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American Brachytherapy Society 2018 GYN Brachytherapy School

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Mayo Clinic Expert Pearls in ENT Full Course 2020

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American Brachytherapy Society Annual Meeting 2019

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+ Include: 25 videos, size: 4.12 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist, gynecologists


+ Include: 25 videos, size: 4.12 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist, gynecologists

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

ABS Henschke Award
Breakfast Symposium (Friday)
Breakfast Symposium (Saturday)
Breast Session I Partial Breast Irradiation 2019 Data, Guidelines, and Novel Approaches
Breast Session II Partial Breast Irradiation Targets and Techniques
GYN Session I The Hybrid Applicator – Why, How to Start and What to Expect
GYN Session II Art of GYN Brachytherapy – Challenging Cases, Custom Implants, Tricks and Techniques
GYN Session III Controversies in Uterine Cancer
Miscellaneous II Anesthesia and Pain Management in Brachytherapy
Miscellaneous Session I Building the Best Brachytherapy Practice
Miscellaneous Session III Updates on Target Dose and Organ at Risk Constraints for Prostate, Gynecologic and Skin Cancers
Overview of Recent Medical Events and Update on the Proposed
Physics Session I Critical Review of Radiobiology
Physics Session II A Critical Review of Technology – Improving Safety, Accuracy and Flexibility in Your Clinic
Physics Session III How We Do It – A Spotlight on Brachytherapy Techniques
Plenary Session Top Four Abstracts
Preparation and Polish Techniques for Brachytherapy Education and Training
Presidential Address Keynote Address
Prostate Session I Prostate Cancer Advances in Diagnostics and Patient Selection
Prostate Session II Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer An Emerging Modality
Prostate Session III Salvage Therapies in Prostate Cancer Best Practices and Case Discussions
Skin Session I Clinical and Technical Aspects of Cutaneous Brachytherapy
Social Media
Socioeconomic Session I The Shifting Landscape of Brachytherapy Reimbursement
Socioeconomic Session Understanding Brachytherapy Billing and Coding and 2019 Coding Updates


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