Urological Society of India USICON 55th Annual Conference 2022

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‘+ Include: 19 videos + 1 pdf, size: 263 GB

+ Target Audience: urologist, nephrologist


+ Include: 19 videos + 1 pdf, size: 263 GB

+ Target Audience: urologist, nephrologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Dear Friends & Esteemed Members,

As we as a country and society recover from the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon us, we the Urologists of the Gujarat Urology Association and the Ahmedabad Urology Association invite you to celebrate with us the 55th Annual Conference of Urological Society of India -USICON 2022 in January 2022.

Well known for its cuisine, color, and hospitality Gujarat has been a major contributor to the development of Urology in the country and we are humbled and delighted to have the honor of hosting you at USICON 2022 which also marks India’s 75th year of independence. All efforts are being made to ensure a safe yet entertaining and intriguing academic feast for all our members.

We all know that our real treasure is in our camaraderie and we are just as excited as you are to be able to meet in person.

With Regards,
Dr. Kandarp Parikh
Organizing Secretary



+ Topics:

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Updated Scientific Program USICON 2022 Virtual – Hybrid-MOD.pdf


* Detail:

Scientific Program

Day I – Thursday, 27th January 2022

Hall A

0900 – 1030 hrs

USI Best Poster Prize Session



Dr SP Yadav,

Dr Shrenik Shah,

Dr Abhay Khandekar,



Development and internal validation of a nomogram predicting positive lymph node following robotic radical prostatectomy in patients with prostate cancer

Dr Gopal Sharma, Dr Danny Darlington, Dr Puneet Ahluwalia, Dr Ashwin Sunil Tamhankar,

Dr Saurabh Patil, Dr Shanky Singh, Dr Gagan Gautam

New Delhi



PRAL & LAKE SCORE in diet for kidney stone diseases

Dr Haresh Thummar, Dr Shivang, Dr Keya T, Dr Nelson Z, Dr Nisha T




When do Alpha Blockers not Work for Functional Bladder Neck Obstruction? A Retrospective Cohort Analysis

Dr Madhur Anand, Dr Puneeth Kumar KM, Dr Himanshu Raj, Dr Sanjoy Kumar Sureka,

Dr Aneesh Srivastava, Dr Uday Pratap Singh

SGPGI Lucknow



Application of the ‘Yang-Monti principle’ in children with iatrogenic ureteral injuries

Dr Sangle A, Dr Javali T, Dr Patil N




Thulium fiber LASER Vs Holmium LASER for kidney stones in RIRS (Retrograde intrarenal Surgery): A Randomised controlled trial

Dr Abhishek Singh, Dr Aditya Parikh, Dr Nishanth S, Dr Abhijit Patil, Dr Arvind Ganpule,

Dr Ravindra Sabnis, Dr Mahesh Desai

MPUH Nadiad



A Systematic Review of Modeling in Peyronie’s Disease

Dr Pramod Krishnappa, Dr C Manfredi, Dr D Arcaniolo, Dr M Sinha, Dr I Moncada

NU Hospital, Bengaluru



The role of PET/CT in evaluating early and overall response to systemic therapy for metastatic renal Cell Carcinoma: A future way forward?

Dr Anupam Shukla, Dr Baid A, Dr Pathak A, Dr Srivastava A, Dr Singh UP, Dr SK Sureka

SGPGI Lucknow



A pilot single centre prospective comparative study of two digital single use flexible ureterorenoscopes – Indoscope (Bioradmedisys, Pune, India) and 7.5fr uscope pu3033a Zhuhai Pusen, China)

Dr Agrawal Shashank, Dr Sabnis Ravindra, Dr Singh Abhishek, Dr Ganpule Arvind, Dr Desai Mahesh

Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad



Clinical and oncological significance of prostatic anterior fat pad removal during robotic assisted radical prostatectomy

Dr Patel Rajkumar, Dr Anilkumar T, Dr Raghunath K, Dr Adhikari K, Dr Tejus C

HCG cancer centre, Bengalore



Are we experiencing stage migration in renal malignancies in Covid era

Dr Gupta A, Dr Patil A, Dr Patel D, Dr Singh A, Dr Ganpule A, Dr Sabnis R, Dr Desai M

Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad



Clinicopathological characteristics of renal masses: Single Centre experience from North India

Dr Saket Singh, Dr Rajeev Ranjan, Dr Ravimohan S Mavuduru, Dr Girdhar Singh Bora, Dr SK Singh, Dr Uttam Kumar Mete, Dr Santosh Kumar

PGIMER Chandigarh



An initial experience with Robot-Assisted Inguinal Lymph Node Dissection (RAILND) and comparison with Video-Endoscopic Inguinal Lymph Node Dissection (VEILND) in penile cancer.

Dr Patel Amit, Dr Boaz RJ, Dr Kumar V

Senior Clinical Fellow



Use of Proctored-Preceptorship model to Initiate Arterio-venous Fistula Surgery Program – Initial experience and Technical Learnings

Dr Bansal D, Dr Mittal S, Dr Sharma B, Dr Mathur P

Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital, Jaipur



Bladder cancer in young adults – Presentation, clinical behaviour and outcomes from a tertiary care center

Dr Singh P, Dr Sachan A, Dr Nayak B, Dr Singh P, Dr Seth A

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi



Radical Nephrectomy with inferior venacaval thrombectomy by using liver transplant technique for level 3 and level 4 thrombus – A single centre experience

Dr Prasad SR, Dr P Modi, Dr J Rizvi

IKRDTC Ahmedabad



Predictors of successful management of Renal Calculus Disease in Horseshoe Kidney. Experience from A Tertiary Centre.

Dr Ritesh Goel, Dr Siddharth Jain, Dr Amlesh Seth

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi



Efficacy of topical dilitiazem cream combined with local xylocaine to dectrease the pain during transrectal ultrasound guided prostate (TRUS) biopsy: A single centre randomized control trial

Dr Midhun Mohan, Dr Kannan Nair R, Dr Appu Thomas

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi



Comparision of right renal vein stump retrieval with additional IVC cuff using Endo Ta Stappler v/s Hem-O-Lok Clip

Dr Pratik Garg, Dr Vinay Rai, Dr Rohit Kaushal, Dr Pragnesh Desai, Dr Samit Chaturvedi,

Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Anant Kumar

Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi



1030 – 1100 hrs

Himadri Sarkar Oration



Dr Mallikarjuna C

Dr Keshavamurthy R



Orator: Dr Anant Kumar,

Immediate Past President of USI


Topic: My tryst with Partial Nephrectomy



1100 – 1200 hrs

Prof H S Bhat Symposium


Convener:Dr Ginil Kumar



Topic: Duets in Uro-Oncology


Tribute to the Great Teacher: Prof H S Bhat – Dr Ginil Kumar     3 minutes


Duet in Kidney Cancer

Imaging based planning of Partial Nephrectomy (Video) – Dr Raghavan  (7 min)

Recent Advances in Management of mRCC – Dr Kalyan Sarkar (6 min)



Duet in Bladder Cancer

Critical steps in Robot Assisted Orthotopic neobladder (Video) – Dr Sudhir Rawal (7 Min)

Recent Advances in metastatic Carcinoma Bladder management – Dr Hemang Bakshi (6 min)



Duet in Testis/Penile Cancer

Primary RPLND in NSGCT: The role revisited (Video) – Dr Mahendra Pal (7 min)

N+ Groin Management in Carcinoma Penis – Dr Amlesh Seth (6 min)



Duet in Prostate Cancer

Nerve sparing in Robot assisted Radical Prostatectomy (Video) – Dr Yuvaraja T B (7 Min)

Recent Advances in Management of Metastatic Carcinoma Prostate – Dr Puneet Ahluwalia (6 min)




1200 – 1330 hrs

USI ISU Course


Precision PCNL


Course Convener:

Dr Arun Chawla



Introduction – 5 min

A) How to make a perfect puncture? 15 min

·        Ultrasound guided access – Dr Shailesh Kamath

·        Fluoroscopic guided access – Dr Madhu Agrawal


B) Standardization of supine PCNL 15 minutes

·        Patient selection, preferred position and access? Ultrasound/fluoroscopy –

Dr Aditya Sharma

·        Trouble shooting in supine PCNL – Dr Arun Kumar


C) Miniaturised PCNL 30 min

·        How to choose which technique for which case? – Dr Mahesh Desai

·        Importance of accessories to achieve SFR”0” status – Dr Arun Chawla

·        How to choose the optimal energy source – Dr Thomas Knoll


D) Case based discussion: (covering mPN, cPN, supine and Prone PNL) 45 minutes

Presenters: Dr Arvind Ganpule, Dr Arun Chawla (40 minutes)

Panel Discussion – Dr Mahesh Desai, Dr Madhu Agrawal, Dr Kaushik Shah

Un Comfortable calyx, Undliated calyx

Poor vision/clots

Tubeless and Stents


Carry Home Messages – 5 minute


1330 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1600 hrs

USI Best Paper Prize Session



Dr SV Kotwal,

Dr Hemant Pathak,

Dr S Mondal




Antegrade Tethered Ureteric Stents in Tubeless PCNL in COVID-19 era: A Prospective, Preliminary Study from University teaching hospital

Dr B Sourabh Chandra Reddy, Dr Arun Chawla, Dr Milap Shah

Kasturba Medical college, Manipal



Trifecta and pentafacta outcomes in laparoscopic and robotic nephron sparing surgery for highly complex renal tumors: A propensity score matched cohort analysis

Dr Harshit Garg, Dr Bhabatosh Das, Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Ayush Singh, Dr Anant Kumar

Max Hospital, New Delhi



Neurological safety and efficacy of Darifenacin and Mirabegron for the treatment of overactive bladder in patients with history of cerebrovascular accident: A prospective study

Dr Iyer S, Dr Kumar A, Dr Patel S, Dr Yadav S, Dr Kumar N, Dr Vasudeva P

VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi



Peri-operative, Oncological and survival outcomes of Robotic radical cystectomy with urinary diversion in females

Dr Varun Agarwal, Dr TB Yuvaraja, Dr Santosh Waigankar, Dr Preetam Dev, Dr Abhinav Pednekar

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute, Mumbai



To evaluate the efficacy of narrow band imaging in the detection of additional malignant lesions after endoscopic therapy of transitional cell carcinoma of urinary bladder – A prospective, interventional study

Dr Misra A, Dr Nayak P, Dr Mandal S, Dr Das MK, Dr Kumaraswamy S, Dr Pandey A, Dr Rohith G

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar



Quality of life, efficacy and safety of sequential intravesical Gemcitabine + Docetaxel versus BCG for non-muscle invasive urinary bladder cancer – A pilot study

Dr Pareek Tarun, Dr Santosh Kumar, Dr Kalpesh Parmar, Dr Aditya P Sharma

PGIMER, Chandigarh



Use of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid and novel TP4303 molecule for the diagnosis of bladder cancer in voided urine – A preliminary report, with special focus on comparison with conventional non-invasive urinary biomarkers

Dr Shoubhik Chandra, Dr Nerli R B, Dr Ghagane Shridhar, Dr Chandra Shreya

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research, Belagavi



Neutrophil-Lymphocyte ratio (NLR), Platelet-Lymphocyte ratio (PLR) and Lymphocyte-Monocyte ratio (LMR) in predicting Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) and Sepsis after Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNL)

Dr Shruti Pandit, Dr Arun Chawla, Dr Akshay Kriplani

KMC, Manipal



Comparison of the clinical outcomes of 2D, 3D laparoscopic and robot assisted pyeloplasty – A propensity score matched single centre experience

Dr Kanwar VS, Dr Kumar A, Dr Kumar S, Dr Rao S, Dr Kumar S, Dr Prashant YM, Dr Iyer S

Safdarjung Hospital and VMMC, New Delhi




1600 – 1700 hrs

Urethral Reconstruction

(Semi Live)


Convenor: Dr Pankaj Joshi



Introduction: 2 minutes

(Each video will be for 8 minutes)


How to harvest BMG and Lingual Graft – Dr Shyam Babu

Non transecting Bulbar Urethroplasty – Dr Arun Chawla

Distal Hypospadias – Dr Douglas Canning

Staged Urethroplasty – Dr Rishi Nayyar

Redo PFUI – Dr Sanjay Kulkarni

Composite Substitution Urethroplasty – Dr Rajiv Kore

Artificial Sphincter for Incontinence – Dr Pankaj Joshi


Concluding remarks – 2 minutes





Hall B

0900 – 1200 HRS

SAARC Session


Introduction – Dr Madhu S Agrawal, President, SAUS

Welcome Address – Dr C Mallikarjuna, President USI


Session – I | SAARC National Association Lectures (40 Min)

Chairpersons: Madhu S Agrawal, C Mallikarjuna, Janak Desai


BAUS Lecture: Complications after Kidney transplantation         Habibur Rahman Dulal

NAUS Lecture: Management of locally advanced RCC with       Uttam Kumar Sharma

IVC thrombosis

PAUS Lecture: Is ESWL in dying bed?                                        Mumtaz Ahmad

SLAUS Lecture                                                                            Suren De Zylva


Session II |Session on a Common disease in SAARC countries (40 min)

Chairpersons: Parash Mani Shrestha, Shafiqul Alam Chowdhury, Kalana Paranapalliyaguruge


Diagnostic pathways in GUTB: New advances                           Dorairajan LN

Management of GUTB: what the future holds                             Atta Ur Rehman Khan

Diagnostic work-up for Chyluria: an update                                Tohid Mohd Saiful Hossain

Therapy for Chyluria in 2022                                                        Kugadas Sutharshan

High Prevalence of CA Penis in SAARC Region: Myth or fact?  Nirmal Lamichhanne


Session III- Debate (20 min)

Chairpersons: Keshavamurthy R, Pawan Raj Chalise, Tohid Mohammad Saiful Hossain


Transurethral resection of Bladder Tumor

En bloc resection – Anil Shrestha (NAUS) – 6 minF

Conventional resection – Chengalavarayan (USI) – 6 min

Rebuttal: 2 min each


Session IV- Free Paper Session (60 min)

Chairpersons: Shailesh Shah, Mumtaz Ahmad, Rajeev TP


·        Outcome of renal injuries due to blunt abdominal trauma in Dhaka Medical college

Hospital – Dr Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman Chowdhury (BAUS)

·        Analysis of length of ureter in adult patients who underwent computed tomography urogram in teaching hospital Jaffna – Dr B Balagobi (SLAUS)

·        What should be the attitude of young urologist towards learning curve of endoscopic urological surgeries – Dr Tariq Mahmood (PAUS)

·        RIRS for Lower pole stone: In situ Vs Relocation – Dr Baikuntha Adhikari (NAUS)

·        Mini-Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy under ultrasound guide – Dr Zamari Noori (Afghanistan)

·        Impact of COVID 19 pandemic on Tertiary Care Urological Services, Sri Lankan Experiences – Dr PGN Ruvinda (SLAUS)

·        MET- Importance and current practice in SAARC countries – Dr Sharjeel Sarfraz (PAUS)

·        Impacted upper ureteric stone: Miniperc Vs ureteroscopic lithotripsy – Dr Mohammad Habibur Rahman (BAUS)

·        Comparison of NBI and White light cystoscopy in detecting Carcinoma urinary bladder during TURBT – Dr Durga Pandit (NAUS)


Thanking Note – Dr R Keshavamurthy R

Appreciation Remarks from SAUS – Dr Pawan Raj Chalise



1200 – 1300 hrs

USI Best Paper Prize for Young Urologists



Dr Janak Desai,

Dr J G Lalmalani,

Dr Dilip Kumar Pal



Developing a nomogram for predicting pentafecta outcomes after radical cystectomy in an Indian Cohort

Dr Ravi Chandran K, Dr Shreedhar GK, Dr Appu Thomas, Dr Ginil Kumar KP

Amrita institute of medical sciences, Kochi



High-power Holmium with MOSES technology or Thulium Fiber Laser in MiniPerc with suction – A new curiosity.

