ARC 33rd Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2019

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‘+ Include: 66 videos, size: 24.2 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist


+ Include: 66 videos, size: 24.2 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

APP&D Airway Inflammation.mp4
APP&D-CFTR Airway Ions, Fluids & Mucus Transport.mp4
APP&D-INF MIC Airway Innate Defenses.mp4
APP&D-NT How Can We Minimize Lung Damage in CF From Infancy.mp4
CFTR CFTR 2019.mp4
CFTR CFTR Structure, Function & Post Translational Modification.mp4
CFTR Ion Transport by CFTR & Related Proteins.mp4
CFTR Lost in Translation Nonsense & Rare Mutations.mp4
CLIN Current Issues in CF Pharmacotherapy.mp4
CLIN Endocrine Topics From the EnVision Group.mp4
CLIN Endocrine.mp4
CLIN Epidemiology & Population-Based Research.mp4
CLIN Impact of Modulators on the Gastrointestinal Tract & Nutrition.mp4
CLIN Pulmonary Advances.mp4
CLIN Research in Gastroenterology & Hepatology.mp4
CLIN Year In Review.mp4
CLIN-APP&D-INF MIC The Impact of Highly Effective CFTR Modulator Therapy on the Natural History of CF.mp4
CLIN-GMS Diagnosis & Pulmonary Management of Infants & Young Children With CF.mp4
CLIN-NRS-SW PSYCH Sustaining Daily Care in the Era of Precision Medicine.mp4
CLIN-NT-NRS Best Practice & Innovative Approaches In Clinical Research.mp4
Emerging Technologies for CFTR Restoration in All People With CF.mp4
Entering the Era of Highly Effective Modulator Therapy.mp4
ET-NT Addressing Unmet Needs for Nonsense & Rare Mutations.mp4
ET-NT-GMS Fixing What Modulators Won’t.mp4
Evolution of CF Care Innovation & Impact.mp4
GMS Cellular Based Models for CF.mp4
GMS-ET-NT Molecular Therapies for CF.mp4
GMS-NT-ET Animal Models in the Era of CFTR Modulators & Gene Editing.mp4
INF MIC Epidemiology & Management of Infection.mp4
INF MIC Fungi in CF From Bench to Bedside.mp4
INF MIC Impact of CFTR – Modulation on Infection.mp4
INF MIC Microbial Ecology in CF.mp4
INF MIC Pathogenesis of Infection.mp4
INF MIC-NT Bacteriophage Therapy for Airway Infection What is the Potential for CF.mp4
NRS Caroline McPherson Symposium Now That I Am Older.mp4
NRS Transforming Care Partnerships.mp4
NRS-CLIN Pulmonary Exacerbations Managing Slow Progression & Acute Drops in Lung Function Decline.mp4
NRS-GMS The Genetic Makeup.mp4
NT Novel CF Treatments From Bench to Bedside.mp4
NT-APP&D Where Mechanism Meets Therapy Beyond CFTR.mp4
NT-CLIN CFTR Modulators Current Progress & Future Challenges.mp4
NT-ET New & Emerging Therapies to Correct the Basic Defect.mp4
NTR Nutrition Research.mp4
NTR-CLIN Growth A Multidisciplinary Approach.mp4
NTR-SW PSYCH-U&C Food Insecurity.mp4
PT&RT Beyond Medication A Role for Physical Therapy in the Prevention & Management of Pain in People Living.mp4
PT&RT Inhaled Medications & Airway Clearance Techniques A Global Perspective.mp4
PT&RT-CLIN Exercise & Physical Activity in CF You Are Stronger Than You Believe.mp4
PT&RT-CLIN Pulmonary Function Testing Utilization & Testing Methodology in Clinical Practice.mp4
PT&RT-SW PSYCH Psychological Effects of Treatment Burden.mp4
SC01–CLIN Expanding Responsibilities & Exploring Opportunities for the Research Coordinator.mp4
SC02–CLIN Not Your Cookie Cutter Case Complex Case Scenarios in Advanced CF Pharmacotherapy.mp4
SC03–CLIN Optimal Management of Severe Pulmonary Exacerbations Evidence Versus Consensus.mp4
SC04–CLIN-NT Advanced Lung Disease.mp4
SC06–NRS-CLIN Taming the Dynamic Duo Infection & Inflammation.mp4
SC07–NTR CF Nutrition 101.mp4
SC08–PT&RT Utilizing PT in the CF Clinic Exploring the Clinical Toolbox.mp4
SC09–SW PSYCH Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.mp4
SC10–U&C-SW PSYCH-NRS Helping People With CF & Their Families Maximize Their Options.mp4
SW PSYCH Dying With CF Supporting What Matters at the End-of-Life.mp4
SW PSYCH Psychosocial Research Showcase.mp4
SW PSYCH Psychotherapy Showcase–Psychotherapy Approaches to Mental Health Care Across the Lifespan in CF.mp4
SW PSYCH Transition Programs – Implementation & Measuring Outcomes.mp4
U&C-CLIN-NRS The Social Determinants of Health in CF Care.mp4
U&C-CLIN-SW PSYCH What Is Our Community Doing to Impact Health Policy and the Social Determinants of Health.mp4


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