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Heart Rhythm Society Core Concepts in EP and Board Prep 2021

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Heart Failure Society of America Virtual Board Certification Review Course 2021

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+ Include: 50 videos, size: 9.72 GB

+ Target Audience: cardiologist


+ Include: 50 videos, size: 9.72 GB

+ Target Audience: cardiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Adult Congenital Heart Disease for the HF Specialist.mp4
Advanced Heart Failure Defining the Phenotype and Patient Selection for Advanced Therapies.mp4
Assessment of Functional Capacity including cardiopulmonary exercise testing.mp4
Cardio Renal Failure Interactions in Heart Failure.mp4
Cardio-Oncology for the HF boards.mp4
Cardiogenic Shock Management.mp4
Clinico-Pathologic Correlates in Heart Failure Images for the Heart Failure Boards.mp4
Device Therapy in Heart Failure I – Sudden Death Prevention.mp4
Device Therapy in Heart Failure II – CRT.mp4
Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment.mp4
Drug Therapy for Chronic HF I Focus on established therapies (ACE ARB Beta-blocker MRA Digoxin Hydralazine Nitrates).mp4
Drug Therapy for Chronic HF II Focus on newer therapies (Sacubitril Valsartan, Ivabradine, SGLT2 inhibitors).mp4
Heart Failure Epidemiology and Risk Factors.mp4
Heart Transplant, Clinical Outcomes and Complications.mp4
Hemodynamics in HF I.mp4
Hemodynamics in HF II.mp4
HFpEF Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Management (for the boards).mp4
Immunology The Basics, PRA, Sensitization, Crossmatch.mp4
Issues in Chronic HF Disease Management (Biomarkers, Remote Monitoring, Lifestyle Interventions).mp4
Management of Common Arrhythmias I – Atrial Fib and Flutter.mp4
Management of Common Arrhythmias in HF II.mp4
Management of Comorbidities in Heart Failure – Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, Iron Deficiency Anemia, COPD.mp4
Management of the Hospitalized HF Patient.mp4
Management of Valvular Heart Disease in Heart Failure (including functional MR, low gradient AS, tricuspid regurgitation).mp4
Managing Immunosuppression and Drugs.mp4
MCS I Durable MCS Devices and Outcomes.mp4
MCS II Temporary Support Devices and ECMO for the Boards.mp4
MCS III MCS Complications and Patient Management.mp4
MCS IV Interactive Shock and Device Management (Note Live Session).mp4
Pathophysiology I Cellular and Energetic Considerations.mp4
Pathophysiology II Hemodynamic, Structural, and Neurohormonal Considerations.mp4
Pulmonary Hypertension.mp4
Q&A Panel I.mp4
Q&A Panel II.mp4
Q&A Panel III.mp4
Rejection Cellular and Antibody Mediated.mp4
SESSION I Cardiac Transplantation.mp4
SESSION II Key Issues in HF Management – Part I.mp4
SESSION II Key Issues in HF Management – Part II.mp4
SESSION II Key Issues in HF Management – Part III.mp4
SESSION III Specific Heart Failure Syndromes.mp4
SESSION V Special Topics in HF.mp4
Specific Etiologies of HF I Common Etiologies (CAD, ETOH, Peripartum, Myocarditis).mp4
Specific Etiologies of HF II Inherited HF syndromes (including HCM, ARVC, and LVNC).mp4
Specific Etiologies of HF III Infiltrative Disorders and Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (Amyloidosis, Sarcoidosis, Hemochromatosis, Fabry).mp4
Statistics for the HF Board.mp4
Welcome & HFSA Introductions.mp4
Welcome & Introductions 2.mp4
Welcome & Introductions 3.mp4


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