Scripps 40th Annual Primary Care Summer Conference 2023

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+ Include: 12 videos + 1 pdf, size: 2.48 GB

+ Target Audience: family medicine physician, internist, primary care physician


+ Include: 12 videos + 1 pdf, size: 2.48 GB

+ Target Audience: family medicine physician, internist, primary care physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Course Overview
Scripps Health’s Primary Care Summer Conference was designed for primary care physicians and the interdisciplinary care team and will present content from their unique perspective. This important CME conference will educate and promote improved patient outcomes in a broad range of therapeutic areas commonly encountered in the busy primary care practice. In addition to an overview of the history and current science of a variety of specialty areas, content will be presented in a very practical, patient-focused manner relevant to the specific primary care setting and challenges.

Target Audience
• Family Medicine
• Internal Medicine
• General Practitioners
• Advanced Practice Providers
• Nurses

Educational Objectives
After attending this live activity, participants should be able to:
• Integrate current trends in preventive health care into patient care strategies.
• Effectively discuss with patients their personal responsibilities in prevention and treatment.
• Employ new interdisciplinary care team strategies that enhance the prevention, diagnosis and management of various medical conditions encountered in the office practice.
• Access and/or recommend resources for both physicians and patients to acquire additional information pertinent to a range of therapeutic areas.
• Identify and address health disparities that could negatively impact patient care within the clinical encounter.
• Manage the specialist referral process: assess when to refer, recognize what the specialized treatment will consist of, and determine the role of the primary care physician in cohesive care and follow-up.


+ Topics:

Aug 11 Case Studies What’s Rheuming Around Your Office.mp4
Aug 11 Diabetes and Renal Disease.mp4
Aug 11 Diagnosing and Managing Urinary Incontinence in Women.mp4
Aug 11 Primary Care Management of Chronic Liver Disease.mp4
Aug 12 Effective Ankle Examinations Pearls for PCPs.mp4
Aug 12 Essential Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship.mp4
Aug 12 Palliative Care in the Primary Care Practice.mp4
Aug 12 Primary Care News The Year’s Literature in 60 Minutes.mp4
Aug 13 Dementia Assessment and Management in Primary Care Settings.mp4
Aug 13 ENT for Primary Care.mp4
Aug 13 Peripheral Vascular Disease What the PCP Needs to Know.mp4
Aug 13 The Role of Primary Care in HIV Treatment and Prevention.mp4


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