Meetings By Mail Society for Advanced Body Imaging 45th Annual Course 2022

20 $

+ Include: 117 videos + 1 pdf, size: 7.58 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologists, sonographer


+ Include: 117 videos + 1 pdf, size: 7.58 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologists, sonographer

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Now Available!  The Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI) continues to lead innovation into practice for over forty years, as this elite Society pilots state of the art technology, protocols and techniques into the body imaging profession. This activity features the expertise of over 100 world renowned body imagers, presenting the hottest topics across the practice.

Topics: CT, MR and Ultrasound innovations, GI, genitourinary, cardiovascular, thoracic, hepatic, biliary, pancreas, gynecologic, artificial intelligence, tumor boards, molecular imaging, professional advancement, wellness and much more!

Release date: December 27, 2022


+ Topics:

Session 1 NET Imaging + Therapy.mp4
Session 1 Panel Discussion.mp4
Session 1 PET-MRI.mp4
Session 1 Prostate Imaging.mp4
Session 1 Prostate Therapy.mp4
Session 1 Role of FDG & ES PET.mp4
Session 2 Clinical Applications of PCCT.mp4
Session 2 CT Workflow Standardization & Optimization.mp4
Session 2 GI Bleeding on CT.mp4
Session 2 Panel Discussion.mp4
Session 2 PCCT Overview.mp4
Session 2 Quantitative CT Iodine Imaging – Applications & Challenges.mp4
Session 3 DEI Programs & Metrics.mp4
Session 3 Health Equity in Lung Cancer Screening.mp4
Session 3 Leading with DEI Lens.mp4
Session 3 Panel Discussion.mp4
Session 3 Women in Radiology.mp4
Session 4 Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound-guided Procedures.mp4
Session 4 Evolving Applications in MSK US & Peripheral Nerve Imaging.mp4
Session 4 Placenta Accreta Disorders.mp4
Session 4 Transplant US.mp4
Session 4 US of Endometriosis.mp4
Session 5 Adrenal Nodule Evaluation – Has Anything Changed.mp4
Session 5 CT Urography for Hematuria – The New Tailored Indications.mp4
Session 5 MRI Evaluation of Recurrent Prostate Cancer.mp4
Session 5 Prostate MR – The ACR Quality Initiative.mp4
Session 5 Scrotal MR.mp4
Session 6 Department Quality & Safety – What Matters & How to Measure it.mp4
Session 6 Panel Discussion – What is High Reliability in Radiology.mp4
Session 6 Through the Looking Glass – Enhancing a Patient’s Radiology Journey.mp4
Session 6 Victim of Medical Imaging Technology (Vomit) Lesions.mp4
Session 6 Virtual Reading Room – Rethinking the Reading Room to Deliver Measurable Value.mp4
Session 6 Which Box Do I Check – The Art & Science of Designing Screening & Safety Forms.mp4
Session 7 Artificial Intelligence & Radiomics in Cardiac Imaging.mp4
Session 7 Cardiothoracic Manifestations Post SARS-COVID 19 Infection.mp4
Session 7 Cardiovascular Applications of PCCT.mp4
Session 7 Lung Cancer Early Detection – From Screening to Incidental Nodule Management.mp4
Session 7 LungRads 2.0.mp4
Session 8 Acute Appendicitis – Imaging Informs a Non-operative Approach.mp4
Session 8 Kaposi Sarcoma.mp4
Session 8 MR for Staging & Treatment Response Assessment in Rectal Cancer.mp4
Session 8 MRI & Enema Evaluation of the Ileal Pouch.mp4
Session 8 New & Emerging PET Radiotracers.mp4
Session 8 Panel Discussion.mp4
Session 9 Adaptive Stratification of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy.mp4
Session 9 Avoiding Normal – Using Weakly Supervised Deep Learning to Streamline Body CT Interpretation.mp4
Session 9 Panel Discussion.mp4
Session 9 Photoacoustic Imaging.mp4
Session 9 Presidential Lecture – Advanced Imaging for Understanding Cancer Biology.mp4
Session 9 TULSA Prostate Therapy.mp4
Session 10 Allocation of Liver Transplants with UNOS & LI-RADS.mp4
Session 10 Borderline Resectable & Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer.mp4
Session 10 NASH Biomarkers.mp4
