Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Meeting 2023

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+ Include: 28 videos, size: 33.3 GB

+ Target Audience: cosmetic physican

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+ Include: 28 videos, size: 33.3 GB

+ Target Audience: cosmetic physican

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

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The annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting is a unique & rigorous program that is led by rhinoplasty expert Dr. Rod J. Rohrich and other world-class faculty.

2023 Topics Include

∙ The Basics/Nasal Analysis
∙ Preservation Rhinoplasty Overview
∙ Tip Shaping Finesse
∙ The Lateral Wall/Alar Rim
∙ Advanced Septal Surgery
∙ Dorsum Finesse
∙ Dallas Rhinoplasty Advances/Finesse
∙ The Ethnic Nose
∙ Revision Rhinoplasty
∙ Hands-On Cadaver Lab


+ Topics:

15 Step Facelift ASPSÿ- Rod J. Rohrich, MD.mp4
3 point compartmentalization identification and dissection- sequenceÿ- Enrico Robotti, MD.mp4
80 Dallas Rhino lab cadaverÿdissection – Rod J, Rohrich, MD and Jamil Ahmad, MD.mp4
A Wholistic Approach to Rejuvenation Combining Treatments for Optimal Outcomes – Doris Day, MD.mp4
Closed Preservation Rhinoplastyÿÿ-ÿDino Elyassnia,ÿMD.mp4
Combined use power-piezo – full letdownÿ- Enrico Robotti, MD.mp4
Crooked nose midvault split cart pushdown sequence – Enrico Robotti, MD.mp4
Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting 2023.mp4
Harvesting and Laminating the Rib – Enrico Robotti, MD.mp4
HighÿStrip Preservation Rhinoplasty – Yves Saban, MD.mp4
HiÿDef Lipo Refinements – Alfredo Hoyas, MD.mp4
HiÿDefinition Lipo – Alfredo Hoyos, MD.mp4
Live surgery Preservation Rhinoplasty – AbdulkadirÿGoskel, MD.mp4
Lstrut rib laminas reconstruction, tip and SPLF graft – Enrico Robotti, MD.mp4
Midvault split with overlap, 3 point compart + ligament sling in full letdownÿÿ- Enrico Robotti, MD.mp4
My pushdown sequence 2 – overlap concept + pre-post (+ septum brief) – Enrico Robotti, MD.mp4
Pr Rhinoplasty – Nazim Cerkes, MD.mp4
Preservation Rhinoplasty Longÿ- Rod J. Rohrich, MD.mp4
Primary Rhinoplasty – Matt Novak, MD.mp4
Primary Rhinoplasty Longÿ- Rod J. Rohrich, MD.mp4
Providing Dorsal Contour-ÿEnrico Robotti, MD.mp4
Refinements in Open Rhinoplastyÿ- Rod J. Rohrich, MD.mp4
Revision Rhinoplasty, 1 – Matt Novak, MD.mp4
Revision Rhinoplasty, 2 (Pollybreak) – Matt Novak, MD.mp4
Rhinoplasty Preservation Rhinoplasty – Bart Stubenitsky, MD.mp4
Tension Nose Complete PGÿ- Rod J. Rohrich, MD.mp4
The Dallas Cosmetic Surgery Dissection Guide – Rod J. Rohrich, MD FACS, James M Stutzen, MD FACS, Jamil Ahmad, MD FRCSC.mp4
Tip Suturing (Final)ÿNasal Tip Shaping – Spencer Cochran, MD.mp4


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