Dr Abhijit Patil, Dr Naveen Reddy, Dr Darshit Shah, Dr Abhishek Singh, Dr Arvind Ganpule,

Dr Ravindra Sabnis, Dr Mahesh Desai

MPUH, Nadiad



Clinicoradiological and Pathological Parameters Predicting Operative Difficulty in Laparoscopic Nephrectomy for Renal Tumors.

Dr Pirzada Faisal Masood, Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr Anil Taneja, Dr Anurag Singla, Dr Hemant Goel, Dr Sumit Gehlawat, Dr Shahina Bano

ABVIMS & Dr RML Hospital, New Delhi



CRP as an indicator for early intervention in patients with ureteric calculus

Dr Harsha R, Dr Sanjay P, Dr Venkatesh R, Dr Dileep M, Dr Kunal M, Dr Chethan J V,

Dr Chaithanya J

Vydehi institute of medical sciences, Bangalore



Should Ambulatory Tubeless Supine mini-PCNL for stones < 2cm be implemented a new standard in the COVID-19 pandemic for minimizing risk of contagion during hospitalization? A prospective analysis

Dr Jaisukh Kalathia, Dr Kaushal Patel, Dr Arvind Valiya, Dr Giriraj Vala, Dr Kuldeep Agrawal, Dr Ayush Khetarpal, Dr Prathan Joshi

Fortune Urology Clinic, Botad



Study on outcome and effectiveness of Ureterorenoscope Lithotripsy (URSL), Mini-Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (MPCNL), Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) in the management of upper ureteric stones in a tertiary care hospital

Dr KSNS Udhbhav, Dr RM Meyyappan, Dr T Senthil Kumar, Dr T Srinivasan, Dr J Saravanan

SRM Medical College and Hospital



13.00 -13.30 hrs

Technology session

( Sponsored by Boston Scientific)





Topic :  MOSES 2.0 – The Next Generation of Laser Lithotripsy


Speaker : Dr Khurshid Ghani (USA)

1330 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1600 hrs

USI – ROBOTIC Urology Forum Meeting



Dr TB Yuvaraja


Session 1

Chairpersons: Dr Sudhir Rawal, Dr Nischit D’Souza


Importance of structured training in Robotic surgery: Current options and Future prospects.

Dr Arvind Ganpule (12+3 mts)


Session 2

Moderators: Dr Gagan Gautam, Dr Saurabh Patil

Renorraphy techniques during Robotic Partial Nephrectomy: Technical points and Functional outcomes (40 mts, 8 mts each)


a. Technical variations in Renorrhaphy – Achieving adequate hemostasis and PCS closure –

Dr Ravimohan Mavuduru

b. Does Renorrhaphy method affects functional outcomes? – Dr Gagan Prakash

c. How to plan tumor resection and parenchymal repair preoperatively? – Dr Anup Kumar

d. Role of zero ischemia/enucleation in renal tumors? – Dr Raghunath SK

Q & A – 8 mts


Session 3

Moderators – Dr Ganesh Bakshi, Dr Manav Suryavanshi

Video Panel – Anatomic approach to Radical Prostatectomy – How I do it and whether it affects the outcome? (40 mts, 8 mts each)


a. Control of Santorini’s plexus – Dr Santosh Waigankar

b. Bladder neck and seminal vesicle dissection – Dr Ginil Kumar

c. Neuro-vascular bundle preservation – Dr Vishwanath (UK)

d. Vesico-urethral anastomosis – Dr Sanjai Addla

Q & A – 8 mts


Session 4. Focus on emerging technologies in Robotic Surgery – 12+3 mts – Dr N Ragavan

Chairpersons: Dr Anant Kumar, Dr Aneesh Srivatsava

Q & A and Closing Remarks – 10 mts



1600 – 1700 hrs

Medico – Legal Session

Court in Session



Dr Lalit Shah




Suit 1

Complainant Advocate – Dr Gaurang Shah

Defendants Advocate – Dr Sunil Joshi

Judge: Mr Narendra Sundardas Tahilramani


Suit 2

Complainant Advocate – Dr Lalit Shah

Defendants Advocate – Dr Ashok Sharma

Judge: Mr Narendra Sundardas Tahilramani




Hall C

0900 – 1100 hrs

Young Urologists Forum



Dr Dilip Mishra

Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed


Introduction: Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed (5 mins)


Session I: 60 mins | Moderator: Dr Raman Tanwar

·        Winning the battle against Burnout: The secrets to resilience and work life integration –

Dr Sitaram Mummalaneni

·        Research output from Artificial Intelligence in Urology – Dr Bhavan Prasad Rai, UK

·        Leadership and Management skills for Young Urologists – Dr Deepak Ragoori

·        How to stick to a sub-specialty and excel in it – Dr Ashwin Tamhankar

·        Manel: The extent and steps taken to circumvent – Prof Anita Patel

·        Financial wellness – “Practicing in a Metropolitan area and Early career job change” –

Dr Anish Kumar Gupta


Session II: 60 mins | Basics of Open Surgery | Moderator: Dr Rohit Joshi

Panellists: Dr Ankur Mittal, Dr Sagorika Paul, Dr Suyog Shetty, Dr Kartikeyan Naganathan

·        Open Radical Perineal Prostatectomy – Dr Hemant Goel: Surgical Procedure Video

(10 mins) Panel Discussion (5 mins)

·        Open VVF Repair – Dr Vijay Bora: Surgical Procedure Video (10 mins)

Panel Discussion (5 mins)

·        Open Neobladder – Dr Prashant Singh: Surgical Procedure Video (10 mins)

Panel Discussion (5 mins)

·        Bilateral simultaneous ileal replacement for bilateral long length ureteric strictures –

Dr Abhishek Singh: Surgical Procedure video (10 mins)

Panel Discussion (5 mins)


Concluding remarks: Dr Dilip Mishra



1100 – 1300 hrs

AUA – USI Meeting                   



Dr Mallikarjuna C

Dr Keshavamurthy R

Dr Aseem Shukla

Dr Rajeev Sood


Session 1: (Lecture 10 min + 2 min discussion)

1. Incompetent Bladder neck in Children with incontinence – Management options?

    Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan

2. Management of Bladder in Post PUV fulgration

    Dr Pramod Reddy

3. Bladder neck reconstruction at the time of Bladder exstrophy closure – Changing

Understandings, Changing Paradigms

    Dr Aseem Shukla

4. Diagnosis and Treatment of Refractory enuresis in Children and Adolescents

    Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy


Session 2:

Case discussion:

Moderator: Dr Anil Takvani

Panellists : Dr Aseem Shukla, Dr Pramod Reddy, Dr M S Ansari, Dr Amilal Bhat



Session 3:


Time for Change in Prostatic Biopsy

Transperineal Biopsy – Dr Pradeep Rao (8 mins)


Transrectal biopsy – Dr Manohar T (8 mins)


1.  Primary tumor treatment in setting of mCSPC (10 mins): Dr Srivathsa

2.  TBA – Dr Ketan Badani


Session 4:


1. Management of Women with Outlet obstruction (8+2 mins): Dr Gopal Badlani




1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1600 hrs

USI – ISSM Session

Convener: Dr Vasan SS



·        Impact of anabolic steroids on male infertility and management (20 mins) –

Dr Hyun Jun Park (Busan, South Korea)

·        Testosterone on Erectile Function in Cancer Survivorship (20 mins) –

Dr Tomoya Kataoka (Nagoya, Japan)

·        Penile curvature – Congenital/Non congenital management (15 mins) – Dr Vinod K V

·        Synthetic materials in andrology – where to use and why (15 mins) – Dr Karthikeyan V S

·        Management of low desire and Libido in men – HSDD (15 mins) – Dr Rao TSS

·        Management of severe premature ejaculation – What’s new in glans hypersensitivity and

bulbo-spongiosus hyperactivity (15 mins) – Dr Shivam Priyadarshi

·        Erectile Dysfunction updates 2022 (20 mins) – Dr Onder Yaman (Ankara, Turkey)


1600 – 1700 hrs

USI – Collaborative Research Meeting



Prof Nitin Kekre


Objective – Dr Sanjay Sinha (5 minutes)


Medical/Urological Audit in clinical practice


Introduction:  Medical/Surgical audit – Prof SK Singh (5 minutes)

Clinical audit: Why & How to do It – Dr Rishi Nayyar (10 minutes)

Landmark Audits in Medicine /Urology & their Impact – Dr Ashwin Tamhankar (10 minutes)

Scope of Clinical Audits in Indian Urology – Dr Prashant Nayak (10 minutes)

Audit in Clinical urology -USI Corroborative Research Initiative – Dr Bhavatej Enganti

(10 minutes)


Q & A – 10 minutes




Hall D

0900 – 1000 hrs

Moderated Video

Session 1



Dr Jayesh Dhabalia,

Dr Kamalesh Shah,

Dr Nachiket Vyas


MVID 01 – 01

Modified Laparoscopic Extravesical Supratrigonal Vesico-vaginal Fistula Repair – A video demonstration

Dr Rohith G, Dr Das MK, Dr Mandal S, Dr Nayak P, Dr Gaur AS, Dr Pandey A, Dr Agrawal S

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar


MVID 01 – 02

Robot assisted laparoscopic vesico-vaginal fistula repair with omental interposition : A prospective evaluation of Our experience

Dr Ruchi Mittal, Dr Anup Kumar, Dr YM Prashanth, Dr Sandeep Kumar , Dr Siddharth Yadav, Dr Saumya Nayyar, Dr Ketan Kapoor

Safdarjung Hospitals, New Delhi


MVID 01 – 03

Robot assisted post radiation vesico vaginal fistula repair with ureteric reimplantation

Dr Varun Agarwal, Dr TB Yuvaraja, Dr Santosh Waigankar, Dr Preetham Dev, Dr Akash Shah, Dr Abhinav Pednekar

Kokilaben Hospital, Navi Mumbai


MVID 01 – 04

Ileovaginoplasty in an unclassified case of congenital mullerian and urogenital sinus abnormality

Dr Kamlesh Singh, Dr Vyas A, Dr Rochlani T, Dr Patwardhan S

Seth G.S medical college, KEM hospital, Mumbai


MVID 01 – 05

Initial Experience of a New Technique of Dorsal Onlay Skin Flap for Penile Urethral Strictures by Modified Orandi Technique

Dr Arun Chawla, Dr Suraj Jaydev Reddy, Dr Anupam Choudhary

KMC, Manipal


MVID 01 – 06

An unpretentious solution for an intricate problem – effective management of a post traumatic complex recto-urethral fistula

Dr Ankit Vyas, Dr Kamlesh Singh, Dr Rishikesh V, Dr Sujata Patwardhan, Dr Bhushan Patil,

Dr Tarun Rochlani

KEM, Mumbai



1000 – 1100 hrs

Moderated Video

Session 2



Dr Swapan Sood,

Dr Ramesh O

Dr Kamlesh Patel



MVID 02 – 01

A prospective evaluation of perioperative and Trifecta outcomes of Robot assisted Laparoscopic transperitoneal partial nephrectomy in clinical T1b renal tumors

Dr Anup Kumar, Dr YM Prashanth, Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr Vijayender Kanwar, Dr Siddharth Yadav, Dr Saumya Nayyar, Dr Ketan Kapoor

Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi


MVID 02 – 02

Perioperative outcomes of Robot assisted Lap Radical Prostatectomy in Locally Advanced High Risk Prostate Cancer: A prospective evaluation

Dr Anup Kumar, Dr YM Prashanth, Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr Vijayender Kanwar, Dr Siddharth Yadav, Dr Saumya Nayyar, Dr Ketan Kapoor

Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi


MVID 02 – 03

Retroperitoneoscopic Robot assisted Partial nephrectomy: A way to make complex renal tumour simpler

Dr Ginil Kumar Pooleri, Dr Ravi Chandran, Dr Sreedhar, Dr Shivaraj B, Dr Abhishek Laddha,

Dr Sanjeevan, Dr Appu Thomas

AIMS Kochi


MVID 02 – 04

Robotic Mainz-II pouch undiversion with intracorporeal ileal conduit

Dr Kiran S, Dr Vishnu R, Dr Dinesh CT, Dr Sunil B, Dr Praful B, Dr Kishore TA

Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi


MVID 02 – 05

Robotic nephron sparing surgery (R-NSS) for T2 / T3, a lesion with high nephrometry score

Dr Ashwin Giridhar, Dr Sharma Rakesh, Dr Mohan Amaresh, Dr Sri Sai Harsha



MVID 02 – 06

Robotic Nephron-Sparing Surgery in Challenging Scenarios – NH Experience

Dr Jagadish Kaushik B, Dr Prashanth Kulkarni, Dr Saurabh Bhargava

MSMC, Narayana Health City, Bengaluru



1100 – 1200 hrs

Moderated Video

Session 3



Dr P N Dogra

Dr Kishore T A

Dr Samir Khanna


MVID 03 – 01

Robotic Partial Nephrectomy for multiple renal tumours

Dr Anil Kumar T, Dr Kinju Adhikari, Dr Raj Patel, Dr Tejus Chiranjeevi, Dr Srivatsa N,

Dr Raghunath SK

HCG Cancer Center, Bengaluru


MVID 03 – 02

Transperitoneal robotic RPLND for post chemotherapy NSGCT – surgical nuances with special emphasis on hammocking technique

Dr Puneeth Kumar KM, Dr Madhur Anand, Dr Abhay Kumar, Dr Aneesh Srivastava,

Dr Uday Pratap Singh, Dr Sanjoy Sureka

SGPGI Lucknow


MVID 03 – 03

Robotic Non-Clamp Partial nephrectomy

Dr Kinju Adhikari, Dr Anil Kumar T, Dr Raj Patel, Dr Tejus Chiranjeevi, Dr Srivatsa N,

Dr Raghunath SK

H CG Cancer centre, Bengaluru


MVID 03 – 04

Robot assisted ureteric reimplantation using psoas hitch (RAURPH)- point of technique

Dr Ranjan R, Dr Mittal A, Dr Panwar V, Dr Kumar S, Dr Talwar HS, Dr Mandal AK

AIIMS, Rishikesh


MVID 03 – 05

Robotic ureteric tailoring and reimplantation for primary obstructive megaureter with ureterocoele: Surgical technique

Dr Talwar HS, Dr Kumar S, Dr Navriya S, Dr Ranjan R, Dr Upadhyay A, Dr Mandal AK

AIIMS, Rishikesh


MVID 03 – 06

Robotic diverticulectomy with right ureteric reimplant for Large Primary Congenital Bladder Diverticula presenting in adulthood

Dr Wadhwa P, Dr Goel S, Dr Zafar FA, Dr Ahlawat R




1200 – 1330 hrs

Moderated Video

Session 4



Dr Diwakar Dalela

Dr Amilal Bhat

Dr Rajagopal


MVID 04 – 01

Robot Assisted Left Simple Nephroureterectomy for Complete Duplex Nonfunctioning Upper Moiety with Gross Hydroureteronephrosis

Dr Pratik Garg, Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Devanshu Bansal, Dr Pratik Garg, Dr Anant Kumar

Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi


MVID 04 – 02

Surgical management of Male epispadias repair – Our experience in 23 cases in last 6 years.

Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Ramnaresh Daga, Dr Yogendra Shyoran, Dr Prabhnoor Singh

SPMC, Bikaner


MVID 04 – 03

Common sheath reimplantation for ectopic ureterocele in duplication

Dr R Singh, Dr K Natarajan, Dr R Babu

Sri Ramchandra Institute, Chennai


MVID 04 – 04

Surgical experience in a series of 5 cases of female epispadias.

Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Yogendra Shyoran,  Dr Prabhnoor Singh, Dr Rakesh Maan, Dr Pranjal Moharjal

SPMC, Bikaner


MVID 04 – 05

Surgical management and outcomes of complex secondary cases of hypospadias in a single stage

Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Yogendra Shyoran, Dr Prabhnoor Singh, Dr Mahesh Sonwal, Dr Rambeer Singh



MVID 04 – 06

Robot -assisted Modified Vesica Ileale Padovana(VIP) neobladder: A novel and simple technique for Robotic Intracorporeal Bladder replacement reproducing open surgical principles

Dr Utsav Shah, Dr Abhay Kumar, Dr Sanjoy Kumar Surekha, Dr Uday Pratap Singh,

Dr Aneesh Srivastava

SGPGI Lucknow


MVID 04 – 07

Robot assisted Buccal mucosal graft ureteroplasty: A simple alternative for a complex ureteral stricture

Dr Thummala Yashaswi, Dr Ravimohan S Mavuduru, Dr Girdhar Singh Bora, Dr Anuj Yadav

PGIMER, Chandigarh


MVID 04 – 08

Laparoscopic ureteric reimplantation with trans-uretero-ureterostomy: video

Dr Syed Jamal Rizvi, Dr Handa R, Dr Patel D, Dr Chandora R, Dr Kumar S, Dr Modi PR



MVID 04 – 09

Cystoscopic extraction of a pencil from Urinary bladder using Amplatz sheath

Dr Rochlani Tarun D, Dr Singh Kamlesh H, Dr Vyas Ankit, Dr Patwardhan Sujata K

KEM, Mumbai



1330 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1530 hrs

Moderated Video

Session 5



Dr Ravindra Sabnis,

Dr Vishal Goyal,

Dr Subash Yadav



MVID 05 – 01

A case of bilateral large renal calculi managed with laparoscopic bilateral simultaneous pyelolithotomy

Dr Niramya Pathak, Dr A Singh, Dr M Desai

MPUH, Nadiad


MVID 05 – 02

Bilateral foley y-v plasty for bilateral PUJ obstruction with gross hydronephrosis and secondary renal calculus in a horseshoe kidney

Dr K Seshu Mohan, Dr Surya Prakash Vaddi, Dr Datta Prasad M, Dr Jawahar B

Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad


MVID 05 – 03

Long segment Iatrogenic Ureteric Strictures – 3 different laparoscopic approaches

Dr V Chandra Mohan, Dr P Ramakrishna, Dr PM Siddalingaswamy, Dr G Soundarya,

Dr Manas Babu, Dr UA Hemnath, Dr Rakesh Panda



MVID 05 – 04

Safe and efficient morcellation technique during hoelp

Dr Pankaj Bhirud, Dr Krishnamohan Ramaswami, Dr Harigovind Podiyedath

H & G centre, Calicut


MVID 05 – 05

Thulium Fiber Laser Enbloc resection of bladder tumour: Our experience of 20 cases

Dr Manas Babu B, Dr Chandra Mohan Vaddi, Dr Ramakrishna P, Dr Siddalinga Swamy PM,

Dr Soundarya G, Dr Hemnath A, Dr Rakesh



MVID 05 – 06

B17ilateral open transperitoneal adrenalectomy with bilateral nephron sparing surgery in VHL syndrome – technical intricacies

Dr Zain Tamboli, Dr Puneeth K, Dr Abhishek P, Dr Sureka SK, Dr Singh UP, Dr Srivastava A

SGPGI Lucknow


MVID 05 – 07

Thulium laser partial glansectomy – a novel application of the thulium laser

Dr Sathaye S, Dr Barua S

Guwahati medical College, Guwahati


MVID 05 – 08

A modified technique of video endoscopic inguinal lymphadenectomy – deep-first approach

Dr Pandey A, Dr Das MK, Dr Mandal S, Dr Nayak P, Dr Kumaraswamy S, Dr Misra A,

Dr Gaur AS

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar


MVID 05 – 09

Laparoscopic left partial nephrectomy in multiple ipsilateral renal tumors

Dr Misra A, Dr Das MK, Dr Mandal S, Dr Nayak P, Dr Agrawal S, Dr Kumaraswamy S,

Dr Gaur AS

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar



1530 – 1700 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 9



Dr Hemant Tongaonkar,

Dr Brusabhanu Nayak,

Dr Ranjan Kumar Dey



POD 09 – 01

Comparison of Pentafecta outcomes between patients with low and high nephrometry score and to identify the predictors of Pentafecta achievement following robotic- assisted partial nephrectomy

Dr Rajiv Kumar, Dr Das B, Dr Kumar A, Dr Maheshwari R, Dr Chaturvedi S, Dr Kaushal R,

Dr Bansal A

JIPMER Pondicherry


POD 09 – 02

Outcomes of partial nephrectomy in t1a and t1b renal masses – experience from a single centre

Dr Praanjal Gupta, Dr Ramanitharan Manikandan, Dr Lalgudi Dorairajan, Dr Sreerag KS,

Dr Siddhartha Kalra, Dr Atanu Kumar Pal

JIPMER Pondicherry


POD 09 – 03

Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy: Improving urinary continence

Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Pragnesh Desai, Dr Rohit Kaushal, Dr Anant Kumar

MAX Hospital New Delhi


POD 09 – 04

Anorectal Manometry as a tool to evaluate impact of Robotic assisted Radical Prostatectomy on Pelvic floor and its relation with functional post-operative outcomes

Dr Thiruvalar Prabu Anand, Dr Ginil Kumar

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi


POD 09 – 05

Impact of neo adjuvant chemotherapy on post-operative complications in patients undergoing robotic or open radical cystectomy

Dr Arvind Nayak, Dr John Piedad, Dr Yogit Wagh, Dr Anand Sharma, Dr Nikhil Vasdev



POD 09 – 06

Robot Assisted Intracorporeal ileal conduit: Standardizing the learning curve

Dr Yadav Anuj Kumar, Dr Mavuduru RM, Dr Bora GS, Dr Singh SK

PGIMER Chandigarh


POD 09 – 07

Outcome analysis of patients with locally advanced carcinoma prostate undergoing robot assisted radical prostatectomy with or without neoadjuvant androgen deprivation therapy: a retrospective cohort study

Dr Rajiv Kumar, Dr Jain M, Dr Kumar A, Dr Maheswari R, Dr Chaturvedi S, Dr Desai P,

Dr Kaushal R

JIPMER Pondicherry




Hall E

0900 – 1000 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 1



Dr C S Ratkal

Dr Bobby Viswaroop

Dr Bhavatej Enganti


POD 01 – 01

Buccal mucosal graft onlay technique for upper ureteric and UPJ strictures

Dr Shashank Patil, Dr Vikram Prabha, Dr RB Nerli, Dr Shridhar C Ghagane

K L E Medical college, Belgaum


POD 01 – 02

Functional outcomes after pyeloplasty in solitary kidneys

Dr Rinaldo M, Dr Trivedi S, Dr Kumar L, Dr Singh Y

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi


POD 01 – 03

Robotic VVF repair:  Lessons Learnt

Dr Rohit Kaushal, Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Pragnesh Desai, Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Rajiv Kumar, Dr Anant Kumar

Max Hospital, New Delhi


POD 01 – 04

Exstrophy Epispadias Complex: Outcome and Analysis of Repair Performed at a tertiary care centre

Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Yogendra Shyoran, Dr Ramnaresh Daga

SNMC Bikaner


POD 01 – 05

Surgical Management for Disorders of Sexual Development – A Three decades experience from a Single tertiary care center

Dr Madhur Anand, Dr Anupam Shukla, Dr Abhishek Pathak, Dr Shitangsu Kakoti, Dr Priyank Yadav, Dr Mohd S Ansari

SGPGI Lucknow


POD 01-06

Robot assisted urinary bladder and ureteric reconstructive surgeries for benign diseases: Single centre experience

Dr Nikita Shrivastava, Dr Pritesh Jain, Dr Gautam Ram Choudhary, Dr Vijay Kumar Sarma Madduri, Dr Himanshu Pandey, Dr Mahendra Singh, Dr A S Sandhu

AIIMS, Jodhpur



1000 – 1100 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 2



Dr H S Bhatyal

Dr Rishi Grover

Dr Muthulatha N


POD 02 – 01

Bovine Pericardial patch in Augmented Urethroplasty: Our results at Tertiary care hospital in Eastern India

Dr Vishal Kashyap


POD 02 – 02

Complex hypospadias reconstruction: Ulaan baatar technique revisited

Dr Saurav Karmakar, Dr Asim Kumar Das, Dr Tapan Kumar Mandal, Dr Tapas Kumar Majhi,

Dr Parthapratim Das, Dr Bishal Vargyab, Dr Dipankar Bera

Government Medical College, Kolkata


POD 02 – 03

Progressive perineal approaches of end-to-end anastomotic urethroplasty for pelvic fracture urethral distraction defect: An eight-year experience from a tertiary care center

Dr Ali M, Dr Manikandan R, Dr Dorairajan LN, Dr Kalra S, Dr Sreerag KS, Dr Kushwaha S S

JIPMER, Pondicherry


POD 02 – 04

Standard Snodgrass tubularised incised-plate urethroplasty versus Mathieu technique combined with incision of the urethral plate in primary repair of distal & Mid-penile hypospadias: A Retrospective study.

Dr Sharma B, Dr Verma IN, Dr Khanna R, Dr Kochhar G, Dr Meer M, Dr Varshneya A,

Dr Singh A



POD 02 – 05

Double face buccal mucosal Graft urethroplasty for post TURP strictures

Dr Sandeep Bafna, Dr Pankaj Joshi, Dr Vipin Sharma, Dr Shreyas Bhadranavar,

Dr Sanjay Kulkarni

Kulkarni Institute of Reconstructive surgery, Pune


POD 02 -06

Surgical outcomes in Secondary Hypospadias patients in a tertiary care Centre – Over a decade experience

Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Mukesh Chandra Arya, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Yogendra Shyoran, Dr Rakesh Singh, Dr Pranjal Moharjal

SPMC, Bikaner



1100 – 1200 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 3



Dr Bhalchandra Kashyapi

Dr Umesh Sharma

Dr Atul Khandelwal


POD 03 – 01

Assessment of health-related quality of life in patients with carcinoma prostate following bilateral orchidectomy using fact -p questionnaire

Dr Rohit R Hegde, Dr Manohar C S, Dr Shivalingaiah M, Dr Nagabhushan M, Dr Navaneeth S, Dr Pramod A, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Institute of Nephro-Urology, Bangalore


POD 03 – 02

Perioperative outcome in partial nephrectomy in different surgical modalities- A Retrospective single center cohort study

Dr Deka Hiranya, Dr P Ginil Kumar

Amrita Institute of Medical Sceinces, Kochi


POD 03 – 03

Predicting factors for development of renal insufficiency following partial nephrectomy

Dr Hari Shankar Singh, Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr Rohit Kumar Namdev,  Dr K Sridhar Reddy,

Dr Sameer Trivedi, Dr Yashasvi Singh

IMS, BHU, Varanasi


POD 03 – 04

Role of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and VI-Rads (vesical imaging -reporting and data system) score in assessment of t stage of bladder tumours

Dr Surajit Hazarika, Dr Shah S, Dr Bajaniya S, Dr Shah N, Dr Narnoli S, Dr Patel K, Dr Singh A

BJ Medical College, Asarwa


POD 03 – 05

Which dose schedule of sunitinib for first line treatment of clear cell metastatic renal cancer is better for Indian patients – 2/1 or 4/2?

Dr Jiten Jaipuria, Dr SK Rawal, Dr A Singh, Dr G Sharma

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Delhi


POD 03 – 06

A comparative study between En bloc & Transurethral resection of tumour in terms of efficacy & complications for management of non-muscle invasive bladder tumour: A Prospective study

Dr Vaishnava Naveen, Dr Priyadarshi Shivam

S M S Medical College, Jaipur



1200 – 1300 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 4



Dr Kalyan Sarkar,

Dr M Gopichand,

Dr Nagaraj Rao A


POD 04 – 01

Can cross-sectional imaging stratify patients to lymph node staging procedures in penile cancer?

Dr Patel Amit, Dr Boaz RJ, Dr Kumar V



POD 04 – 02

Histological variations in renal tumors in Tamil Nadu

Dr Ankitkumar Sharma, Dr Kuppurajan Narayanasamy, Dr Devdas M, Dr PB Barani Kumar,

Dr M Anandan

Kovai Medical Centre, Coimbatore


POD 04 – 03

To evaluate the diagnostic yield of PSMA PET in patients of suspected carcinoma prostate with negative TRUS guided biopsy

Dr Choube A, Dr Kumar S, Dr Sharma AP, Dr Singh SK, Dr Kumar R, Dr Parmar KM



POD 04 – 04

A study to assess preoperative lymphocyte to monocyte ratio, plasma fibrinogen and weight of resected specimen after transurethral resection of bladder tumour as a predictor of recurrence and prognosis in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Dr Anand Biyani, Dr Ranjan Dey, Dr S Basu

RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata


POD 04 – 05

Incidence of renal tumours in non-functioning kidney secondary to renal calculus disease.

