as several other Top 50 subspecialties. As the region’s top referral center, Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital exposes our residents to a vast array of diagnoses that range from bread and butter pediatrics to rare and complex. Our residents learn to deliver medical excellence while providing care to children with a wide spectrum of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

House officers are selected on the basis of academic record, letters of recommendation, and personal interviews. By limiting the size of the program, residents experience the evolution of their medical skills and training in a personal and professional environment, where they are truly the next great pediatrician, and not just another resident.


+ Topics:

1. ICF Introduction.mp4
2. Models of Care.mp4
3. Classification System.mp4
4. Pediatric Outcomes.mp4
5. Qualitative Research.mp4
6. NICU 1.mp4
7. NICU 2.mp4
8. NICU 3.mp4
9. NICU 4-5.mp4
10. EI 1.mp4
11. EI part 2.mp4
12. EI part 3.mp4
13. CMC 1.mp4
14. Vanilla.mp4
15. CMC 2.mp4
16. CMC 3.mp4
17. Concussion.mp4
18. Congenital Muscular Torticollis and Cranial Deformity.mp4


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