Apollo Clinical Research Conclave 2022

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+ Include: 2 videos + 1 pdf, size: 14.9 GB

+ Target Audience: clinical physician


+ Include: 2 videos + 1 pdf, size: 14.9 GB

+ Target Audience: clinical physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:


Apollo Clinical Research Conclave 2022 aims at providing an ideal platform for professionals fromm Research, Industry & Academia to come together and share their expertise on different verticals, This first of its kind event, planned by ARI & AHERF, will witness participation from multiple stakeholders across Regulatory Bodies, Pharmaceuticals, Sponsors, Clinical Research Organizations, Site Management Organizations, Academia & Students,


  • Role of the Sponsor in trial Management
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • Robustness of an SMO
  • CRCs – the Backbone for Clinical Research
  • Current Landscape & Opportunities of Clinical Research in India
  • Research In Healthcare
  • Synergy between Translational and Clinical Research
  • Exploring Research Opportunities between DSIR Recognised Organisations
  • Role of CSR in Academic and Clinical Research
  • Leveraging Opportunities in Translational & Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research Professional – What does it mean in Today’s Era
  • Making Academic Research as a Mainstream Activity
  • Role of EC in Research
  • Recent changes in Clinical Research Regulations
  • Voluntary Accreditation – To Do or Not To Do
  • A Paradigm Shift in Research



+ Topics:

*Note: these are continuous video recordings during the conference, they include individual lectures mentioned in the Detail section below

December 2.mp4
December 3.mp4



* Detail:


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