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American Academy of Ophthalmology 2019 Annual Meeting

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Oakstone Radiation Oncology – A Comprehensive Review 2018

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World Glaucoma Association 8th World Glaucoma Congress 2019

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+ Include: 133 videos, size: 9.78 GB

+ Target Audience: ophthalmologist

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+ Include: 133 videos, size: 9.78 GB

+ Target Audience: ophthalmologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

A clinical approach to study the role of mitochondria in Human Glaucoma.mp4
A future state.mp4
Ab-externo subconjunctival bypass.mp4
Ab-interno subconjunctival bypass.mp4
Allocating precious resources to optimize care.mp4
Anterior segment angiography – past and future.mp4
Anterior Segment Imaging.mp4
Application of OCT-A in glaucoma – Facts and artifacts.mp4
Are other diseases playing a role in my patient’s glaucoma.mp4
Awards Ceremony.mp4
Big eyes.mp4
Bioenergetic Neuroprotetction in Glaucoma.mp4
Calibrating glaucoma progression by population-based data on OCT structure.mp4
Can dietary changes help prevent glaucoma progression.mp4
Can physical activity prevent glaucoma.mp4
Canal surgery.mp4
Case 1 Presenting Iridotomy in PACS – Con.mp4
Case 1 Presenting Iridotomy in PACS.mp4
Case 2 Presenting Iridoplasty – Con.mp4
Case 2 Presenting Iridoplasty – Pro.mp4
Case 2 Presenting Iridoplasty.mp4
Case 3 Presenting clear lens in PACS – Con.mp4
Case 3 Presenting clear lens in PACS – Pro.mp4
Case 3 Presenting clear lens in PACS.mp4
Clear lens extraction (pros and cons).mp4
Clinical and molecular risk factors for glaucoma progression and blindness.mp4
Comparing the effectiveness of treatment alternatives.mp4
Connexin 43 in Retinal Ganglion Cell Injury.mp4
Considerations for Imaging the Myopic Eye.mp4
Considerations for the Myopic Glaucoma Suspect.mp4
Corneal decompensation.mp4
Definitions & prevelence of angle closure.mp4
Design and implementation of a nationwide glaucoma care skill upgradation program.mp4
Detecting progression in primate glaucoma.mp4
Detecting stressed ganglion cells.mp4
Diagnosis and charactarisation.mp4
Don’t believe everything you read evaluating published results.mp4
Doppler Techniques for Assessing Blood Flow.mp4
Education, demographics, burden of disease, preparedness of the future, what is adequate training.mp4
Employing low-cost high-quality imaging to find undetected glaucoma.mp4
Expulsive choroidal hemorrhage.mp4
Fostering sustainable glaucoma care.mp4
Gene therapy for Glaucoma- Hope or Reality.mp4
General Assembly – Fabian Lerner.mp4
General Assembly – Kaweh Mansouri.mp4
General Assembly – Keith Martin.mp4
General Assembly – Makoto Aihara.mp4
General Assembly – Neeru Gupta.mp4
General Assembly – Paul Healey.mp4
General Assembly – Robert Weinreb.mp4
General Assembly – Shan Lin 1.mp4
General Assembly – Shan Lin 2.mp4
General Assembly – Shan Lin 3.mp4
General Assembly – Winifred Nolan.mp4
General Assembly.mp4
Glaucoma Progression or Normal Ageing.mp4
Going beyond the eye does visual perception help us understand brain function.mp4
Haitian eyecare recovery.mp4
Has the shelf life for drops in glaucoma management expired.mp4
Highlights of WGC-2019.mp4
How do I measure the utility of my efforts.mp4
Hypertensive phase.mp4
Iatrogenic glaucoma the story of blood pressure treatment.mp4
Invasive Angiography New and Old.mp4
Laser iridotomy in PACS – ANALIS results.mp4
Laser iridotomy in PACS – ZAP Results.mp4
Late failure.mp4
LiGHT trial results.mp4
Machine learning and optic DISC assessment for glaucoma.mp4
Machines will make the diagnosis.mp4
Managing glaucoma in Pregnancy.mp4
Meta-analyses value, pitfalls, and guides to interpreting results.mp4
Mimickers of Glaucomatous Optic Nerves.mp4
Mitochondria & Astrocytes in the Optic Nerve Head – Relevance to Human Glaucoma.mp4
Mitochondrial Therapeutics for Optic Nerve Dysfunction.mp4
My government doesn’t pay for MIGS – what do I do.mp4
Novel approaches to neuroprotection – TrkB Shp2, neuroserpin and RXRs.mp4
OCT Angiography Evolution or Revolution.mp4
OCT is Best For Managing Glaucoma Suspects.mp4
OCT-A of drainage blebs.mp4
Ocular blood flow in human glaucoma.mp4
Patient oriented outcomes for glaucoma surgery.mp4
Post corneal surgery.mp4
Post- traumatic glaucoma.mp4
Post vitrectomy.mp4
Practical tips for clear lens extraction.mp4
Presidents’ Welcome – WGA EVP, Associate EVP, President and ANZGS President.mp4
Problems in plumbing with tubes.mp4
Promoting retinal ganglion cell recovery.mp4
Phaco considerations in the pseudo exfoliation eye.mp4
Reading about surgical outcomes – what should I be looking for.mp4
Real world issue in a rural optometry setting.mp4
Real world issue in optometry.mp4
Real world issues.mp4
Recent findings in ECP including endocycloplasty.mp4
Reducing the urban-rural gap in glaucoma care in China.mp4
Refractive and IOL issues in glaucoma patients.mp4
Rescue of a failing filter.mp4
Rescue operations in MIGS.mp4
Rescuing Susceptible Retinal Ganglion Cells.mp4
Role of Macular Imaging in Glaucoma.mp4
Role of Macular OCT imaging in clinical glaucoma progression.mp4
Secondary angle closure.mp4
Secondary pigmentary glaucoma.mp4
Seeing Where the Aqueous is Flowing.mp4
Severe ocular surface disease and glaucoma.mp4
Small eyes.mp4
So many genes, are we ready for personalized medicine.mp4
Suprachoroidal devices.mp4
Surgical game changers what’s beyond MIGS.mp4
Systemic Assessment of Vascular Regulation.mp4
Targeting the Meshwork- A 21st Century Renaissance.mp4
The challenges of Pseudoexfoliative glaucoma.mp4
The Gillies Lecture Of Glaucoma, Prevention of Blindness & the Reverend A personal Khichdi.mp4
The published experience of collaborative care.mp4
The role of OCT-A in clinical glaucoma.mp4
Trabecular bypass surgery.mp4
Training glaucoma surgeons in West Africa.mp4
Translaminar pressure gradient and glaucoma.mp4
Useful Science Under Pressure.mp4
Uveitis and glaucoma.mp4
Visual Fields are Best for Managing Glaucoma Suspects.mp4
Vit B (Niacin) for the treatment of glaucoma – too good to be true.mp4
Welcome in Melbourne by Parliamentary Secretary for Health.mp4
WGA Fellowships – Now and in the Future.mp4
What did we learn from the EAGLE trial.mp4
What is the added value of MIGS to phacoemulsification.mp4
When is phaco alone the best procedure with open angles.mp4
When is phaco trab the best procedure with open angles.mp4
Who said glaucoma is an incurable disease.mp4


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