The Osler General Surgery 2021 Online Review

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+ Include: 49 videos, size: 11 GB

+ Target Audience: surgery physican

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+ Include: 49 videos, size: 11 GB

+ Target Audience: surgery physican

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

CME on Your Terms – The Osler Institute utilized state-of-the-art equipment to record our Live Virtual Webinar July 2021 comprehensive Surgery Review Course and bring it to you!  These Video/Audio files are stored “in the cloud,” so you can stream them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection, watch or listen to them on your phone, computer, or tablet.  As a result, the learning experience is almost like being at a live activity without travel costs and time away from your practice.  In addition, each online review is a downloadable copy of the syllabus that corresponds to the Video/Audio lectures for your use while viewing or as a free-standing study or clinical practice guide.

This comprehensive review will update your clinical knowledge base and help you pass your General Surgery exams.  Emphasis is on evidence-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care, incorporating current best practice concepts, surgical approaches, and clinical follow-up strategies.  As a result, it provides a good review for your ABS written exams and a thorough general surgery review for physicians in practice.  In addition, many previous learners have found the course provided them with improved diagnostic and planning strategies, a better understanding of the best surgical approaches for the principal areas covered by general surgeons, and helped them recognize areas of weakness for self-study.

Release Date: July 26, 2021
Expiration Date: July 25, 2024
Estimated Time to Complete: 50 Hours


After this review, each participant will be able to:

  • Summarize the basic science fundamentals underlying patient management as applied to general surgery.
  • Describe preoperative, operative, and postoperative patient care in the principal component areas of general surgery: specifical diseases of the head and neck, breast, skin and soft tissues, alimentary tract, abdomen, vascular system, endocrine system, comprehensive trauma management, and emergency operations, and critical surgical care.
  • Discuss the principles of perioperative patient care in the surgical specialties of cardiothoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, and transplant surgery.
  • Summarize the clinical care of patients with common problems in urology, gynecology, orthopedics, and burns.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of tumor staging and describe the appropriate surgical and nonsurgical management required.
  • Discuss non-operative management options for general surgery patients who may not require surgical intervention (e.g., patients with pancreatitis, portal hypertension, immunosuppression, multiple traumas).
  • Outline the appropriate use of newer diagnostic and therapeutic methods such as laser-based applications; stereotactic breast biopsy; physiologic testing and evaluation of the GI tract; noninvasive vascular system diagnostic evaluation and invasive vascular interventional techniques; ultrasonography of the head and neck, breast, and abdomen; and endorectal ultrasound.




+ Topics:

01 Pediatric Trauma And Emergencies.mp4
02 Congenital Gi Disorders.mp4
03 Pediatric Tumors.mp4
04 Ethics And Palliatice Care Medicine.mp4
05 Minimally Invasice And Metabolic Surgery.mp4
06 Shock And Multiple Organ Failure.mp4
07 Aortic And Carotid Disorders.mp4
08 Peripheral Arterial Disease.mp4
09 Venous And Thromboembolic Disorders.mp4
10 Stomach And Duodenum – Malignant Disorders.mp4
11 Oncology And Tumor Biology.mp4
12 Thyroid Surgery.mp4
13 Parathyroid Surgery.mp4
14 Adrenal Surgery.mp4
15 Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia.mp4
16 Mediastinum And Chest Wall Disorders.mp4
17 Pulmonary Surgery – Benign And Malignant.mp4
18 Cardiac Surgery – Adult And Pediatric.mp4
19 Immunology And Transplantation.mp4
20 Pancreas.mp4
21 Gynecologic And Gu Surgery.mp4
22 Abdominal Wall And Hernias.mp4
23 Breast – Benign Disorders.mp4
24 Breast – Malignant Disorders.mp4
25 Skin And Melanoma.mp4
26 Sarcoma.mp4
27 Anorectal And Colorectal Disorders.mp4
28 Colon Rectal And Anal Cancer.mp4
29 Small Bowel And Spleen.mp4
30 Head And Neck Trauma.mp4
31 Thoracic Trauma.mp4
32 Abdominal And Pelvic Trauma I.mp4
33 Abdominal And Pelvic Trauma II.mp4
34 Pulmonary Critical Care.mp4
35 Head And Neck Surgery.mp4
36 Burn And Inhalation Injuries.mp4
37 Esophageal Disorders – Benign And Malignant.mp4
38 Gastrointestinal Bleeding.mp4
39 Stomach And Duodenum – Benign Disorders.mp4
40 Nutrition And Metabolism.mp4
41 Cardiac Critical Care.mp4
42 Preoperative Evaluation And Perioperative Care.mp4
43 Fluids Electrolytes And Acid Base.mp4
44 Infection And Antimicrobial Therapy.mp4
45 Evidenced Based Medicine.mp4
46 Patient Safety Quality Imporvement.mp4
47 Transfusion And Disorders Of Coagulation.mp4
48 Hepatobiliary Portal Hypertension I.mp4
49 Hepatobiliary Portal Hypertension II.mp4


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