Contemporary Forum Pediatric Critical Care & Emergency Nursing Conference 2017

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‘+ Include: 32 videos, size: 3.71 GB

+ Target Audience: pediatric physician, critical care physician, emergency physician


+ Include: 32 videos, size: 3.71 GB

+ Target Audience: pediatric physician, critical care physician, emergency physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

CCS11 Fluids and Electrolytes Aiming for Balance Managing Imbalances.mp4
CCS12 Making It Real Simulation Case Studies.mp4
CCS13 ECG Interpretation and Arrhythmia Management.mp4
CCS14 Is It Mommy or Is It Me Listening to New Mothers and Recognizing Signs of Life Threatening.mp4
CCS21 Physiologies of Congenital Heart Disease and Management of Cardiac Emergencies.mp4
CCS23 Blood Gas Interpretation and Acid Base Balance.mp4
CCS24 Pediatric Case Studies in Acute and Chronic Mechanical Ventilation.mp4
CCS31 Antimicrobial Stewardship.mp4
CCS32 Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Pediatric Patient.mp4
CCS33 Bouncebacks Remember That ED Patient You Saw the Other Day.mp4
CCS34 Code Team Chaos Team Dynamics Huddles Positioning Videotaping and Debriefing.mp4
CCS41 A Variety Pack of Toxicology Cases New Presentations and Therapies.mp4
CCS42 Five Research Articles That will Change Your PICU ED Practice.mp4
CCS43 When an Afternoon Nap Becomes NAT Early Recognition and Treatment of Non Accidental Head Trauma.mp4
CCS44 Surviving the Glucose Apocalypse Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis.mp4
CCS51 Better the Devil You Know Smart IV Sedation.mp4
CCS53 Current Hot Topics in Pediatric Critical Care.mp4
CCS54 Febrile Infant Workup.mp4
FRI1030 Substance Abuse in Pediatrics From Opiates to the Street to the Internet Highway QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
FRI800 The New SCCM Recommendations for Management of Pediatric Sepsis and Septic Shock.mp4
FRI845 Playground Pains Using Clinical Decision Rules to Guide the Need for Imaging.mp4
FRI945 Dazed and Confused Assessment and Management of Delirium in Critically Ill Children.mp4
PC1000 Increased ICP Origins and Implications QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
PC130 Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Pathophysiology and Management.mp4
PC315 Complex Cases in Pediatrics QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
PC800 Hitting the High Points Hypovolemic Cardiogenic Septic and Obstructive Shock.mp4
WED1000 Emergency Management Multidisciplinary Response to the Boston Marathon Bombings and Other Events.mp4
WED1045 Recognition Support and Treatment of Staff with PTSD QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
WED215 Non Invasive Ventilation When Do We Say Enough.mp4
WED315 Brain Matters The Good Bad and Ugly of Traumatic and Acute Problems QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
WED800 Measured Progress in Resuscitation.mp4
WED845 Emergency Management Practices at a Pediatric Academic Medical Center.mp4


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