Session 10 Pancreatic NET.mp4
Session 10 Panel Discussion.mp4
Session 10 Pathomolecular & Prognostic Imaging Features of HCC.mp4
Session 10 Update on MRI Liver Fat & Iron Quantification.mp4
Session 11 AI Applications in Pancreatic Imaging.mp4
Session 11 AI Detection of Lung Nodules.mp4
Session 11 NLP for Detection & Management of Incidental Findings in Reports.mp4
Session 11 Panel Discussion – AI Into Practice.mp4
Session 11 The Future of Augmented Intelligence in CT & MR Image Evaluation & Reporting.mp4
Session 12 Enhancing Accessibility with Low Field Abdominal & Pelvic MR.mp4
Session 12 Innovations Lecture – Accelerating Abdominal Imaging with Deep Learning Reconstruction.mp4
Session 12 Panel Discussion – Solving the Tech MR Shortage.mp4
Session 12 PET-MRI Applications in Abdominopelvic Oncology.mp4
Session 12 Strategies for Abbreviated MRI Screening of Liver Cancer.mp4
Session 13 Endometrial Cancer Imaging.mp4
Session 13 GYN Emergencies.mp4
Session 13 Leiomyoma Versus Leiomyosarcoma.mp4
Session 13 MR of Endometriosis in 12 Minutes or Less.mp4
Session 13 O-Rads Review (MR & US).mp4
Session 13 Panel Discussion.mp4
Session 14 Navigating Workflow Challenges in Academic Radiology.mp4
Session 14 Panel Discussion – Academic Radiology in 2030.mp4
Session 14 Team Building.mp4
Session 14 The Value of Trust.mp4
Session 14 Time Management Skills.mp4
Session 14 Understanding Opinion & Giving the Benefit of Doubt.mp4
Session 15 Gyn Onc Tumor Board.mp4
Session 15 Liver Tumor Board.mp4
Session 15 Thoracic Tumor Board.mp4
Session 16 Conversation – Women in Radiology.mp4
Session 16 Grant Writing Tips for the Academic Radiologist From Radiologists – From Foundation to NIH.mp4
Session 16 Leading a Research Program.mp4
Session 16 Managing Change & Change Management.mp4
Session 17 ACR O-Rads Ultrasound & MR.mp4
Session 17 Imaging for Fertility Sparing & Pelvic Exenteration in GYN Cancers.mp4
Session 17 Imaging of Pregnancy Related Complications.mp4
Session 17 Intravenous Contrast Media Safety in Pregnancy & Lactation.mp4
Session 17 The (Imaging) Vagina Monologues.mp4
Session 18 Cardiac CT Case Challenge.mp4
Session 18 Combined Thoracic & Abdomen (Often Pelvis) CT Best Practices.mp4
Session 18 Roadmaps & Detours – Variant Vascular Anatomy.mp4
Session 18 Thoracic & Abdominal Complications of Immunotherapy & Molecular Targeted Therapy.mp4
Session 18 To Overlap or Not Overlap Anatomic Regions on CT.mp4
Session 19 Bleeding With Image Guided Procedures – Do Pre-Procedural Labs Matter.mp4
Session 19 Catch the Spectrum – Multienergy CT.mp4
Session 19 Establishing a PSMA PET-MR Program – Abdominal Radiology Perspective.mp4
Session 19 Imaging Oligometastic Disease.mp4
Session 19 Problem Solving with Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound.mp4
Session 19 Understanding Deep Learning Neural Networks Made Easy.mp4
Session 20 Conversation The Secret Lives of Department Chairs.mp4
Session 20 Getting Published A Session with Editors.mp4
Session 20 Reviewer 2 is That You Crafting Excellent Journal Peer Reviews.mp4
Session 21 Assessing Response in Liver Lesions Post SBRT.mp4
Session 21 Cholangiocarcinoma Diagnosis The Struggle is Real.mp4
Session 21 Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) & Insights from Multidisciplinary Conferences.mp4
Session 21 Liver & Kidney Transplant Basics & Beyond.mp4
Session 21 MRI Evaluation of Liver Donors.mp4
Session 21 Pancreatic Cancer Staging Updates.mp4
Session 22 Hands on Prostate MR.mp4
Session 22 Prostate MRI for Local Staging & NCCN Risk Stratification.mp4
Session 23 Bridging the Gap Combining Resident & Faculty Wellness Efforts to Combat the Hierarchical Divide.mp4
Session 23 Conflict Resolution for Beginners.mp4
Session 23 Structural Connections Fostering Faculty Well-being.mp4
Session 23 Workparent Our Favorite Hacks for Succeeding at Work & Home.mp4


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