South American Plastic Surgery 1st WOPS Meeting (World Online Plastic Surgery Meeting) 2020

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+ Include: 135 videos, size: 33.2 GB

+ Target Audience: cosmetics physican

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+ Include: 135 videos, size: 33.2 GB

+ Target Audience: cosmetics physican

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

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1st WOPS Meeting (World Online Plastic Surgery Meeting)  Over 130 Video conferences from the best world speakers. Watch the trailer to see the speakers and scroll down the playlist to find all the lectures you will have access when you buy this course.

Facial Surgery


Breast Surgery

Body Surgery




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+ Topics:

Aaron Kosins – Preservation Rhinoplasty – The learning curve.mp4
Alberto Goldman – Laser liposuction in body contouring and in the treatment of cellulite.mp4
Alberto Goldman – Laser Minimally Invasive Procedures In Facial Rejuvenation.mp4
Alberto Goldman – Laser treatment of biopolymers.mp4
Alejandro Fernandez Goico – The Athletic Tummy Tuck.mp4
Alexandre Munhoz – CRIMS – Composite Reverse Inferior Muscular Sling – The real breast support.mp4
Alexandre Munhoz – CRIMS – Composite Reverse Inferior Muscular Sling.mp4
Alexandre Munhoz – How to solve Rippling.mp4
Alexandre Munhoz – Hybrid Subfascial Transaxillary Breast Augmentation.mp4
Alfredo hoyos – High Def Lipobdominoplasty.mp4
Alfredo Hoyos – High Def Liposculpture In Man – Graduation As A Total Definer Grand Master.mp4
Alfredo hoyos – High Def Liposculpture in Woman – Technical details learned from experience.mp4
Alfredo hoyos – My personal Approach to gluteal fat transfer – Pearls and tips.mp4
Alvaro Cansancao – Gluteal Codes.mp4
Andres Luque – Combined Laser Treatments In Facial RejuvenatioN.mp4
Andres Luque – Lasers Lights – therapeutic indications for melasma and post inflammatory pigmentation.mp4
Andres Luque – Technologies in the treatment of scars.mp4
Boris Henriquez – Advanced Applications of HA Fillers (Fine lines).mp4
Boris Henriquez – Septal extension grafts In Rhinoplasty.mp4
Carlos Rios – Biopolymers Disease – All You Need To Know.mp4
Charles Randquist – Breast Augmentation – Steps to success.mp4
Charles Randquist – Choosing the right implant in Breast Augmentation.mp4
Charles Randquist – How to avoid Waterfall Deformity.mp4
Charles Randquist – My surgical maneuvers to achieve natural results in Mastopexy with implants.mp4
Charles Randquist – The Successful Breast consultation.mp4
Chris Surek – 3D Anatomy For Fillers Injections.mp4
Chris Surek – Enhancing The Jawline The Cheeks.mp4
Claudio Angrigiani – The anterior intercostal perforator flap laterally extended.mp4
David Sieber – Desmitifying tear trough.mp4
David Sieber – How to solve Capsular contracture.mp4
Discusion 1 Laser Course.mp4
Discusion 2 Laser Course.mp4
Discusion Injectables.mp4
Discusion Rhinoplasty.mp4
Discussion – Autologous.mp4
Discussion – Preservation Rhinoplasty.mp4
Discussion -Difficult Cases.mp4
Discussion Abdominoplasty.mp4
Discussion Biopolymers.mp4
Discussion Blepharoplasty.mp4
Discussion Body Contouring.mp4
Discussion Breast Reconstruction.mp4
Discussion Gluteal Surgery.mp4
Discussion Microsurgery.mp4
Dr Rod Rohrich – Thermally Controlled Skin Tightening – Facetite.mp4
Erhan Coskun – Preservationrhinoplasty – My complete approach.mp4
Eric Santamaria – Successful second options in Breast Reconstruction – My Life Experience.mp4
Eric Santamar¡a – Managing Complications In Implant Based Breast Reconstruction.mp4
Filip Stillaert – Hybrid breast reconstruction.mp4
Frank Lista – Primary Mastopexy – My surgical Technique.mp4
Frank Lista – Revision Breast Augmentation.mp4
Froilan Paez – Perfectioning Perfection.mp4
Froilan Paez – Proper Analysis of a Rhinoplasty Expert.mp4
Froilan Paez – Revision Rhinoplasty.mp4
Froilan Paez – Secondary Rhinoplasty.mp4
Giovanni Mera – High Def Liposculpture in Woman – The different body types and how to approach them.mp4
Giovanni Mera – Solving problems of previously bad procedures.mp4
Hector Duran – Gluteal Fat Transfer – Lipocontour.mp4
Hector Duran – Spreader grafts novel fixation.mp4
Humberto Uribe Morelli – 5 Step High De?nition Liposculpture.mp4
Humberto Uribe Morelli – 8 step Intramuscular Gluteoplasty.mp4
J-Plasma Latest advancements and current Body tightening Adam Rubenstein.mp4
James Stuzin – Extended SMAS Technique.mp4
