Practical Recommendation in Immuno & Molecular Oncology 8th Annual 2023

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+ Include: 24 videos, size: 2.58 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist


+ Include: 24 videos, size: 2.58 GB

+ Target Audience: oncologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Join us at the 8th Annual Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology Meeting

PRIMO is a unique opportunity to receive CE credits while staying ahead of the latest advances in immuno and molecular oncology.

The Annual PRIMO Meeting is designed to summarize key developments in cancer care over the past 12 months and features anticipated advances that you and your patients will likely see in the upcoming year.

Target Audience

This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of academic and community practitioners, as well as registered nurses, from all oncology specialties, treating all disease sites involved in the care of patients with cancer.

Learning Objectives

Practical considerations of applying biomarkers and targeted therapy Integration of immunotherapy, with a focus on novel management approaches Patient selection, as well as timing and sequencing of therapy Dealing with important trends, such as big data and defining value in cancer care



+ Topics:

Feb 23 AML Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going.mp4
Feb 23 Current Status of CAR-T Therapy in Hematology.mp4
Feb 23 Integrative Oncology Treatment Approaches for Stress in Cancer Patients and Survivors.mp4
Feb 23 Novel Immunotherapy Approaches in Hepatobiliary Malignancies.mp4
Feb 23 Pancreatic Cancer Are We Finally Making Progress.mp4
Feb 23 Role of Immunotherapy in Myeloma.mp4
Feb 23 Update on Novel Therapies for NHL.mp4
Feb 23 Update on Therapy Options for Untreated and Relapsed CLL.mp4
Feb 24 Adjuvant and Neo-adjuvant Therapy for Lung Cancer.mp4
Feb 24 Approach to NSCLC With Targetable Mutations (EGFR, ALK and ROS-1).mp4
Feb 24 Approach to NSCLC Without Targetable Mutations.mp4
Feb 24 Liquid Biopsy Advances in the Last Decade and Future Directions.mp4
Feb 24 Melanoma as a Paradigm for the Future of Immunotherapy.mp4
Feb 24 Other Targetable Agents (KRASg 12c, BRafv600, RET and NTRK).mp4
Feb 24 Prostate Cancer Role of PSMA PET and Accurately Defining Neuroendocrine Prostate.mp4
Feb 24 Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) Current Approach to First Line Therapy and Beyond.mp4
Feb 24 Role of Immunotherapy in HNC.mp4
Feb 25 Antibody Drug Conjugates New Agents and Optimal Sequencing.mp4
Feb 25 Current Status of Cervical Cancer Screening.mp4
Feb 25 Endocrine Therapy and Targeted Agents for Early-Stage HR+ Breast Cancer.mp4
Feb 25 Endocrine Therapy for Advanced Breast Cancer Current and Future Strategies.mp4
Feb 25 Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer Updates and New Directions.mp4
Feb 25 Ovarian Cancer Beyond Carboplatin and Paclitaxel.mp4
Feb 25 Role of ADCs in Gynecological Malignancies.mp4


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