American Society of Nephrology Maintenance Dialysis Update 2023

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+ Include: 17 videos, size: 2.22 GB

+ Target Audience: nephrologist


+ Include: 17 videos, size: 2.22 GB

+ Target Audience: nephrologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Providing maintenance dialysis for individuals with kidney failure requires clinicians to expertly manage comorbid conditions while providing the optimal dialysis modality for patients. This early program provides core lectures for in-center hemodialysis and home dialysis. Experts cover new trends in dialysis prescriptions based on the latest evidence and review management of comorbid conditions that are relevant to current practice. Expert panels discuss challenging cases to provide advice while solidifying knowledge from the didactic lectures.


+ Topics:

01 – Welcome and Introduction.mp4
02 – Avoiding Early Complications of Peritoneal Dialysis.mp4
03 – Avoiding Complications in Home Hemodialysis.mp4
04 – Improving Quality of Life in Maintenance Dialysis.mp4
05 – Managing Diabetes on Dialysis.mp4
06 – Avoiding Medication Errors on Dialysis.mp4
07 – Managing Peritoneal Dialysis with Surgery.mp4
08 – Applying Geriatric Principles in Hemodialysis.mp4
09 – Evidence-Based Strategies to Grow Home Dialysis.mp4
1 – Volume Management in Peritoneal Dialysis.mp4
10 – Managing Challenging Complications of Hemodialysis – Expert Panel.mp4
11 – Keeping Patients on Home Dialysis – Expert Panel.mp4
2 – Prescribing Home Hemodialysis.mp4
3 – Prevention and Management of Peritonitis.mp4
4 – Hemodialysis Modeling and Ultrafiltration Management.mp4
5 – Addressing Burnout in Patients on Home Dialysis.mp4
6 – Anticoagulation and Bleeding Complications in Hemodialysis Patients.mp4


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