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Oakstone Intensive Update in Pain Management 2019

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American Urogynecologic Society PFD Week 2017

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Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Update in Breast Disease 2020

40 $

+ Include: 24 videos + 1 pdf, size: 3.81 GB

+ Target Audience: pathologist


+ Include: 24 videos + 1 pdf, size: 3.81 GB

+ Target Audience: pathologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk.mp4
Choosing Wisely – Role of Diagnostic MRI.mp4
DCIS – Current Controversies.mp4
Fertility Preservation Options in 2020.mp4
Inflammatory Breast Cancer.mp4
Intermittent Fasting and Cancer Risk.mp4
Local Recurrence Risk and Surgical Management Options.mp4
Locally Advanced Hormone Receptor Breast Cancer – Upfront Surgical vs Systemic Treatment.mp4
Management of Oligometatasis.mp4
Modern Management of the Axilla.mp4
Oncoplastic Surgery.mp4
Ovarian Cancer Risk Reduction in Mutation Carriers.mp4
Prevention Strategies & Risk Reduction.mp4
Reconstruction Beyond DIEP.mp4
Resilience and the Healthcare Provider.mp4
Safety of Hormone Therapy in Mutation Carriers.mp4
Special Treatment Considerations for Women Under 40.mp4
Surgical Management of Lymphedema.mp4
Surgical Risk Reduction Strategies in Hereditary Mutations.mp4
Tele-oncology and Breast Cancer Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.mp4
What’s New in Supplemental Screening (CEM MRI MBI CT breast).mp4
Who Can Avoid Breast Irradiation.mp4
Who Needs Ovarian Suppression.mp4
Who Should Have Genetic Testing in 2020.mp4
Breast Disease 2020 Virtual Agenda_11-5-20_TIMEZONES_0.pdf


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