Neurovations The 28th Napa Pain Conference Sessions 2021

30 $

‘+ Include: 15 videos, size: 3.58 GB

+ Target Audience: neurologist


+ Include: 15 videos, size: 3.58 GB

+ Target Audience: neurologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

A Review of Spine Neuromodulation Therapies Indications, Efficacy, and What (if any) influence SCS Has Upon the Tapering of Opioids.mp4
CRISPR-Based Epigenome Editing and the Potential to Treat Intervertebral Disc Pathologies Cytokine Receptors, Cell Survival, and DRG Innervation.mp4
Headache Medicine 2021.mp4
How New Pain Therapies are Limited by Design.mp4
Imaging & Interventions.mp4
Intrathecal Drug Delivery in the Era of Nanomedicine.mp4
Nonpharmacologic Treatments for Low Back Pain.mp4
Pain & the Brain How Pain Alters the Brain, and How Perception Shapes Pain.mp4
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation & Scrambler Therapy for Pain Management.mp4
Telomere Maintenance Chronic Pain in the Context of Premature Aging.mp4
The Influence of Opioids & Anesthesia on Cancer Survivorship.mp4
The Socio-Psycho-Biological Model The Need to Flip the System.mp4
Transforming Personalized Patient Care Through Neuromodulation.mp4
Unseen Influences The Sociology of Chronic Pain.mp4
Variations, Innovations & Integrative Collaborations.mp4


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