Quality Medical Publishing Hydroxyapatite Facial Augmentation 2016

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+ Include: 1 videos, size: 4.27 GB

+ Target Audience: cosmetic physican

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+ Include: 1 videos, size: 4.27 GB

+ Target Audience: cosmetic physican

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by Bryan Mendelson, MD

In this operative video, Master Facial Anatomist and Aesthetic Surgeon, Dr. Bryan Mendelson, performs the technique of placement of hydroxyapatite (HA) granules to achieve natural, lasting skeletal augmentation.  This technique was recently featured in a special edition of the ISAPS Aesthetic Surgery Journal, where Dr. Mendelson’s article, “Changes in the Facial Skeleton with Aging: Implications and Clinical Applications in Facial Rejuvenation,” was highlighted as one of the most significant published articles in the journal’s history.

Dr. Mendelson describes and demonstrates the preparation of the HA granules, mechanism of action, relevant anatomy, and the steps for HA placement to correct aging changes in the facial skeleton.  HA is placed directly on the bone, as opposed to the soft tissues as with fillers and fat, and is a permanent treatment to rejuvenate the face and prevent aging changes. Skeletal contour is enhanced over the shape of the HA, which provides the overlying soft tissue with an improved tone along with some reduction of the puffiness that comes with laxity.

Viewers are certain to benefit from Dr. Mendelson’s demonstration of meticulous technique informed by his wealth of anatomic knowledge.  Add this vital streaming product to your online surgical education library today!

Available in HD Streaming.  Approximately 2 hours of operative video.  2016.


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