Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine 11th Annual Critical Care Refresher Course 2023

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+ Include: 72 videos, size: 7.35 GB

+ Target Audience: critical care physician


+ Include: 72 videos, size: 7.35 GB

+ Target Audience: critical care physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

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+ Topics:

11th CCRC-07.04.2023-1 How to interpret my ABG_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-1 Sepsis management in 2023_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-10 A pt with acute onset of jaundice coagulopathy and encephlopathy_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-10 Acute pancreatitis Identification to Management_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-12 Bulging Brain_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-13 A patient with Acute Confusional State in ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-15 Critical Illness polyneuromyopathy Risk factor diagnosis _ management_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-16 Drugs_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-2 A patient with cough, fever, breathlessness _ infiltrates on Xray_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-2 How to appraise a research paper_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-3 A patient with breathing difficulty with or without history of smoking and atopy_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-3 AKI_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-3 Thrombocytopenia _ coagulopathy in ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-4 An unanticipated difficult airway in the ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-4 Gullian Barre Syndrome_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-5 A patient with sudden onset slurring of speech with limb weakness_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-5 Fungal infection in ICU New headache_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-5 Mysthania Gravis_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-6 Intracranial hypertension_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-6 PEEP titration in various diseases in Intensive care_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.04.2023-7 Extracorporeal therapies ECMO _ ECCO2R_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-07.06.2022-14 A decompensated chronic liver disease patient in my ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-1 Various methods by which I can wean my pt_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-11 Hemodynamic Monitoring The Basics_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-13 Does my pt really have HAP VAP_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-13 NOAC Drugs_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-15 Communicatiom in Intensive care_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-15 Right Heart Failure_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-17 Non Invasive Ventilation_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-2 A pt with extremely high blood pressures_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-4 Antimicrobial dosing in critical care_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-6 Tropical Fever in Critical care_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-7 Screen on Ventilator Curves and Loops_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-8 How do i manage Brain Dead pt_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-8 Practice Changing Studies in critical care 1_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-9 How do I manage GI Bleed_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-08.04.2023-9 Practice changing studies in critical care_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-1 A burns patient in ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-1 How should I feed my patient in ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-10 Principles of Aerosol therapy in Critical Care_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-10 What to do after Cardiac Arrest TTM and post Cardiac Arrest Management_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-11 A Critically Ill Pregnant Patient_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-11 A Polytrauma patient_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-11 Endocrine emergencies_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-12 Acute Coronary Syndrome_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-12 Cardiac output monitoring_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-12 Skin and Soft Tissue Infection in ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-13 Haemodynamic Monitoring – Beyond Basics_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-13 IABP_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-14 A pt with AKI How and When do I dialyze_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-14 Anti fungals _ guidelines_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-14 Op Poisoning_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-14 Sudden onset Headache – Worst of his her live_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-15 Antimicrobial Drugs – Old and New_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-16 Instruments_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-16 Oxygen Therapy Devices in ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-16 Traumatic Brain Injury_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-2 A patient with fever with or without seizures altered sensorium_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-2 Cardiac Arrythmias and their Management_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-3 Haematological emergencies in ICU including HLH_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-3 Unknown Substance overdose – How do I Manage_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-4 Dysnatremias in ICU Am Still confused_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-4 Plasma Exchange in Critical Care -When and How to do_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-5 A patient with tense Abdomen high pressure with or without Organ Failure_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-5 Life threatening haemorrhage acute coagulopathy of trauma and massive transfusion in ICU_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-6 My patient continues to remain hypoxic – Is there a reason to panic_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-6 Ventilation Induced Lung Injury and Mechanical power_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-7 Abdominal catastrophes in Intensive Care_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-7 Morbid obesity and Critical Illness_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-8 A patient in cardiac failure with or without poor heart_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-9 A Patient with sudden onset pain in legs with circulatory collapse_HD_WEB.mp4
11th CCRC-10.04.2023-9 Imaging relevant to Critical Care_HD_WEB.mp4


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