Contemporary Forum Fetus and Newborn 2018

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‘+ Include: 42 videos, size: 3.88 GB

+ Target Audience: gynecology and obstetrics physician


+ Include: 42 videos, size: 3.88 GB

+ Target Audience: gynecology and obstetrics physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

CCS11 Late Preterm Infants Where Are We Now.mp4
CCS12 Pain Management ECMO (Oxygenation).mp4
CCS13 Litigation Hot Spots in Neonatal Care.mp4
CCS14 Radiology for the Bedside Nurse What You Need to Know.mp4
CCS21 Hot Topics in the Literature 2018.mp4
CCS22 Is the Best Transfusion No Transfusion Current Practice and Dilemmas.mp4
CCS23 Cardiac Infant A Tour of Congenital Heart Disease.mp4
CCS24 Great Things Come in Tiny Packages What You Need to Know About ELBW Babies.mp4
CCS31 Hypothermia and Adjunctive Therapies for HIE.mp4
CCS32 Pitfalls of Visual Diagnosis in the Nursery.mp4
CCS33 Non-Invasion Ventilation What Is It.mp4
CCS34 Everything A Bedside RN Needs To Know About Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.mp4
CCS41 Strategies for the Prevention of BPD.mp4
CCS42 Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of Complex Neonatal Cases.mp4
CCS43 Fired for Using Facebook Law, Ethics, and Professionalism in the Use of Social Media.mp4
CCS44 Pre- and Postoperative Management Of Newborns With Surgical Conditions.mp4
CCS51 Do Intermittent Hypoxic Episodes in Preemies Matter.mp4
CCS52 Nuts & Bolts of Creating Family Centered Care.mp4
CCS53 Optimization of Ventilation in a Neonate Old School vs New School.mp4
CCS54 Feeding Babies on Non-Invasive Ventilation.mp4
FRI145 – Clinical Application of Genomics in Neonatology.mp4
FRI230 – Mastering the Magic of Mothers Milk in the NICU.mp4
FRI330 – Principles of Family Parent Engagement.mp4
FRI415 – Minimizing Antibiotic Exposure in Infants at Risk for Early Onset Sepsis.mp4
FRI715 – EXTRA CREDIT SUNRISE PRESENTATION Historical-Hysterical Myths in Neonatology.mp4
PC1000 – Current Practices in Pulmonary Hypertension.mp4
PC1045 – Strategies to Reduce Medication Errors in the NICU.mp4
PC130 – Resuscitation Update What’s New.mp4
PC215 – Neonatal Hypoglycemia and Update on the Use of Glucose Gel.mp4
PC315 – Blood Pressure Management in Neonates The Highs and the Lows.mp4
PC400 – Legalization of Marijuana Unintended Consequences on our Most Vulnerable Patients.mp4
PC800 – PK Knowledge to Improve Drug Dosing in the NICU.mp4
PC845 – Pain and Sedation Management Sedation, Analgesia, and the Newborn Brain.mp4
SAT1030 – How to Sleep at Night with the Ethical Dilemmas of the Sick Neonate.mp4
SAT800 – The Oxygen Controversy Why Can’t Neonatologists Get It Correct.mp4
SAT845 – To Treat or Not To Treat Management Of PDA.mp4
SAT945 – Apnea When Preemies Don’t Breathe.mp4
THU1000 – Is Baby Friendly Baby Safe.mp4
THU1045 – Pharmacotherapy for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Choosing the Right Opioid or No Opioid At All.mp4
THU1130 – The Artificial Womb Transforming Care for Extremely Premature Babies.mp4
THU800 – Key Issues in Neonatology 2018.mp4
THU845 – Nutritional Challenges in The VLBW Infant.mp4


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