Dr Ram Prasad Ch, Dr V Rajagopal, Dr Sharma DVSLN, Dr Daxay Lakhani, Dr Sirish Bharadwaj, Dr Rajesh

Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad


POD 04 – 06

To determine correlation between VIRADS scoring and pathological staging in bladder cancer: A pilot study

Dr Shakti Swarup Sarangi, Dr Mahendra Singh, Dr Prateek Gupta, Dr Gautam Ram Choudhary, Dr Himanshu Pandey, Dr AS Sandhu, Dr Vijay Kumar Sarma Madduri

AIIMS, Jodhpur

1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1500 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 5



Dr Anil Varshney

Dr Bibhas Ranjan Kundu

Dr Dipak Rajyaguru


POD 05 – 01

A better uroflowmetric predictor to indicate bladder outlet obstruction

Dr Anandh Balaji R, Dr Prakash JVS, Dr PV Thiruvarul, Dr Arunkumar Paranjothi,

Dr Vetrichandar S, Dr Arasi KV, Dr Natarajan V

Stanley Medical Collge, Chennai


POD 05 – 02

Comparison of clinico-pathological outcome of en-bloc resection versus conventional trans-urethral resection of non-muscle invasive bladder tumor

Dr Dey Sumantra, Dr Patawari P K, Dr Sharma P K, Dr Mandal S N

National Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata


POD 05 – 03

HoLEP for large prostate glands (more than 100 grams) : Technical modifications for reducing complications and improving continence

Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Maheshwari Ruchir, Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Pragnesh Desai, Dr Rohit Kaushal, Dr Anant Kumar

Max Hospital, New Delhi


POD 05 – 04

How do practicing physicians manage patients with lower urinary tract symptoms in everyday practice: A Survey of diagnosis, treatment & referral patterns.

Dr Maheshwari PN, Dr Wangikar P, Dr Panda M, Dr Hegde R

Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai


POD 05 – 05

Single centre study comparing HOLEP with TURP in bladder outlet obstruction due to Benign enlargement of prostate gland more than 40cc or grade 2.

Dr Hosamani Amit, Dr P John Roy

Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi


POD 05 – 06

Effect of Real time visualization of Cystourethroscopic procedure in males on pain score, anxiety status and hemodynamic parameters

Dr Sugam Godse, Dr MK Chhabra, Dr Gordhan Chaudhary

Dr S N Medical Collge, Jodhpur



1500 – 1600 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 6



Dr Dilip Karmakar

Dr Nitin Gadgil

Dr Suresh Thakkar


POD 06 – 01

The effect of Covid-19 on lower urinary tract symptoms in elderly men

Dr Karthi A P, Dr Shanmughadas KV, Dr Rajeevan AT, Dr Dineshan KM, Dr Venugopalan AV

Government Medical College, Kozhikode


POD 06 – 02

Dual alpha blocker therapy – Efficacy and safety of additional alpha blocker in relieving luts secondary to BPE in patients not responding to single alpha blocker: Interim analysis

Dr P Adhikari, Dr. SI Neeli

JNMC, Belagavi


POD 06 – 03

Evaluating outcomes of combined bladder neck and supramontanal sparing ejaculatory preserving TURP: Results from a prospective, randomised study.

Dr A Nishith, Dr Prasad Mylarapa, Dr Manasa T, Dr P Sandeep

Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru


POD 06 – 04

Institutional experience of obturator block in TURBT in COVID-19 era: A series of 111 cases.

Dr Prabhnoor Singh, Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Jaiprakash Swami, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Ramnaresh Daga

Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner


POD 06 – 05

Monopolar versus bipolar transurethral resection of the prostate in patients with benign prostatic enlargement: A randomized controlled trial.

Dr Ranjan R, Dr Kumar S, Dr Navriya S, Dr Mittal A, Dr Mammen KJ, Dr Mandal AK

AIIMS, Rishikesh


POD 06 – 06

Thulium Laser Prostatectomy: A Single Centre experience from India

Dr S Muqqurab Ali Khan, Dr P Vamsi Krishna

Care Hospital, Hyderabad



1600 – 1700 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 7



Dr P B Singh

Dr S Vasudevan

Dr J G Lalmalani


POD 07 – 01

Outcome analysis of open dual kidney transplant from suboptimal donors from a tertiary care center: Retrospective, observational study

Dr Kumar Suresh, Dr Rizvi S Jamal, Dr Pal B Chandra, Dr Kataria Subhash, Dr Bagariya Mahesh, Dr Modi Pranjal

Institute of kidney disease & research center, Institute of transplantation sciences, Ahmedabad


POD 07 – 02

Pre-Transplant Nephrectomy: Analysis of Last 40 Years from a Single Institute

Dr Rohan Batra, Dr Deval Parikh, Dr Abhishek Singh, Dr Arvind Ganpule, Dr Ravindra Sabnis, Dr Mahesh Desai

MPUH Nadiad


POD 07 – 03

Robotic kidney transplantation for renal allograft with multiple renal arteries

Dr Anil Jangid, Dr Pranjal Modi, Dr S Kumar

IKDRC ITS, Ahmedabad


POD 07 – 04

Retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy in presence of abnormal venous anatomy- donor and recipient outcome

Dr Virendra Kumar Soni, Dr Pranjal Modi, Dr Syed Jamal Rizvi, Dr Suresh Kumar

IKDRC ITS, Ahmedabad


POD 07 – 05

Robotic kidney transplantation from deceased donor

Dr Subhash Kataria, Dr P Modi, Dr S Kumar.

IKDRC ITS, Ahmedabad


POD 07 – 06

Transvaginal insertion of kidney and robotic kidney transplantation

Dr Mahesh Kumar Bagriya, Dr P Modi, Dr S Kumar

IKDRC ITS, Ahmedabad




Hall F

0900 – 1000 hrs

Moderated Poster

Session 1



Dr Anil Bradoo,

Dr Anshuman Kapoor

Dr Puneet Agarwal



MOD POS 01 – 01

A prospective study on application of enhanced recovery after surgery protocol in uro-oncology

Dr Patawari Piyush Kumar, Dr Dey Sumantra, Dr Alam Tahzeeb, Dr Molla Wasim, Dr Sharma Pramod Kumar, Dr Mandal Soumendranath

Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata


MOD POS 01 – 02

Analysing real-life Indian data on frequent treatment sequences for the management of metastatic prostate cancer via machine learning

Dr Jiten Jaipuria, Dr SK Rawal, Dr A Singh, Dr G Sharma, Ms I Kaur

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Delhi


MOD POS 01 – 03

Correlation of MRI-estimated vi-rads score with muscle invasiveness on turbt in patients with urothelial bladder cancer – our preliminary report

Dr Sathaye S, Dr Rajeev TP, Dr Barua S, Dr Bagchi P, Dr Phukan M, Dr Sarma D

Guwahati Medical College, Guwahati


MOD POS 01 – 04

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by cystectomy: A single centre experience

Dr Shashank Patil, Dr Vikram Prabha, Dr RB Nerli, Dr Shridhar C Ghagane

JNMC, Belagavi


MOD POS 01 – 05

Predictors of bladder recurrence in post radical nephroureterectomy in upper tract urothelial carcinoma: a single tertiary care centre experience

Dr Pathrose G, Dr John NT, Dr George AJP, Dr Mukha RP, Dr Devasia A, Dr Kumar S

CMC Vellore


MOD POS 01 – 06

Retrospective analysis of complications and tolerability of intravesical BCG therapy in patients with NMIBC: a single center experience

Dr R P Ghorai, Dr V K Panwar, Dr A Mittal, Dr S Kumar, Dr SC Navriya, Dr A K Mandal

AIIMS, Rishikesh


MOD POS 01 – 07

Role of restage TURBT in t1 high-grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC)

Dr Sridhar Reddy K, Dr Trivedi S, Dr Singh Y

IMS, BHU, Varanasi


MOD POS 01 – 08

Retroperitoneoscopic Adrenalectomy

Dr Spurthi V, Dr Pranjal Modi, Dr Syed Jamal Rizvi, Dr Suresh Kumar

IKDRC-ITS, Ahmedabad


MOD POS 01 – 09

Radical Prostatectomy in Patients of Prostatic Cancer with Dysfunctional Bladder

Dr Gaurav Malvi, Dr Sujata Patwardhan, Dr Bhushan Patil, Dr Rishikesh Velhal

KEM Hospital, Mumbai


MOD POS 01 – 10

Inverted urothelial papilloma of prostatic urethra nearly misdiagnosed as urothelial carcinoma – a case report

Dr Pandey A, Dr Mandal S, Dr Das MK, Dr Nayak P, Dr Kumaraswamy S, Dr Rohith G,

Dr Agrawal S

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar


MOD POS 01 – 11

Post TURP decline in total serum PSA level and its correlation with resected volume of prostate in BPH

Dr Koushal Kondawar,

KIMS, Trivandrum



1000 – 1100 hrs

Moderated Poster

Session 2



Dr Vivek Joshi

Dr Prashant Kulkarni

Dr Tarun Javali


MOD POS 02 – 01

60W Superpulse Thulium fiber laser in RIRS – Efficacy in hard vs soft stones

Dr Soundarya Ganesan, Dr V.Chandramohan, Dr P.Ramakrishna, Dr Siddalingaswami PM,

Dr Hemnath U.A, Dr. Manas Babu, Dr. Rakesh Panda

Preeti Urology & Kidney Hospital, Hyderabad


MOD POS 02 – 02

A Single Center Prospective Randomized Controlled Study To Assess Outcomes And Complications Of Conventional Stent Placement Versus No Stent Placement After Ureteroscopy For Distal Ureteric Calculus Of Size Less Than 1 cms.

Dr Suraj Jayadeva Reddy, Dr. Arun Chawla, Dr. Sourabh

KMC Manipal


MOD POS 02 – 03

A study on management of ureteric colic in a tertiary care center

Dr Sadhan Kumar Ch, Dr T.Narendar, Dr Vinay kumar Reddy,  Dr PVLN Murthy

KIMS, Trivandrum


MOD POS 02 – 04

Chyluria – Clinical study and its relation to hyperlipidemia

Dr Mallipeddi Partha Sri, Dr D Sreedhar

Dr PSIMS and RF, Vijayawada


MOD POS 02 – 05

DJ-Stenting in Emphysematous pyelonephritis:A single center experience

Dr Chintalapani Vishwajith Reddy, Dr D Sreedhar

Dr PSIMS and RF, Vijayawada


MOD POS 02 – 06

Evaluating outcomes of supine vs prone position during percutaneous nephrolithotomy for renal stones >2cm:  a single centre experience

Dr Puneet Bansal, Dr Prasad Mylarappa, Dr Manasa, Dr D Ramesh, Dr P Sanadeep

MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore


MOD POS 02 – 07

Evaluating the outcome of PCNL patients using GUY’S STONE SCORE vs Seoul National University Renal Stone Complexity Scoring System – A retrospective study

Dr Siddharth Jai Singh

Dr DY Patil Medical College and Hospital, Pune



MOD POS 02 – 08

PCNL in post emphysematous pyelonephritis: review of complications classified by modified Clavien Dindo Grading System.

Dr B Sourabh Chandra Reddy, Dr Arun Chawla, Dr Ravi

KMC, Manipal


MOD POS 02 – 09

The efficacy of peritubal local anaesthetic infltration in postoperative pain following percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Dr Tahzeeb Alam, Dr Pramod Kumar Sharma, Dr Sumantra Dey, Dr Piyush Kumar Patawari, Dr Soumendranath Mandal

Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata


MOD POS 02 – 10

Is Bladder Atonia/Hypotonia – A Sequelae of COVID infection?

Dr Vaibhav Vinkare, Dr Prashant Patnaik, Dr Apoorv Shastri

Bombay Hospital, Mumbai


MOD POS 02 – 11

Profile of voiding dysfunction among diabetic population.

Dr Sharma B, Dr Kochhar G, Dr Khanna R, Dr Mandal AK, Dr Verma IN, Dr Meer M,

Dr Varshneya A

MMIMSR, Mullana



1100 – 1200 hrs

Moderated Poster Session 3



Dr Arvind Agarwal

Dr Pitchai Balashanmugam Dr Manohar C S


MOD POS 03 – 01

A comparison between silodosin and tamsulosin for medical expulsive therapy of distal ureteric calculus

Dr Atif Abdullah C, Dr Gupta Yogendra Basoo, Dr Ramesh G, Dr Ananda Kumar I,

Dr Senthil Kumar S, Dr Sudhakaran S, Dr Srikala Prasad T

Govt Chengalpattu Medical College



MOD POS 03 – 02

Comparision of efficacy outcome of side to side end to side radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula in patients of chronic kidney disease

Dr Vazir S Rathee, Dr Kumar Mrigank, Dr Devendra S Pawar, Dr Deepak Garg,

Dr Syed Aamer, Dr Swapnil Bala

IMS, BHU, Varanasi


MOD POS 03 – 03

Practice patterns and use of silodosin in benign prostate hyperplasia with comorbidities by Indian urologists

Dr Sameer Trivedi, Dr Hegde Rashmi, Dr Panda Madhumita, Dr Mahadkar Namrata

IMS, BHU, Varanasi


MOD POS 03 – 04

Utility and outcomes of angioembolisation in urology practise: a single tertiary care center experience

Dr Rudra Prasad Ghorai, Dr R P Ghorai, Dr SC Navriya, Dr S Kumar, Dr V K Panwar,

Dr A Mittal, Dr AK Mandal

AIIMS Rishikesh


MOD POS 03 – 05

How to diagnose recurrence UPJO

Dr Moganakannan K, Dr Natarajan Kumaresan, Dr Ramesh Babu

Sri Ramchandra Institute, Chennai


MOD POS 03 – 06

Shockwave lithotripsy as management strategy in patients with more than 2 cm renal stones during covid 19 pandemic – an extension to the current recommendation

Dr Pal A K, Dr Manikandan R, Dr Dorairajan LN, Dr KS Sreerag, Dr Kalra S

JIPMER Pondicherry


MOD POS 03 – 07

Role of serum level of Vitamin D in predicting recurrent UTI in premenopausal women

Dr Gajendra Nagar, Dr SS Yadav

SMS Jaipur


MOD POS 03 – 08

The first robotic day care procedure in the management of testicular vein syndrome, a rare cause of hydroureteronephrosis.

Dr Deerush Kannan, Dr Kunal Dholakia, Dr Satheesh Ramamurthy, Dr N Ragavan



MOD POS 03 – 09

Hurdle and solutions for urology resident doctors during covid-19 pandemic

Dr Rajesh Kumar, Dr K Sudhakar, Dr S Vasudevan, Dr Vijay Vasantray Oza

IGGGH, Pondicherry



1200 – 1300 hrs

Moderated Poster

Session 4



Dr Sarvanan,

Dr Rajendra Singh Sinam

Dr Sumeet Devgan


MOD POS 04 – 01

Clinical relevance and treatment outcomes of urogynaecological fistula: experience from a tertiary centre

Dr Kushwaha SS, Dr Manikandan R, Dr Dorairajan LN, Dr Sreerag KS, Dr Kalra S

JIPMER Pondicherry


MOD POS 04 – 02

Ileo-cystoplasty with ureteric reimplantation in a case of GUTB – A challenging case

Dr Pratyush Ranjan, Dr Vilas Sabale, Dr Vikram Satav, Dr Deepak Mane, Dr Shashikant Asabe, Dr Tabish Rayee

Dr D Y Patil Hospital Pune


MOD POS 04 – 03

Mesh erosion into urinary bladder with intractable frequency of micturation  following laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

Dr Koushal Kondawar, Dr Vikraman KR

KIMS, Trivandrum


MOD POS 04 – 04

Pyeloplasty vs nephrectomy for UPJO in poorly functioning kidneys(< 20%), comparing complications and follow up, predictive factors for recovery after pyeloplasty in poorly functioning kidneys

Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr H Singh, Dr R Namdev, Dr H Pal, Dr S Trivedi, Dr L Kumar

IMS, BHU, Varanasi


MOD POS 04 – 05

Role of ileal ureter replacement in modern urology

Dr Pradeep Nayak, Dr S Trivedi, Dr Yashasvi Singh

BHU Varanasi


MOD POS 04 – 06

A retrospective analysis of male erectile dysfunction following different types of urethroplasties

Dr Singh Harpreet, Dr Agarwal Neeraj, Dr Priyadarshi Shivam

SMS Medical college, Jaipur


MOD POS 04 – 07

Novel 3-point fixation technique of buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty: Interim results of this pilot study.

