International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions 2019

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‘+ Include: 103 videos + 1 pdf, size: 64.2 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, transplant physician

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+ Include: 103 videos + 1 pdf, size: 64.2 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, transplant physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

SR01 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 01 In the Thick of It Hypertrophic and Amyloid Cardiomyopathies.mp4
SR02 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 02 Immunobiology of the Older Lung Transplant Recipient.mp4
SR03 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 03 From Isolated to Mainstream Evolving ECMO Strategies That Are Reshaping Outcomes.mp4
SR04 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 04 Nobody is CLAD to See AMR in Lung Transplantation.mp4
SR05 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 05 I Want to Ride My Bicycle Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) for PAH and CTEPH.mp4
SR06 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 06 Making Deals with the Devil Substances of Abuse from Pre- to Post-Transplant.mp4
SR07 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 07 Highways to Hell Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction.mp4
SR08 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 08 Print, Replace or Innovate Alternative Strategies to Cardiac Transplantation.mp4
SR09 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 09 MCS Infections New Twists in an Old Saga.mp4
SR10 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 10 Cardiac Reverse Remodeling in MCS State of the Art.mp4
SR11 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 11 The Mission IS Possible If You Choose to Accept it The Processes of Performing Research.mp4
SR12 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 12 A Bloody Mess Management of Hematologic Complications in Transplantation and MCS.mp4
SR13 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 13 A Fork in the Road How Can We Compare Interventional Therapies in CTEPH.mp4
SR14 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 14 One Size Does Not Fit All Personalized Medicine in Heart Transplantation.mp4
SR15 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 15 Lung Transplant Candidate Selection Challenging Cases.mp4
SR16 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 16 Fragility Not Necessarily Failure.mp4
SR17 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 17 A Brand-New Day The New Normal in Pediatric Thoracic Transplantation.mp4
SR18 – SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 18 So Your Patient is on ECMO Now What Considerations for Drug Dosing.mp4
SS01 – RESEARCH SESSION 01 The Next Frontier for Thoracic Transplantation Diagnostics and Therapies.mp4
SS02 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 02 Future Shock Great Debates in Cardiogenic Shock.mp4
SS03 – RESEARCH SESSION 03 Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Anything New.mp4
SS04 – RESEARCH SESSION 04 So Wrong It’s Right The Right Ventricle and MCS.mp4
SS05 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 05 Limiting the Invasiveness of the VAD Therapy Alternative to Limited Surgical Approaches.mp4
SS06 – RESEARCH SESSION 06 Pediatric Donor Utilization, MCS, Readmissions and More.mp4
SS07 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 07 Making Co-Morbidities Great Again Practical Updates in Co-Morbidity Management.mp4
SS08 – RESEARCH SESSION 08 ISHLT Spotlight Heart Transplantation in Latin America.mp4
SS09 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 09 Re-Focusing the Blurry Vision Biomarkers of Thoracic Allograft Rejection.mp4
SS10 – RESEARCH SESSION 10 Heart Donor Management and Allocation Setting It Up For Success.mp4
SS11 – RESEARCH SESSION 11 Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Overcoming the Hurdle.mp4
SS12 – RESEARCH SESSION 12 When Short-Term Becomes Long-Term Transition from Temporary to Permanent Mechanical Support.mp4
SS13 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 13 They Tell Me I Am Irregular Why Do They Care Arrhythmias in LVAD Recipients.mp4
SS14 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 14 Part of (Their) World Discharging Patients Home with a New Device.mp4
SS15 – RESEARCH SESSION 15 Pharmacotherapy in Transplantation Reading the Tea Leaves to Improve Outcomes.mp4
SS16 – RESEARCH SESSION 16 Junior Faculty and Trainees Clinical Case Dilemmas The Best of the Best.mp4
SS17 – RESEARCH SESSION 17 Tolerance Is All We Need in Thoracic Transplantation.mp4
SS18 – RESEARCH SESSION 18 Ex-Vivo Heart Perfusion and Preservation Some Like It Hot – or Not.mp4
SS19 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 19 Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction (CLAD) The End of the Beginning.mp4
SS20 – RESEARCH SESSION 20 The Beat Goes On Arrhythmias and Pacing During MCS.mp4
SS21 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 21 Short Term Mechanical Support Taking the Next Leap Forward.mp4
SS22 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 22 What Do We Do Burning Platforms in Pediatric Thoracic Transplant.mp4
SS23 – RESEARCH SESSION 23 Hepatitis C Cardiac Donors Do They Get an A.mp4
SS24 – RESEARCH SESSION 2 Molecular Diagnostics in Heart Transplantatio It’s All in the Genes.mp4
SS25 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 25 The Magic Kingdom of the Bronchoscopy Pathogens with Real Implications and Those to Disregard.mp4
SS26 – RESEARCH SESSION 26 Mechanical Lung Support for Isolated Organs and Patients.mp4
SS27 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 27 Medical Management of LVAD Patients Once the Chest is Closed, the Trouble Begins.mp4
SS28 – RESEARCH SESSION 28 Tissue is Not the Only Issue Advances in Thoracic Transplant Pathology.mp4
