American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting 2023

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+ Include: 134 videos + 788 pdfs, size: 155.03 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

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+ Include: 134 videos + 788 pdfs, size: 155.03 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

The ARRS Annual Meeting offers a variety of sessions across the spectrum of radiology to meet your professional needs. There is ample opportunity to earn credit across a variety of platforms. All live sessions are eligible for CME. If you are not able to participate live, recordings are available for all sessions.

Meeting Highlights

  • Categorical Course on Pitfalls and Challenging Cases
  • Radiologist Wellness Summit
  • Radiology Review Track
  • Global Exchange Featuring Korea
  • Resident Track




+ Topics:
Monday AP01 ARRS Scholar Presentations.mp4
Monday AWE01 Award-Winning PPT Exhibits – Breast, US.mp4
Monday ERS01 Emerging Research Session – Part 1.mp4
Monday IC101 Challenging Abdominal Cases.mp4
Monday IC102 MR Ankle and Foot Update.mp4
Monday IC103 Pitfalls in GU Imaging.mp4
Monday IC104 HRCT The Basics.mp4
Monday IC105 Different Strokes.mp4
Monday IC106 Coronary and Thoracic Vascular Imaging.mp4
Monday IC107 Orthopaedic Hardware Understanding Failure is the Key to Success.mp4
Monday IC108 MR Evaluation of Breast Cancer.mp4
Monday IC109 GU Oncology Potpourri.mp4
Monday IC110 Common Soft Tissue Masses Pearls and Pitfalls.mp4
Monday IC111 Pediatric Cardiothoracic Imaging.mp4
Monday IC112 Quality and Safety 1 Core Concepts.mp4
Monday IC113 Non-traumatic Emergencies.mp4
Monday IC114 Spine Emergencies.mp4
Monday IC115 Chest Radiography Pearls From the Experts.mp4
Monday IC116 Cases that Boggle Our Minds.mp4
Monday IC117 Clinical Impact of Imaging in Emergency and Trauma Radiology.mp4
Monday IC118 Update on Theranostics – The Future is Now!.mp4
Monday LSYMMON Facing Contrast Challenges in the New Normal.mp4
Monday RT01 Radiology Review Track Chest Imaging.mp4
Monday RT02 Radiology Review Track Gastrointestinal Imaging.mp4
Monday SS01 Vascular Interventional Radiology Interventional Oncology, Shunts, Drainage.mp4
Monday SS02 How to Succeed in Research.mp4
Monday SS03 Efficacy Ed Admin Info Supporting Learning Success.mp4
Monday SS04 Musculoskeletal Imaging Tumor and Spine.mp4
Monday SS05 Breast Imaging Emerging Technologies.mp4
Monday SS06 Musculoskeletal Imaging Hip and Knee.mp4
Monday WS03 Wellness Summit Finding the Pebbles and Creating Work Environments that Nurture Wellness.mp4
Monday WS04 Wellness Summit Designing Workflow for Wellness.mp4
Monday WS05 Wellness Summit The Trainee Experience and Wellness Programs.mp4
Sunday FC01 AJR Publishing in the Yellow Journal.mp4
Sunday FC02 Changing Paradigms in Tumor Response Assessment.mp4
Sunday FC03 The Suprahyoid Neck – Pathology Through Anatomy.mp4
Sunday FC04 3D MR Imaging of Joints with Arthroscopy Correlations.mp4
Sunday FC05 Health Equity Practical Ways to Reduce Health Disparities.mp4
Sunday FC06 Reading Cases with the Experts An Interactive Session.mp4
Sunday FC07 Updates for Your Peer Learning Activities Pitfalls, Tips, and Accreditation.mp4
Sunday FC08 The Upper Aerodigestive Tract.mp4
Sunday FC09 MR Neurography and NS-RADS- Assist Your Neuropathy and Pain Patients.mp4
Sunday FC10 Contrast Enhanced Mammography The Essentials and Beyond.mp4
Sunday FC11 Improving Care of Gender Diverse Patients in Radiology Departments.mp4
Sunday FC12 Health Equity Research Bootcamp.mp4
Sunday LSYMSUN Improving Time to Diagnosis of Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis The Importance of the Ra.mp4
Sunday OCMBM Aloha Opening Ceremonies and Member Business Meeting.mp4
Sunday RS01 Resident Symposium Academic and Private Practice.mp4
Sunday RYR Radiology Year in Review.mp4
Sunday WS01 Wellness Summit Developing a Roadmap and Review of Radiology Wellness.mp4
Sunday WS02 Wellness Summit Defining Our Work and Worth.mp4
Thursday AWE06 Award-Winning PPT Exhibits – PD and VIR.mp4
Thursday AWE07 Award-Winning PPT Exhibits – NM and AI.mp4
Thursday IC401 Under Pressure.mp4
Thursday IC402 Nonpulmonary Thoracic Masses.mp4
Thursday IC403 Imaging of the Pancreas.mp4
Thursday IC404 Soft Tissue Injuries in the Athlete.mp4
Thursday IC405 Cardiac Imaging in the Acute Setting.mp4
Thursday IC406 Break a Leg Commonly Missed Fractures of the Lower Extremity.mp4