Dr Brij Mohan, Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Rohit Kaushal, Dr Anant Kumar

Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi


MOD POS 04 – 08

Retrospective audit of urtehroplasty techniques for urethral stricture disease management at a tertiary care center in Uttarakhand

Dr R P Ghorai, Dr S Kumar, Dr SC Navriya, Dr SK Ranjan, Dr A Upadhyay, Dr AK Mandal

AIIMS, Rishikesh.


MOD POS 04 – 09

Case report on pelvic floor urethral distraction defect with a successful outcome

Dr Shailesh Raina, Dr Hussain Shaikh, Dr Abhishek Ghosh, Dr Amit Polara

Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai


MOD POS 04 – 10

Role of tadalafil in improving success of anterior urethroplasty

Dr Sharma Vipin, Dr Bafna Sandeep, Dr Joshi Pankaj, Dr Bhadranavar Shreyas,

Dr Kulkarni Sanjay



MOD POS 04 – 11

Traumatic Bulbar Urethral stricture- modified end to end urethroplasty -results and outcome.

Dr Ramnaresh Daga, Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Jaiprakash Swami, Dr Ankur Singhal,

Dr Ajay Gandhi

SNMC Bikaner


MOD POS 04 – 12

Bilateral Synchronous 3-port transperitoneal Laparoscopic Ureterolithotomy

Dr Bharath Kumar N

Department of Urology, Command Hospital, Pune


1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1500 hrs

Moderated Poster

Session 5



Baldev Singh Wazir,

Dr Rohit Joshi,

Dr KK Panigrahy


MOD POS  05 – 01

Modified technique in right laparoscopic donor nephrectomy

Vinay Kumar Rai, Dr P Garg, Dr R Maheshwari, Dr S Chaturvedi, Dr A Kumar , Dr R Kumar

Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, New delhi


MOD POS 05 – 02

Outcomes of multiple renal arteries in renal transplantation: a retrospective study

Nagalla Vijay krishna, Dr. Manasa , Dr. Ramesh D, Dr. Prasad Mylarappa, Dr. Sandeep Puvvada

Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore


MOD POS 05 – 03

Renal graft arterial anastomosis to the External Iliac artery is superior to Internal Iliac artery? Is

the jury still out?

Partho Mukherjee, Dr. Arman Chacko, Dr. Sudhindhra J., Dr. Arun George, Dr. Rajiv Mukha,

Santosh Kumar

CMC, Vellore


MOD POS 05 – 04

Assesment of living donors in terms of  functional outcome and quality of life using psychometric analysis

Kumar A, Dr Upadhyay R,Dr Ahmad A,Dr Mahmood K,Dr Krishna A,Dr K Rajesh

IGIMS, Patna


MOD POS 05 – 05

Renal artery kink – a jinx in the transplant and lessons learn

Vignesh M, Vengetesh KS, Madhava B, Goutham S, Sampath Kumar KP, Rajani S

GKNM hospital, Coimbatore


MOD POS 05 – 06

An Unusual Case of Colovesical Fistula in Renal Allograft Recipient

N Supradeep, Dr. S. Patwardhan, Dr. B. Patil, Dr. S Bhujbal

KEM, Mumbai


MOD POS 05 – 07

Characteristics of Type 3 posterior urethral valves

Nazareth Solomon T, Natarajan K, Ramesh Babu

SRMC, Chennai


MOD POS 05 – 08

Complete duplication of urinary bladder mimicking as ectopic ureterocoele – a rare congenital


Shastri A, Andankar M, Vinkare V Nagaur


MOD POS O5 – 09

Surgical Management of Vesicoureteric Reflux in a tertiary care center.

Prasad Brahme, Hemant Pathak, Mukund Andankar, Sandesh Parab, Neel Patel

TNMC & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai



MOD POS 05 – 10

Dilute Povidone-Iodine Irrigation during PCNL to Reduce Post-operative

Infective Complications? Is there any benefit?

Dr Naveen, Dr Kalyanram Kone, Dr S Joseph Philipraj

MGMCRI Pondicherry



1500 – 1620 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 8



Dr Deepak Dubey

Dr Krishnamohan R

Dr Syed Ghouse


POD 08 – 01

Comparison of retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy for non-pyonephrotic versus pyonephrotic non-functioning kidneys: a prospective study

Dr Handa RR, Dr Rizvi SJ, Dr Modi PR, Dr Kumar S

IKDRC Ahmedabad


POD 08 – 02

Right Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy for Large Adrenal Mass: How to tame the Formidable?

Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Pratik Garg, Dr Vinay Rai,

Dr Anant Kumar

Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi


POD 08 – 03

Salvage Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty – New tool for failed pyeloplasty in 2021!

Dr Patel S, Dr Sarma D, Dr Barua SK, Dr Rajeev TP, Dr Bagchi PK, Dr Phukan M

Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati,


POD 08 – 04

Can Laproscopic Nephrectomy in Xantho Granulomatous Pyelo Nephritis be considered as standard of care? – Retrospective Single Center Analysis

Dr Darshit Shah, Dr Abhishek Singh, Dr Karthik US, Dr Niramya Pathak, Dr Arvind Ganpule,

Dr Ravindra Sabnis, Dr Mahesh Desai

MPUH, Nadiad


POD 08 – 05

Can we define ideal pneumoperitoneal pressures on the basis of intra-operative and post-operative physiological parameters in adult laparoscopic renal surgeries? – A prospective randomized study

Dr Zain Tamboli, Dr Puneeth K, Dr Abhishek P, Dr Srivastava A, Dr Singh UP, Dr Sureka SK

SGPGI Lucknow


POD 08 – 06

Prospective evaluation of outcomes of transperitoneal 3-d laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Dr Patel SR, Dr Kumar A, Dr Iyer S, Dr Kumar A, Dr Singh V, Dr Yadav P, Dr Sagar S

VMMC & Safdarjung, New Delhi


POD 08 – 07

Retroperitoneoscopic living donor nephrectomy for right side kidney and robotic kidney transplantation compared to left donor kidney robotic kidney transplantation

Prasad SR, Dr. P Modi, Dr. J Rizvi, Dr. Suresh Kumar

IKDRC ITS, Ahmedabad


POD 08 – 08

Laparoscopic adrenalectomy for large adrenal tumor (>10cm) and it’s outcome in terms of perioperative, postoperative morbidity and complication

Patel S., Barua S.K., Sarma D., RajeevT.P., Bagchi P.K., Phukan M.

Guwahati medical College, Guwahati





Day II – Friday, 28th January 2021


Hall A

0900 – 1200 hrs

Sub Specialty Session

Endourology Subsection



Dr Arvind Ganpule


A) How I do it – Tips & tricks – technique video – 5 mins each (20 min)

Moderator: Dr Deepak Ragoori, Dr Harprit Singh


Laparoscopic assisted PCNL – How and when? Dr Kishore Wani

The difficult lower calyx stone: PCNL – Dr Girish Nelivigi

The Difficult lower calyx stone: RIRS – Dr Kandarp Parikh

PCS access in supine PCNL – Dr Aditya Sharma


B) His masters Voice (HMV): (45 min)

Moderator: Dr Arvind Ganpule


RIRS in anomalous kidneys: Tips and Tricks – Dr Olivier Traxer (15 min)

Endourology in 2030: As I see it – Dr Thomas Knoll (20 min)

Complications in FURS: How they happen and how to prevent them? – Dr Saeed Bin Hamri


C) Crossfire in Endourology – (8 min +2 minutes rebuttal) (36 min)

Moderator: Dr Rahul Gupta, Dr Zeeshan Hameed BM


With the advent of TFL, is Holmium laser on death bed?

Yes – Dr Chandramohan Vaddi

No – Dr Pankaj Maheshwari


Is there a role for newer treatment modalities for BPH?

Yes – Dr Ananda Kumar Dhanasekaran

No – Dr Nachiket Vyas


D) What’s in and What’s out: (36 minutes)

Moderator: Dr Arun Chawla


Are baskets on the way out?

Yes – Dr Vineet Gauhar

No – Dr Shashank Dhanuka


Is Pneumatic lithotripsy on the way out?

Yes – Dr Ketan Pai

No – Dr Rahul Sinha


Is ESWL on the way out?

Yes – Dr Rohan Batra

No – Dr Rajeev Bashetty


E) The Innovators Talk show: Brain Digging: The Innovators (20 minutes)

You have an idea in Mind, how does one get going?

Tee-a tee with the experts by Dr Ashish Patil


This would be an attempt to map the innovators brain. We would question the doyens of urological innovations and try to study how they think, how do they act, how do they do a follow up and take their ideas to the next level. During this session we aim to draw pointers for those who wish to innovate


F) Black Pearls in Endourology (30 min): Lost in space (20 min)

Moderator: Dr Arvind Ganpule

Panellists: Dr Ankur Mittal, Dr Apul Goel, Dr Prashant Mulawakar

1) The lost Ureteral access

2) The Lost accessories in the pelvicalyceal system

3) The Lost PCNL Tract



1200 – 1215 hrs

State of the Art Lecture 1


Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Mahesh Desai

Topic: Kidney Stones – Is it preventable?


1215 – 1230 hrs

State of the Art Lecture 2


Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Vipul Patel

Topic: Robotic Radical Prostatectomy – Lessons learnt from 15,000 cases



1230 – 1245 hrs

AUA Lecture



Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Ketan Badani



1245 – 1300 hrs

EAU Lecture



Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Thomas Knoll


13.00 – 13.30 hrs

Technology session

(Sponsored by EMS)



Topic : Triology – Clinical Applications

Speaker ; Dr Janak Desai

1320 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1700 hrs

Sub-Specialty Session

Uro-Oncology Subsection



Dr SK Raghunath


Welcome and Introduction Dr Raghunath S K


14.02 -14.41

Session 1: Is it Evolution or Revolution?

Moderators Dr Gagan Prakash, Dr Joy Chakraborty ( 39 min)

Chairpersons: Dr NP Gupta, Dr JN Kulkarni


History of the technique, where we started, what is the current standard and how we have reached there.

14.03 – 1415    Prostate Biopsy: Dr Ananth Sivaramakrishnan (13 min)

14.16 – 14.28   Intravesical therapy: Dr Gagan Gautam            (13 min)

14.29 – 14.41   Nephron sparing surgery: Dr Gagan Prakash   (13 min)



14.42 – 15.27

Session 2: Practice Changing Papers (45 min)

Moderators Dr Sanjai Addla, Dr Jiten Jaipuri

Chairpersons: Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr Rajeev Kumar


14.43 – 14.51   What do we know on this topic?        1. Prostate Cancer : Dr Jiten Jaipuria(6+3)

14.52 – 15.00   What does this paper show: Positive                              Dr Ashwin Tamhanakar

and  critique of paper.                       2. Bladder Cancer : Dr Srivastava (6+3)

15.01 – 15.09   How does it change practice in India? 3. RCC : Dr Joy Chakraborty (6+3)

15.19 – 15.27                                                              4. Testis Cancer : Dr Ravimohan Mavduru



15.28 – 15.53

Session 3: Crystal gazing

Moderators Dr Gagan Prakash, Dr Joy Chakraborty

Chairpersons: Dr Sudhir Rawal, Dr Hemang Bakshi


15.29 – 15.38    New horizon on Robotic scene: Dr Raghunath S K ( 8+2)

15.39 – 15.53    New Horizons in management of Prostate carcinoma:Prof NW Clarke (12+3)


15.54 -16.49

Session 4: What has changed in 2021 guidelines? (55 min)

Moderators Dr Raghunath S K   Dr Jiten Jaipuria

Chairpersons:  Dr Makarand Kochikar , Dr Bhalchandra Kashyapi


What has Changed in 2021 guidelines:            Panelists :

Learning through case based scenarios           1. Dr Noel Clarke

2. Dr Hanif Motiwala

3. Dr Ganesh Bakshi

Moderator : Dr Sanjai Addla                              4. Dr Yuvaraja

5. Dr Ginil Kumar

6. Dr Vedang Murthy

7. Dr Vineet Talwar

8. Dr Ragavan

9. Dr Anup Gupta





16.50 -16.59

Session 5 : Summary

Moderators : Dr Joy Chakraborty and Dr Gagan Prakash

16.51 -16.55   – Summary               Dr Srivastan (5 min)

16.56 -17.00                                    Dr Indranil Banerjee ( 5 min)


Vote of Thanks


1830 – 1900 hrs IJU Function
1900 – 1945 hrs ISU Function




Hall B

0900 – 1200 hrs

Sub Specialty Session

Reconstructive Urology



Convener – Dr Rajiv Kore



Introduction & Opening Remarks – Dr Rajiv Kore (3 min)

SECTION A: Urethra & Genitals


A1.         Pearls of Surgery (Urethra) (4 min each)

Chairpersons: Dr Shyam Babu Prasad, Dr Sandesh Surana


Technical nuances in proximal stump in PFUI – Dr Prashant Nayak

Fossa Navicularis Strictures – Dr Rajesh Rajendran

Inner Preputial / Circular Penile flap – Dr Prabhjot Singh

Female Urethroplasty – Dr Nikhil Khattar

Perineal Urethrostomy – Dr Tarun Javali

Q & A (10 min)


A2.         Pearls of Surgery (Genitals & Hypospadias) (4 min each)

Chairpersons: Dr Shailesh Shah, Dr Karthikeyan


Tip Repair in Distal hypospadias – Dr Mukesh Arya

Proximal Hypospadias with chordee – Dr Rajiv Kore

Reconstruction in Peyronie’s disease – Dr Arun Chawla

Penile Prosthesis – Dr Francisco Martins (Portugal)

Q & A (10 min)


A3.         Debates (4 min each speaker, 1 min each rebuttal)

Chairpersons – Dr Aneesh Srivastava, Dr S K Singh


Debate 1

Near Obliterated stricture: Double Stage VS Double Face

Double Stage – Dr Rishi Grover

Double Face – Dr Bhavatej Enganti


Debate 2

Transecting vs Non-transecting Anastomotic Urethroplasty for a Bulbar Urethral Stricture

Transecting – Dr Shailesh Kamat

NTABU – Dr Pankaj Joshi


Debate 3

Managing PFUI – Inferior Pubectomy: Always VS Infrequent

Always – Dr Ashish Pardeshi

Infrequent – Dr Hemant Goel


A4.   “CHALLENGE THE EXPERTS” (Case Based Discussion) (25 min)