James Stuzin – Facial Nerve Danger zones overview.mp4
James Stuzin – Incisions in Face LifT.mp4
James Stuzin – My open approach to neck rejuvenation.mp4
Jamil Ahmad – Primary Rhinoplasty.mp4
Jaume Masia – Lymphedema Surgey – 15 years of continuos improvement.mp4
Jaume Masia – Prepectoral Vs Subpectoral Breast Reconstruction.mp4
Jaume Masia – TBAR – Total Breast Autologous Reconstruction.mp4
Jaume Masia – Why The World Needs More Microsurgeons – Open Access To 1St World Surgical Training.mp4
Javier Soto – Influencer Plastic Surgery Marketing.mp4
Jesus centeno – Dermoglandular Advancement Rotation Flap.mp4
Jesus centeno – How to avoid Bottoming Out.mp4
Jesus centeno – Safe transition to smooth implants – Technical details.mp4
Jian Farhadi – Standarizing Diep Routine for efficient results and timing.mp4
Johan Anderson – From Awareness to surgery – Strategies to improve the journey.mp4
Jorge Bayter – Exclusion criteria for Plastic Surgery.mp4
Jorge Bayter – Fat embolism Management.mp4
Jorge Bayter – preventing bleeding and transfusions in body contouring surgery.mp4
Jorge Bayter – Tips to avoid Hypothermia.mp4
Jorge Bayter – Tips to prevent DVT-PE.mp4
Jorge cabrera – The complex tip – Suture vs Grafts.mp4
Jorge cabrera – The difficult Rhinoplasty.mp4
JP Hong – Diabetic Foot Reconstruction.mp4
Jp Hong – Influencing The Influencers – How I Use Social Media To Teach.mp4
JP HonG – Innovations the future of Microsurgery.mp4
Jp Hong – State Of The Art Technology In Supermicrosurgery – The Toys Of The New Era.mp4
JP Hong – The ASAN Protocol – Our preferred flaps routine.mp4
Juan Carlos Zambrano – Breast Reconstruction – from Evidence to Daily practice.mp4
Juan Diego Mejia – High Incision Gluteoplasty.mp4
Juan Pedro Verdugo – Costal Rib resection and big plications – Huge results.mp4
Lazaro Cardenas – Safety In Gluteal Lipoinjection.mp4
L zaro C rdenas – Facial Feminization Surgery Keynote Lecture.mp4
Manuel Chacon – New technologies in breast augmentation surgery.mp4
Marcelo Araujo – Canthopexy and Canthoplasty.mp4
Marcelo Araujo – My Approach to Face Lifts – Combining techniques.mp4
Marcelo Araujo – Subplatysmal work in neck rejuvenation.mp4
Marcelo Araujo – Upper Blepharoplasty.mp4
Marcelo ono – Ono’s Muscular Sling.mp4
Marco Salazar – Combining energy based devices and regenerative medicine in the treatment of scars.mp4
Marco Salazar – How to chose the best laser for your practice.mp4
Marco Salazar – Laser Eyelid Rejuvenation.mp4
Marco Salazar – Rejuvenecimiento Genital Femenino Con Laser – Quir£rgico Y No Quir£rgico.mp4
Marzia Moio – How to avoid Flipping.mp4
Mauricio Viario – UGRAFT – Ultra HD Lipo.mp4
Maurizio Nava – The Current indications of Two-stage Breast Reconstruction.mp4
Osvaldo Saldanha – Lipoabdominoplasty with atomical definition.mp4
Patrick malluci – Breast Augmentation- My routine.mp4
Patrick Malluci – How To Solve The Tuberous Breast.mp4
Patrick malluci – The ICE Principle for the proper location of the fold- the implant makes a difference.mp4
Patrick malluci – The ideal breast concept- 45-55.mp4
Patrick malluci – What do woman want in her breast lifts.mp4
Paulo Godoy – Hybrid Gluteoplasty.mp4
Power of social networks in the new era of plastic surgery – Humberto Uribe Morelli.mp4
Ran stark – The temple region enhancement.mp4
Rod Rohrich – 5 Step Blepharoplasty.mp4
Rod Rohrich – Secondary Rhinoplasty – Steps to success.mp4
Rod Rohrich – The individualized component face lift.mp4
SALA 1-PANEL 3 – Discusion 1.mp4
Stefan Hofer – My Routine Surgical Tips to a successful long term microsurgical career.mp4
Steven Levine – Do we need to open all the necks.mp4
Steven Levine – Smasectomy Vs Plication.mp4
Steven Levine – Surgical tips to avoid fake results.mp4
Steven Sigalove – Aesthetic and Reconstructive Crossover in Breast Surgery – Bridging the Gap Using P4HB.mp4
Valerio Finocchi – Why, When _ How to start in preservation rhinoplasty.mp4
William Adams – Fast Track Augmentation.mp4
William Adams – Update on 14 Points for a succesful Breast Augementation.mp4
William Adams -Fast Track Recovery – The 24 Hour Concept.mp4
William Jimenez – Traditional Abdominoplasty – Technical Pearls For Outstanding Results.mp4
William Pe¤a – How to deal with the face neck hematoma.mp4
William Pe¤a – Preventing fat embolism.mp4
William Pe¤a – The international patient.mp4
Wilson parada – All you need to know to start bringing new patients.mp4
Yves Saban – Full understanding of tip preservation.mp4


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