The Osler Clinical Pathology 2023 Subscription-Based Review

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+ Include: 38 videos + 4 pdfs, size: 6.05 GB

+ Target Audience: pathologist

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+ Include: 38 videos + 4 pdfs, size: 6.05 GB

+ Target Audience: pathologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

This comprehensive Clinical Pathology Subscription-Based Review is designed to update your clinical knowledge base, advance your ability to contribute to individual patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, and help you pass your Pathology CP exams (Certifying and Continuous Certification).  The course includes didactic lectures with embedded review questions for all topics covered in CP exams, emphasizing Blood Bank procedures (dedicated question-based review) and Clinical Chemistry plus online multiple-choice practice questions.

Release Date: June 14, 2023
Expiration Date: June 13, 2026
Estimated Time to Complete: 40 Hours


After this review, participants should be able to:

• Use the evidence-based information and practice tools presented to formulate differential diagnoses for most clinical scenarios better
• Effectively apply current practice guidelines published by CAP, ASCP, and other major medical and governmental agencies
• Recognize common patterns of test results and recommend additional tests, as needed, to characterize the etiology and prognosis of individual patient conditions
• Identify indications and contraindications for transfusion and problems that might arise to advise better-attending physicians
• Apply strategies for integrating molecular and genetic testing into routine clinical practice
• Describe the basic technique and pitfall avoidance of fine-needle aspiration biopsy performance
• Apply increased knowledge of pathology to achieve specialty board certifications



+ Topics:

    08 Lymph Node 1
    09 Lymph Node 2
    28 Forensic Pathology
    29 Breast Pathology
    30 Endocrine Pathology 1
    31 Endocrine Pathology 2
    32 Molecular Pathology
    33 White Blood Cells
    34 Red Blood Cells
    35 Platelets And Coagulation
    36 Humoral And Cellular Immunity
    37 Immunodeficiency And Autoimmunity
    38 Flow Cytometry
    39 Bacteriology 1
    40 Bacteriology 2
    41 Cytogenetics
    42 Mycology
    43 Virology
    44 Mycobacteriology
    45 Blood Bank 1
    46 Blood Bank 2
    47 Blood Bank 3
    48 Blood Bank 4
    49 Blood Bank 5
    50 Blood Bank 6
    51 Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
    52 Parasitology 1
    53 Parasitology 2
    54 Lab Management
    55 Endocrinology 1
    56 Endocrinology 2
    57 Instrumentation And Measurement
    58 Enzymes And Liver
    59 Acid Base Electrolytes And Tumor Markers
    60 Statistics And Quality Control
    61 Immunoassay Toxicology TDM
    62 Diabetes And Renal Function
    63 Lipids And Protein
    Pathology CP Syllabus 1.pdf
    Pathology CP Syllabus 2.pdf
    Pathology CP Syllabus 3.pdf
    Pathology CP Syllabus 4.pdf


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