Panellists: Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Dr Sanjay Kulkarni, Dr Amilal Bhat, Dr Diwakar Dalela, Dr Francisco Martins (Portugal)


Section B:  Upper Tract

Section Moderator: Dr Rishi Nayyar


B1.         Star Talk (12 min)

Chairpersons: Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Dr P N Dogra, Dr G Ramalingam

Complex ureteral reconstruction (Virtual talk) – Dr Lee C Zhao (USA)


B2.         Pearls of Surgery (6 min)

Chairpersons: Dr George P Abraham, Dr V Suryaprakash, Dr Sanjay Pandey

Standardizing handling of UPJ during pyeloplasty – Dr Rishi Nayyar

Q & A (2 min)


B3.         Debate (4 min each speaker, 1 min rebuttal)

Chairpersons: Dr HS Bhatyal, Dr Anant Kumar


Ureteric reimplant in neurogenic bladder Yes vs No

Yes – Dr MS Ansari

No – Dr LN Dorairajan


B4.   “Challenge the experts” (Case Based Discussion) (25 min)

Panellists: Dr Lee C Zhao, Dr Apul Goel, Dr Deepak Dubey, Dr Santosh Kumar, Dr Sujata Patwardhan


Concluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks – Dr Rajiv Kore (3 min)



1200 – 1300 hrs

USI Prize for Ideas and Innovations



Dr Krishnasamy Kannan,

Dr Ashish Patil,

Dr Ramalingam M




Percutaneous Basket Guided Transurethral Cystolithotripsy (Perc BT CLT) – An Innovation for management of bladder stones

Dr Surya Prakash Vaddi, Dr Seshu Mohan K, Dr Rajesh Reddy KRV, Dr Datta Prasad M,

Dr Jawahar B

Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad



Potato tissue based TURP Endotrainer model – Validation and Utility as a training tool

Dr Kamal Sachdeva, Dr Maneesh Sinha, Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

NU Hospital, Bengaluru



Mucosal Exclusion stitch – A simple and effective solution to mitigate the risk of urinary stones in stapled intracorporeal Robotic ileal conduit

Dr A Odugoudar, Mr Mufti, U, Mr Kotwal S, Mr Prescott S

Clinical Fellow in Pelvic Uro- Oncology



Modification of microdissection tese incision according to the vascular anatomy of the testis

Dr Ramaprasad

Apollo Adlux Hospital, Kochi



Predicting bacteriuria by Machine Learning Software Solutions (MLSS) – An innovative screening tool for pregnant women

Dr N Rajamaheswari, Dr Ilangovan Veerappan, Dr Chandrakala Maran, Dr Harini Sivamani,

Dr M. Meena Mahalingam, Dr Muthamil Chelvi Pethakannu, Dr Ananthasubramani Rajagopal

UroGynaecology Research Center, Chennai



GRH DJS Tracker – A boon in prevention of retained & forgotten DJ stents during Covid 19 & Lockdown.

Dr Arif Ahamad Ansari, Dr S Manimaran, Dr T Gnanasekaran, Dr P Prabakaran,

Dr K Muralidharan, Dr J Induja, Dr P Vijaykumar

Madurai Medical College, Madurai




1300 -1330 hrs

Technology session

( Sponsored by Intuitive)





1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1700 hrs

Sub Specialty Session

Renal Transplant Subsection


Convener: Dr Ajay Oswal


“Recipient blood vessels: The Challenges and Complications!!


A. Will you do this recipient? 50 minutes | Moderator: Dr Ajay Oswal


Case based discussion on complex recipient situations, such as Takayasu’s arteritis, Peripheral vascular disease, Second/ Third transplants, Abnormal bladder, Chronic Liver disease, Complex vasculature like HSK/ pelvic kidney, Oxalosis.



Panellists: Dr Aneesh Srivastava, Dr Anurag Shrimal, Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan,

Dr Pranjal Modi, Dr R B Sabnis, Dr Sunil Shroff


B. Anastomosis: No Tension

Videos of various vascular anastomoses (7 minutes each, edited videos)

Chairpersons: Dr Sushil Bhatia, Dr Chandrashekhar Thatte, Dr Shailesh Raina


Preparing the fossa, right and left, eight minutes – Dr Lokesh Sinha

Left kidney into RIF transplant – Dr Vasudevan Sambu Potti

Right kidney with IVC cuff, transplant in RIF – Dr Abhay Mahajan

Multiple arteries: Separate anastomoses – Dr Sanjoy Kumar Sureka

Multiple arteries: Bench reconstruction – Dr Vikas Jain

Renal artery – EIA, Renal artery – Inferior epigastric artery anastomosis – Dr Bipin Chandra Pal

Transplant in LIF – Dr Amit Devra

Vascular anastomoses in robotic KT: Vein, artery, multiple arteries – Dr Prasun Ghosh

Bench dissection and reconstruction in deceased donor kidney – Dr Jamal Rizvi

Short right renal vein management: Transplanting the right kidney upside down –

Dr Pawan Raj Chalise

Graft nephrectomy – Dr Nitesh Jain


C. In the soup: how do I get out?

Case based discussion (45 minutes): Case presentation in two minutes, Discussion three minutes each.

Moderator: Dr Vikas Jain


Aneurysm/ pseudo aneurysm – Dr Abhijit Patil

TRAS – Dr Abhijit Patil

Arterial thrombosis – Dr Virendra Dhankhar

Retrieval injury, arterial dissection – Dr Abhay Mahajan

Accessory artery thrombosis – Dr Ajay Oswal

Acute Page kidney – Dr Ajay Oswal

Retrieval injury, arterial sloughing – Dr Ajay Oswal


Experts: Dr Anant Kumar, Dr Anil Mandhani, Dr H S Bhatyal, Dr Phiroze Soonawala,

Dr Santosh Kumar




Hall C

0900 – 1100 hrs

USI Best Video Prize Session



Dr RM Meyyappan,

Dr Joseph Philipraj,

Dr Rajeev TP



Laparoscopic deroofing of renal hydatid cyst with Palanivelu Hydatid System – an early experience

Dr Selvin Theodore, Dr Jayanth E, Dr Sudindra J, Dr Santhosh N, Dr Chandra Singh J,

Dr Devasia A, Dr Kumar S, Dr George AJP

Christian Medical College, Vellore



Laparoscopic Extraction of Intravesically Migrated Inguinal Hernia Mesh

Dr Rohith G, Dr Nayak P, Dr Das MK, Dr Mandal S, Dr Gaur AS, Dr Kumaraswamy S,

Dr Misra A

AIIMS Bhubaneswar




Retroperitoneal laparoscopic excision of giant cystic pheochromocytoma

Dr Midhun Mohan, Dr Rohan Rajendran, Dr Sanjeevan KV, Dr Appu Thomas

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi



Partial urogenital mobilization for feminizing genitoplasty in 3 patients presenting with DSD.

Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Prabhnoor Singh, Dr Rakesh Maan, Dr Pranjal Moharjal

Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner



Supine PCNL in infants – a case series

Dr Hemnath Anandan, Dr Chandra Mohan V, Dr Ramakrishna P, Dr Siddalinga Swamy,

Dr Soundarya G, Dr Manas Babu, Dr Rakesh Panda




Cat-tail Ureteral reconstruction for Bilateral ureteric strictures

Dr A Parikh, Dr A Singh, Dr D Parikh, Dr A Ganpule, Dr R Sabnis, Dr M Desai

MPUH Nadiad



A novel technique to decrease warm ischemia time in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy with use of satinsky vascular clamp

Dr Chandramohan V, Dr Ramakrishna P, Dr Siddalinga Swamy PM, Dr Panda R, Dr Hemnath UA, Dr Soundarya G




Laparoscopic Inferior vena cava (IVC) thrombectomy for Level II renal tumour thrombus: Lesson learnt

Dr Vikas Agarwal, Dr Lokender Yadav, Dr Vipul Bakshi

Aakash Healthcare Dwarka, Delhi


UBVP 9  Robot assisted laparoscopic transperitoneal ‘no clamp’- zero ischemia time partial nephrectomy in clinical T1A renal tumors

Dr Y M Prashanth, Dr Anup Kumar, Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr Siddharth Yadav, Dr Vijayender Kanwar

VMCC & Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi



Robot assisted Nephroureterectomy for Transitional cell carcinoma in a horseshoe kidney

Dr Amit Bansal, Dr Ruchir Maheshwari, Dr Samit Chaturvedi, Dr Pragnesh Desai, Dr Rohit Kaushal, Dr Anant Kumar

Max Hospital, New Delhi



Robotic assisted pelvic surgery for complex urological malignancy; how far can we go?

Dr Patel Rajkumar, Dr Adhikari K, Dr Raghunath K, Dr Tejus C, Dr Anilkumar T

HCG cancer center, Bengaluru



Robot assisted augmented anastomotic appendiceal flap ureteroplasty for right ureteric stricture

Dr Sunil Kumar

AIIMS Rishikesh



1100 – 1115 hrs

SIU Lecture


Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Reynaldo Gomez

Topic: Role of Internal Urethrotomy in 2022?



1115 – 1130 hrs

BAUS Lecture


Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Tim O’Brien



1130 – 1145 hrs

IAUA Lecture


Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Puneet Sindhwani

Topic: Gonadal health in Renal Transplant patients



1145 – 1200 hrs

State of the Art Lecture 3


Chairpersons: Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Speaker: Dr Fransico Martins (Portugal)

Topic: Tissue Engineering in Urethral reconstruction



1200 – 1300 hrs

Crossfires in Urology



Dr Santosh Kumar (PGI, Chandigarh)

Dr Abhay Khandekar

Dr Avaiduappan P



(7 minutes + 2 minutes rebuttal)


Optimum treatment of lower calyceal calculus – has last word been said?

RIRS – Dr Gopalkrishna R K

Mini PCNL – Dr Digvijay Singh


Robotic renal transplantation in Indian scenario

Yes – Dr Kishore T A

No – Dr Amit Devra


Prostatic biopsy – To Fuse or not to Fuse

Fuse – Dr Brusabhanu Nayak

Not to Fuse – Dr Gopichand

1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1700 hrs

Sub Specialty Session

Lap & Robotics Session


Convener: Dr Pranjal Modi



Introduction by Convener


Session 1: Instruments and equipments for laparoscopic and robotic surgery

Moderators: Dr PN Dogra, Dr M Ramalingam, Dr Anant Kumar, Dr Deepak Dubey


1406 – 1415    Clips and staplers for vascular control – Dr Ravi Mohan Mavuduru

1416 – 1425    Energy devices – Dr Gautam Chowdhary

1426 – 1435    When and how to use indocyanine green – Dr Amlesh Seth

1435 – 1445    Intra-operative ultrasound and Doppler study – Dr Arvind Ganpule

1446 – 1455    Abdominal organ/specimen extraction: instruments and methods –

Dr Jamal Rizvi

Moderator’s comments and remarks


Session 2:  New laparoscopes and robots

Moderators: Dr SK Singh, Dr PP Rao, Dr Jagdish N Kulkarni, Dr Anil Mandhani


1506 – 1515    3D and 4K laparoscopy – Dr Swapan Sood

1516 – 1525    Single port robotic platform – Dr Vipul Patel

1526 – 1535    SSI Mantra Robot: Initial experience – Dr Sudhir Rawal

1536 – 1545    Medtronic Hugo Robot Experience: Initial experience – Dr Raghavan

1546 – 1555    Oxford robot: Initial experience – Dr PP Singh

Moderator’s comments and remarks


Session 3: Expansion of robotic surgery beyond uro-oncology and complications

Moderators: Dr Mahesh Desai, Dr NP Gupta, Dr MS Ansari, Dr Pranjal Modi


1606 – 1615     Robotic surgery for kidney transplantation recipient – Dr Kishore T

1616 – 1625     Robotic pediatric urological surgery – Dr N Mallikarjun Reddy

1626 – 1635     Robotic surgery for reconstructive and female urology – Dr Anup Gupta

1636 – 1645     Robotic malfunction – Dr Mallikarjuna Chiruvella

1646 – 1655     Intra-operative consultation during laparoscopic surgery – Dr Shrenik Shah


Moderator’s comments and remarks





Hall D

0900 – 1200 hrs

Sub Specialty Meeting

Female & Functional Urology


Convener: Dr Sanjay Sinha



Welcome Remarks: Dr Sanjay Sinha


Techniques of SUI Surgery (Each Video 5 min, 3 min discussion)

Chair: Dr Kalyan Sarkar, Dr Mayank Mohan Agarwal


Mini-Autologous PVS: Dr Christopher Chapple

Autologous TOT: Dr Pawan Vasudeva

Synthetic tape: Dr Anita Patel

Retrieval of Tensor Fascia Lata: Dr Nikhil Khattar


Complications of SUI Surgery – Dr Sanjay Sinha (Moderator)

Panellists: Dr Gopal Badlani, Dr Christopher Chapple, Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr Aparna Hegde


INUS Lecture: Parkinson’s Disease and the Urologist – Dr Jalesh Panicker (15 + 5 min)

Chairpersons: Dr KSN Chary, Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr Shailesh Raina


ICS Lecture: Approach to Dysfunctional Voiding in the Young Adult Male –

Dr Christopher Chapple (15 + 5 min)

Chairpersons: Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, Dr Sameer Trivedi


Resident’s Corner: Interpreting UDS in a child with Neurogenic LUTD – Dr Anita Patel

Dr Pawan Vasudeva 20 min + 10 min Discussion

Moderator: Dr Aneesh Srivastava (Session In-Charge), Dr Mayank Mohan Agarwal,

Dr KV Sanjeevan


Neurogenic LUTD Guidelines: Comparing recommendations of Currently Available Guidelines – Dr Arabind Panda (Speaker) 20 min+ 10 min Discussion

Moderator: Dr Ali Poonawala (Session In-Charge), Dr Jalesh Panicker, Dr Shirish Yande


Concluding remarks: Dr Sanjay Sinha



1200 – 1300 hrs

Genitourinary Koch’s

Case based discussion


Convener: Dr D Ramesh



Panellists: Dr P V L N Murthy

Dr Sujata Patwardhan

Dr Rajesh Tiwari

Dr Hemant Goel

1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1700 hrs

Sub Specialty Session

Andrology Sub Section



Dr Datteswar Hota


Andrological Emergencies


Session 1

Fracture penis

Etiology and Evaluation: Dr Harprit Singh

Management of Fracture Penis, Immediate vs delayed vs conservative:  Dr A L Bhat

Q & A


Session 2


Introduction and Evaluation: Dr Vinod K V

Persistent hematospermia – Evaluation and management of Hematospermia:

– Dr SS Vasan

Q & A


Session 3


Introduction and Evaluation: Dr Sanjay Pandey

Do we need to shunt Pripiasm ? Can it be managed without shunt: Absolute indications for shunt and Type preferred. Role of Immediate Penile prosthesis – Dr Vineet Malhotra

Q & A


Session 4

Torsion testes

Management of Pediatric vs Adult torsion testis: Dr Pramod Krishnappa


Session 5

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr Datteswar Hota

Panellists: Dr Ajit Saxena, Dr Shivam Priyadarshi, Dr Deepak Gupte, Dr Raman Tanwar,

Dr Karthikeyan VS


·        Genital injuries and Penoscrotal avulsion

·        Foreign body and Entrapped emergency Penis

·        Urethrorrhagia and Bleeding genital area

·        Fournier’s gangrene and necrotising fasciitis

·        Iatrogenic shortening with overzealous circumcision




Hall E

0900 – 1100 hrs

USI – Men’s Health Society Meeting


Opening Remarks: Dr Rajeev Sood (3 min)

Chairpersons: Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr RB Neri


Session 1 (15 mins + 2 mins)

·        Men’s Health reviving the lost narrative – Dr Raman Tanwar

·        Men’s Health & Covid – Uro-Genital implications & remedies – Dr Rajeev Sood

·        Why we should practice Men’s Health as Urologist – Dr Prashant Pattanaik

·        Putting Men’s Health into Practice – Dr Karthikeyan VS

·        Sexual Medicine as a trailer for Men’s Health – Dr Arun Karthik

·        BPH and Men’s health – Joining the Dots – Dr Aditya Prakash


Session 2 (18 mins)

Panel Discussion: Men’s Health Guideline 2.0

Moderator: Dr Harprit Singh

Panellists: Dr Ajay Nehra, Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr Rajeev TP, Dr Karthikeyan VS, Dr Raman Tanwar



1100 – 1300 hrs

USI – GUCSI Session



Dr Rajeev Sood,

Dr Anup Kumar



Introduction of session: Dr Rajeev Sood

Overview of session: Dr Anup Kumar


Session 1 (30 minutes, 10 mts each)

Chairpersons: Dr NK Mohanty, Dr PN Dogra, Dr Shailesh Raina

·        Extent of lymphadenectomy in Radical Prostatectomy: How much is adequate?