Thursday IC407 Pearls of Wisdom Female GU Track.mp4
Thursday IC408 Liver Imaging.mp4
Thursday RT10 Radiology Review Track Nuclear Medicine.mp4
Thursday RT11 Radiology Review Track Vascular and or Interventional Radiology.mp4
Thursday SS22 Emergency General Radiology.mp4
Thursday SS23 Cardiac Imaging.mp4
Thursday SS24 Breast Imaging Screening and Advocacy.mp4
Thursday SS25 Neuroradiology Brain, Deep Learning, and Vascular.mp4
Tuesday AWE02 Award-Winning PPT Exhibits – NR.mp4
Tuesday AWE03 Award-Winning PPT Exhibits – MK.mp4
Tuesday ERS02 Emerging Research Session – Part 2.mp4
Tuesday IC201 Congenital Conundrum.mp4
Tuesday IC202 Quality and Safety 2 Management and Efficiency.mp4
Tuesday IC203 Biliary Interventions.mp4
Tuesday IC204 Screening for Breast Cancer.mp4
Tuesday IC205 Improving your Breast Imaging Practice.mp4
Tuesday IC206 Emergency GI Imaging.mp4
Tuesday IC207 Case-Based Refresher on Uncommon (and some common) Nuclear Medicine Studies.mp4
Tuesday IC208 New Era of Ultrasound Imaging Opportunities and Challenges.mp4
Tuesday IC209 Imaging Cardiomyopathy.mp4
Tuesday IC210 Topics in GU GYN Oncology.mp4
Tuesday IC211 Acute Traumatic Emergencies.mp4
Tuesday IC212 Ultrasound Challenging Cases How I Do It.mp4
Tuesday IC213 HRCT Advanced.mp4
Tuesday IC214 Noninterpretive Skills.mp4
Tuesday IC215 Lung Cancer – Screening and Treatment Imaging Update.mp4
Tuesday IC216 MR Knee Update.mp4
Tuesday IC217 Pediatric Neuro and Head Neck Imaging.mp4
Tuesday LSYMTUE The Important Role of Radiologists in the Early Detection of Veno-Occlusive Disease Sinusoi.mp4
Tuesday RT03 Radiology Review Track Genitourinary Imaging.mp4
Tuesday RT04 Radiology Review Track Neuroradiology.mp4
Tuesday RT05 Radiology Review Track Ultrasound.mp4
Tuesday SS07 Efficacy Ed Admin Info Optimizing Patient Care.mp4
Tuesday SS08 Gastrointestinal Imaging Bowel.mp4
Tuesday SS09 Neuroradiology Radiological Evaluation.mp4
Tuesday SS10 Musculoskeletal Imaging Infection and Miscellaneous.mp4
Tuesday SS11 Breast Imaging Patient Centered Care.mp4
Tuesday SS12 Gastrointestinal Imaging Pancreas Liver Biliary.mp4
Tuesday SS13 GU Male Pelvis Urinary Imaging – Prostate.mp4
Tuesday WS06 Wellness Summit Stemming the Tide of the Great and Quiet Resignation.mp4
Tuesday WS07 Wellness Summit Rediscovering What Drove You to Radiology and Cultivating a Culture of Resili.mp4
Tuesday WS08 Wellness Summit Crafting Connections and Defining a Practical Roadmap for Radiologist Wellbei.mp4
Wednesday AWE04 Award-Winning PPT Exhibits – Gi and GU.mp4
Wednesday AWE05 Award-Winning PPT Exhibits – Cardiac and Chest.mp4
Wednesday ERS03 Emerging Research Session – Part 3.mp4
Wednesday ERS04 Emerging Research Session – Part 4.mp4
Wednesday IC301 Pediatric Abdomen and Pelvis Imaging.mp4
Wednesday IC302 Assessing Response to Therapy in Molecular Imaging Challenges and Solutions.mp4
Wednesday IC303 Update from the ABR.mp4
Wednesday IC304 Imaging the Periprocedural Heart and Thoracic Aorta.mp4
Wednesday IC305 Bowel Imaging.mp4
Wednesday IC306 Pearls of Wisdom Male GU Track.mp4
Wednesday IC307 Venous Thrombectomy.mp4
Wednesday IC308 Emergency Imaging (COVID-19).mp4
Wednesday IC309 Alphabet Soup.mp4
Wednesday IC310 Breast Imaging Updates.mp4
Wednesday IC311 Mastering the Differential Black Holes in MSK.mp4
Wednesday IC312 Ultrasound of the Reproductive System at its Best Top 10 Not To Miss Diagnoses.mp4
Wednesday IC313 Challenging Breast Imaging Days.mp4
Wednesday IC314 MSK Infection Update What Do I Need to Say and Do.mp4
Wednesday IC315 Imaging to Intervention MSK.mp4
Wednesday IC316 Quality and Safety 3 Special Topics.mp4
Wednesday IC317 Vascular US Tips & Tricks in Imaging the Systemic Vascular System.mp4
Wednesday RT06 Radiology Review Track Musculoskeletal Imaging.mp4
Wednesday RT07 Radiology Review Track Breast Imaging.mp4
Wednesday RT08 Radiology Review Track Pediatric Imaging.mp4
Wednesday RT09 Radiology Review Track Cardiac Imaging.mp4
Wednesday SS14 GU Male Pelvis Urinary Imaging – Renal and Scrotal.mp4
Wednesday SS15 Gastrointestinal Imaging Liver.mp4
Wednesday SS16 Artificial Intelligence New Computer Learning for Medical Students, Residents and Radiologist.mp4
Wednesday SS17 Nuclear Medicine.mp4
Wednesday SS18 GU Female Pelvis Endocrine.mp4
Wednesday SS19 Vascular Interventional Radiology.mp4
Wednesday SS20 Chest Imaging.mp4
Wednesday SS21 Pediatric Imaging.mp4


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