SS29 – RESEARCH SESSION 29 Pediatric Lung Transplantation Are We Moving Forward.mp4
SS30 – RESEARCH SESSION 30 Get Up and Go Predicting Survival in Heart Failure.mp4
SS31 – RESEARCH SESSION 31 Slaying the Dragon Hepatitis C and Thoracic Transplantation.mp4
SS32 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 32 Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) in 2019 From Research to Implementation.mp4
SS33 – RESEARCH SESSION 33 Brain Attack Strokes and MCS.mp4
SS34 – RESEARCH SESSION 34 Never Mind the Leaks Addressing Valvular Disease with LVADs.mp4
SS35 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 35 Bring Out Your Dead The Postmortem Evaluation in the Thoracic Transplant Setting.mp4
SS36 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 36 Learning from the Children Important Lessons from the Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease VAD Experience.mp4
SS37 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 37 JHLT at ISHLT The Year in a Capsule.mp4
SS38 – RESEARCH SESSION 38 Early Career Scientist Award Candidate Presentations.mp4
SS39 – RESEARCH SESSION 39 Walking a Tightrope The Double-Edged Sword of Drugs after Heart Transplant.mp4
SS41 – RESEARCH SESSION 41 Perfecting the Graft LVAD Pump Management, Outcomes and Medications.mp4
SS42 – RESEARCH SESSION 42 Too Much or Two Little Obesity and Frailty in MCS.mp4
SS43 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 43 Changes in the World of Pulmonary Hypertension Nice or Not Nice.mp4
SS44 – RESEARCH SESSION 44 Philip K. Caves Award Candidate Presentations.mp4
SS45 – RESEARCH SESSION 45 Acute Cardiac Rejection New Approaches to an Old Problem.mp4
SS46 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 46 FUN and Games with FUNgal Infections in Lung Transplantation.mp4
SS47 – RESEARCH SESSION 47 Back to the Basics Physiological Alterations During Continuous Flow VAD Support.mp4
SS48 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 48 Advances in Short- and Long-Term Mechanical Circulatory Support – What’s Next.mp4
SS49 – RESEARCH SESSION 49 The Personal Connection Psychological Issues and Care for Donor Families, Patients and Providers.mp4
SS50 – RESEARCH SESSION 50 Pulmonary Hypertension in Translation From Novel Biomarkers to Cutting Edge Clinical Results.mp4
SS51 – RESEARCH SESSION 51 Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy A Never-ending Story.mp4
SS52 – JOINT ISHLT SCMR SYMPOSIUM SESSION 52 Cardiac MRI and the World of Heart Failure When Two Disciplines Harmonize.mp4
SS53 – RESEARCH SESSION 53 Chasing the Golden Snitch Optimizing Outcomes of MCS Infections.mp4
SS54 – RESEARCH SESSION 54 Swipe Right or Swipe Left Matching Donors and Recipients in Lung Transplantation.mp4
SS55 – RESEARCH SESSION 55 Score Now – Or Forever Hold Your Peace Prediction and Risk in MCS.mp4
SS56 – JOINT ISHLT IPTA SYMPOSIUM SESSION 56 EBV and CMV are Not as Easy as 1-2-3 When Caring for Pediatric Thoracic Transplant Recipients.mp4
SS57 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 57 Take These Broken Lungs and Learn to Fly Great Debates for Patients with PAH Awaiting Transplant.mp4
SS58 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 58 Resilience in the Face of Calamity The Art of Preventing PTE Disasters.mp4
SS59 – RESEARCH SESSION 59 Heart Transplant Short-Term Outcomes Getting it Right From the Start.mp4
SS60 – JOINT ISHLT ABTO SYMPOSIUM SESSION 60 Combining Experiences to Enhance Thoracic Organ Transplantation Worldwide.mp4
SS61 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 61 Making Them Count Enhancing Lung Donor Utilization.mp4
SS62 – RESEARCH SESSION 62 Under New Management Novel Strategies for MCS.mp4
SS63 – JOINT ISHLT ICCAC SYMPOSIUM SESSION 63 Faster, Higher, Stronger Monitoring Exercise in Cyberspace.mp4
SS64 – RESEARCH SESSION 64 Highlights of Challenging Topics in Pediatric Heart Transplant and MCS.mp4
SS65 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 65 All Talk, No Action New Strategies and Best Practices to Maximize Donor Heart Utilization.mp4
SS66 – RESEARCH SESSION 66 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Fungus or CMV.mp4
SS67 – RESEARCH SESSION 67 Diagnostics and Immunosuppression in Lung Transplantation.mp4
SS68 – RESEARCH SESSION 68 LV Recovery after MCS From Promise to Reality.mp4
SS69 – RESEARCH SESSION 69 Tricks of the Trade Management Considerations with Continuous Flow LVADs.mp4
SS70 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 70 Matters of Life and Death Palliative and End of Life Care in Transplant Medicine.mp4
SS71 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 71 Breaking Bad The Right Ventricle and Exercise Hemodynamics Rediscovered.mp4
SS72 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 72 Seeing the Light Antibodies in Thoracic Transplantation.mp4
SS73 – RESEARCH SESSION 73 Life on the Cutting Edge CTEPH and Surgical Management of PH.mp4
SS74 – RESEARCH SESSION 74 Frontiers of Cost-Efficacy and Policy in Transplant and MCS.mp4
SS75 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 75 Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy Have Hope, Ye Who Enter.mp4
SS76 – SYMPOSIUM SESSION 76 Location, Location, and Allocation Worldwide Application of Broader Sharing in Lung Transplant.mp4
SS77 – RESEARCH SESSION 77 Thicker than Water Bleeding and LVADs.mp4
SS78 – RESEARCH SESSION 78 The Beginning of the End in Lung Transplantation PGD, AMR and CLAD.mp4
SS79 – RESEARCH SESSION 79 Go with the Flow Hemodynamic Guiding Therapies in Heart Failure.mp4
SS80 – RESEARCH SESSION 80 Heart Transplant Long-Term Outcomes In It for the Long Haul.mp4
SS81 – RESEARCH SESSION 81 Primary Graft Dysfunction and Acute Lung Rejection.mp4
SS82 – RESEARCH SESSION 82 Donor Lung Management Can We Do Better.mp4
SS83 – RESEARCH SESSION 83 What’s Holding Me Back Exercise in LVAD Patients.mp4


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