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Northwestern Medicine Comprehensive Stroke and Cerebrovascular Conference 2018

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American Society of Head and Neck Radiology 55th Annual Meeting 2021

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Association of Program Directors in Radiology National Virtual Noon Conference 2020

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+ Include: 34 videos, size: 4.44 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

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+ Include: 34 videos, size: 4.44 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Advanced Ischemic Stroke Imaging _ Voice Loss.mp4
APDR Junior Member Roundtable.mp4
Breast Implant Imaging and US BI-RADS Review.mp4
Breast MR Artifacts _ Bi-Rads of Breast MRI.mp4
Cervical Lymph Nodes and Head and Neck Lymphoma _ Vascular Lesions of the Head and Neck.mp4
Considerations of Cardiothoracic Imaging in Pregnancy.mp4
Coronary CTA for Acute Chest Pain _ CT and MRI of Cardiac Masses.mp4
COVID -19 Part I _ II.mp4
COVID Preparedness- RSNA Task Force Recommendations _ Lung Cancer- Diagnosis and Management.mp4
CT Evaluation of Small Bowel Tumors.mp4
CT of Appendicitis.mp4
Current Strategies in Carotid Diagnosis _ Liver Doppler- TIPS and Tricks.mp4
Diffuse Nodular Lung Disease _ Germ Cell Tumors of the Thorax.mp4
Emergency Neuroradiology Case Conference _ The Terrible T_s of Testicular Ultrasound.mp4
Esophagus- What Goes Down Might Come Up _ Cervical Cancer- Diagnosis, Staging, Treatment, Monitoring.mp4
Female Pelvic MRI- Case Review _ OB_GYN Ultrasound Pitfalls.mp4
How Physicians Are Paid and Why That Matters _ Getting Started in Leadership.mp4
Imaging Children with Abdominal Pain _ Neonatal Chest Diseases – The Fundamentals.mp4
Imaging Non-Traumatic Pediatric GU Emergencies _ Benign Pediatric Bone Lesions.mp4
Imaging of Cystic Hepatobiliary Masses _ Virtual Colonoscopy aka CT Colonography.mp4
Imaging of Cystic Lung Disease _ Infections in the Immunocompromised Host.mp4
Inflammatory Brain Lesions.mp4
Interventional Oncology- Radioembolization (Y-90).mp4
MRI of Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathies _ Imaging of Acute Aortic Syndrome.mp4
On-Call Nuclear Medicine _ CNS Nuclear Medicine Review – YouTube.mp4
Patterns, Pearls and Pitfalls in Adnexal Ultrasound _ Complications of First Trimester Pregnancy.mp4
Scrotal Ultrasound- -Can_t Miss- Diagnoses _ ACR TI-RADS- Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System.mp4
Solid Abdominal Tumors in Children _ Pediatric Foot Alignment.mp4
The Complex World of Spinal Dysraphism _ Intracranial Findings in Infectious Diseases in Children.mp4
The Pregnant and Lactating Breast- Imaging Review _ Nuts and Bolts of Breast Calcifications.mp4
Traumatic Diaphragmatic Injury _ Spinal Trauma- Fact and Fallacies.mp4
Ultrasound Evaluation of Kidney and Liver Transplants _ Pancreatitis.mp4


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