Cleveland Clinic 5th Annual Cleveland Breast Cancer Summit 2019

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‘+ Include: 19 videos, size: 5 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist


+ Include: 19 videos, size: 5 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Augmenting the Cancer Immunity Cycle.mp4
CAR-T Cell Therapy for Breast Cancer Types of T-Cell Therapy, Identifying Target Cancer-Antigen, Mesothelin Directed CAR T Therapy & Saving T-Cells from Exhaustion.mp4
Case Adjuvant Systemic and Radiation Therapy Options for 68 yo Patient with ER+, HER2+ Breast Cancer.mp4
Case of a 35 yo Woman with Micrometastatic Carcinoma, RCB-II Whose Disease Relapse Into ER+, PR-, HR2.mp4
Case of a 65 yo Woman with DCIS Breast Cancer, pN1 Micrometastases and Weakly ER+ Surgical and Systemic Treatment Discussion.mp4
Current Concept of Breast Cancer Vaccines Study on HER2 Directed Vaccine in Combo with HER2 Directed Trastuzumab & Checkpoint Inhibitors + Vaccines.mp4
Current Standard of Care For Breast Cancer With Radiation Therapy Can the Length of Radiation Treatment be Reduced & Does the Whole Breast Need to Be Irradiated.mp4
Current State of Breast Cancer Vaccines Testing Vaccines in Adjuvant Setting, HER2 as a Target of Immune Response and Related Trials.mp4
Discussions on Approach to Ipsilateral Breast Tumor Recurrences with Case Example.mp4
Enhancing the Impact of Immunotherapy in TNBC IO Therapy Options in Early Stage Disease.mp4
Evolving Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer.mp4
Imaging Response to Treatment Challenges of Immunotherapy Discussion of Patterns of Immune-Related Adverse Effects.mp4
Improving the response to immunotherapy Turning cold tumors hot.mp4
NCCN Guidelines Update for ER+ Breast Cancer CDK46 and PIK3CA Inhibitors for Advanced BC & Tamoxifen and Aromatase Inhibitors for Early BC.mp4
NCCN Guidelines Update for TNBC and HER2 Breast Cancer Immunotherapy and PARP Inhibitors in TNBC & Trastuzumab Biosimilars in HER2 BC.mp4
Overview of Current Response Imaging Patterns to Immunotherapy.mp4
Q&A on Clinical Data Behind Changing the Guidelines, Her2+ Testing in DCIS, Centromeric Probes, PDL-1 in TNBC, Changes in Fish Ratio & Heterogeneous HER2.mp4
Review of HER2 Testing Guidelines in Breast Cancer With Cases – IHC Equivocal Definition, Repeating Testing if Initially Negative Test on Core Biopsy, & HER2 Genotypes.mp4
Therapeutic Options for Systemic Treatment of TNBC & New Data on PDL-1 and Immunotherapy.mp4


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