– Dr Nitesh Jain

·        Extent of lymphadenectomy in Radical Cystectomy: How much is adequate?

– Dr Prabhjot Singh

·        Current consensus on Lymph node dissection in RCC – Dr Siddharth Yadav


Session 2 (35 minutes)

Chairpersons: Dr Amlesh Seth, Dr Ranjan Kumar Dey, Dr Uttam Mete

Role of PARP inhibitors in CRPC – Dr Rajeev Sood – 10 min (7 + 3)

Role of Genetic testing in evaluation of Ca prostate – Dr Sanjoy Sureka -10 min (7+3)



Metastatic RCC:

Upfront cytoreductive nephrectomy is the best option 7 min: Dr Brusabhanu Nayak

Targeted Therapy is the best option 7 min: Dr Umesh Sharma


Session 3 (Semi-live) (30 minutes, 7+3 min each)

Chairpersons: Dr PB Singh, Dr SK Singh, Dr M Ramalingam

Techniques of bladder cuff excision in radical nephroureterectomy:  Dr Anil Mandhani

Techniques to improve urinary continence in radical prostatectomy: Dr Anup Kumar

Role of minimally invasive surgery in Adrenal masses: Dr Shrenik Shah


Session 4 (20 minutes)

Panel Discussion in mCRPC

Moderator: Dr Anup Kumar

Panellists: Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr Sudhir Rawal, Dr Rajeev TP, Dr Santosh Kumar (CMC),

Dr Amit Ghose


Concluding Remarks: Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr Anup Kumar (3 minutes)



1300 – 1330 hrs

Non-Urology Lecture


Chairpersons: Dr Ravindra Sabnis, Dr Srikant Badwe

Speaker: Dr Nikhil D Datar

Topic: Consent taking: Making feasible, practical and Medico-legally safe


1330 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1530 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 10



Dr Gyanendra Sharma,

Dr Kaushik Shah,

Dr Aditya Sharma



POD 10 – 01

A prospective comparative study of Mini-PCNL using Trilogy TM and Thulium fibre laser with suction.

Dr Abhijit Patil, Dr Rohan Sharma, Dr Darshit Shah, Dr Abhishek Singh, Dr Arvind Ganpule,

Dr Ravindra Sabnis, Dr Mahesh Desai

MPUH, Nadiad


POD 10 – 02

A Prospective study to compare the Efficacy of Mirabegron v/s Tamsulosin and Tolterodine in treatment of Double J stent related symptoms

Dr Sharma B, Dr Mandal AK, Dr Khanna R, Dr Sharma K, Dr Kochhar G



POD 10 – 03

A Prospective randomised control study on effect of Pre-operative Tranexmic acid in reducing blood loss during PCNL.

Dr Vinod Babu B, Dr Manohar CS, Dr Nagabhushan, Dr Navaneeth Srinidhi,

Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Institute of Nephrourology, Bangalore


POD 10 – 04

Comparison of Posterior Acoustic shadow width against Echogenic stone size on Ultraosund for estimation of calculus size in Urolithiasis.

Dr Mahesh Joshi, Dr Vinay Tomar

SMS Medical college, Jaipur


POD 10 – 05

NEWS 2 Scoring for Emphysematous Pyelonephritis: A single centre experience

Dr S Alam, Dr AR Bhaskaraprakash, Dr S Hariharasudhan, Dr K Sriram, Dr  K Natarajan

SRMC, Chennai


POD 10 – 06

Retrograde Intrarenal surgery vs Mini Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in Renal stones 15-30mm

Dr Hosamani Amit, Dr John P Roy, Dr Joseph Sachin

Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi


POD 10 – 07

Role of Non-Contrast Computed Tomography in predicting Stone Composition and its correlation with Stone Culture

Dr Singh Jivtesh, Dr RP Sanjay, Dr Adiga Pramod, Dr K Umesh, Dr Keshavamurthy Ramaiah

Institute of Nephro-Urology, Bangalore.


POD 10 – 08

Safety and Efficacy between Supracostal access and Infracostal access in patients with Renal calculi undergoing PCNL.

Dr Sriramadasu Yashwanth, Dr G Amruth Raj Gowda, Dr R Vijaya Kumar, Dr BR Ravikumar, Dr D Sachin, Dr V Manjunath

JSS Medical College, Mysore


POD 10 – 09

Study of Ureteric diameter in indian Population and its clinical implications

Dr Abhijit Samal, Dr V S Kundargi, Dr Santosh Patil, Dr B S Patil, Dr S B Patil

Sri B M Patil Medical College, Vijaywada



1530 – 1700 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 11



Dr Imdad Ali,

Dr Muneer Khan,

Dr Kammella Sreedhar


POD 11 – 01

The Effect of No oral antibiotic versus 7 days oral antibiotic during discharge in Double J stented patients on stent related Urinary tract infection: A Randomized study

Dr Pritam Kumar Mandal, Dr N Vyas, Dr S Priyadarshi, Dr G Sharma, Dr A Singh Hadda

SMS Medical college, Jaipur


POD 11 – 02

The Effect of Treatment Timing and Urinary Drainage on the Outcome of Urinary Tuberculosis

Dr Suraj Muralidhar, Dr Manohar CS, Dr Pramod Adiga, Dr Keshavamurthy R, Dr Shivalingaiah M, Dr Navaneeth Srinidhi, Dr Rohit R Hegde

Institute of Nephrourology, Bangalore


POD 11 – 03

Stone Fragmentation is safe and improve Renal function in Chronic Kidney disease patients: Prospective outcome with a minimum follow up of 6 months

Dr Varthe Venkatamahesh Naik, Dr K Saravanan, Dr Ezhil Sundhar, Dr P R Saravavan,

Dr Harry Santhaselan

Madras Medical College, Chennai,


POD 11 – 04

Effect of Percutanoeus Nephrolithotomy on Renal function in patients with chronic Kidney disease

Dr Hari Shankar Singh, Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr Shivanand Prakash, Dr Pradeep Nayakh,

Dr Sameer Trivedi, Dr Lalit Kumar



POD 11 – 05

Effect of Tamsulosin vs Tadalafil on Ureteric and Renal stone clearance in patients receiving Extracorporeal Shock wave lithotripsy – A Randomized controlled trial.

Dr Sadanala ME, Dr Dangi AD, Dr Balavendra A, Dr Berry JC, Dr Mukha RP, Dr Devasia A,

Dr Kumar S

CMC, Vellore


POD -11-06

Factors predicting Ureteral stent related symptoms: A study to construct a scoring system (S4 score) for prediction

Dr Sharma G, Dr Prakash JVS, Dr Thiruvarul PV, Dr Vetrichandar S, Dr Arasi KV, Dr Paranjothi AK, Dr Natarajan V

Stanley Medical College, Chennai



POD 11 – 07

A comparative study of safety of renal access in retrograde intrarenal surgery with and without fluoroscopy

Dr Ram Prasad Ch, Dr V Rajagopal, Urology, Dr Sharma DVSLN, Dr Daxay Lakhani, Dr Sirish Bharadwaj

Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad


POD 11 – 08

Challenges and Gender based differences for Women in the Indian Urological Workforce

Dr Shruti Pandit, Dr P Venugopal, Dr Arun Chawla, Dr Padmaraj Hegde, Dr Akshay Kriplani

KMC, Manipal




Hall F

0900 – 1000 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 12



Dr Rajesh Kumar Tiwari

Dr Rahul Gupta,

Dr Shrawan Kr Singhania



POD 12 – 01

A Tertiary Care Centre Experience of Vesico-vaginal Fistula Repair: Factors Predicting Success, Quality of Life / Sexual Function in VVF

Dr Harish Pal, Prof S Trivedi, Dr Lalit Kumar, Dr Yashasvi Singh

BHU Varanasi


POD 12 – 02

Influence of the short-term intake of Mirabegron and Solifenacin on cognitive function in Combination Compared with Monotherapy in women with Overactive Bladder: Prospective, Randomized Study

Dr Ershad Hussain Galeti, Dr Vedamurthy Reddy P, Dr Bhargava Reddy K V

Narayana Medical College, Nellore


POD 12 – 03

Female Voiding Dysfunction: Survey of Practice patterns amongst Indian Urologists

Dr Patel S, Dr Iyer S, Dr Prasad V, Dr Yadav S, Dr Kumar N, Dr Vasudeva P

VMMC & Safdarjung, New Delhi


POD 12 – 04

Management of Symptomatic Ureteral calculi in Pregnancy

Dr Varthe Venkatamahesh Naik, Dr K Saravanan, Dr Ezhil Sundhar, Dr PR Saravavan,

Dr Harry Santhaselan

Madras Medical College, Chennai


POD 12 – 05

Urodynamic characteristics of adult men with mixed detrusor overactivity with detrusor underactivity: a database analysis

Dr D Sirish Bharadwaj, Dr Sanjay Sinha

Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad


POD 12 – 06

Videourodynamics in the evaluation and management of lower urinary tract symptoms in young adult men less than 40 years.

Dr Gurpremjit Singh, Dr A Mittal, Dr VK Panwar, Dr AK Mandal, Dr S Kumar, Dr SC Navriya

AIIMS Rishikesh



1000 – 1100 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 13



Dr Pankaj Maheshwari,

Dr Gaurang Shah,

Dr Shivalingaiah M


POD 13 – 01

A Comparitive study between Mirabegron and Tamsulosin for Ureteric stent related morbidity

Dr Atif Abdullah C, Dr Gupta Yogendra Basoo, Dr Ananda Kumar I, Dr Ramesh G, Dr Senthil Kumar S, Dr Sudhakaran S, Dr Srikala Prasad T

Govt Chengalpattu medical college


POD 13 – 02

Emphysematous Pyelonephritis: Management and predictors of Clinical outcomes

Dr Sudhindra Jayasimha, Dr Marimuthu S, Dr Lenin A, Dr Shyamkumar NK, Dr Chandrasingh J, Dr Santosh Kumar

CMC, Vellore


POD 13 – 03

Evaluation of demographic characteristics and characteristics of bacterial colonization of Ureteral DJ Stents – A Prospective Study

Dr Yogendra Basoo Gupta, Dr Atif Abdullah C, Dr Ananda Kumar I, Dr Ramesh G, Dr Senthil Kumar S, Dr Sudhakaran S, Dr Prasad T Srikala

Govt Chengalpattu Medical College


POD 13 – 04

Minimally invasive treatment options for renal preservation in emphysematous pyelonehritis and predicting outcomes based on risk factors: our experience

Dr Varun G Huilgol, Dr Manasa T, Dr Puvvada Sandeep, Dr Prasad Mylarappa, Dr Ramesh D

Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore.


POD 13 – 05

Role of Mirabegron for Ureteral Stent Related Symptoms: A prospective, single centre study

Dr Nirav Mehta, Dr Nachiket Vyas, Dr Shivam Priyadarshi, Dr Govind Sharma

SMS, Jaipur


POD 13 – 06

Survey among urologists on web-based learning: Are we ready for transition to the COVID-19 era?

Dr Karthikeyan VS, Dr Ashwin Mallya, Dr Karthickeyan N, Dr Manish Kumar, Dr Sivanandam SE, Dr Karthikeyan A

Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, Vellore



1100 – 1200 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 14



Dr R Jeyaraman,

Dr Nagabhushana,

Dr Pamposh Raina


POD 14 – 01

Comparison of efficacy among different antibiotic prophylaxis in patient undergoing office cystoscopy in a single institution

Dr Mollah Washim, Dr Alam Tahzeeb, Dr Dey Sumantra, Dr Patawari Piyush Kumar,

Dr Mondal Soumendranath, Dr Sharma Pramod Kumar

Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata


POD 14 – 02

COVID 19 and Renal Mucormycosis: Analysis of Eight cases

Dr Baid Gaurav, Dr Madduri Vijay Kumar Sarma, Dr Sandhu Arjun Singh, Dr Choudhary Gautam Ram, Dr Singh Mahendra, Dr Jena Rahul

AIIMS, Jodhpur


POD 14 – 03

Effect of androgen-deprivation therapy in relieving urinary retention in patients with advanced prostatic carcinoma: A prospective study

Dr Abhishek Barala, Dr Vinay Tomar, Dr Nishkarsh Mehta

SMS Jaipur


POD 14 – 04

Prospective study of use of statins and its effects on prostate size and prostate specific antigen

Dr Mukesh Kumar, Dr SS Yadav

SMS Jaipur


POD 14 – 05

The unaccounted morbidity of covid 19 pandemic: a tertiary level center assessment of impact of pandemic on urolithiasis patients

Dr Sachan Ankit, Dr Jain Siddharth, Dr Aggarwal Nitish, Dr Shubhankar Gautam,

Dr Seth Amlesh

AIIMS, New Delhi


POD 14 – 06

Outcomes of Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol in major urological procedures

Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr H Singh, Dr S Prakash, Dr Pradeep, Dr S Trivedi, Dr Y Singh

IMS, BHU, Varanasi



1200 – 1300 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 15



Dr Nagasubramanyam,

Dr Rajesh Kukreja

Dr Sunirmal Choudhary


POD 15 – 01

Prospective open label non-randomised study comparing hem-o-lok polymer ligating clip vs ligasure vessel sealing system for vascular control of renal pedicle in minimally invasive paediatric nephrectomy

Dr Mahesh Kumar Bagriya, Dr Pranjal Modi

IKRDC Ahmedabad


POD 15 – 02

Role of metabolic evaluation in paediatric stone formers – what is ideal for our patients?

