Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology Annual Conference 2023

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+ Include: 35 videos, size: 130 GB

+ Target Audience: infectious disease physician


+ Include: 35 videos, size: 130 GB

+ Target Audience: infectious disease physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

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The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) held its 2023 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. Here are some highlights from the conference:

  1. Importance of Health Equity in Infection Prevention and Control:
    • A session emphasized the significance of equity in infection prevention and explored how health inequities impact disease transmission
  2. Incorporating Horizontal Plasmid Transfer Findings in Bacterial Infection Prevention and Control:
    • Isis Lamphier, MPH, CIC, discussed research on whole genome sequencing surveillance for outbreak detection in healthcare settings
  3. Using Stool Documentation for Early Identification of Clostridioides difficile Infections:
    • A poster presented an innovative approach developed at an academic medical center to identify these infections within 3 days of admission
  4. Collaboration on Antimicrobial Stewardship:
    • Pharmacists and infection preventionists shared successful strategies for reducing unnecessary treatment of asymptomatic bacteria
  5. Construction Compliance and Effective Communication:
    • Developing a resource tracer ensures proper communication between infection preventionists and construction crews
  6. Reducing Respiratory Virus in Behavioral Health Settings:
    • New Haven’s infection prevention department implemented procedures based on literature findings to manage COVID-19 cases in behavioral health units
  7. Risk Assessment Workshop:
    • Experts explained risk assessments in an entertaining and informative presentation
  8. Children’s Hospital’s CLABSI Reduction Efforts:
    • Sustained success in reducing central line-associated bloodstream infections for 332 consecutive days
  9. Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship by Reducing Urinalysis Screening


+ Topics:

June 26 APIC Advocacy Efforts What’s New and How You Can Help.mp4
June 26 CBIC Overview Panel Discussion.mp4
June 26 From Quality Improvement to Publication.mp4
June 26 Keeping Healthcare Linens Clean.mp4
June 26 Opening General Session and Keynote Address.mp4
June 26 Sometimes 2nd Place is the Best.mp4
June 26 Splash and Droplet Generation When Cleaning Medical Equipment.mp4
June 26 Success Effecting Sustainable Change.mp4
June 26 The Infection Preventionist’s Guide to Understanding OSHA Compliance.mp4
June 26 The Insidious Dangers of Disposable Isolation Gowns.mp4
June 26 Top Outbreaks of 2021-2022 CDC HAI Outbreak Responses.mp4
June 26 Track That Infection Prevention Audit and Chart Tools.mp4
June 26 What’s Going on Back There A Neurosurgery Investigation.mp4
June 27 CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program Navigating Public Health Aboard Cruise Ships.mp4
June 27 Efficiency in Dental Instrument Reprocessing.mp4
June 27 Gemba Walk to Sustainable High-level Disinfection Compliance.mp4
June 27 General Session and Keynote Address featuring Peter Hotez – Global Vaccines and Vaccinations The Science vs The Antiscience.mp4
June 27 ICRA 2.0.mp4
June 27 IPC in the Context of Health Emergencies.mp4
June 27 Long Term Care Infection Prevention Capacity Building.mp4
June 27 Prioritizing HAI Prevention in the Face of Relentless Challenges – Perspectives from APIC and SHEA Presidents.mp4
June 27 What You Need to Know About Hemodialysis Water.mp4
June 28 Building a Home Health Infection Prevention Program.mp4
June 28 Closing General Session and Keynote featuring Lisa Bodell.mp4
June 28 Developing an Ambulatory Infection Prevention Program.mp4
June 28 Five Crucial Domains for Sterile Processing Quality Outcomes.mp4
June 28 Hospital-associated Infections and Health Equity.mp4
June 28 Infection Prevention An Academic Partnership.mp4
June 28 Infection Prevention and Control in Post-acute Care Sessions.mp4
June 28 Not the Creepy Crawlies A Scabies Investigation.mp4
June 28 Optimizing Prevention of Outbreaks in Memory Care Units.mp4
June 28 Sterile Compounding Findings and Lessons Learned.mp4
June 28 The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) for Respiratory.mp4
June 28 Ventilation Systems Understanding the Language and Science.mp4
June 28 What’s in Your Endoscope Ameliorations for Patient Safety.mp4


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