American Roentgen Ray Society Case-Based Imaging Review Online Course 2022

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+ Include: 50 videos, size: 3.3 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

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+ Include: 50 videos, size: 3.3 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Day release: May 31, 2022

This Review Course provides practice-based education for all radiologists at all levels to learn and refresh themselves on common topics in 11 radiology disciplines including 176 traditional case reviews.

Video content for this Online Course will be available to view until June 1, 2026, which is ten years following the issuance date of this course. ARRS reserves the right to remove video content before the end of the ten year period. Video content that contradicts current science or misleads the viewer based on changes to accepted clinical practice may be removed on a case-by-case basis.

Learning Outcomes and Modules

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • develop differential diagnoses for conditions in 11 radiology subspecialties
  • recognize the imaging and clinical features that allow for refinement of differential diagnosis, allowing for a more specific diagnosis
  • recognize some commonly encountered imaging artifacts in the subspecialties and describe why they occur and the techniques to avoid them
  • outline management decisions affecting a variety of commonly encountered clinical scenarios



+ Topics:

RT01.1_H- Chou-Didactic- Non-interpretive Clinical Skills.mp4
RT01.2_H- Chou-Rapid Fire Case Review- Non-Vascular Cases.mp4
RT01.3_D- Abdollahian-Rapid Fire Review- Venous Cases.mp4
RT01.4_E- Aaltonen-Rapid Case Review- Arterial Cases.mp4
RT01.5_T- Niesen-Didactic- Renal Ablation.mp4
RT02.1_P- Bhambhvani-Didactic- Radioiodine Treatment in Hyperthyroidism Part 1.mp4
RT02.2_R- Lim-Rapid Fire Case Review- Peds- MSK- Physics- Regulatory and Radiation Safety.mp4
RT02.3_C- Shah-Rapid Fire Case Review- Endocrine- GI- and GU.mp4
RT02.4_W- Rieter-Rapid Fire Case Review- PET Oncology.mp4
RT02.5_P- Bhambhvani-Didactic- Radioiodine Treatment in Hyperthyroidism – Part 2.mp4
RT03.1_D- Wolfman-Didactic- Renal Masses.mp4
RT03.2_B- Wildman-Tobriner-Rapid Fire Case Review- Renal Masses.mp4
RT03.3_A- Mariano-Rapid Fire Case Review- Ureters- Bladder and Penile.mp4
RT03.4_A- Kielar-Rapid Fire Case Review- Gynecologic Abnormalities.mp4
RT03.5_D- Wolfman-Didactic- Pelvic Floor Lesions.mp4
RT04.1_E- Soloff-Didactic- Review of Cystic Pancreatic Lesions.mp4
RT04.2_M- Yano-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pancreatitis and its Complications.mp4
RT04.3_S- Wang-Rapid Fire Case Review- Postoperative Biliary Complications.mp4
RT04.4_J- Revels-Rapid Fire Case Review- Gastrointestinal Volvuli and Hernias.mp4
RT04.5_S- Wang-Didactic- GI Bleed Imaging.mp4
RT05.1_D- Saul-Didactic- Langerhans cell histiocytosis spectrum of imaging findings.mp4
RT05.2_R- Nikam-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pediatric Neuroradiology.mp4
RT05.3_D- Rosenbaum-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pediatric Musculoskeletal Imaging.mp4
RT05.4_D- Saul-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pediatric Reproductive Tract.mp4
RT05.5_A- Khwaja-Didactic- Pediatric GI-GU.mp4
RT06.1_M- Price-Didactic- Lines and Strips on Chest Radiograph with CT Correlation.mp4
RT06.2_D- Naeger-Rapid Fire Case Review- Typical and Atypical Appearances of Lung Cancer.mp4
RT06.3_G- Shroff-Rapid Fire Case Review- Postoperative Complications in the Thorax.mp4
RT06.4_M- Martin-Rapid Fire Case Review- Diffuse Lung Disease.mp4
RT06.5_M- Price-Didactic- Mediastinal Masses.mp4
RT07.1_K- Hanneman-Didactic- Imaging Myocardial Inflammation and Myocarditis.mp4
RT07.2_D- Raptis-Rapid Fire Case Review- Congenital Heart Disease Basics.mp4
RT07.3_K- Hanneman-Didactic- Aortic Arch Anomalies.mp4
RT07.4_L- Jimenez Juan-Rapid Fire Case Review- Tumors and Mimics.mp4
RT08.1_A- Grayev-Didactic- Spine Anatomy and Localization.mp4
RT08.2_A- Grayev-Rapid Fire Case Review- Spine.mp4
RT08.3_H- Bedi-Rapid Fire Case Review- Head and Neck.mp4
RT08.4_J- Nickerson-Rapid Fire Case Review- Brain.mp4
RT08.5_T- Kennedy-Didactic- Brain Anatomy and Localization.mp4
RT09. Radiology Review – Musculoskeletal.mp4
RT10.1_H- Ojeda-Fournier-Didactic- Update on Abbreviated MRI.mp4
RT10.2_J- Kunjummen-Rapid Fire Case Review- Differential Diagnosis of Axillary Masses.mp4
RT10.3_H- Ojeda-Fournie-Rapid Fire Cases-MRI.mp4
RT10.4_B- Adrada-Rapid Fire Case Review- Multimodality Approach to the Nipple Areolar Complex.mp4
RT10.5_H- Ojeda-Fournier-Didactic- Calcifications at DBT.mp4
RT11.1_D- Oppenheimer-Didactic- Parathyroid Sonography.mp4
RT11.2_H- Bello-Rapid Fire Case Review- Liver and Renal Transplant Complications.mp4
RT11.3_D- Oppenheimer-Rapid Fire Case Review- Right Upper Quadrant -RUQ- Emergencies.mp4
RT11.4_M- Melany-Rapid Fire Case Review- Female Pelvis Emergencies.mp4
RT11.5_C- Deurdulian-Didactic- Scrotal Ultrasound- Pearls for Diagnosis.mp4


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