Dr Manjunath Irappa Wali, Dr Arun Chawla, Dr Padmaraj Hegde, Dr Avinash

KMC, Manipal


POD 15 – 03

Supra-trigonal ureteric reimplantation with detrusorraphy (sturdy) – a novel technique for management of primary obstructive megaureters

Dr Tiwari M, Dr Natarajan K, Dr Babu R

SRMC, Chennai


POD 15 – 04

A tertiary care experience of primary cases of hypospadias and their patient related outcomes.

Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Yogendra Shyoran, Dr Mahesh Sonwal, Dr Rambeer Singh

SNMC Bikaner


POD 15 – 05

Challenges in wilm’s tumor: impact of subject, source and support system: 15 years experience from a tertiary care centre

Dr Puneeth Kumar KM, Dr Zain Tamboli, Dr Nayab Dansih, Dr Priyank Yadav, Dr M S Ansari

SGPGI Lucknow


POD 15 – 06

Predicting the factors related to the success rate of Pediatric extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy: A single center study of 10 years.

Dr Prasad Brahme, Dr Hemant Pathak, Dr Mukund Andankar, Dr Sandesh Parab, Dr Neel Patel

TNMC & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai


1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1500 hrs

Moderated Podium Session 16



Dr Deepak Gupte

Dr Pramod Krishnappa

Dr Arun Karthik



POD 16 – 01

Office sildenafil test in the evaluation of erectile dysfunction

Dr Karthikeyan VS, Dr Manish Kumar, Dr Sivanandam SE, Dr Karthikeyan A

Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, Vellore



POD 16 – 02

Management of Penile fracture and erectile function outcomes: A tertiary centre experience

Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Mukesh C Arya, Dr Ajay Gandhi, Dr Yogendra Shyoran, Dr Ankur Singhal, Dr Ramnaresh Daga, Dr Rakesh Singh

SP Medical College, Bikaner


POD 16 – 03

Prospective randomised study to evaluate the post-procedure sexual function in patients undergoing ureterorenoscopy

Dr Gajanan Bhat, Dr Anuradha Shastry

PG Hospital and TSS Shripad Hegde Kadave Institute of Medical Sciences, Sirsi


POD 16 – 4

Balanoposthitis – a marker for uncontrolled diabetes mellitus in adults

Dr Navaneethakrishnan Venkatachalam, Dr Kuppurajan Narayanasamy

Kovai Medical Center and Hospitals, Coimbatore


POD 16 – 5

Comparison of the efficacy of Silodosin vs Tamsulosin, as a medical expulsive therapy, in the management of distal ureteric calculus in terms of stone clearance rate

Dr Nipun Bansal, Dr. Manjunath Shetty

Father Muller Medical College Mangalore



1500 – 1600 hrs

Moderated Video Session 6



Dr Maneesh Sinha,

Dr Prasad Mylarappa,

Dr Rajeev TP (Mangalore)



MVID 06 – 01

Risk reduction and tunnelling strategies during Brachio-Basilic transposition arterio-venous fistula: a video demonstration

Dr Abhishek Singh, Dr Rohan Sharma, Dr Ankush Puri, Dr Arvind Ganpule, Dr Ravindra Sabnis, Dr Mahesh Desai

MPUH, Nadiad


MVID 06 – 02

Surgical repair of anastomotic pseudoaneurysm after robot assisted kidney transplantation

Dr Subhash Kataria, Dr P Modi, Dr J Rizvi, Dr S Kumar

IKDRC ITS, Ahmedabad


MVID 06 – 03

Percutaneous management of a recurrent renal fungal ball mimicking a staghorn calculus

Dr Kumaraswamy S, Dr Das MK, Dr Mandal S, Dr Nayak P, Dr Pandey A, Dr Agrawal S,

Dr Gaur AS

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar


MVID 06 – 04

Severe kyphoscoliosis with fused spine a challenge to prone PCNL

Dr Yadav Subhash, Dr Bali Deepak

Anand Hospital, Meerut





Day III – Saturday, 29th January 2022


Hall A

0900 – 1200 hrs

Sub SpecialtySession

Paediatric Urology


Convener: Dr Anil Takvani


Session1: (0900 – 1000 hrs)

Case based discussion – Moderator: Dr Rahul Kapoor


0900 – 0930 hrs

Failed reimplantation Moderators: Dr Rahul Kapoor

Dr Hemant Pathak, Dr Aseem Shukla, Dr Anil Takvani


0930 – 1000 hrs

Bilateral grade 5 VURwith secondary UPJO  Moderator: Dr Selvin Theodore Jayanth

Dr MS Ansari, Dr Uday Chatterji, Dr Pramod Reddy (USA)



Session 2: (1000 – 1100 hrs)


Debate Moderator: Dr Prasanna Venkatesh


Role of routine postnatal antibiotics-in prenatal urinary tract dilatation (1000 – 1030 hrs)

For: Dr Rajan Sharma

Against: Dr Barani Kumar

Experts: Dr Prasanna Venkatesh, Dr Hemant Pathak


Adolescent Varicocele (1030 -1100 hrs)

Early Surgery: Dr Arun Karthik P

Wait & Watch: Dr Pramod Krishnappa

Experts: Dr Prasanna Venkatesh, Dr Amilal Bhat


Session3: Video Talks (1100 – 1200 hrs) (10 min each)

Moderator: Dr N Mallikarjuna Reddy


Transvesicoscopic ureteric reimplant – Dr MS Ansari

Epispadias repair – Dr Amilal Bhat

Hypospadias repair – Dr Mukesh Arya

Split Appendix catheterizable stoma – Dr Pramod Reddy (USA)

Orthotopic ureteric reimplant with tailoring – Dr N Mallikarjuna Reddy

Paediatric RIRS – Dr Dheeraj




1200 – 1300 hrs


Invited Lectures






Invited Lecture 1 – Dr Douglas Canning

Topic: Reflections on My Journey in Hypospadias Surgery


Invited Lecture 2 – Dr Dmeitry Puskhar


Invited Lecture 3 – Dr Sanjay Pandey – What A General Urologist Should Know About Transgender Patients


Invited Lecture 4 – Dr Gopal Badlani



1300 -1400 hrs




1400 – 1420 hrs

Technology Session

(Sponsored by Teleflex )






Speaker : Dr Anand Dhanasekaran (U K)


1420 -1440 hrs

Technology session

( Sponsored by Olympus)




Topic : Narrow Band Imaging in Bladder cancer

Speaker : Dr Mallikarjuna C


Topic : Advanced Energy sources in Stone management

Speaker : Dr Ravindra Sabnis


1440 – 1500 hrs

Sponsored Talk

( Sponsored by Astra Zeneca)




Topic : Are all LHRH agonists the same : What is the Current standard ?


Speaker : Dr N Srivasta, Bangalore


1500 – 1700 hrs


Residents Bowl



Dr Abhishek Singh







1. Dr Iyer Soumya and Dr Kapoor Ketan (VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi)

2. Dr Ankit Sachan and Dr Shrintosh Kumar (AIIMS, New Delhi)




1. Dr Praanjal Gupta and Dr Atanu Kumar Pal (JIPMER, Puducherry)

2. Dr K T Chittibabu and Dr Ashwin Muthukumar (SRMC, Chennai)



1. Dr Tarun Rochlani and Dr Kamlesh Singh (K E M Hospital, Mumbai)

2. Dr Aadhar Jain and Dr Suradeep N (K E M Hospital, Mumbai)



1. Dr Piyush Kumar Patwari and Dr Washim Mollah ( Calcutta National medical college, Kolkata)

2. Dr Piyush Agarwal and Dr Vishal Neniwal ( S C B Medical College, Calcutta)


1700 hrs onwards Annual General Body Meeting
2000 hrs onwards Valedictory Function and Change of Guard



Hall B

0900 – 1200 hrs

Sub Specialty Session

Basic Sciences



Dr GG Laxman Prabhu



Section 1: Anatomical basis of Urological surgery (10+2 minutes each)

Anatomy of retroperitoneal sympathetic nerves- its surgical implications –

Dr Amitabh Singh

Description of Surgical anatomy of neurovascular bundle with reference to radical prostectomy – Dr Nikhil Vasudev (Virtual, UK)

Neuroanatomical basis of sacral neuromodulation – Dr Raveen Syan (Miami)

Anatomical basis of working of Mid urethral slings – Dr Ajit Vaze

Understanding Anatomy of urinary continence in the male – Dr Amit Bhattu

(Virtual, Philadelphia)


Section 2: Back to basics of Physiology / Pharmacology / Microbiology (8+2 minutes each)

Physiology of male and female orgasm – Dr Gajanan Bhat

Drug receptors in the lower urinary tract – Dr Sadashiv Bhole

Mirabegron, has it survived its hype? – Dr Arabind Panda

PDL 1 inhibitors – what are they and where do they stand today uro-oncology? –

Dr Chirag Shah

PARP inhibitors in Prostate cancer – Dr Akash Shah

Bacteriophage therapy in UTI – Dr Suresh Bhat


Section 3: Oncologic Pathology: what is new in 2020

Lesser-known variants of renal cell carcinoma – Dr Mahul Amin (18+2 min)

Recent developments in staging and ISUP grading of Prostate cancer and its relevance to a urologist – Dr Shailesh Soni (12+3 mim)

Urinary Bio markers for Urological cancers – Dr Nikhil Vasudev (12+3 min)

Molecular Pathology of Urothelial Carcinoma – Dr Shruti Sabnis (8+2 min)



1200 – 1330 hrs

Uro Quiz



Quiz Master – Dr Ravimohan Mavuduru

1330 – 1400 hrs Lunch

14.00 -14.30 hrs

Technology session

(Sponsored by Boston Scientific , India)





Lecture/Panel Discussion

1430 – 1600 hrs

BPH – Past, Present & Future (Semi Live)



Dr Ajay Bhandarkar



Dr Nitin Kekre,

Dr Anil Varshney,

Dr Bibhas Kumar Kundu



Introduction: 5 minutes


Monopolar TURP:  Dr Deepak Kirpekar, Pune

Bipolar TURP: Dr Taif Bendigeri, Hyderabad

Anatomical enucleation of prostate

a. Holmium Enucleation: Dr Anil Varshney

b. Thulium Fibre enucleation: Dr Sadashiv Bhole

c. Bipolar Enucleation: Dr Ajay Bhandarkar

Minimally invasive surgeries for BPE

a. Aquablation of Prostate: Dr Ravindra Sabnis

b. Urolift: Dr Ananda Kumar Dhanasekaran, UK

c. Prostatic Artery Embolization – Dr Madhu Prashanth


1600 – 1700 hrs

COVID-19 In Retrospect


Convener: Dr Anil Elhence



The impact of Covid 19 on the Urological workforce – Should Urologist be deployed differently – Dr Amit Ghose

Virtual Urology clinics: Impact on patients, clinicians, Environment and Economy –

Dr Sunil Shroff

Effect of Delay in treatment of Urology conditions during Covid-19 – Dr Anil Elhence

Adapting to challenges posed by the Covid 19 Pandemic – Dr Prashant Mulawkar


Panel Discussion: Urology practice in post covid world

Moderator: Dr Anil Elhence

Panellists: Dr Amit Ghose, Dr Sunil Shroff, Dr Prashant Mulawkar



Hall C

0900 – 1100 hrs

IJU Session



Dr Rajeev Kumar, Editor, Indian journal of Urology



·        Working of a journal: insights from the IJU: Dr Rajeev Kumar

·        Publication opportunities in 2022: Dr Apul Goel

·        Literature: The Thulium fiber laser: Dr Santosh Kumar

·        Literature: Cardioprotection by LHRH antagonists: Dr Anil Mandhani

·        Avoiding Pitfalls: Dr Rajeev Kumar



1100 – 1200 hrs

Vaginal surgeries for urologists



Dr Rajamaheshwari N





How to raise vaginal flaps – Dr Manasa T

Autologous fascial slings – Dr Sarika H Pandya

Female Urethral reconstruction – Dr Dmitry Pushkar

Cystocele repair – Dr Srikala

Apical Prolapse management – Dr Deepak Dubey

Vaginal approach to VVF – Dr Rajamaheshwari



1200 – 1300 hrs

Practitioner Forum

Office Urology – Way Forward



Dr Ashok Sharma


Introduction and Overview – Dr Ashok Sharma

Office Urology: Endourology – Dr Rohit Joshi

Office Urology: Uro-oncology – Dr Swapan Sood

Office Urology: Female Urology – Dr Harprit Singh

Office Urology: Andrology – Dr Girish Nelivigi

Dilemma: Doctors/Patients – Dr Ullas Sathye

Discussion – 10 minutes


1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1500 hrs

USI Guidelines Meeting


Convener: Dr NP Gupta, Chairman, Guidelines committee of USI


Introduction and progress of USI guidelines – Dr NP Gupta, Gurgaon

Summary of BPH guidelines – Dr Prashant Mulawkar, Akola

Summary of Testicular guidelines – Dr Hemant Tongaonkar, Mumbai

Summary of Male Infertility guidelines – Dr Shivam Priyadarshi, Jaipur

Summary of Carcinoma prostate guidelines – Dr Anup Kumar Gupta





1500 – 1600 hrs

Residents Forum



Dr Kim Mammen,

Dr Nachiket Vyas


Competency based Training and Uniform curriculum – ISU-USI objectives – Dr Rajeev Sood

(7 min)


What we expect as residents from our postgraduate training?  Dr Tarun Rochlani (7 min)


My thoughts on

a) Subspecialisation E

Early:  Dr Nikhar Jain

Late:  Dr Nishant (7 min each)


b) Mock exams: Dr Aditya Parikh (7 min)

c) Perception on MCh and DNB training: Dr Mamata (7 min)

d) How much is minimum operative work? Dr Shruti Pandit (7 min)

e) Should training on Simulation models be made compulsory in residents training?

Dr Yasser (7 min)


How do we as postgraduate students decide which center to choose for our specialisation?

– Dr Rohit Hegde (7 min)



Hall D

9000 – 1200 hrs

Uro Nurses Program



Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy


We all know the importance of nursing care for the patients. There is a need for information on nursing practice in difficult situations. All nurses encounter problems in daily nursing practice and have found their own solutions or sometimes have found it difficult to handle. In this session we are addressing the common problems faced by the nurses in Urology program.


·        Communication in the hospital, ISBAR – the importance of adhering to it – Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

·        Training programs for basic urology nursing – Dr Amit Ghose

·        Basics of urodynamic procedures – Dr Ali Poonawala

·        CISC teaching in patients, and how to deal with challenges – Dr Pawan Vasudeva

·        Education in suprapubic catheter change – video demonstration – Dr Abhishek Singh

·        Foley catheterization & urethral calibration – Dr Manohar C S

·        Urology operating room training for nurses – Dr Maneesh Sinha

·        Common post-op care in urology nursing – Dr Suryaprakash Vaddi


Conclusion and Summary: Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy






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