Scripps 17th Annual Natural Supplements 2020

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‘+ Include: 47 videos + 1 pdf, size: 10.7 GB

+ Target Audience: primary care physician, nutritional physician

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+ Include: 47 videos + 1 pdf, size: 10.7 GB

+ Target Audience: primary care physician, nutritional physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

2020 Vision Tocotrienol Studies in Chronic Conditions.mp4
Advanced Lipid Management.mp4
Botanical Actions.mp4
Botanicals in Cognitive Health An Evidence-Based Review.mp4
Botanicals in Pain & Headache Management An EvidenceBased Review.mp4
Cardiovascular Health.mp4
Case Studies in Genomics.mp4
Environmental Exposure & Women’s Health.mp4
Evidence Based Herbal Medicine in Psychiatry & Mental Health.mp4
Food Fix How to Save Our Health, Our Economy and Our Planet – One Bite at a Time.mp4
Genomics & Neurology.mp4
Genomics as Tool for Understanding and Addressing Chronic Disease & Environmentally Acquired Illness.mp4
GMOs Impacts on Food, Health & the Environment.mp4
Headache & Migraines.mp4
Inflammation from Autism to Alzheimer.mp4
Integrative Cancer Survivorship.mp4
Integrative Management of Coronary Heart Disease & Congestive Heart Failure.mp4
Integrative Management of Hypertension Part 1.mp4
Integrative Management of Hypertension Part 2.mp4
International Perspective on Botanicals How The German Commission E, WHO & Others View Evidence & Regulation.mp4
Joint Health.mp4
Keto, Paleo & Intermittent Fasting A Taste of The Evidence for Emerging Dietary Trends.mp4
Lipid Management.mp4
Nutrition for Fall & Sacropenia Prevention.mp4
Nutrition for the Mitochondria.mp4
Panel 1.mp4
Panel 2.mp4
Pathways to Longevity Molecular Pathways & Aging.mp4
Personalized Nutrition for Cancer Care.mp4
Personalized Nutrition for Cognitive Decline.mp4
Personalized Nutrition for Pain & Inflammation.mp4
Personalized Nutrition in Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes.mp4
Pharmacogenomics of Mental Health.mp4
Physiological Differences in Nutrient Requirements What Clinicians Need to Know.mp4
Reintroducing “Heart in Medicine” Bringing True Healing to the Journey.mp4
Research Methodology & Assessing Safety & Quality of Botanicals & Dietary Supplement.mp4
Sleep & Anxiety.mp4
Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediator’s (SPM) & Fibromyalgia.mp4
Standardization of Botanicals Pros, Cons & Myths.mp4
Teaching Kitchens A Patient-Centered Approach to Improving Nutrition.mp4
The Best Botanical Research of 2019.mp4
The Hope of Personalized Nutrition in Clinical Care – How Close are WeBite at a Time.mp4
The Humorous Look at the Year in Health.mp4
The Wholeness Center Approach to ADHD.mp4
Why Psychedelics Will Transform Mental Health Care.mp4
Women’s Hormonal Health.mp4


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