MENA Conference SEHA International Gynaecology & Obstetrics Conference 2021

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+ Include: 21 videos + 1 pdf, size: 15.5 GB

+ Target Audience: gynecological pathologists, gynecological oncologists, radiologists


+ Include: 21 videos + 1 pdf, size: 15.5 GB

+ Target Audience: gynecological pathologists, gynecological oncologists, radiologists

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

On the behalf of the organizing and scientific committees, it gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to “SEHA International Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference” being held virtually on 21-22 May, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
The conference aims to focus on trending topics and crucial challenges faced by the obstetricians and gynecologists locally and in the region including updates in Women Health Issues, Clinical Obstetrics, Reproductive Health and IVF, MIS and Gyne Urology, Fetal Medicine, Gyne Oncology and to educate the delegates from a global perspective through these various collaborations. The scientific committee has teamed up with national and international societies, in offering a comprehensive program that covers the latest clinical advances in research and cutting-edge topics in daily practice, the most recent development and management of the rapidly evolving health care requirements, as well as demonstrating live practice surgery by well-known surgeons in the field. The meeting will feature some of the world-class experts in obstetrics and gynecology from the USA, Europe, Middle East, in addition to an elite roster of eminent local speakers that will cover a broad range of topics, plenary sessions, state-of-the-art lectures, interactive sessions, case discussions, workshops, debates and livelier interaction with leaders and experts to encourage exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices for the betterment of Women’s Health. The scientific and industrial exhibits will present the latest information and provide attendees with insight into the ongoing changes in obstetrics and gynecology. This unique event will offer a superb opportunity for physicians and specialists to attend expert updates and to share best practices and experiences and to network with new and established colleagues, creating and strengthening clinical collaborations. Through the Congress we hope to promote the well-being of women and to raise the standards of practice and consider ways towards better care for OB Gyne patients. and help experts in this field to develop and excel.

Learning Objectives
• Review current state-of-the-art advances in managing particular group of diseases related to women’s health in Gynecology & Obstetrics
• Identify prevalent Obstetric problems in High risk Obstetric cases
• Analyze current research in Minimally invasive Gynecology and understand its clinical and educational implications
• Interpret information on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of clinical disorders in Gynecology
• Describe medical, psychological, social, and rehabilitative interventions to improve quality of care for Gynecological disorders
• Describe the problems of Endometriosis and their relation to fertility and quality of life of patients
• Identify ethical issues in health care delivery, medical treatment, and decision-making
• Discuss current health policy relating to financing and delivery of Obstetric care
• Analyze results of recent publications in the field of Minimally invasive surgery, specify appropriate interventions, and identify anticipated outcomes
• Discuss clinical practice of real life case studies
• Perform clinical practice hands on workshops given by world-leading experts and tutors on aparoscopic and hysteroscopic minimally invasive procedures with evidence based recommendations
• Identify the recent advances in laparoscopic, hysteroscopic and minimally invasive techniques
• Identify the safety measures of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedures.
• Recognize the indication, contraindications and complications of office gynecology procedures.
• Demonstrate competency in the instrumentation and setup of the equipment as an office procedure.
• Improve hysteroscopic surgical techniques in the operating room.
• Identify the abnormal uterine bleeding as a national problem
• Discuss the laparoscopic role in the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding
• Review the most effective and minimally invasive therapeutic and surgical approaches of hysteroscopy in abnormal uterine bleeding
• Implement evidence-based best practice strategies
• Provide insight into patient needs and experiences and improve clinical practice

Highlighted Topics
• General OB Gyne
• Reproductive Endocrinology
• IVF infertility
• Gynecological oncology
• Family and Maternity Medicine (FMM)
• Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)
• High Risk pregnancy
• Fetal-Maternal Medicine
• Fetal Ultrasonography
• Gynecological imaging
• Reproductive medicine
• Gynecologic laparoscopy
• Hysteroscopy
• Endometriosis
• Infertility
• Pelvic floor disorders
• Urogynecology
• Updates in male infertility

Who Should Attend?
• Gynecologists
• Obstetricians
• Clinicians
• Specialists in IVF
• Gynecological Pathologists
• Gynecological Oncologists
• Radiologists
• Urologist
• Endocrinologists
• Infertility specialists
• Anesthesiologist
• Neonatologists
• Family Medicine Physicians
• General practitioners
• Clinical Toxicologists
• Andrology
• Pharmacists
• Nurses
• Midwives
• Researchers
• Residents and Medical Student


+ Topics:

*Note: these are continuous video recordings during the conference, they include individual lectures mentioned in the Detail section below

Session 1 Maternal Immunization & fetal well Being Case of Covid vaccines.mp4
Session 2 Mental Health disease in pregnancy by.mp4
Session 2 Women with Rare Bleeding Disorders.mp4
Session 3 Fetal Medicine.mp4
Session 3 General OBGYN.mp4
Session 3 MIS & Gyne Urology.mp4
Session 4 Fetal Medicine.mp4
Session 4 General OBGYN.mp4
Session 4 MIS & Gyne Urology.mp4
Session 5 Use of the angiogenic biomarkers sFlt1 and PlGF in the management of preeclampsia.mp4
Session 5.mp4
Session 6.mp4
Session 7 Gyne Oncology.mp4
Session 7 Obstetric Medicine.mp4
Session 7 Reproductive Health & IVF.mp4
Session 8 Gyne Oncology.mp4
Session 8 Obstetric Medicine.mp4
Session 8 Reproductive Health & IVF.mp4



* Detail:


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