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DocmedED 2020 Clinical Breast Imaging and Interventions Update

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DocmedED 2020 Classic Lectures in Gastrointestinal Imaging

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DocmedED 2020 Classic Lectures in Women’s Imaging

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+ Include: 44 videos + 1 pdf, size: 4.91 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

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+ Include: 44 videos + 1 pdf, size: 4.91 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

1. MRI of the Adnexa 5 Imaging Pearls.mp4
2. Pelvic Pain.mp4
3. MRI of Uterine Malignancy Focused on Revised FIGO.mp4
4. Ovarian Masses The Role of Ultrasound.mp4
5. Hemorrhagic Cysts and Ovarian Torsion.mp4
6. OB Do_s and Don_ts.mp4
7. Applications of 3D Ultrasound in Gynecology.mp4
8. Interesting Abdominal Ultrasound Cases.mp4
9. Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding.mp4
10. Adnexal Masses What_s Benign and What_s Malignant.mp4
11. PETCT in Malignancy of the Breast and Female Pelvis.mp4
12. Ultrasound Evaluation of Pelvic Masses.mp4
13. Update on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.mp4
14. First Trimester and Pregnancy of Uncertain Viability (IPUV).mp4
15. Endometrium and Sonohysterography.mp4
16. The 11 – 14 Weeks Obstetrical Scan Current Concepts and Future Directions.mp4
17. Ectopic Pregnancy.mp4
18. Liability in OBGYN Ultrasound Minimizing Risk and Improving Outcomes.mp4
19. Fetal Growth Restriction Diagnosis and Management.mp4
20. Ultrasound Evaluation of the Breast How to Improve Sensitivity and Specificity.mp4
21. Management of the Palpable Breast Mass.mp4
22. Screening Breast US.mp4
23. Ultrasound BI-RADS What to do When.mp4
24. Breast Microcalcifications and Axillary Lymph Nodes How Can Ultrasound Help.mp4
25. Biopsy Under Ultrasound and Stereotactic Guidance What is New.mp4
26. Breast Density and Supplemental Screening.mp4
27. Breast MRI Acquisition What is Needed.mp4
28. What is the Hype with Background Parenchymal Enhancement.mp4
29. Incidental Enhancing Lesions on MRI.mp4
30. How to Interpret Breast MRI.mp4
31. The New MRI BI-RADS.mp4
32. Radiologic Management of the Axilla.mp4
33. Breast MRI Indications and Utilization.mp4
34. MRI in the Post Treated Breast Benign and Malignant Procedures.mp4
35. MRI Guided Breast Biopsy.mp4
36. Imaging After Oncoplastic Surgery _ Implants.mp4
37. Breast MRI Case Review.mp4
38. Imaging Correlation of MRI Findings.mp4
39. MRI of the High Risk Patient.mp4
40. MRI and Imaging of Augmented and Reconstructed Breast.mp4
41. Screening Controversies _ Breast Density.mp4
42. The Spectrum of ADH _ DCIS When Is It Overdiagnosis.mp4
43. Imaging Margin Assessm.mp4
44. Radioactive Seed Localization.mp4


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