Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

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+ Include: 5 videos + 1 pdf, size: 6.72 GB

+ Target Audience: surgeons

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+ Include: 5 videos + 1 pdf, size: 6.72 GB

+ Target Audience: surgeons

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

• To discuss the current role of robotic rectal surgery and future opportunities from a high-volume colorectal cancer centre.
• To discuss the current role of robots in colonic surgery and potential future opportunities.
• To review the steps in a pre-recorded ‘as live’ video of robotic rectal resection and focus on technical issues, tips and tricks in managing pedicle ligation and dissection in the true pelvis.
• Trainees to present intraoperative minimal access surgery (MAS) videos and abstracts on their work related to MAS.
• To thank the Industry Partners for their support with technology development and adoption of MAS.
Mr Chelliah Selvasekar ALSGBI Team Leader

• Demonstration of the elements of LapPass®.
• Explain the benefits of LapPass® to the trainee and the trainer.
• See the subtleties and nuances of differing techniques of splenic flexure mobilisation.
• An opportunity to ask questions of experts in the field of colorectal surgery.
• See a selection of excellent trainee videos and oral presentations.
Mr Andrew Day ALSGBI Team Leader

We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase some of the best international talents in both Upper GI and HPB surgery. As well as inspiring us with their latest advancements, there will be ample discussion and plenty that participants can take away to guide their own practice. The Key Learning objectives are:
• Update on best practice in Upper GI and HPB surgery, ideal for CPD and FRCS revision.
• Includes ‘state of the art’ views on Upper GI and HPB cancer management, treatment for gastro-oesophageal reflux and bile duct stones.
• Be inspired by new technology and developments in minimal access techniques.
• Experience the skills of our international field of experts, that can be used to develop your own techniques.
• Challenge attitudes, to transform your own surgical practice in 2021.
Mr Paul Leeder, ALSGBI Team Leader

Dear ALSGBI Members
Welcome to the ‘Bariatric Surgery Symposium’ of the ALSGBI 2020 virtual Annual Scientific Meeting (vASM).
We will start the day with a presentation from ETHICON and then move on to our ‘as live’ surgery – a mini, or one anastomosis, gastric bypass. This is a simplification of the traditional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with a reduction in technical complexity and shorter intraoperative time. A long, narrow gastric pouch is created and a loop of jejunum is attached with a single anastomosis, hence the name.

We then progress to a symposium on sleeve revision, with opinions from a number of experts on how best to revise a sleeve gastrectomy should additional surgery be needed. Sleeve gastrectomy rapidly increased in popularity and has been the commonest bariatric procedure carried out for the last five years. Occasionally a sleeve may need to be revised and this can be done in a number of differing ways, as you will hear.

To finish, we have a presentation from one of our travelling scholarship winners and then free paper, DVD and poster sessions. With best wishes.
Mr David Mahon, ALSGBI Team Leader

Welcome, everyone, to the last day of an exciting and an inclusive ALSGBI 2020 virtual Annual Scientific Meeting (vASM). On behalf of my co-chairs, Mr Graham Whiteley and Mr Jawad Ahmad, I promise today will be equally
informative and rousing. The theme of today’s virtual conference is ‘General & Emergency Surgery Day’, all sessions feature national and international faculty.
The important highlights are:
• Overview of emergency minimal access surgery in HPB, Upper GI and Colorectal Specialties.
• Able to understand salient aspects of dealing with bleeding whilst performing advanced robotic HPB surgery.
• Recognise the applied anatomy and surgical steps of managing emergency traumatic diaphragmatic hernia.
• Appraise the role of VATS in traumatic haemothorax.
• Acquire the merit of acute laparoscopy in surgical emergencies backed up with the UK published outcome data (NELA).
• ‘As Live’ surgery; emergency single port minimal access colorectal surgery, clinical approach, operative principles and management. One other objective is to highlight trepidations surrounding a senior trainee when he becomes a consultant about performing such operations and clarify the learning objectives.
I am confident that this session is of high quality and relevant to the current practice of laparoscopic surgery in emergencies. I hope that we all learn from it, on behalf of the ALSGBI, thank you all.
Professor YKS Viswanath ALSGBI Team Leader



+ Topics:

Monday Technology Symposium.mp4
Tuesday Colorectal Surgery Symposium.mp4
Wednesday Upper GI Surgery Symposium.mp4
Thursday Bariatric Surgery Symposium.mp4
Friday General & Emergency Surgery Symposium.mp4


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