Contemporary Forum Advanced Critical Care & Emergency Nursing Conference 2017

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‘+ Include: 35 videos, size: 3.99 GB

+ Target Audience: critical care physician, emergency physician


+ Include: 35 videos, size: 3.99 GB

+ Target Audience: critical care physician, emergency physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

CCS11 Use of Advanced Radiology in Managing Emergent and Acutely Ill Adults CT MRI Ultrasound.mp4
CCS12 Multi System Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.mp4
CCS13 Targeting Renal Recovery Acute Kidney Injury Treatment and Optimized Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT).mp4
CCS14 The Use and Abuse of Antimicrobials.mp4
CCS21 Fall Down Go Boom Mechanisms of Trauma.mp4
CCS22 Applied Individualized Hemodynamics Continuum of Where Why for Whom and with What.mp4
CCS23 Anesthesia and Your Patient Not a Benign Event.mp4
CCS24 Cytochrome P450 What Every Nurse Should Know.mp4
CCS31 Breaking Down the Complex Management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.mp4
CCS32 Immunity Concepts.mp4
CCS33 APRV What Why and When.mp4
CCS34 Emergency Medicine Medications Pearls and Pitfalls.mp4
CCS41 Diagnosis and Management of Acute Abdominal Pain Recognizing the Itises.mp4
CCS42 PA Catheters Insertion and Trouble Shooting.mp4
CCS43 The Metabolic Mess of Obesity What Critical Care Nurses SHOULD Know and Do.mp4
CCS44 Toxidromes Up Down Or In Between.mp4
CCS51 Best Ventilation Practices From Intubation to Admission.mp4
CCS52 Hypertensive Crisis.mp4
CCS53 Determining Brain Death It is Not as Easy as You Think.mp4
CCS54 Reversing Dangerous Bleeding Must-Know New Medications.mp4
PC1015 Injury and Ischemia QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
PC145 Atrial and Ventricular Hypertrophies Myocardial Mimics Electrolyte and Drug Effects on the ECG.mp4
PC330 Wide Complex Tachycardias Differentiating Ectopy from Aberrance.mp4
PC430 Final Case Studies Questions and Answers.mp4
PC800 Identifying Normal on the ECG Contiguous Leads Normal Morphology Axis Bundle Branch Blocks.mp4
SAT1015 Know the Rules and Keep Score Evidence Based Decision Rules And Tools from Head to Toe.mp4
SAT1115 The New Sepsis Guidelines QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
SAT800 Life Threatening Non Diabetic Endocrine Emergencies.mp4
SAT900 Acute Heart Failure.mp4
THU1030 Drug Trends From Pharmaceuticals to Street Drugs QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
THU130 The Land of OZ(2) Strategies for Multisystem Assessment of Ventilation Circulation and Metabolism.mp4
THU230 Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Broken Heart Syndrome.mp4
THU345 Body Art Gone Wrong The Medical Implications of Body Modification QandD Faculty Panel.mp4
THU800 Courageous Care.mp4
THU900 STEMI Guidelines The Most Current Evidence for Impacting Outcomes.mp4


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