Canadian Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

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‘+ Include: 32 videos + 1 pdf, size: 48.7 GB

+ Target Audience: physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, anesthesiologists


+ Include: 32 videos + 1 pdf, size: 48.7 GB

+ Target Audience: physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, anesthesiologists

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Canadian Pain Society 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual)

The 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting will create a forum in which scientists, healthcare professionals, and trainees from clinical, educational, research, policy and industry settings can meet and exchange up-to-date information on pain mechanisms, pain assessment, and pain management. Our events promote core values of professionalism and competency-based education and advocates on behalf of patients with acute and chronic pain.

This year, given the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, we will be doing things a little differently – below is a taste of what to expect but visit the website for updates and the latest news.

CPS ASM 2021 by the Numbers: 

  • 1 Remarkable Keynote
  • 1 Distinguished Career Lecture
  • 1 Early Career Lecture
  • 2 Outstanding Plenary Speakers
  • 3 Days of Exceptional Content
  • 10 Provinces & 3 Territories
  • 20+ Symposia/Workshop Sessions
  • 100+ Posters
  • Endless opportunities to network, discuss, and ask questions

When: April 28-30, 2021

Event Date: 04/28/2021



+ Topics:

April 28 Keynote.mp4
April 28 Opening Remarks and Keynote.mp4
April 28 Opening Remarks.mp4
April 28 Session 1 The role of altered cognitive processing of bodily sensations in pain.mp4
April 28 Session 2 Innovations in post-surgical pain management across lifespan.mp4
April 28 Session 3 Engaging people with lived experience through integrated knowledge translation.mp4
April 28 Session 4 COVID-19 human nociceptors, and pain.mp4
April 28 Session 5 Understanding pain as bodily threat.mp4
April 28 Session 6 Diverse phenotypes and functions of microglia in pain.mp4
April 28 Session 7 Innovations in chronic pain management individualized and targeted interventions.mp4
April 28 Session 8 When Public Health Crises Collide Managing Cancer Pain Amidst.mp4
April 29 Jump in with SKIP.mp4
April 29 Keynote Dr Sarah Ross.mp4
April 29 Keynote Dr Sean Mackey.mp4
April 29 Opening Remarks and Keynote.mp4
April 29 Opening Remarks.mp4
April 29 Session 1 The social neuroscience of empathy for pain and touch.mp4
April 29 Session 2 Management of chronic pain in the era of COVID-19.mp4
April 29 Session 3 Knowledge translation interventions across the lifespan.mp4
April 29 Session 4 Cannabis and pain putting the horse back before the cart.mp4
April 29 Session 5 From CNS mechanisms of pain to pain biomarkers.mp4
April 29 Session 6 Quantitative Sensory Testing in Pain Research.mp4
April 29 Session 7 Disparities in child pain care Antecedents, consequences and underlying mechanisms.mp4
April 29 Session 8 From Post-Operative Pain to Chronic Pain and Even In-Between.mp4
April 30 Distinguished Career Keynote Gerald Zamponi.mp4
April 30 Early Career Keynote Dr Reza Sharif-Naeini.mp4
April 30 Opening Remarks and Keynotes.mp4
April 30 Opening Remarks.mp4
April 30 Session 1 Mechanisms of pain learning and motivation.mp4
April 30 Session 2 Using digital technologies for pain management and education across the age spectrum.mp4
April 30 Session 3 People who Live with Chronic Pain Efforts in Research and Beyond.mp4
April 30 Session 4 Hot Topics.mp4
COMPLETE 2021 Agenda.pdf


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